When the world spoke Arabic : the golden age of Arab Civilization (Lorsque le monde parlait arabe)


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1. The Arabs make their entrance : Islam and Empire
2. Once upon a time : Baghdad during the Abbasid Dynasty
3. The Andalusian Epic : Islamic Spain
4. They surveyed the world : exploring the Arab Empire and beyond
5. The Muslim town : urban life under the Caliphate
6. An art of living : Arab aesthetics in 9th-century Spain
7. The secrets of the human body: Islam's contributions to medicine
8. Everything under the sun : astronomy, mathematics, and Islam
9. The thousand and one nights: a historical perspective
10. Ulema and philosophers: faith vs. reason in Islamic Arabia
11. From Arabic to Latin : the assimilation of Arab knowledge
12. Forgetting the Arabs : Europe on the cusp of the Renaissance