Western tradition



1-2 The dawn of history. The ancient Egyptians
3-4 Mesopotamia. From bronze to iron
5-6 The rise of Greek civilization. Greek thought
7-8 Alexander the Great. The Hellenistic age
9-10 The rise of Rome. The Roman empire
11-12 Early christianity. The rise of the church
13-14 The decline of Rome. The fall of Rome
15-16 The Byzantine empire. The fall of Byzantium
17-18 The dark ages. The age of Charlemagne
19-20 The middle ages. The feudal order
21-22 Common life in the middle ages. Cities and cathedrals
23-24 The late middle ages. National monarchies
25-26 The age of discovery. The new world
27-28 The reformation. Rise of the middle class
29-30 The wars of religion. The rise of trading cities
31-32 The age of absolutism. Absolutism and the social contract
33-34 The enlightened despots. The enlightenment
35-36 The enlightenment and society. The modern philosophers
37-38 The American revolution. The American republic
39-40 The death of the old regime. The French revolution
41-42 The industrial revolution. The industrial world
43-44 Revolution and the romantics. The age of the nation-states
45-46 A new public. Fin de siecle
47-48 The first world war and the rise of fascism. The second world war
49-50 The cold war. Europe and the third world
51-52 The technological revolution. Toward the future.