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CDs I own by performers at Renaissance Festivals--band/performer & album only

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CDs I own by performers at Renaissance Festivals--band/performer & album only
Band/performer Album
3 Pints Gone Beaches of St Valery
3 Pints Gone Health to the company
3 Pints Gone Live at the Shamrock Club
3 Pints Gone One more round
3 Pints Gone There is a ship
Adams, Alexander James/Alexander, Heather Balance of nature
Alexander, Heather Life's flame
Alexander, Heather Midsummer
American Rogues 3 lbs of rage
American Rogues American highlanders
American Rogues Live in Washington, DC
Bernard, Misti/Brollywacker Jump at the Sun
Bernard, Misti & Gartner, Michael Candiones del Camino
Bounding Main Fish out of water
Bounding Main Going overboard
Bounding Main Kraken up
Bounding Main Lost at sea
Cantiga Magic steps
Cantiga Martha's dragon
Cantiga Once upon a time
Cantiga Otter's pool
Cantiga Village in motion
Cantiga/Gay, Martha Heartstrings
Carolina Ceili 50 shades of green
Carolina Ceili Holiday hoolie
Carolina Ceili/Fisher, Laurie Sweetheart tree
Cast in Bronze Best day ever
Celtic Mayhem Celtic Mayhem
Celtic Mayhem Gone eating pizza
Celtic Mayhem Twa corbies
Celtic Mayhem/Ty You can take the boy out of the country
Celtic Mayhem/Ty & Jack Lingua dell'amore
Celtica Legends & visions
Celtica Oceans of fire
Celtica Rising
Celtica Steamphonia
Chickpeazio, Nazario Nazario Chickpeazio
Conaway, Vince Dulce melos
Conaway, Vince Hang the holly
Conaway, Vince Inverno Italiano
Conaway, Vince Liminal spaces
Conaway, Vince Mutatis mutandis
Craic Craic
Craic Tzigani
Craic Up in the pub
Craic/Clockwork Knotwork Down in the juke
Craic/Clockwork Knotwork Elixir Mandragora
Craig of Farrington 20 years of spicy delights
Craig of Farrington 20 years of sweet delights
Craig of Farrington Additional favorites
Craig of Farrington Minstrel–a lucky man & his lute
Crimson Pirates Crimson Pirates
Crimson Pirates Jack of all trades
Crimson Pirates To the life boats
Crimson Pirates Your day in the barrel
Cu Dubh Jul
CuDubh Dance of the seven deils
CuDubh Live with horns
CuDubh Order of the owl
CuDubh Ran
CuDubh Rok
CuDubh Thunder of the gods
CuDubh Walkin' the cinders
CuDubh Woden's hunt
Dale, Heather Avalon
Dale, Heather Call the names
Dale, Heather Gabriel hounds
Dale, Heather May queen
Dale, Heather My Celtic heart
Dale, Heather Road to Santiago
Dan the Bard Epic lute
Dan the Bard Grimms grimmest
Dan the Bard Magic carpet
Dan the Bard Whiskey Brothers–Everything's better
Duende Duende
Empty Hats 5
Empty Hats Captured
Empty Hats End roadwork
Empty Hats Greatest hats
Empty Hats Released
Empty Hats Whiskey & waves
Finnegan Blackshear, Kathleen Celtic welcoming
Finnegan Blackshear, Kathleen Grace to you & peace
Finnegan Blackshear, Kathleen Joy & tears
Finnegan Blackshear, Kathleen Su'antraige
Finnegan Blackshear, Kathleen To touch their harps of gold
Finnegan Blackshear, Kathleen Where God was homeless
Freestylers of Piping Shape of piping to come
Freestylers of Piping Tupelo turn
Garcia, Charry Espejismo
Garcia, Charry Luna Andina
Garcia, Charry Northern lights
Garcia, Charry Sunwalker
Green, Abby Einini
Green, Abby Fig for a kiss
Green, Abby Why should I?
Green, Abby/Misstanpitta Quant je suis
Gunn, Marc Bridge
Gunn, Marc Confessions of a Celtic music junkie
Gunn, Marc Happy songs of death
Gunn, Marc Heroes
Gunn, Marc Irish drinking songs for cat lovers
Gunn, Marc Kilted for her pleasure
Gunn, Marc What color is your dragon?
Gunn, Marc Whiskers in the jar
Gunn, Marc/Brobdingnagian Bards Holy grail of Irish drinking songs
Harper & the Minstrel Circle of fae
Harper & the Minstrel I pray thee save the trees
Harper & the Minstrel March of the elf king
Harper & the Minstrel Renaissance dance & romance
Harper & the Minstrel Road to Lindemar
Harper & the Minstrel Sonnet for the queen
Harper & the Minstrel Winter wakeneth
Harpies To Scarborough & back
Harpies Wandering strings
Hey Nunnie Nunnie Cruisin'
Hey Nunnie Nunnie Every day is Christmas
Hey Nunnie Nunnie Hey Nunnie Nunnie
Hips of Destruction Earth
Hooligan Live
Hooligan/Billy & Charlie Travelers
Hooligan/Brollywacker Jump at the stars
Hooligan/Miller, Billy Retrospective 1985-2007
Hooligan/Misti & Billy In the garden of all possibility
Hooligan/Misti & Billy Moon pale & midnight
Iron Hill Vagabonds Circus vagabonds
Iron Hill Vagabonds To the four winds
Iron Hill Vagabonds Whiskey & promises
Jackdaws On the lash
Jackdaws Troubles
Jig to a Milestone/Van Arnam, Victoria Crawford's pub
Lift Irish Band Lift
Lift Ticket/Blazer, Rex New balance
Limeybirds Naked album
Limeybirds Tweet
Linder, Jesse Bramble & the rose
Linder, Jesse Crescent moon
Linder, Jesse Easy & free
Linder, Jesse Ready for the storm
Linder, Jesse Years may come
Lost Boys Heroes & scoundrels
Lost Boys Rogues in a nation
Manticore Consort Music for the ages
Masala Fusion Primero
Minstrels of Mayhem Adventures in Storyville
Minstrels of Mayhem Blind man's bluff
Minstrels of Mayhem Now
Minstrels of Mayhem Rocky Road
Mullen, Sarah Marie Harper's bizarre
Mullen, Sarah Marie In the moon of Wintertime
Mullen, Sarah Marie Luna's fancy
Mullen, Sarah Marie We brought the Summer with us
Mullen, Sarah Marie Wild woods
Music the Gathering Lvl 1
Music the Gathering Lvl 2
Music the Gathering/Ansonix Lvl 1 Underworld
Musical Blades Live at the Voodoo
Musical Blades Pieces of eight
Musical Blades Raise the black
Musical Blades Up the ante
Musical Madmen For turnips & ale
New Minstrel Revue Big blue sea
New Minstrel Revue Far & away
New Minstrel Revue Many hands
O'Clair, James Heartstring
Ogham Gold ring
Piper, Randal Bard's tale
Piper, Randal Raisin' toast
Prudence, Lady All's faire
Prudence, Lady At night's end
Prudence, Lady Journeys
Prudence, Lady & Bragg, Lilly (Voices of Virtue) Presents
Prudence, Lady & Bragg, Lilly (Voices of Virtue) Voices of virtue
Rafferty, Charlie Purely pipes
Rambling Sailors Bright shining clear
Rambling Sailors Kenway's favorites
Rambling Sailors Ports of call
Rambling Sailors Wanderlust
Rambling Sailors/Gregg Pirate's life
Rambling Sailors/Gregg Shantyman
Rambling Sailors/Hickey, Susan Water meets sand
Reelin' Rogues Live at Claddagh
Rowan & the Rose Favorite things
Rowan & the Rose Friendly traveling minstrels
Stary Olsa Drygula
Stary Olsa Kola rycerska
Stary Olsa Medieval classic rock
Stary Olsa Santa Maria
Stary Olsa Water, hops & malt
Swan, Vicki/Dyer, Jonny/Dipper, John Purcell's Polyphonic Party
Trouvers Trouvers in trouble
Trouvers/Couer de Lion Couer de lion
Van Arman, Victoria/Dueling Hammers Turning point
Van Arnam, Victoria Dulcet dreams
Wild Mountain Thyme Of moose & men
Wild Mountain Thyme Scotland's depraved
Wine & Alchemy Better off live
Wine & Alchemy Camino do vinho
Wine & Alchemy Karavanna Boheme
Wine & Alchemy Mega set
Wine & Alchemy/Roxanne Lost continents, sunken ships
Wolgemut Danza
Wolgemut Funkengroovenfest
Wolgemut Ipse, ipsa
Wolgemut Momento
Wolgemut Pipes, phyfes & drums
Wylde, Martyn Child ballads, vol 1
Wylde, Martyn Minstrel's lament
Wylde, Martyn/Wyldfyre All's faire
Young, Matt/Pride of Ireland Common language
Young, Matt/Pride of Ireland New in town
Young, Matt/Pride of Ireland & Keira Rose Waking the wren #1
Young, Matt/Pride of Ireland Water, hops & grains