Revised 6/16/2007

** indicates one of Stephen's *most* favorite

Cecil Adams--Trivia

Richard Armour--Humorous history

Martha Barnette--etymology of unusual English words

Dave Barry

Bradley, Ian: Celtic Christianity

Rudolph Brasch--Cultural anthropologist

Katharine Mary Briggs--English folklore and fantasy

**Bill Bryson--nonfiction about England, America & the English language

**James Burke--nonfiction, history of science and technology

**Tim Cahill--outdoor adventure & travel

Thomas Cahill Cultural history–series: Hinges of history

Carver, Craig: History of English in its Own Words

Cohen, Shaye : from the Maccabees to the Mishna

John Dominic Crossan--New Testament & historical Jesus scholar

Hilda Davidson--History of religion

**Kenneth Davis--nonfiction, "Don't know much about ...." series

Richard Dorson--Folklore scholar

**Gerald Durrell--nonfiction, naturalist

Freeman Dyson--Physicist

Mircea Eliade--History of and comparative religion

**Willard Espy--nonfiction, English words & etymologies

Ewen, Alexander: Voice of Indigenous Peoples

David Feldman--nonfiction, curious origins & odd questions

Fredriksen, Paula: from Jesus to Christ

Martin Gardner--nonfiction, mathematics & science as well as annotated works of classic literature

Gregory Godek--How to be romantic

Larry Gonick--cartoon history of ....

Karen Elizabeth Gordon--Books about the English language

**Stephen Jay Gould--nonfiction, biology and natural history

Miranda Green--Celtic studies

Linda Greenlaw--one of the fishing boat captains in The Perfect Storm.

John Gribbin--Astronomy, space & science

Lewis Grizzard--Southern humor

Grun, Bernard: Timetables of History

Marvin Harris--nonfiction, cultural anthropology

Stephen Hawking--Space & cosmology

Jeffrey Kacirk Nonfiction, odd and interesting English words

William Least Heat-Moon

Hoffman, Paul: Archimedes' Revenge--joys & Perils of Math

Hannah Holmes--Nonfiction

Tony Horwitz--Travel/adventure

Michio Kaku--Space/cosmology

Helmut Koester--History of Christianity

Klauser, Janet: Talk about English

Richard Lederer--nonfiction, English words & etymologies

Alan Lightman--nonfiction, science

Mackintosh, Graham: Into a Desert Place

MacManus, Sean: Story of the Irish Race

Frances Mayes--Tuscany

Peter Mayle--Novels, nonfiction about life in Provence & France, miscellaneous nonfiction

Cherokee Paul McDonald--Florida cop

Patrick McManus Humorous outdoors writer; mysteries featuring Blight County ID sheriff Bo Tully & his dad, the former sheriff, in the Rockies

Wayne Meeks--History of Christianity

**Christopher Robin Milne--about his dad, A A

Moschell, David: Where in the Word?

Farley (McGill) Mowat--Travel, nature & nonfiction for adults only

Joe Nickell--Skeptical literature

Jaime O'Neill--Trivia

Oliphant, Margaret: Atlas of the Ancient World

Elaine Pagels--History of religions

Charles Panati--nonfiction, curious origins & odd questions

Roger Penrose--Neuroscience & brain

Stuart Piggott--Archaeology

James Randi--Stage magic & skeptical literature

Richard Restak--Neuroscience & brain

Oliver Sacks--Neuroscience/Psychiatry

Carl Sagan--nonfiction, science and astronomy

**Tim Severin--nonfiction, history of exploration

Richard Shenkman--nonfiction, what you didn't learn about history

Shipps, Anthony: Quote Sleuth

Shorto, Russell: Gospel Truth

Deborah F(rances) Tannen--Nonfiction: interpersonal communication

Tapscott, Don: Growing up Digital

Edwin Way Teale--Naturalist

Lewis Thomas--nonfiction, medicine & science

James Trefil--nonfiction, science

Jan Harold van Brunvand--Urban legends

Waldman, Carl: Art of Magic

**Michael Wood--nonfiction, ancient history

Mike Wright (1938)--"What they didn't teach you about..."

Howard Zinn--American history & current affairs