As usual I feel rather ambivalent about being back home. I love being in my own house and home again, but feel much the same about the whole area as I always have. In the time it took me to drive to dinner last night, if I had been walking in Dublin, Galway, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or Paris I'd have passed several museums, bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. I miss the scope and availability of cultural treasures which we don't have here. I also miss the relative ease with which I found concerts, recitals and shows while traveling and have never found equivalent easy to use sources for events here.

Having semi-major problems to deal with when I got back doesn't help improve my outlook but I can and will get them all taken care of.

I am most glad to be back in my own house. I have my newly reupholstered arm chair in the living room, my very pleasant patio even though I have to vacuum all the leaves again, my own laundry room, and most of all my own two bathrooms with excellent water pressure in the showers which are easy to get in and out of with plenty of places to put things and room to turn around in and convenient places to put towels for easy reach from the shower.

I guess like many people what I really want is a personal portable worm hole or transporter that would take me back here from wherever I travel and then back there whenever I want.

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