2020 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by tune, band/performer, date

2/7/2020 There are new episodes of: Celt in a Twist 2/2 & 2/9; Celtic Roots Radio 2/4; Copperplate 2/1; Copperplate Time 2/2; Forest Halls 2/5; Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic music 2/6; Kitchen Party Ceilidh 1/26; and Marc Gunn's Pub Songs 2/3

These links are for the actual podcast Websites
67 67 Music
CDT Celtic Dreamtime podscape music, poems, fables & stories
CF Celtic Folk
CIAT Celt in a Twist
CI Celtic Indy, focusing on Celtic musicians & bands from or touring through the Indianapolis area
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow music, poems, fables & stories
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate (monthly)
CT Copperplate Time (weekly)
E Eist
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture musicians & bands only from Scotland you're unlikely to hear anywhere else
FH Forest Halls Celtic radio show--each episode is only available online for two weeks
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar lots of Celtic music from Europe; show notes are in English but the commentary is in Portuguese
IMS Irish Music Stories
KPC Kitchen Party Ceilidh
PNW Pacific NW Celtic Music specializes in musicians & bands from the Pacific NW or touring there
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day podcast with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian Celtic rock & punk
SNO Shite 'n' Onions Celtic rock & punk
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music podcast specializes in musicians & bands from the Twin Cities area or touring there

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2020 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by tune, band/performer, date
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Dale, Heather 1 of us ICM 200123
Loggins, Gerry 12 string Zydeco CRR 200114
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny 2 red roses, The ICM 200109
Kellswater Bridge, The 4 loom weaver, The ICM 200206
Kennedy, Nuala 5 Mile Town KPC 200112
Dalla 9 brave boys, The KPC 200119
Queally, Aoibheann & Pamela 9th of July, The/Paddy Fahey's/The new house KPC 200105
Llan de Cubel A La Mar Fui Pos Naranxes KPC 200119
Wars, Jay & the Howard Youth Abraham Brown CRR 200106
Stapleton, Robyn Ae fond kiss FH 200205
Onde After the storm ICM 200116
Runa Again for Greenland ICM 200206
Hanly, Patsy Ah surely/Martin Wynne's CT 200202
HEXPEROS Aine's ballad ICM 200130
Hednigarna Aivoton CIAT 200112
Milladoiro Alalas Da Ulla KPC 200119
Gaelic Storm An Calin Deas Rua CIAT 200112
Duff, Dom An Drailher Daonet CIAT 200105
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caoimhin An Londubh CT 200126
Hill, Noel An Phis Fluich/The fisherman's jig CT 200202
Gael Sli An Speirbhean KPC 200112
Bottine Souriante, La Andre Alain en sol majeur CIAT 200112
McGoldrick, Michael Annam Cara/Ships in the night CIAT 200119
Hanlon, Jim Annie's promise KPC 200126
Duff, Dom Ar Bleiz Diwehan CIAT 200209
Wailin' Jennys, The Arlington FH 200105
Stork, Diana & Diwa, Portia Arran boat song, The FH 200119
MacLean, Dougie Auld lang syne FH 200105
Burke, Kevin Ballydesmond polkas, The CT 200202
Casey Sisters, The Bandonbridge suite, The FH 200119
Washburn, Abigail Banjo pickin' girl, A CIAT 200119
Runa Banks of Newfoundland, The KPC 200105
London Lasses, The Bar Road/John Naughton's/Sean Walsh's CT 200202
Moray, Jim Barbara Allen CIAT 200119
Sver Batch 15 CIAT 200112
Valencia, Jane Bear King's lullaby, The FH 200119
Valencia, Jane Bear lore FH 200119
Stockton's Wing Beautiful affair, The CT 200126
Connolly, Johnny Bee's wing, The/The high level HP CT 200105
Beginish Beginish FH 200119
Morris, Benedict Belvedere FS 200106
Tartan Amoebas, The Big sky CIAT 200105
Spookytree Binwag's lullaby FH 200119
Valencia, Jane Birch secrets, The FH 200105
Murray, Andrew Black muddy river, The CT 200105
Parsons, Niamh Blackbirds & thrushes FH 200119
Offa Rex Blackleg miner, The CIAT 200202
Serious Kitchen, The Blacksmith, The ICM 200109
O'Rourke, Brian Bodrhan song, The CT 200105
O'Connor, Gerry, McArdle, Gabriel & Quinn, Martin Bonnie wee Charlie KPC 200112
Rose, Valerie Bonny boy, The FH 200119
Brennan, Paul Bonny labouring boy, The CT 200124
Lennon, Jenne Bonny Portmore CRR 200204
Tonra, Brendan & Kisiel, Helen Boston Sligo reel, The IMS 200114
Connemara Stone Company, The Boys from the Ruhr, The ICM 200130
Gunn, Marc Breathing PS 200203
Morrison, Iain Breathing space, The CIAT 200202
Mahones, The Brian Boru's march CIAT 200202
Burke, Joe, Cooney, Michael & Corcoran, Terry Brian Boru's March/Sporting Paddy/The Traveler KPC 200112
Lugh, La Brighid's kiss FH 200205
Minogue, Aine Brigit's feast FH 200205
Killeen, Louise Brilliant tease, The CT 200105
Rowsome, Kevin Broken pledge, The/College Groves CT 200124
Braz, Dan Ar Broken prayer, The KPC 200119
Syncopaths, The Bronwyn Leigh ICM 200123
Cunningham, Julia Butterfly, The FH 200105
Mile Twelve Call my soul CIAT 200119
Lick the Tins Can't help falling in love CRR 200121
Burke, Kevin Canyon moonrise, The CT 200126
Kila Cardinal knowledge CIAT 200202
Law, Andy& Friends Carolan's draught/The sweetness of Mary ICM 200206
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn Caslean na Oir/The new century CT 200124
Real McKenzies, The Catalpa CIAT 200119
O'Loughlin/Canny/Cotter Caves of Dooragh, The/The pipe on the hob CT 200126
Heaton, Matt Celtic grooves, The IMS 200114
Shimabukuro, Jake Celtic tune, The CIAT 200126
Syr Chan Eil Eagal ICM 200123
Moving Cloud, The Chinese polka, The/Wiliam Durette's clog/The Boys of the Lough CT 200126
McTell, Ralph Close shave, The CT 200105
Harper/Hehir/Moran Clump of turf, The/The queen of the fair/Apples in winter CT 200124
Hill, Noel Collier's reel, The CP 200101
Keenan, Paddy Colonel Fraser/My love is in America CP 200201
Teton Skye Come and be welcome ICM 200206
Hastings, Claire Come spend a while wi'me FH 200205
Hackensaw Boys, The Content not seeking thrills CIAT 200112
Rusby, Kate Cornish wassailing FH 200105
Burke, Kevin Cottage groves, The/Maudabawn Chapel/The Beare Island reel FH 200119
Warbelow Range, The Cottage in the grove, The/The curlew/Farewell to Ireland ICM 200109
We Banjo 3 Crann Na Beatha ICM 200116
MacNeil, Tracey Dares & MacNeil, Paul Crest of a wave, The KPC 200112
Flook Crystal year, The CIAT 200202
Urnua Cullivan from Caavan/The Catskill pines/The Knefsky Prospect CT 200105
O'Brien, Eileen, Gavin, Lar & McSherry, Deirdre Cutting the hay/The smiling lady CP 200101
Heaton, Matt D chimes, The IMS 200114
Outside Track, The Dark reels, The CT 200105
Connolly, Derrane & McGann Dash to Portobello, The/McFarley's reel/Geegan's reel CP 200201
Anderson, Tom, Bain, Aly & Hunter, Trevor Day dawn, Da/Da cross reel FH 200105
Deep Green Light, The Destitution ICM 200130
Lynch, Jerry Dimming of the day, The CP 200201
Goitse Dog reels, The CT 200105
Chieftains, The & Lovett, Lyle Don't let your deal go down CIAT 200209
Battlefield Band, The Donnie MacGregor's/The clumsy lover KPC 200112
Hill, Noel Dr Gilbert/The road to garrison CP 200201
Alfi Drink song, The CT 200124
Drunken Gaugers, The Drunken gauger, The CT 200126
Merry Hell Drunken serenade, A CIAT 200126
Rapidly Agin' Duelling banjos CRR 200106
Kammen, Shira Dunmore lasses, The FH 200105
Moynihan, Jenna Eagle's whistle, The/ Major Campbell Graham FH 200205
Machlis, Paul Early morn, The FH 200119
O'Malley, Ken Easy & slow CRR 200114
McConnell, Cathal Edward on Lough Erne's shore/ The dark woman of the glen CT 200105
Tradish, The Emigration suite, The CIAT 200126
Heaton, Matt & Shannon Ennis encounter, The IMS 200114
Kisiel, Helen & Heaton, Shannon Ennis encounter, The [impressions] IMS 200114
Gaughan, Dick Erin go bragh CT 200124
Lunarium Evening Star, The CIAT 200119
Lunarium Evening Star, The CIAT 200209
Fabris, Francesca Romana Everlasting dream, The ICM 200130
Clandestine Ewe & the sound, The CRR 200114
Robertson, Aillie Exploding bow, The CP 200201
Holmes, Adam & Talbot, Heidi Face the fall FS 200106
Willos' Factory girl, The ICM 200130
Sketch, The Failte CIAT 200119
Donncha. 8. Sean ‘ac Fair lasses of Loughrea, The CT 200124
MAZ Falaise rouge, La KPC 200119
Kennedy, Seamus Farewell to Sicily ICM 200130
Yoko Pwno Feeding John magnets CIAT 200209
Didgericruise Fisher's hornpipe, The CRR 200121
Parsons, Naimh Flower of Magherally FH 200205
Firkin Flowers, The CIAT 200126
Moray, Jim Flying Cloud, The CIAT 200202
Urnua Flying magpies, The/A roll of the dice/Just another dilemma CT 200124
Fraser, Galen Flying squirrel, The FH 200105
McGoldrick, Michael Free falling reels, The CIAT 200202
Hanlon, Jim From the heart KPC 200126
Choiniere, Michele Fue A De Lou CIAT 200209
Moller, Ale & Bain, Aly Full rigged ship, The/The new rigged ship FH 200105
Ní Uallacháin, Pádraigín Gabhaim Molta Bride FH 200205
Goodman, Eve & Sera Gaeafgwsg FH 200119
Burnell, Sarah Galician excerpt, A CRR 200121
Burke, Kevin Gallowglass, The/The coach road to Sligo. CP 200201
Thormahlen, Dave & Sharon Gander in the pratie hole, The FH 200205
Cooke, Nick Gerry the Frog/Old Noll's jig CRR 200121
SeaStar, The Giant, The ICM 200109
Dylan, Bob & Cash, Johnny Girl from the North Country, The/Big River CT 200126
Iona Gloucestershire wassail, The/Can wassel FH 200105
Molloy. Keane & McGlynn Golden keyboard, The/Harrison's fedora CT 200202
Fairport Convention Good time for a fiddle & bow, A/Christmas Eve CT 200126
Jamie Smith's Mabon Gordano ranter, The KPC 200119
O'Leary, Christy & Deivert, Bert Green fields of Gweedore CP 200201
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200105
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200124
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200126
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200202
O'Leary, Christy & Deivert, Bert Green grows the laurel CT 200202
Battlelegs, The Greenland whale fisheries, The ICM 200116
OMNIA Grone Lunden FH 200119
Hanlon, Jim & John Guitar widow, The KPC 200126
Changing Room, The Gwrello Glaw ICM 200123
Owens, Annette & McCann, Brenda Harrison's fedora/The belles of Tipperary CT 200124
Old Man Flanagan's Ghost Hart of ten, The ICM 200109
We Banjo 3 Haven ICM 200206
Dale, Heather Hawthorn tree, The ICM 200116
Adams, Alexander James He of the Sidhe ICM 200116
Malia, Tina Heal this land FH 200205
New Queen's Ha'penny Consort, The Heart's ease FH 200105
Fernhill Hela'r Dryw FH 200105
Henigan, Julie Hoban's Hill CRR 200106
McPartlan, Mary Holland handkerchief, The CT 200126
Hanlon, Jim Home down by the sea KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim & John Hometown Bay KPC 200126
Solasta Hornpipe set, The FH 200205
Murphy, Paddy Hot girl, The CIAT 200119
Cunningham, Phil House in Rose Valley, The FH 200205
Fowlis, Julie Hug Air A' Bhonaid Mhoir FH 200205
Keenan & Glackin Humours of Ballyconnell, The/Toss the feathers CT 200202
O'Flynn, Liam Humours of Carraigaholt set, The CP 200101
Moloney, Patsy Humours of Carrigaholt, The/Donal O'Phumpa CP 200201
Altan Humours of Castlefin, The/Nia's dance/The Old Duidin CT 200202
London Lasses, The Humours of Castlefin, The/Eileen O'Brien's/The enchanted lady CT 200126
London Lasses, The Humours of Castlefin, The/Eileen O'Brien's/The enchanted lady CP 200201
Burke, Kevin Humours of Castlefinn, The/The ewe reel/McFadden's CP 200101
De Danann Humours of Galway, The CT 200126
Mahones, The Hunger & the fight, The CIAT 200105
Moving Cloud Orchestra, The Hut on Staffin Island, The/The haggis/Paddy Ryan's dream FH 200205
Lyn, Debra I pull me down CIAT 200112
Polwart, Karine I'm gonna do it all FS 200106
Fyfe, Iona If I go, I'm going FS 200106
Flanigan, Ian In-between, The CRR 200204
Ní Chonaola, Lasairfhíona Inis Oírr/In Inis Oírr FH 200105
O'Connor, Gerry Iniscealtra set, The CP 200101
Ballinloch Intervention set, The ICM 200116
Gleasons, The Ireland in your eyes ICM 200109
Hurricane Kevin Irish kisses (Kiss me, I'm Irish) ICM 200109
Barleyjuice It takes a village to raise a drunk CIAT 200119
English Ayres, The Ivy is good FH 200105
Chasse-Galerie J'entends le coucou CIAT 200126
McGlynn,Artie & Casey, Nollaig Jack Palance's reel CT 200124
Tannahill Weavers, The Jamie Raeburn's farewell FH 200119
Rideout, Bonnie Jaunting car hornpipe set, The ICM 200123
WhozYaMama Je suis pas une prisionier CRR 200114
Riley, Laurie & McNally, Bob Jewel, The FH 200205
Manran Jigs, The CIAT 200209
Seldom Sober Jigs– The geese in the bog/The wandering minstrel/The Coleraine ICM 200116
Galway Hooker Band, The Johnny jump up (Hooker style) CRR 200204
Dreadnoughts, The Jolie rouge CIAT 200126
Poitin Jolly beggarman, The ICM 200130
MacMaster, Natalie Judy's dance KPC 200112
Flailing Shilaleighs, The Julia Delaney CRR 200204
Mickey Rickshaw Keep afloat CIAT 200202
Lunny, Donal Kickdancer, The CIAT 200126
O'Loughlin/Murphy/Canny/Cotter Kid on the mountain, The/Kitty come down to Limerick CT 200124
Laughing Jack King of Rome, The KPC 200112
Barrule King of the Sea, The KPC 200119
Rowsome, Kevin Kitty's rambles/Fraher's CT 200105
Brandt, Billy & VerLin, Sarana Knock on wood CRR 200106
Dark Patrick Lachin Y Gair CRR 200106
Harrington, Gerry Lad O'Beirne's, The/ Sault's own/The new century CP 200101
Hanlon, Jim & John Lady Franklin's lament/The Northwest Passage KPC 200126
MaterDea Lady of Inverness, The ICM 200130
Poor Man's Gambit, The Land of Sunshine, The ICM 200206
Fraser, Catherine Larach Alasdair/The Butlers of Glen Ave/Miss Gordon of Park/Moll in the Wad CRR 200121
Ockham's Razor Lark in the morning, The ICM 200116
Poitin Last beautiful loneliness, The ICM 200109
Celtica Pipes Rock Last voyage of the Great Michael, The ICM 200206
Vallely, Cillian & Crawford, Kevin Leading role, The KPC 200112
Lindsey, Graham Leaving Goderich set, The CIAT 200209
Rolling Kings, The Leaving of Liverpool, The CRR 200121
Billings, Lucy Let's not and say we did CRR 200204
Crepuscule Lilting music/The tree set ICM 200116
Snuff Box, The Limerick CIAT 200126
McGibney/Crehan/Tubridy/McCarthy Limerick lasses, The/The steampacket CT 200105
Roche, Helen Lisburn lass, The CP 200101
James, Sian Lloer Dirion FH 200205
Runrig Loch Lomond CIAT 200209
Gunn, Marc Loch Tay boat song, The ICM 200116
Spookytree Lochaber no more FH 200105
Spookytree Lochaber no more FH 200205
Clancy, Donal Lowlands of Holland, The CP 200101
Kammen, Shira Lullaby set, The FH 200205
Frigg Maanitus KPC 200119
Barleyjuice Maggie May CIAT 200112
Regan, John Maid at the spinning wheel, The/A visit to Ireland CT 200105
O'Brien, Damien & Loughlin, Oliver Maid in the cherry tree, The/The scolding wife CP 200201
Quinn, Seamus & Hastings, Gary Maids of Castlebar, The/The Morning Star CT 200202
Tom, Tom Phaidin Maire Hynes of Ballylee CT 200126
Acoustica, L' Man out of time, A CIAT 200126
Hanlon, Jim Margaret Ann's waltz KPC 200126
Sheahan, John Marino waltz, The CT 200105
McHugh, Brendan & Martin Marion Kelly's/Cary's cottage CT 200105
McKasson & McDonald Mark the hard earth ICM 200116
Daimh Mary's fancy CIAT 200209
Hanlon, Jim Matthew Mark & Jessie's KPC 200126
Keane. Sarah & Rita May morning dew, The CT 200124
Runrig May morning, The CIAT 200112
Elders, The Men of Erin, The CRR 200114
Clover's Revenge Merry misadventures of Sister Mary Margaret, The ICM 200109
Gatehouse Well, The Michael goes flatpickin'/The foad to Errogie ICM 200123
Urnua Micky Ward's/Portland McCann's CP 200101
Afro Celt Sound System, The Migration melody, The CIAT 200112
Session A9 Miller of Dron, The FS 200106
Burke, Kevin & Barry, Leonard Millstream, The/The geese in the bog/The devils of Dublin CT 200105
Lyon, Angus Mirrlees Lane CIAT 200209
Casey Sisters, The Miss Fahey's fancy/I have no money/Jerry Hayes FH 200119
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Miss Laura Risk FH 200119
Selkie Girls, The Mo Nighean Donn As Boidhche ICM 200123
Altan Month of January, The CIAT 200126
Keane, Sarah & Rita Month of January, The CT 200202
Goitse Months apart CT 200126
Thereafter, The Moonshiner, The CIAT 200105
Rapalje Moran's return KPC 200119
Baughman, Steve Morgan Megan FH 200119
Canny, Paddy Morning dew, The CT 200202
Burke, Kevin & Carty, John Morrison's/The pipe on the hob CP 200101
Rebels & Sinners, The Mother Tree ICM 200116
Unthanks, The Mount the air FH 200205
Courteous Thief, The Mountains & sea FH 200119
Hanley, Patsy Mouse in the cupboard, The/Fasten the leggin CT 200126
Crawford/Farrell/Doocey Mouse in the mug, The CT 200124
Brock Maguire Band, The Moving cloud, The CT 200124
Basker's Delight Cast, The Mrs McGhee/The black hoe FH 200119
Swarbrick, Dave My heart's in New South Wales KPC 200105
Henriksson, Deborah My love is like a red, red rose CRR 200114
Urnua Myles the man/Greg the great/The Corrib suite crew CP 200201
Quinn, Seamus & Hastings, Gary Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Dever the dancer CP 200201
Connolly, Johnny Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Paidin O'Raifeartaigh CP 200101
MacMathuna, Lorcan Na Tailliuri CT 200202
Valencia, Jane Nature mystery, The FH 200105
Oates, Jackie Nay, Ivy, nay FH 200105
Fahy, Florence New copperplate, The/The old copperplate KPC 200105
Chaisson, JJ New fiddle, The/Malcolm's new fiddle/The trip to Sligo/Owny's favourite KPC 200105
Heaton, Matt & Shannon New married couple, The ICM 200109
Roach, Jason New prairie spurs, The KPC 200105
Ourceau, Patrick et al New road, The/The lady's pantalettes KPC 200105
Tempest, The New squire, The KPC 200105
Valencia, Jane New Year's Day FH 200105
Phillips, Barry & Friends New Year's Eve FH 200105
Faulkner, John Newry Town KPC 200105
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Nezpique CIAT 200119
An Lar No land's man ICM 200116
ChildsPlay Noodle vendor, The/The sweetest blooms/Avery's mazurka ICM 200123
Fenja Menja Norsk Reinlender CIAT 200105
Roberts, Ella North Wind, The ICM 200123
FIMM November reel, The/The wedding reel/Joe Tam's reel ICM 200130
Paperboys Nunca Jamas CIAT 200119
Harper & the Minstrel, The O gin I were a baron's heir CRR 200121
Krimmel, Margot & Leachman, Beth (Gadbaw & Krimmel) O'Carolan's dream FH 200105
Riley, Laurie O'Carolan's ramble to Cashel FH 200205
Breabach Oban Ball, The FS 200106
Dickerson, Matthew Off to California/Tom Morrison's hornpipe ICM 200206
Koehler, Catherine Oft in the stilly night ICM 200109
Manwaring, Kevan Ogham Englyn: Birch FH 200105
Valencia, Jane Ogham tree alphabet, The FH 200105
Lugh, La Oiche fa Fheil Bride FH 200205
Morrison, Hugh Old Scotland ICM 200109
Barleyjuice Old speakeasy, The CIAT 200202
Fourth Moon, The Olympus ICM 200206
Daimh Oran An Tombaca ICM 200206
Ockham's Razor Oro, Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile ICM 200206
McLean, Jerry Our music and our arts CRR 200114
Didgericruise Over the Ganges Waterfall CRR 200106
Starb'ard Side Over the starb'ard side/Kilmoulis jig/Belle Dune reel KPC 200126
Burke, Kevin & Carty, John Owen Davey's/Patsy Sean Nancy's CT 200124
Moloney, Patsy Paddy Taylor's/Sugar Hill CT 200202
Lothlorien Paddy's green shamrock shore ICM 200123
Lunasa Paddy's green shamrock shore CIAT 200105
O'Fearaghaill, Caoimhin & Tutty, Paddy Palm Sunday/Mulqueeney's CT 200124
Dillon, Cara Parting glass, The FH 200105
Here & Now, The Peacock's head, The ICM 200109
Ni Chathasaigh, Maire & Newman, Chris Pheasant feathers, The FH 200119
Assembly, The Phoenix, The IMS 200114
McHugh, Jimmy Pigeon on the gate, The CT 200105
Dreadnoughts, The Pique La Baleine CIAT 200112
Clancy, Willie Plains of Boyle, The/The Leitrim fancy CT 200126
Homeland, The Pressed for time CIAT 200105
Curfa Process man, The KPC 200112
Farsan Pronn An Caoran ICM 200206
Shannon, Sharon Pull out all the stops CIAT 200105
Melisande Quand les hommes sont aux vignes CIAT 200119
O'Loughlin/ Murphy,Canny/Cotter Queen of the Fair, The/The high part of the road CT 200124
Bangers & Mash Quicksand Cafe, The CIAT 200126
Chessell, Pat Rainy Tuesday morning, The CIAT 200209
Rolling Kings, The Raise a glass CRR 200106
Mec Lir Ram, The KPC 200119
Jewel Raven, The FH 200105
Déanta Ready for the storm FH 200105
Droney, Chris Reel of Mullinavat, The/The whistling postman/The chattering magpie CT 200202
Rogues, The Reels again ICM 200123
Connolly, Seamus Remembering Curly/The twins/Mordaunt's fancy CP 200201
Connolly, Seamus Remembering Curly/The twins/Mordaunt's fancy CT 200202
NicNeil Respect for New York KPC 200105
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Reynardine CIAT 200105
Duff, George Rigs o rye, The CT 200124
Fat Dog, The Ring the changes CIAT 200112
Ballinloch Rise up ICM 200123
Crawford/Farrell/Doocey Road to Foxford, The/Wade's reel CP 200101
Joy, Greg Road to Lisdoonvarna FH 200205
McAuley, Jackie Robert Stroud's reprieve CT 200124
Ferguson, Jesse Rocky road to Dublin, The CRR 200114
MacMathuna, Lorcan Rogaire Dubh CP 200201
Nash, Nikki Room for me CRR 200121
Fairport Convention Rose hip, The FH 200105
MacLeod, Angus G S I a' Ghàidhlig mo roghainn FS 200106
Bordoni, Franco Saddle the pony/When sick is the tea you want ICM 200130
Valencia, Jane Saint Brigit's hymn/Lore about St Brighid FH 200205
Hanlon, Jim & John Sam Hall KPC 200126
Kris & Lark Sandpiper's dream, The FH 200119
Celtica Pipes Rock Sandy's new chanter CIAT 200105
Kyn Sang Til Jomfru Maria ICM 200130
Kennedy, Eilis Saucy sailor, The CP 200101
Sìleas Se Gillean mo rùin FH 200105
Duc, Catherine Seallaibh Curraigh Eoghainn (Owen's boat) CRR 200106
Glackin,Paddy Sean O'Dwyer of the Glen CT 200202
Byrne, Seamus Secluded beach, The FH 200119
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Shoot the Moon CIAT 200105
Kytami Silk Road, The CIAT 200126
Gryphon, Kyle Silver thaw, The ICM 200109
Goodnight Suzie Sing CRR 200204
Raglan Smugglin' men, The ICM 200206
Hannigan, Lisa Snow FH 200105
Tompsett, Kim Snowbound CIAT 200105
McTell, Ralph Sometimes I wish I could pray CT 200126
Manwaring, Kevan Song of Taliesin, The FH 200119
Thiel, Lisa Song to Brighid FH 200205
McAuley, Oisin Souvenir of Venice, A/The belle of the stage ICM 200130
Molloy, Matt & McGlynn, Artie Spider's web, The/ The boys of the town/The leg of the duck CT 200105
Mulvey, Mick Spike Island lasses, The/The yellow tinker/The crosses of Annagh CT 200202
Afro Celt Sound System, The Step up CIAT 200202
Macdonald, Jason Storm on the way, The CRR 200106
Folkins, Doug Streets of Rome, The ICM 200130
Risk, Laura Sunday River FH 200119
Ennis Sisters, The Sunken garden, The ICM 200123
Connolly, Johnny Swallow's tail, The CT 200105
Hannigan, Lisa & Stargaze Swan, The FH 200105
Madigan, Molly Pinto Swansong, The FH 200119
Outside Track, The Sweet lover of mine CT 200126
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn Sword in hand, The/The providence/The old bush CT 200105
McLaughlin, Clare & Campbell, Marianne Tambo's FS 200106
Tutty, Paddy & O'Fearghail, Caoimhin Tapping toes/Father Kelly's farewell CP 200101
Battlefield Band, The Tending the steer CIAT 200112
Henigan, Julie Tettenhall allotment, The CRR 200204
Griffith, Terry They wounded old Ireland ICM 200123
Boswell, Scott Thistle, The CRR 200204
Duncan. Gordon Thunderrstruck CIAT 200202
Harris, W Ed Tiarna Mhuigheo, CRR 200114
Leslie, Jeana & Miller, Siobhan Time wears awa' FH 200205
Kilbride Tom Edwards/Angharad Sian/Y Derwydd KPC 200119
Keegan, Niall Tom McElvogue's/The new Irish barndance/Tom McElvogue's other KPC 200105
Crotty, PJ & Cullinane, James Tomeen O'Dea/Midsummers Night/Shamrock Hill CT 200124
CommonUnion59 Too big to fail blues, The CRR 200121
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200101
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200201
Kinnaris Quintet, The Toria's 50th FS 200106
Gunn, Marc Tough times PS 200203
Gatehouse Well, The Tree gap set, The ICM 200116
Conway, Brian Trim the velvet/Lord Gordon's CT 200202
Early Spirit, The Trou noir CIAT 200209
Wrigley Sisters, The Trowie dart, The/The Hen-Pen-Dirlo FH 200119
Poitin Tuesday from 6 PM ICM 200206
Kennedy's Kitchen Umbrella reel, The/Two days to go/Down The Broom ICM 200116
Coig Uncle Leo's jigs CIAT 200202
Forkroot Unk's last stand ICM 200206
Lindsey, Graham Vet set, The CIAT 200119
Roos, Anne Virgin forest, The FH 200105
Skipinnish Walking on the waves FH 200205
Ma, Yo-Yo Wassail song, The/All through the night FH 200105
Soulsha What a day CIAT 200112
Dallahan When the day is on the turn KPC 200112
New Hot 5, The When the saints go marching in IMS 200114
Gunn, Marc Wherever I may roam PS 200203
Fiddler's Bid, The White wife, Da CIAT 200209
Keltic Electrik Wild mountain thyme, The CIAT 200126
Henwood, Megan & Napier, Findlay Wild wild country, The FS 200106
Tergis, Athena Will you come down to Limerick?/The Arragh Mountains FH 200105
Mishaped Pearls, The Wind of the air, The ICM 200130
Dennehy, Tim Winter's tear, A CP 200101
Beck, Jeff Women of Ireland, The FH 200205
Thompson, Carol Women of Ireland, The FH 200205
Gallagher, Rita Wounded Hussar, The CP 200201
Grieve, Don Ye Jacobites by name ICM 200130
de Burca, Niamh Ye lovers all CT 200202
9Bach Yr Olaf CIAT 200105