2019 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by tune, band/performer, date

2/7/2019 There are new episodes of Celt in a Twist 2/3; Copperplate Irish music 2/1; Foot Stompin' Scottish music 1/23; Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic music 1/31 & 2/7; Kitchen Party Ceilidh 1/27; and Marc Gunn's Pub sing 1/21 & 2/4

These links are for the actual podcast Websites
67 67 Music
CDT Celtic Dreamtime podscape music, poems, fables & stories
CF Celtic Folk
CIAT Celt in a Twist
CI Celtic Indy, focusing on Celtic musicians & bands from or touring through the Indianapolis area
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow music, poems, fables & stories
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate
E Eist
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture musicians & bands only from Scotland you're unlikely to hear anywhere else
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar lots of Celtic music from Europe; show notes are in English but the commentary is in Portuguese
IMS Irish Music Stories
KPC Kitchen Party Ceilidh
PNW Pacific NW Celtic Music specializes in musicians & bands from the Pacific NW or touring there
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day podcast with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian Celtic rock & punk
SNO Shite 'n' Onions Celtic rock & punk
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music podcast specializes in musicians & bands from the Twin Cities area or touring there

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2019 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by tune, band/performer, date
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Manran 10k tattie, The CIAT 190127
Daimh 12th of June, The CIAT 190203
Geri, Janette A Stor Mo Chroi ICM 190103
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 190108
O'Beirne, Gerry & Shipley, Rosie Air ICM 190117
Fowlis, Julie, Doorley, Eamon, Conway, Zoe & McIntyre, John Air an Somme FS 190123
Kennedy, Nuala All of these days KPC 190113
Dram & Go Angeline ICM 190110
Mahones, The Angels & devils CIAT 190106
O'Carolan Family, The Around the fairy fort/The new broom KPC 190106
Tullamore Arthur McBride PS 190110
9Bach Asteri Mou CIAT 190127
Gunn, Marc Auld lang syne PS 190121
Battlefield Band, The Ballarat jig, The CIAT 190203
Ballinloch Ballycroy (N'er again) ICM 190110
Faulkner, John Banks of Newfoundland, The KPC 190106
Sver Batch 15 CIAT 190113
Abarta, Joey Behind the bush in Parkhanna IMS 190108
Caldwell, Conor Believe me if all those endearing charms ICM 190110
Gothard Sisters, The Bells on the hill, The ICM 190103
Gunn, Marc Between the Devil and the deep blue sea PS 190121
Dean, Christopher Beyond the river KPC 190113
Fretless, The Big trip, The (The trip to Windsor/Sheepskin & beeswax) PS 190204
Kennedy's Kitchen Bits set, The ICM 190117
Rolling Kings, The Black & Tans PS 190110
Journey North, The Black Douglas ICM 190207
Gunn, Marc Black velvet band, The PS 190121
West Awake Black velvet band, The ICM 190110
Offa Rex Blackleg miner, The CIAT 190203
Morley, Tom Blacksmith jig, The/Garrett Barry's/The old favorite ICM 190207
James, Jodee Bless the creatures ICM 190103
Kilted Kings, The Blue Sun, The PS 190110
Daimh Bodach Innse Chro CIAT 190113
Sver Boot 'n Rally CIAT 190120
Hibernia Bothan Airigh am Braigh Raithneach ICM 190103
Deaf Shepherd Braemar Gathering, The/Morag MacNeil, Tangusdale/Colin Clark Caruthers/The new hands etc FS 190123
Poitin Brendan's reels ICM 190131
Stivell, Alan Brezhoneg Raok CIAT 190106
Rynne, Padraig Brid Harper's/Paddy Whack CP 190101
Rynne, Padraig Brid Harper's/Paddy Whack CP 190201
Gunn, Marc Bridge, The PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Bring me home, boys PS 190110
Drunken Gaugers, The Broken windscreen, The CP 190101
Drunken Gaugers, The Broken windscreen, The CP 190201
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 190101
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 190201
Talisk Cabot Trail, The ICM 190117
Tergis, Athena Cailleach An Airgid (The Hag With The Money)/ Old Tipperary/Cuil Aodh Jig ICM 190131
Lissa-Kathe Calanais Stones, The ICM 190124
Journey North, The Calm before the storm, The ICM 190110
Whiskey Bay Rovers, The Cape Code girls, The PS 190204
Open the Door for Three Carrig River, The CP 190101
Open the Door for Three Carrig River, The CP 190201
Cuig Carry on CP 190101
Cuig Carry on CP 190201
Gothard Sisters, The Cat and the fiddle, The PS 190204
MacIsaac, Ashley Cello song, The CIAT 190203
Clumsy Lovers, The Centerfold, The CIAT 190113
Syr Chan Eil Eagal ICM 190131
Vishten Clefs de la prison, Les CIAT 190106
Mairearad & Anna Coigach FS 190123
Possumato, Dan Cordal, The/Sweet Biddy Daly's KPC 190113
Bringers, The Corkscrew set, The ICM 190117
KMM Corsairs, Les ICM 190124
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Cuddles McGish PS 190110
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the bog, The/Tommy Peoples's/The Monsignor's blessing CP 190101
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the bog, The/Tommy Peoples's/The Monsignor's blessing CP 190201
McAlpine, Brian D minor air, The FS 190123
Bodhaktan Dansez (Dance Hey!) CIAT 190127
Triskells Danza del Oso, La ICM 190124
Gaelic Storm Darcy's donkey CIAT 190113
Lau Dark secret, The FS 190123
Ivers, Eileen Darlin' Corey CIAT 190127
Neil, Nic Dave's nimble fingers KPC 190113
We Banjo 3 Dawn breaks, The CIAT 190106
Real McKenzies, The Dead or alive CIAT 190113
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Demented cat came back, The PS 190110
O'Rourke, Aidan Do people still do this? CIAT 190127
Ennis, Seamus Donegal reel, The KPC 190113
Beer Belly, The Donnybrook Fair ICM 190117
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Dowd's/ In memory of Coleman CP 190101
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Dowd's/ In memory of Coleman CP 190201
Merry Hell Drunken serenade, A CIAT 190113
Llan de Cubel Durme Nenu KPC 190120
Outside Track, The Eleanor Plunkett CP 190101
Outside Track, The Eleanor Plunkett CP 190201
Bangers & Mash Elise Lee CIAT 190203
Young Folk, The England CIAT 190203
Irish Tradition, The England's Motorway KPC 190113
Skerryvore Exorcists, The CIAT 190113
Ciana Far away/La marche des élèves/The old maids of Galway ICM 190117
Talisk Farewell KPC 190127
Boucher, Gillian Farewell to Muswell Hill ICM 190117
Bentley, Lily Fear a Bhata ICM 190207
Merry Hell Fear of falling, The CIAT 190120
Paperboys Feeling you CIAT 190106
Rambling Sailors, The Fish in the sea, The PS 190204
Braz, Dan Ar Fisherman's lilt, The KPC 190120
Afro Celt Sound System, The Fissiri Wali Polka CIAT 190127
Moray, Jim Flying Cloud, The CIAT 190203
King's Busketeers, The Foggy dew, The ICM 190207
Peatbog Faeries, The Folk Police, The CIAT 190120
Tan & Sober Gentleman, The Follow me up to Carlow ICM 190207
Young Dubliners, The Follow me up to Carlow CIAT 190127
Dallahan Footsteps FS 190123
Droichead Fraher's/The mug of brown ale/The legacy KPC 190120
New Shilling, The Funky set, The ICM 190117
Gunn, Marc Furball set, The: Dobby goes to Dublin/The cat in the corner/The can of salmon PS 190121
McEvoy, John & Catherine Glentaun, The/The Templehill reel/Captain Kelly's CP 190101
McEvoy, John & Catherine Glentaun, The/The Templehill reel/Captain Kelly's CP 190201
Tan & Sober Gentlemen, The Going home ICM 190124
Sprag Session, The Good ship Tommy Fun, The ICM 190117
McKeown, Susan Goodbye & farewell CIAT 190120
Curtis, Tami Grave ICM 190103
Boxing Banjo, The Green cottage, The KPC 190127
Gunn, Marc Gypsy rover, The PS 190121
Beltaine Happy dance man, The CIAT 190113
Gunn, Marc Healy Pass PS 190121
Ushers Island Heart in hand KPC 190127
Vishten Hermine KPC 190120
Miller MacDonald Cormier High bass set, The KPC 190113
Burke, Joe, Cooney, Michael & Corcoran, Terry High reel, The/Geoghegan's KPC 190113
Flowers of Edinburgh, The High road to Linton, The/Spootiskerry/Willafjord ICM 190110
Ainslie, Ross & Jones, Malcom Hope in the chaos FS 190123
Murphy, Paddy Hot girl, The CIAT 190203
O'Connor, Mairtin, O'Dowd, Seamie & Hayden, Cathal Humours of Tulla, The (AKA first tune from "The Cooley Set") IMS 190108
Fraser, Louise Hush ICM 190124
Dram & Go I-5 ICM 190131
Gone Molly I am stretched on your grave PS 190204
Fyfe, Iona Iona Fyfe FS 190123
Gruben, Melanie Irish fire, The ICM 190131
Gruben, Melanie Irish fire, The PS 190204
Keane, Dolores Island, The KPC 190127
Celtica Pipes Rock Itchy fingers, The CIAT 190120
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The J'aurais des aliles CIAT 190127
Hastings, Claire Jack the sailor FS 190123
Gormley, Daithi Jackson's/Finbarr Dwyer's/Henchy Delight CP 190101
Gormley, Daithi Jackson's/Finbarr Dwyer's/Henchy delight CP 190201
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Jedi Mickey ICM 190124
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Jedi Mickey PS 190204
Jamie Smith's Mabon Jig trouble in Little Blaina KPC 190120
D'Arcy, Patrick Jigs– Cathair an Phíobaire/The Langstern Pony ICM 190207
East Pointers, The John Wallace CIAT 190113
Vasen JTT KPC 190120
Punch Brothers, The Jumbo CIAT 190106
Dun Aengus Kelly, the boy from Killan ICM 190207
Seery, Enda Killleigh/Langton's of Kilkenny ICM 190117
Bodh'aktan Lambe An Dro CIAT 190203
Marys Lane Last gift, The PS 190204
Nagy, Katherine Lay with me ICM 190207
Merry Hell Lean on me, love CIAT 190203
Ainslie, Ross Let the wild ones roam KPC 190113
Laval, Jamie & Broder, Ashley Levantine's spinning barrel ICM 190131
Gunn, Marc Lil bit o' love, A PS 190121
Sver Lille grisen CIAT 190203
Gunn, Marc Liquid sunshine PS 190121
George, Siwsann Lisa Lan KPC 190120
Sver Little Grisan CIAT 190106
Ryan, Sean London lasses, The/The coast of Austria KPC 190127
Gunn, Marc Long arm, The PS 190110
Murphy, Colm & O Grada, Conal Lord Gordon's/Kiss the maid behind the barrel KPC 190127
Gone Molly Lost lovers lullaby, The ICM 190103
Searson Love me forever CIAT 190127
Snowdown, Gwendolyn Lovely on the water ICM 190103
McAuley, Oisin Lover's ghost, The/Maud Miller ICM 190117
Seery, Enda Loving Hannah ICM 190110
Clancy, Donal Lowlands of Holland, The CP 190101
Clancy, Donal Lowlands of Holland, The CP 190201
Gunn, Marc MacPherson's farewell PS 190110
Roos, Anne Maid on the shore, The ICM 190103
ChildsPlay Maids of Galway, The/Jenny picking cockles/Epic reel, The ICM 190103
Agee, Adam & Sousa, Jon Maids of Holywell, The/Cor Pheait Uí Thuathaigh (Pat Tuohey's reel)/Moneymusk KPC 190113
Raglan Maigh Seola and the Ballina Barndance ICM 190124
Floating Sofa Quartet, The Makelan Sulon Polkat CIAT 190120
Jiggernaut Man who dug the well ICM 190131
Boucher, Gillian Marnie Swanson KPC 190127
Tyrell, Sean Mattie KPC 190127
Ravens Three, The Mattie Groves ICM 190124
O'Brien, Mick May morning dew, The/Sporting Nell CP 190101
O'Brien, Mick May morning dew, The/Sporting Nell CP 190201
Heaton, Matt Meaning of life, The IMS 190108
Warbelow Range, The Meelick Team/The gallowglass /The humours of Drinagh ICM 190103
Go Set, The Miner's son, The CIAT 190127
Koehler, Catherine Molly Malone ICM 190110
Talisk Montreal PS 190204
Rathkeltair More Tetley, Vicar? ICM 190131
Caitlin & Ciaran Morning dew, The/The New mown meadow KPC 190106
Spirit of the West, The Morning in the Bath Abbey CIAT 190120
Rebels & Sinners, The Mother tree, The ICM 190207
Out of Alba Mr and Mrs McLean of Snaigow and Asoken ICM 190117
Enter the Haggis Murphy's ashes CIAT 190113
Koehler, Catherine My lovely Rose of Clare ICM 190103
Slainte Mhath My new pants KPC 190106
Eriska Nae pressure FS 190123
Lien, Annbjorg Natten CIAT 190113
Reid, Alan & Conlan, Rachel New Century, The/Napoleon crossing the Rhine KPC 190106
Leslie, Chris New fiddle, The KPC 190106
McVarish, Gabe New jigs and reels, The KPC 190106
Ceoltoiri New land, The KPC 190106
Heaton, Matt & Shannon New married couple, The KPC 190106
Hernons, The New Post Office, The/The pinch of snuff KPC 190106
Coig New prairie spurs, The KPC 190106
Tabash Newry Highwayman, The KPC 190106
Thomson, Iain & Duff, Marc No borders CIAT 190113
Gunn, Marc No songs left to sing PS 190121
Kydd, Christine Norland Wind, The FS 190123
Moloney, Mick Old Bog Road, The KPC 190113
Gunn, Marc Old Fenian gun, The PS 190110
Coole Park Old hag, you have killed me ICM 190117
Geri, Janette Olliebod's jig ICM 190110
Fourth Moon, The Olympus ICM 190207
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Orange and the Green, The PS 190110
Ockham's Razor Oro, Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile ICM 190131
Manran Overtime CIAT 190106
Dervish Palmer's Gate, The ICM 190207
Charmas Pancakes at midnight ICM 190207
Bentley, Lily Parting glass, The ICM 190124
9Bach Pebyll CIAT 190113
Gunn, Marc Peggy Gordon PS 190121
Solasta Pirate set, The ICM 190103
Boswell, Scott Plantxy Irwin ICM 190117
Milladoiro Polca de Mahia KPC 190120
Fara Port polka, The/Rognvald Ritch, the little/The shore FS 190123
Warbelow Range, The Pretty girl milking her cow, The ICM 190110
Warbelow Range, The Pretty girl milking her cow, The PS 190204
Pikeys Public House, The ICM 190110
Sadie & Jay Publicly transported ICM 190110
MacIntyre, Sineag Puirt a Beul FS 190123
Bowen, Robin Huw Queen's marsh, The KPC 190120
Snowdown, Gwendolyn Quiet land of Erin, The PS 190204
Mac Diarmada, Oisin, Fitzgerald, Brian & O'Ruanaigh, Micheal Reavy's IMS 190108
Doolin Reel Africa CIAT 190127
Metcalf, Nick & Metcalf, Rick Reel blue ICM 190110
Floating Sofa Quartet, The Reventlove CIAT 190106
Tuck, Brad Rise up PS 190204
Chambless, Jil, Miller, Ed & Muse, Scooter River, The ICM 190131
Blarney Rebel Band, The Road, The ICM 190110
Searson Road to Hyndford, The CIAT 190120
Fibish, Marla & Crowley, Jimmy Rocky road to Dublin, The/Comb your hair and curl it/The new mown meadow KPC 190106
Salsa Celtica Rolling Road CIAT 190120
Dolphin Boy, The Rough Bounds Rumba, The CIAT 190106
Grenaways, The Rowan, The ICM 190124
Melisande Ruban Bleu, Le CIAT 190106
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay ICM 190103
Gunn, Marc Scouring the Shire PS 190110
Led Farmers, The Share the wealth PS 190110
Battlefield Band, The Shepherd lad, The CIAT 190120
10 Strings & a Goatskin Shoot the Moon CIAT 190203
Gavin, Lar & O'Brien, Eileen Shores of Lough Gowna, The/Tom Carthy's CP 190101
Gavin, Lar & O'Brien, Eileen Shores of Lough Gowna, The/Tom Carthy's CP 190201
Vishten Sirenes A Romeo, Les CIAT 190120
Jiggy Skellig PS 190204
Caledonia Swing Soldier's joy ICM 190117
Mahones, The Someone saved me CIAT 190127
King's Busketeers, The South Australia ICM 190124
Curtis, Tami Step it out, Mary ICM 190131
Afro Celt Sound System, The Step up CIAT 190120
Cassie & Maggie Strip the willow set, The CIAT 190203
Murray, Spencer & Pipeslinger Strong ciders ICM 190117
Vent du Nord, Le Suite de Virgine KPC 190120
Ennis Sisters, The Sunken grave, The ICM 190103
Gallagher, Rita Sweet Iniscarra CP 190101
Gallagher, Rita Sweet Iniscarra CP 190201
Barleyjuice Sweet young thing, The CIAT 190113
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tap Room, The IMS 190108
Rankin, Mairi & Wright, Eric Taste of Gaelic, The KPC 190127
Griffith, Terry They wounded old Ireland ICM 190207
Imar Third attempt, The KPC 190127
Rebels & Sinners, The Til the bottle strikes me dead ICM 190124
Barrule To Dingle with love KPC 190120
Kennedy, Seamus To Morrow ICM 190124
John Byrne Band, The To Patsy ICM 190131
Dolphin Boy, The Too many fiddles CIAT 190127
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 190101
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 190201
Kevin Burke's Open House Tour de Taille KPC 190127
Basco Tribulations of Svendborg Stadmusicus CIAT 190203
Skerryvore Trip to Modera, The CIAT 190127
Heaton, Matt Triumph theme, The IMS 190108
Dalla Truro KPC 190120
West Awake Turkey in the straw, The/The temperance reel/The mason's apron ICM 190124
Tsuumi Sound System, The Vekkula in memoriam CIAT 190113
Lowe, Jez & the Bad Pennies Vikings CIAT 190120
Solas Vital mental medicine CIAT 190106
Genticorum Voici le temps CIAT 190120
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Way over yonder in the minor key CIAT 190106
Miller, Ed We'll follow the music PS 190204
Blarney Rebel Band, The When I'm sober ICM 190124
Gunn, Marc When she held me in her arms ICM 190131
Gunn, Marc When she held me in her arms PS 190204
Outside Track, The Wife of Usher's Well, The KPC 190127
Gunn, Marc Wild mountain thyme, The PS 190121
Syncopaths, The Will you marry me? ICM 190131
Sisters of Murphy, The Working stiffs unite PS 190110
Patterson, Beth Ye Jacobites by name PS 190110