2019 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by tune, band/performer, date

4/11/2019 There are new episodes of : Celt in a Twist 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31 & 4/7; Copperplate Irish music 3/1 & 4/1; Foot Stompin' Scottish music 2/21 & 3/21; Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/29, 4/4 & 4/11; Irish Music Stories 2/12, 3/12 & 4/9; Kitchen Party Ceilidh 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24 & 3/31; Paddy Rock 2/26 & 3/15; Pub Songs with Marc Gunn 2/11, 2/1/, 2/25 & 3/11; and Shite & Onions 3/9

2/8/2019 I have added all the listings for all 2018 podcasts to the appropriate cumulative lists, with internal links for easier searching as well.

These links are for the actual podcast Websites
67 67 Music
CDT Celtic Dreamtime podscape music, poems, fables & stories
CF Celtic Folk
CIAT Celt in a Twist
CI Celtic Indy, focusing on Celtic musicians & bands from or touring through the Indianapolis area
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow music, poems, fables & stories
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate
E Eist
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture musicians & bands only from Scotland you're unlikely to hear anywhere else
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar lots of Celtic music from Europe; show notes are in English but the commentary is in Portuguese
IMS Irish Music Stories
KPC Kitchen Party Ceilidh
PNW Pacific NW Celtic Music specializes in musicians & bands from the Pacific NW or touring there
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day podcast with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian Celtic rock & punk
SNO Shite 'n' Onions Celtic rock & punk
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music podcast specializes in musicians & bands from the Twin Cities area or touring there

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2019 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by tune, band/performer, date
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Enter the Haggis 1 last drink PRR 190315
Matheson, Karen 1 more chance KPC 190310
Gaelic Storm 1 more day above the roses PRR 190315
Fighting Jamesons, The 1 more drink PRR 190315
Dale, Heather 1 of us ICM 190411
Wade, Des 10,000 days (from Dublin to Paradise) ICM 190321
Manran 10k tattie, The CIAT 190127
Daimh 12th of June, The CIAT 190203
Daimh 12th of June, The CIAT 190331
Langer's Ball, The 1916 SNO 190309
We Banjo 3 2 sisters, The ICM 190307
Beausoliel 2-step de Port Arthur CIAT 190317
Gothard Sisters, The 3 coins, The ICM 190307
Hair of the Dog, The 3 drunken maidens, The ICM 190329
Trimble, Gerald 3 men of Brittany/The wild men of steel KPC 190324
Quinn, Joe & Horner, Sammy 3 things, The CIAT 190217
Gilbert, Rebecca & Kellswater Bridge 4 loom weaver, The ICM 190411
Connla 40 Pound jeans, The KPC 190303
Na Rosai 5 miles from12 town/Pratt School parking lot ICM 190314
Tossers, The 7 drunken nights PRR 190315
Heaton, Shannon 99 high IMS 190409
Chaimbeul, Brìghde A Bhriogais Uallach/Highean Donn nan Gobhar FS 190321
Geri, Janette A Stor Mo Chroi ICM 190103
Gunn, Marc A Stor Mo Chroi PS 190218
Nakafuji, Yuka & Tricolor Across the border IMS 190212
Rankin, Mairi & Wright, Eric Across the field KPC 190331
Stapleton, Robyn Ae fond kiss FS 190221
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 190108
Fear of Drinking, The Aftermath, The (The mining rant) CIAT 190331
Curl, Aimee & Talifero, Shodekeh Aimee and Shodekeh IMS 190212
O'Beirne, Gerry & Shipley, Rosie Air ICM 190117
Fowlis, Julie, Doorley, Eamon, Conway, Zoe & McIntyre, John Air an Somme FS 190123
Gunn, Marc Ais Vis Lo Lop PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Ais Vis Lo Lop PS 190218
White Sun, The Aisa Naam CIAT 190303
Kern Ale KPC 190331
Fretless, The Alfonzo McKenzie's CIAT 190217
Ferguson, Jesse All for me grog PS 190311
McKrells, The All of the hard days are gone. PRR 190315
Kennedy, Nuala All of these days KPC 190113
Ceann Almost Irish ICM 190307
Ceann Almost Irish PS 190311
O'Fearghail, Caoimhin & Tutty, Paddy Ambrose Moloney's/Support from America#1 CP 190401
MacMaster, Natalie Amelia's waltz/The fir tree/Atholl Brose/The Pondville KPC 190217
McCabes, The American in Paris, An ICM 190307
Caitlin & Ciaran American polka, The KPC 190331
Salsa Celtica An Calilleach CIAT 190324
Bannal An Long Eireannach (Clapping song) ICM 190221
Rumjacks, The An poc ar buile SNO 190309
Eabhal An Ribhinn Donn FS 190221
Baka Beyond An T-Oighr'og CIAT 190217
Shilelagh Law, The And then we drink SNO 190309
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Andy Clarke's ICM 190321
Celtica Pipes Rock Andy Renwick's ferret CIAT 190217
Dram & Go Angeline ICM 190110
Mahones, The Angels & devils CIAT 190106
We Banjo 3 Annabelle's cannon CIAT 190210
Enter the Haggis Another round PRR 190315
Damh the Bard Antlered crown and standing stone PS 190225
McRae, Jimi Ar Lan Y Mor ICM 190314
Pikeys, The ARA PRR 190226
Rabata, Nicole Armorica/Laridé/Les Vieux Loudéacs IMS 190409
Fighting Jamesons, The Around the bend ICM 190321
O'Carolan Family, The Around the fairy fort/The new broom KPC 190106
Sir Reg Arrive on St Patrick's Day PRR 190315
Caldwell, Conor Art revealed, An ICM 190307
Tullamore Arthur McBride PS 190110
Gunn, Marc As long as I'm flyin' PS 190225
Gonzaga, Luiz Asa Branca IMS 190409
Elders, The Ashes in a jar KPC 190203
Young Dubliners, The Ashley Falls CIAT 190217
9Bach Asteri Mou CIAT 190127
Gloaming, The Athas CIAT 190331
Gunn, Marc Auld lang syne PS 190121
Albannach Auld Nick's a piper ICM 190307
Dubliners, The Auld triangle, The KPC 190317
Heaton, Shannon Aunt Jane's trip to Norway IMS 190409
Bad Haggis, The B-52, The PS 190225
Beaton, Andrea B Minor cut, The IMS 190212
Saor Patrol, The Bad Holly CIAT 190324
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Balkan Hills KPC 190217
Nordic Raga Balkan waltz, The CIAT 190317
Tullamore Ballad of Jack Dolan, The (The wild colonial boy) PS 190225
Watson, Lori Ballad of the speaking heart, The FS 190221
Casey, Karan Ballad of Tim Evans, The CIAT 190224
Battlefield Band, The Ballarat jig, The CIAT 190203
Ballinloch Ballycroy (N'er again) ICM 190110
Enter the Haggis Balto CIAT 190407
Faulkner, John Banks of Newfoundland, The KPC 190106
Outside Track, The Banks of Sweet Dundee, The CP 190301
Kennedy, Seamus Barley mow, The PS 190311
Bain , Aly Barmaid, The/The carpenter/The reconciliation KPC 190310
Sver Batch 15 CIAT 190113
Heaton, Matt Bb intro groove, The IMS 190409
Imar Be thou KPC 190210
Magill, Andrew Finn Beautiful ending, A IMS 190212
Magill, Andrew Finn Beautiful ending, A IMS 190409
Gunn, Marc Beer, beer, beer PS 190311
Gunn, Marc Beer Butterbeer PS 190211
McKee, Andrew Beer medley, The ICM 190329
Abarta, Joey Behind the bush in Parkhanna IMS 190108
Caldwell, Conor Believe me if all those endearing charms ICM 190110
Verch, April Belle election CIAT 190303
Gothard Sisters, The Bells on the hill, The ICM 190103
Finlayson, Cady Beltaine ICM 190411
Sliotar Better man, The PRR 190226
Sliotar Better man, The ICM 190404
Gunn, Marc Between the Devil and the deep blue sea PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Between the Devil and the deep blue sea PS 190218
Dean, Christopher Beyond the river KPC 190113
Black 47 Big fellah, The ICM 190307
Fretless, The Big trip, The (The trip to Windsor/Sheepskin & beeswax) PS 190204
Buttons & Bows Bill the Weaver set, The KPC 190331
Siochain Billy Sullivan's CIAT 190310
Foley, Dylan Birds, The/Jackie Coleman's ICM 190221
Kennedy's Kitchen Bits set, The ICM 190117
Rolling Kings, The Black & Tans PS 190110
Journey North, The Black Douglas ICM 190207
Flogging Molly Black Friday rule, The PRR 190315
Gunn, Marc Black velvet band, The PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Black velvet band, The PS 190218
West Awake Black velvet band, The ICM 190110
Battlefield Band, The Blackhall Rocks, The CIAT 190224
Offa Rex Blackleg miner, The CIAT 190203
Morley, Tom Blacksmith jig, The/Garrett Barry's/The old favorite ICM 190207
Madman's Window, The Blarney roses, The ICM 190314
James, Jodee Bless the creatures ICM 190103
Gilchrist, Maeve & Heaton, Shannon Blue dress waltz, The IMS 190212
Wolf & Clover Blue sky, The ICM 190221
Kilted Kings, The Blue Sun, The PS 190110
Daimh Bodach Innse Chro CIAT 190113
Roberts, Ella Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, The ICM 190228
Alternative Ulster, An Boobies, banjos, bagpipes & beer PRR 190226
Sver Boot 'n Rally CIAT 190120
Clan of Celts, The Boots are on, The PRR 190226
Hibernia Bothan Airigh am Braigh Raithneach ICM 190103
Fear of Drinking, The Botony Bay CIAT 190303
Bod'haktan Bouteille est agreable, La CIAT 190407
Langille, Claudine Boy's lament for his dragon, A/Faroe rum/Aandowin at da Bow/Da forfeit o' da ship KPC 190324
Pogues, The Boys from the County Hell, The PRR 190315
Deaf Shepherd Braemar Gathering, The/Morag MacNeil, Tangusdale/Colin Clark Caruthers/The new hands etc FS 190123
Epsylon Brasier, Le CIAT 190317
Poitin Brendan's reels ICM 190131
Stivell, Alan Brezhoneg Raok CIAT 190106
Stivell, Alan Brezhoneg Raok CIAT 190407
Rynne, Padraig Brid Harper's/Paddy Whack CP 190101
Rynne, Padraig Brid Harper's/Paddy Whack CP 190201
Gunn, Marc Bridge, The PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Bridget's prayer PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Bridget's prayer PS 190218
Searson Bright nights, The CIAT 190217
Gunn, Marc Bring me home, boys PS 190110
Drunken Gaugers, The Broken windscreen, The CP 190101
Drunken Gaugers, The Broken windscreen, The CP 190201
Ossian Brose & butter/The Monahan jig KPC 190224
Cassie & Maggie Buain A'Choirce CIAT 190317
Cremo, Lee Buddy MacMaster's Strathspey/The London hornpipe/The Polish polka reel KPC 190203
Sketch, The Bulgarian shed, The CIAT 190303
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 190101
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 190201
Rumjacks, The Bus floor bottles, The PRR 190226
Rumjacks, The Bus floor bottles, The SNO 190309
Ida Elena Butterfly, T1he ICM 190321
Kasir By a while CIAT 190310
Talisk Cabot Trail, The ICM 190117
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Cagaran Gaolach KPC 190217
Tergis, Athena Cailleach An Airgid (The Hag With The Money)/ Old Tipperary/Cuil Aodh Jig ICM 190131
Carey, Kyle Cairistiona ICM 190307
Lissa-Kathe Calanais Stones, The ICM 190124
Journey North, The Calm before the storm, The ICM 190110
Kennedy, Mary Ann Camanachd Ghlaschu FS 190321
Coleman, Michael Cameronian,, The IMS 190312
IONA Can Merthyr ICM 190221
Haggis Rampant Canon in D ICM 190411
Leahy Cape Breton medley, The KPC 190217
Whiskey Bay Rovers, The Cape Code girls, The PS 190204
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Carolina blues, The CIAT 190310
Open the Door for Three Carrig River, The CP 190101
Open the Door for Three Carrig River, The CP 190201
Cuig Carry on CP 190101
Cuig Carry on CP 190201
Carey, Kyle Casey Jones whistle blow, The ICM 190411
Gothard Sisters, The Cat and the fiddle, The PS 190204
Beyond the Pale Catalpa Rescue, The ICM 190307
Gypsy Reel Catharsis/Gillis' favorite KPC 190303
MacIsaac, Ashley Cello song, The CIAT 190203
Heaton, Matt Celtic grooves, The IMS 190312
Clumsy Lovers, The Centerfold, The CIAT 190113
Syr Chan Eil Eagal ICM 190131
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Chase, The KPC 190217
Railroad Earth, The Chasin' a rainbow CIAT 190303
Gobshites, The Cheers SNO 190309
Kennedy's Kitchen Christy Barry's jig/The rolling waves/The old favorite/The West Clare reel ICM 190307
Doyle, John Clear the way CIAT 190324
Vishten Clefs de la prison, Les CIAT 190106
Vishten Clefs de la prison, Les CIAT 190310
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Clog medley, The KPC 190217
Barra MacNeils, The Clouds under my feet CIAT 190217
Willows, The Coda KPC 190203
Murphy, Paddy Coffin ship, The CIAT 190310
Mairearad & Anna Coigach FS 190123
Raney, Colleen Collier's daughter, The ICM 190411
Furey, Eddie & Finbar Colonel Fraser KPC 190317
O'Connor, Gerry Colonel Fraser CP 190301
Banna de Dha Comb your hair & curl it/The white petticoat The black rogue ICM 190307
Various Session players, recorded at a house party in Melrose, Mass Come West along the road IMS 190409
Town Pants, The Come with me PRR 190315
Sir Reg Conor McGregor SNO 190309
Hackensaw Boys, The Content not seeking thrills CIAT 190303
Possumato, Dan Cordal, The/Sweet Biddy Daly's KPC 190113
Bringers, The Corkscrew set, The ICM 190117
KMM Corsairs, Les ICM 190124
Killigans, The Cracked rear view, The PRR 190226
Brady, Paul Creel, The/Out the door and over the wall IMS 190409
Makem & Spain Brothers, The Crossroads ceili, The KPC 190317
Abarta, Joey, Gourley, Nathan, Sheehey, Natasha, McCabe, Devin & League, Paddy Crowley's IMS 190409
Burke/Conway/Dolan Crowley's reels CP 190401
Flogging Molly Crushed PRR 190315
Holdfast Cthulhu PRR 190226
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Cuddles McGish PS 190110
Spirited Lads, The Culchi lad, The ICM 190314
Rumjacks, The Cupcakes SNO 190309
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the bog, The/Tommy Peoples's/The Monsignor's blessing CP 190101
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the bog, The/Tommy Peoples's/The Monsignor's blessing CP 190201
Heaton, Matt D big buil d, The IMS 190409
Heaton, Matt D big build, The IMS 190312
McAlpine, Brian D minor air, The FS 190123
White, Claire & Leask, Robbie Da fateful tale o Marion Pardone FS 190221
McDermott's 2 Hours Damned man's polka, The SNO 190309
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Dance all night ICM 190228
Gunn, Marc & thte Dubliners' Tabby Cats Danny boy for cat lovers PS 190311
McMenemy, Jamie & Siberil, Soïg & Kornog Dans An Dro IMS 190312
Kornog Dans Loudieg IMS 190312
Bodhaktan Dansez (Dance Hey!) CIAT 190127
Triskells Danza del Oso, La ICM 190124
Gaelic Storm Darcy's donkey CIAT 190113
Heaton, Matt Dark low jig, The IMS 190312
Heaton, Matt Dark low jig, The IMS 190409
Lau Dark secret, The FS 190123
Roads to Home, The Darkness darkness ICM 190314
Ivers, Eileen Darlin' Corey CIAT 190127
Derrane/Connolly/McGann Dash to Portobello/lMcFarley's/Geegan's CP 190301
Neil, Nic Dave's nimble fingers KPC 190113
Appalachian Celtic Consort, The David and the Goliath/Farewell to whiskey ICM 190404
We Banjo 3 Dawn breaks, The CIAT 190106
Tears for Beers Day after day PS 190225
Sons of O'Flaherty, The Dead and gone SNO 190309
Rumpled, The Dead man runnin' PRR 190226
Real McKenzies, The Dead or alive CIAT 190113
Imar Deep blue KPC 190210
Town Pants, The Delaney's Old Beer Hall KPC 190224
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Demented cat came back, The PS 190110
Stivell, Alan Den II CIAT 190224
Mickey Rickshaw Destitution Road PRR 190315
Miller, Ed Devil made Texas set, The PS 190311
Miller, Ed Devil made Texas, The/The Irish washerwoman/The lads o' Duns/Duns Dings A ICM 190329
Airs & Graces, The Devil's factory, The PRR 190226
Hallions, The Devil's kiss, The ICM 190307
Purcell's Polyphonic Party Dick's maggot ICM 190314
Orr, Tom Diddley-I-Pod FS 190321
Old Blind Dogs, The Died and gone ICM 190307
Dropkick Murphys, The Dirty glass, The PRR 190315
Dublin Legends, The Dirty old town CP 190401
Mudmen, The Dirty old town CIAT 190331
Pogues, The Dirty old town PRR 190315
Glackin, Paddy & Hannan, Robbie Dispute at the crossroads, The/The jolly tinker KPC 190203
O'Rourke, Aidan Do people still do this? CIAT 190127
Gunn, Marc Doctor of Gallifrey, The PS 190225
Gunn, Marc Doctor of Gallifrey, The ICM 190329
Carty, Paddy & O'Connor, Mick Dogs among the bushes, The/The ewe KPC 190224
Leahy Don Messer medley, The KPC 190217
Sir Reg Don't let it go PRR 190226
Ennis, Seamus Donegal reel, The KPC 190113
Beer Belly, The Donnybrook Fair ICM 190117
Innes Watson's Guitar Colloquium Doo Da FS 190321
Seivane, Susana Dous Mares ICM 190411
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Dowd's/ In memory of Coleman CP 190101
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Dowd's/ In memory of Coleman CP 190201
Roche, Claire Down by the Salley Gardens ICM 190214
Rose Rock Down by the Sally Gardens ICM 190307
Screaming Orphans, The Dr Gilberts Sel ICM 190307
Fahy, Florence Dragon fly, The/The honey bee KPC 190203
Tartanic Dragon's jewels, The ICM 190404
Merry Hell Dreaming of the time CIAT 190303
Poxy Boggards, The Drinker's praise, The ICM 190307
Whiskey Bay Rovers, The Drunken sailor, The ICM 190329
Merry Hell Drunken serenade, A CIAT 190113
Celtic Woman Dulaman ICM 190228
Saor Patrol, The Duncarron CIAT 190224
Llan de Cubel Durme Nenu KPC 190120
Koto 5 & Koto 6 E Ten Raku IMS 190409
Dark Patrick Eamonn An Chnoic ICM 190307
Lúnasa Eanáir IMS 190312
Shooglenifty feat Tanxugueiras East West FS 190221
Friel Sisters, The Easter snow KPC 190331
Malinky Edom O' Gordon CIAT 190217
Simon Thoumire Three, The Eileen MacDonald KPC 190310
Outside Track, The Eleanor Plunkett CP 190101
Outside Track, The Eleanor Plunkett CP 190201
Bangers & Mash Elise Lee CIAT 190203
Young Folk, The England CIAT 190203
Irish Tradition, The England's Motorway KPC 190113
Beyond the Pale Eoin Murphy's slide/The Brosna slide/The race classic/An Spailpin Fanach ICM 190228
Tossers, The Erin Go Bragh PRR 190315
Celkilt Everyday's St Patrick's Day PRR 190315
Acoustica, L' Everything is easy CIAT 190210
Skerryvore Exorcists, The CIAT 190113
Robertson, Ailie Exploding bow, The CP 190401
Emerald Rose Fairies stole my keys, The ICM 190329
Mallette, Larry & Lewis, Matt Falling off a log/The road to the Duck ICM 190321
Ciana Far away/La marche des élèves/The old maids of Galway ICM 190117
Talisk Farewell KPC 190127
Boucher, Gillian Farewell to Muswell Hill ICM 190117
Bentley, Lily Fear a Bhata ICM 190207
Merry Hell Fear of falling, The CIAT 190120
Project Smok Fear Project Pt. 2, The FS 190321
Paperboys Feeling you CIAT 190106
Stanley & Grimm Fiddler's Green PS 190311
Dublin City Ramblers, The Fields of Athenry, The KPC 190317
McDermott's 2 Hours Firebird, The SNO 190309
Rambling Sailors, The Fish in the sea, The PS 190204
Young Dubliners, The Fisherman's blues, The PRR 190315
Braz, Dan Ar Fisherman's lilt, The KPC 190120
Afro Celt Sound System, The Fissiri Wali Polka CIAT 190127
Rumjacks, The Fistful o' roses, A PRR 190315
Freeman-Fox, Jaron Flabbergasp CIAT 190224
Barleycorn Flight of Earls, The KPC 190317
An Triur Floating crowbar, The/Paddy Taylor's/Cooley's ICM 190214
Mickey Rickshaw Floodgates, The CIAT 190331
Mulcahey, Louise & Heaton, Shannon Flute duet, The IMS 190312
Moray, Jim Flying Cloud, The CIAT 190203
King's Busketeers, The Foggy dew, The ICM 190207
Wolfe Tones, The Foggy dew, The KPC 190317
Young Dubliners, The Foggy dew, The PRR 190315
Peatbog Faeries, The Folk Police, The CIAT 190120
McCann, Jim Follow me up to Carlow KPC 190317
Tan & Sober Gentleman, The Follow me up to Carlow ICM 190207
Young Dubliners, The Follow me up to Carlow CIAT 190127
Dallahan Footsteps FS 190123
Droichead Fraher's/The mug of brown ale/The legacy KPC 190120
Coig Franzke et Francais KPC 190324
Breabach Frenzy of the Meeting, The KPC 190303
High Kings, The Friends for life ICM 190404
Langille, Claudine Full Rigged Ship, Da /Farewell to Nova Scotia KPC 190303
New Shilling, The Funky set, The ICM 190117
Gunn, Marc Furball set, The: Dobby goes to Dublin/The cat in the corner/The can of salmon PS 190121
Heaton, Matt G chimes, The IMS 190212
Heaton, Matt G meditation, The IMS 190312
O'Regan, Brendan Galician jig, The/Keith's jig KPC 190324
Lexington Field Galway Bay CIAT 190224
SeaStar Galway Bay ICM 190307
Cotter, Eamon Galway Bay/The acrobat CP 190301
Mulcahy, Michelle Galway Bay/The peacock's feather No. 2 KPC 190310
Kilkennys, The Galway girl, The KPC 190317
Town Pants, The Galway girl, The PRR 190315
Spence, Bill & Fennig's All Stars Galway hornpipe, The/The rights of man/Harvest Home/The fisherman's favorite KPC 190310
Reilly, Paddy Galway Races, The KPC 190317
Duplets, The Garry Porch's ICM 190307
Enter the Haggis Gasoline PS 190225
O'Fearghail, Caoimhin & Tutty, Paddy George White's/ The humours of Lissadel CP 190301
Barleyjuice Get your Irish on CIAT 190407
Dolphin Boy, The Ghetto pipe, The CIAT 190210
Beyond the Pale Ghost of Willie Clancy, The ICM 190404
Grenaways, The Ghost, The PS 190211
BibleCode Sundays, The Ghosts of our past, The PRR 190315
Hexperos Giant's Causeway, The ICM 190307
Foley, Dylan Glass of beer, The/The bag of spuds Lady Anne Montgomery ICM 190314
McEvoy, John & Catherine Glentaun, The/The Templehill reel/Captain Kelly's CP 190101
McEvoy, John & Catherine Glentaun, The/The Templehill reel/Captain Kelly's CP 190201
Kennedy, Seamus God is from New Jersey (The tornado song) ICM 190329
Muckers, The God save Ireland SNO 190309
Matilda's Scoundrels Godforsaken Sea, The SNO 190309
Barra MacNeils, The Going down the road KPC 190210
Tan & Sober Gentlemen, The Going home ICM 190124
Dropkick Murphys, The Going out in style PRR 190315
Waite, Andrew Golden brown FS 190221
Mahones, The Gone CIAT 190324
Sprag Session, The Good ship Tommy Fun, The ICM 190117
McKeown, Susan Goodbye & farewell CIAT 190120
Moloney, Mick Gooseberry Bush/Charlie Mulvihill's 1 & 2 KPC 190324
Dervish Grainne KPC 190224
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Grandpa Joe ICM 190307
Curtis, Tami Grave ICM 190103
Koehler, Catherine Green and the blue, The PS 190211
Boxing Banjo, The Green cottage, The KPC 190127
Black 47 Green suede shoes, The SNO 190309
Lochlainn Green window, The ICM 190307
Falcon, Ted, Magill, Andrew Finn & Duarte, Nando Gringo de Sunga IMS 190409
Donnelly, Donall Groovie reels, The CIAT 190224
Heaton, Matt Grupai memories, The IMS 190312
Heaton, Matt Grupai memories, The IMS 190409
Gunn, Marc Gypsy rover, The PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Gypsy rover, The PS 190218
Templars of Doom, The H-Block escape, The SNO 190309
Gunn, Marc Happy birthday from Ireland PS 190311
NUA Happy cammy drammy birthday PS 190225
Beltaine Happy dance man, The CIAT 190113
In Search of a Rose Harbour of Souls, The PRR 190226
Poor Angus Harrison's CIAT 190310
Wild Irish Roses, The Haunting Highland laddie, The ICM 190221
Gunn, Marc Healy Pass PS 190121
Ushers Island Heart in hand KPC 190127
Carroll, Liz & Charron, Jake Heath & Bernie's/Half Day Road/Tune for Jim DeWan KPC 190303
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Hector the hero KPC 190217
Ceol Gan Achar Hedigan's fancy Hawson ICM 190307
Old Man Flanagan's Ghost Hell of a party, A (Song for Saint Patrick's Day) PS 190311
Muckers, The Hellbound PRR 190226
Gunn, Marc Henry Martin ICM 190307
Paddy's Pig Henry, my son ICM 190307
Selkie Girls, The Here's a health PS 190211
Vishten Hermine KPC 190120
Dalla Hernen Rooz KPC 190324
Mahones, The Heroes die PRR 190226
Kirwan, Larry Heroes, The CIAT 190224
Kirwan, Larry Heroes, The CIAT 190331
Killigans, The Hey, Sergio SNO 190309
Celkilt Hey, what's under your kilt? PRR 190315
Miller MacDonald Cormier High bass set, The KPC 190113
Burke, Joe, Cooney, Michael & Corcoran, Terry High reel, The/Geoghegan's KPC 190113
Flowers of Edinburgh, The High road to Linton, The/Spootiskerry/Willafjord ICM 190110
Emerald Rose Hills of America, The PS 190225
Irish Tradition, The Hiring Fair, The KPC 190324
Davis, Ashley His bride I'll be ICM 190411
Flatfoot 56 Hoity toity PRR 190315
Skerryvore Hold on CIAT 190210
Skerryvore Hold on CIAT 190324
Lagan, The Home for a rest PRR 190315
Spirit of Canada, The Home for a rest CIAT 190317
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The IMS 190212
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The IMS 190312
Sketch, The Homeward bound CIAT 190224
Cote, Dwayne Honouring J P Cormier KPC 190303
Ainslie, Ross & Jones, Malcom Hope in the chaos FS 190123
Redmond, John Horseshoe waltz, The KPC 190303
Elders, The Hot & bothered/Dublin Hallway ICM 190314
1916 Hot asphalt, The SNO 190309
Irish Whispa Hot asphalt, The ICM 190228
Murphy, Paddy Hot girl, The CIAT 190203
Flatfoot 56 Hourglass, The PRR 190315
Fighting Jamesons, The How I ended up this way ICM 190228
Fighting Jamesons, The How I ended up this way PRR 190315
O'Flynn, Liam Humours of Carrigaholt set CP 190401
O'Connor, Mairtin, O'Dowd, Seamie & Hayden, Cathal Humours of Tulla, The (AKA first tune from "The Cooley Set") IMS 190108
Drunk & Sailor Humours of whiskey, The PS 190311
Mahones, The Hunger & the fight, The SNO 190309
Runa Hunter set, The PS 190311
McEvoy, Catherine Hunter's purse, The/Sweeney's dream CP 190401
Fraser, Louise Hush ICM 190124
Dram & Go I-5 ICM 190131
Gone Molly I am stretched on your grave PS 190204
McKrells, The I miss the rain PRR 190315
Jig is Up, The I once loved a lass/ Da Slockit Light ICM 190404
Flatfoot 56 I'll fly away PRR 190315
Tullamore I'll lay ye down, love ICM 190214
Peelers, The I'll meet you at the bottom PRR 190315
Lagan, The I'll tell me ma PRR 190315
Langer's Ball, The I'll tell me ma SNO 190309
Dropkick Murphys, The I'm shipping up to Boston PRR 190315
Mickey Rickshaw I'm sorry, Ms Mahoney PRR 190315
Screeched Inn, The I's the b'y PS 190225
Roon, David Icarus ICM 190404
MAZ ID circulaire CIAT 190407
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy If you were mine CIAT 190324
Mallette, Larry & Rogers, Kendall In memory of Lloyd ICM 190404
Breabach Invergordon's welcome KPC 190203
Fyfe, Iona Iona Fyfe FS 190123
Gruben, Melanie Irish fire, The ICM 190131
Gruben, Melanie Irish fire, The PS 190204
Na Skylark Irish marche ICM 190314
Rumjacks, The Irish Pub Song, An PRR 190315
Irish Rovers, The Irish Rover, The KPC 190317
Medusa's Wake Irish sky, The PRR 190226
Ballinloch Iron ore terrier, The ICM 190221
Keane, Dolores Island, The KPC 190127
Gothard Sisters, The It's the little things ICM 190221
Celtica Pipes Rock Itchy fingers, The CIAT 190120
Rideout, Bonnie Itchy fingers, The ICM 190228
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The J'aurais des aliles CIAT 190127
Foley, Dylan Jack Riordan's/Thesailor on the Rock/Tear the calico KPC 190331
Hastings, Claire Jack the sailor FS 190123
Kytami Jackal, The CIAT 190224
Donnelly, Des Jackie Coleman's/Sean Sa Cheo CP 190401
Gormley, Daithi Jackson's/Finbarr Dwyer's/Henchy Delight CP 190101
Gormley, Daithi Jackson's/Finbarr Dwyer's/Henchy delight CP 190201
Bursen, Howie Jay & Molly's wedding/Fisher's hornpipe/The Bay of Fundy reel KPC 190224
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Jedi Mickey ICM 190124
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Jedi Mickey PS 190204
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Jenny's story ICM 190307
Brynmor Jig of retribution, The/The star of Munster ICM 190221
Jamie Smith's Mabon Jig trouble in Little Blaina KPC 190120
D'Arcy, Patrick Jigs– Cathair an Phíobaire/The Langstern Pony ICM 190207
Murray, Andrew Jock o Hazeldene CP 190301
Spirited Lads, The Joe Batts Arm Longliners ICM 190221
Greenland Whalefishers, The Joe's town SNO 190309
Mulcahy Family, The John Kelly's/Rip the calico/The new road to Loughaun CP 190301
Yankee Celtic Consort, The John Marr's fancy/The glass of beer KPC 190203
Glackin, Paddy John Stewart's/James Byrne's/Pretty Peg/Miss Patterson's slipper KPC 190303
East Pointers, The John Wallace CIAT 190113
Kreelers, The Johnny, don't go ICM 190307
Gunn, Marc Johnny, I hardly knew ye PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Johnny, I hardly knew ye PS 190218
Stout Pounders, The Johnny jump up ICM 190329
Tossers, The Johnny McGuire's wake SNO 190309
Kindred Kilts, The Johnson's motor car (Live) PS 190311
Boiled in Lead Jolly tinker, The SNO 190309
Vasen JTT KPC 190120
Punch Brothers, The Jumbo CIAT 190106
Doolin Jupon blanc, Le CIAT 190210
Peelers, The Katie bar the door PRR 190315
Yankee Celtic Consort, The Keelhaulin' the Bos'n KPC 190324
Mickey Rickshaw Keep afloat CIAT 190317
Syncopaths, The Keg of brandy, The PS 190211
Dun Aengus Kelly, the boy from Killan ICM 190207
Dun Aengus Kelly, the boy from Killan ICM 190221
Brouder, Dan & Carberry Angelina Kerry reel, The/McFadden's own/The convent reel CP 190401
Celtic Woman Kesh Inn, The [Live] ICM 190411
Seery, Enda Killleigh/Langton's of Kilkenny ICM 190117
Celkilt Kilt up! PRR 190315
Tuatha Dea Kilts & corsets PS 190311
Gaelic Storm Kiss me, I'm Irish PS 190225
Gaelic Storm Kiss me, I'm Irish ICM 190307
Breabach Knees up FS 190221
MacLean, Gordon Lamb Holm/Blackthorn/The disturber/Leaving for Ireland KPC 190310
Bodh'aktan Lambe An Dro CIAT 190203
Ockham's Razor Lanigan's Ball ICM 190307
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caiimhin Lass of Carracastle, The/The morning dew/Th e geese in the bog CP 190301
Marys Lane Last gift, The PS 190204
Muirsheen Durkin & Friends Last of McGee, The PRR 190226
Celtica Pipes Rock Last voyage of the Great Mich, The ICM 190221
Cope, Jim Laugh & half-draft ICM 190329
Blackfoot Brother, The Laugh or else you'll cry ICM 190221
Nagy, Katherine Lay with me ICM 190207
Calasaig Lazy Bairn/Doug McPhee's welcome ICM 190307
Fables, The Lazy Tom KPC 190324
Merry Hell Lean on me, love CIAT 190203
Boston Harbor Bhoys, The Leaving of Liverpool, The ICM 190321
Gunn, Marc Leaving of Liverpool, The PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Leaving of Liverpool, The PS 190218
Chafe, Winnie Legacy KPC 190224
Gunn, Marc Leprechaun, The PS 190311
Madd Paddy Leprechaun, The ICM 190307
Bod'haktan Let set De Balais CIAT 190303
Ainslie, Ross Let the wild ones roam KPC 190113
Muckers, The Let's all go to the bar SNO 190309
Laval, Jamie & Broder, Ashley Levantine's spinning barrel ICM 190131
Tea Merchants, The Light my hornpipe ICM 190214
Hyde, Joanna & O Meachair, Tadhg Light on the shore, The KPC 190310
Pettit, Jocelyn Lights on the horizon, The CIAT 190317
Gunn, Marc Lil bit o' love, A PS 190121
Real McKenzies, The Lilacs in the alleyway, The CIAT 190324
9Bach Liliwiau CIAT 190324
Sver Lille grisen CIAT 190203
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Lily the Pink PS 190225
Kamerunga Lime juice tub, The CIAT 190217
Plantec Linelis CIAT 190224
Geremia, Steph Linnane Terrace IMS 190312
Gunn, Marc Liquid sunshine PS 190121
George, Siwsann Lisa Lan KPC 190120
Enter the Haggis Litter & the leaves, The PRR 190315
Gaelic Fury Band, The Little beggarman, The ICM 190329
Heaton, Matt Little bird lullaby, The IMS 190409
Sver Little Grisan CIAT 190106
Sver Little Grisen CIAT 190310
Gunn, Marc Live recording from Coffee with The Celtfather by Marc Gunn PS 190211
Ryan, Sean London lasses, The/The coast of Austria KPC 190127
Miller, Ed London Town ICM 190307
Screaming Orphans, The Lonely boy, The KPC 190303
Gunn, Marc Long arm, The PS 190110
Treacherous Orchestra, The Look East CIAT 190407
Sands, Colum Look where I've ended up now CP 190301
Hair, Rachel & Jappy, Ron Looking at a rainbow Through a dirty window FS 190321
Foley, Dylan Lord Gordon/The green fields of Glentown KPC 190331
Murphy, Colm & O Grada, Conal Lord Gordon's/Kiss the maid behind the barrel KPC 190127
Gone Molly Lost lovers lullaby, The ICM 190103
Neck, The Loud'n'Proud'n'Bold SNO 190309
Sver Love boat, The CIAT 190324
Searson Love me forever CIAT 190127
Snowdown, Gwendolyn Lovely on the water ICM 190103
McAuley, Oisin Lover's ghost, The/Maud Miller ICM 190117
Seery, Enda Loving Hannah ICM 190110
Clancy, Donal Lowlands of Holland, The CP 190101
Clancy, Donal Lowlands of Holland, The CP 190201
Elders, The Luck of the Irish, The CIAT 190303
Tsuumi Sound System, The Luotsi CIAT 190210
Gunn, Marc MacPherson's farewell PS 190110
Rusty Nail, The Magician, The SNO 190309
Burke, Joe, Cooney, Michael & Corcoran, Terry Maid on the Mountain, The KPC 190303
Roos, Anne Maid on the shore, The ICM 190103
ChildsPlay Maids of Galway, The/Jenny picking cockles/Epic reel, The ICM 190103
Agee, Adam & Sousa, Jon Maids of Holywell, The/Cor Pheait Uí Thuathaigh (Pat Tuohey's reel)/Moneymusk KPC 190113
Raglan Maigh Seola and the Ballina Barndance ICM 190124
Ciana Maire Rua/Farewell to Whalley Range/The winding stair ICM 190411
Coyote Run Mairi Mac ICM 190329
Jig is Up, The Major Moran's #1/ Big Pat's/The gargoyle ICM 190321
Floating Sofa Quartet, The Makelan Sulon Polkat CIAT 190120
Gavin, Frankie Man of the house, The/The Providence reel KPC 190224
Jiggernaut Man who dug the well ICM 190131
Lost Boys, The Man's a man for a' that, A ICM 190228
Mouth Music Manitoba CIAT 190217
Crean, Eilis Marian's return ICM 190411
Boucher, Gillian Marnie Swanson KPC 190127
Danu Master McGrath. CP 190401
MacMaster, Natalie Matt & Nat's CIAT 190324
Tyrell, Sean Mattie KPC 190127
Ravens Three, The Mattie Groves ICM 190124
McKrells, The Matty Groves PRR 190315
O'Brien, Mick May morning dew, The/Sporting Nell CP 190101
O'Brien, Mick May morning dew, The/Sporting Nell CP 190201
BibleCode Sundays, The Maybe it's because I'm an Irish Londoner PRR 190315
Barley Boys, The Me jolly grog ICM 190329
Heaton, Matt Meaning of life, The IMS 190108
Heaton, Matt Meaning of life, The IMS 190409
Warbelow Range, The Meelick Team/The gallowglass /The humours of Drinagh ICM 190103
Langer's Ball, The Meet me where you're going PRR 190226
Gunn, Marc Men of the New Basin Canal, The PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Men of the New Basin Canal, The PS 190218
Gunn, Marc & Haeuser, Jamie Men of the New Basin Canal, The PS 190311
Vent du Nord, Le Mere a l'Echafaud, La CIAT 190317
Charmas Mermaid, The ICM 190329
1916 Mero, The PRR 190315
Ennis, Seamus Merry blacksmith, The/The rainy day/The silver spear KPC 190224
Town Pants, The Merry ploughboy, The KPC 190331
Curtis, Tami Mickey Dam ICM 190214
Heaton, Matt Midnight sojourn intro, The IMS 190409
Smith, GregRobin & the Washington Shakespeare Festival Midsummer's Magic, A (Haunted Adagio) ICM 190228
Afro Celt Sound System, The Migration melody, The CIAT 190210
Rose Rock Miller of Drohan, The ICM 190228
Talisk Millhouse, The KPC 190210
Go Set, The Miner's son, The CIAT 190127
Gone Molly Miners Way ICM 190314
McGlynn, Arty Miss Monahan/The flags of Dublin/Hand me down the tackle KPC 190310
Koehler, Catherine Molly Malone ICM 190110
Patterson, Beth & O'Flaherty, Patrick Mon bon vieux Mari/The jig of slurs ICM 190214
Heaton, Matt & Shannon Mon Ran Dawk Kam Tai IMS 190409
Gunn, Marc Monahan's Mudder's Milk PS 190211
Talisk Montreal PS 190204
Talisk Montreal KPC 190210
Hinchliffe, Keith Moran's return ICM 190228
Rathkeltair More Tetley, Vicar? ICM 190131
Caitlin & Ciaran Morning dew, The/The New mown meadow KPC 190106
Spirit of the West, The Morning in the Bath Abbey CIAT 190120
Chessell, Pat Mother-in-Law, The SNO 190309
Rebels & Sinners, The Mother tree, The ICM 190207
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Mountain dew, The IMS 190312
Glackin, Paddy Moving bog, The/Jenny picking cockles/The hornless cow ICM 190214
Out of Alba Mr and Mrs McLean of Snaigow and Asoken ICM 190117
Town Pants, The Mr Valentine's dead PRR 190315
Gunn, Marc Mrs McGraw PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Mrs McGraw PS 190218
Manran MSR CIAT 190303
Plastic Paddy Muirshin Durkin ICM 190329
Lennon, Ben & O'Connell, Tony Mullingar races, The/The boys of the hilltop CP 190401
Enter the Haggis Murphy's ashes CIAT 190113
Peoples, Tommy Musical priest, The/McFadden's CP 190301
Redhill Rats, The My father was a werewolf ICM 190214
Heaton, Matt & Shannon My love is in America IMS 190312
Heaton, Matt & Shannon My love is in America IMS 190409
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt My love is in America IMS 190212
Koehler, Catherine My lovely Rose of Clare ICM 190103
Slainte Mhath My new pants KPC 190106
Byrne, Derek & Paddygrass My only ICM 190307
Eriska Nae pressure FS 190123
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The PS 190225
Gunn, Marc Nancy Whiskey PS 190225
MacDonald, Buddy & Ferguson, John Nancy Whiskey KPC 190303
Risk, Laura, Jordan, Kieran & League, Paddy Nansai Og Ni Obarlain IMS 190409
Lexington Field Nashville PRR 190226
Ida Elena Native spirit ICM 190404
Lien, Annbjorg Natten CIAT 190113
Ceann Need for mead, The ICM 190329
Copeland, Iain Neil Ewart of Ardnamurchan CIAT 190310
Nova Scotiables, The Never going home PRR 190226
Reid, Alan & Conlan, Rachel New Century, The/Napoleon crossing the Rhine KPC 190106
Tartan Amoebas, The New day dawning, A CIAT 190317
Leslie, Chris New fiddle, The KPC 190106
McVarish, Gabe New jigs and reels, The KPC 190106
Ceoltoiri New land, The KPC 190106
Heaton, Matt & Shannon New married couple, The KPC 190106
Hernons, The New Post Office, The/The pinch of snuff KPC 190106
Coig New prairie spurs, The KPC 190106
Peelers, The New York PRR 190315
Tabash Newry Highwayman, The KPC 190106
Great Big Sea, The Night Pat Murphy died, The PRR 190315
Thomson, Iain & Duff, Marc No borders CIAT 190113
Alternative Ulster, An No Queen, no crown SNO 190309
Gunn, Marc No songs left to sing PS 190121
ChildsPlay Noodle vendor, The/The sweetest blooms/Avery's mazurka ICM 190214
Tartanic Nordic twister, The ICM 190321
Crossroads, The Norfolk whalers, The KPC 190310
Kydd, Christine Norland Wind, The FS 190123
Roberts, Ella North Wind, The ICM 190307
Wildman, Cara O'Carolan's welcome/Ms. Cara Wildman of Dorchester/Spootiskerry ICM 190314
Tir Nan Og O'Hanlon's last words PRR 190226
Duncan, Josie & the Dusk Oh, to be a bird FS 190221
Great Big Sea, The Old black rum, The PRR 190315
Moloney, Mick Old Bog Road, The KPC 190113
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Old Dun Cow, The ICM 190307
Gunn, Marc Old Fenian gun, The PS 190110
Coole Park Old hag, you have killed me ICM 190117
Gloaming, The Old road to Garry, The CIAT 190324
Mickey Finns, The Old shoes & picture postcards KPC 190210
Fables, The Old woman from Wexford, The/Mulvihills/The dawn KPC 190203
Geri, Janette Olliebod's jig ICM 190110
Fourth Moon, The Olympus ICM 190207
Brick Top Blaggers, The On the mend SNO 190309
Doolin On the road to Gleanntan CIAT 190224
Skel, Chris & the Original Sins Once upon a time SNO 190309
1916 Ophelia PRR 190315
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Òran an t-Saighdeir/The soldier's song ICM 190411
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Orange and the green, The PS 190110
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Orange and the green, The PS 190311
Irish Rovers, The Orange and the green, The KPC 190317
1916 Ordinary man, The PRR 190315
Screaming Orphans, The Ordinary woman, The KPC 190331
Ockham's Razor Oro, Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile ICM 190131
Clan Celtica Oscar's third leg ICM 190228
Araki, Hanz Our Captain cried IMS 190409
Manran Overtime CIAT 190106
Emish P stands for Paddy PS 190311
Fergus P stands for Paddy ICM 190307
Mahones, The Paddy on the railway PRR 190315
Bangers & Mash Paddy's Day NYC ICM 190307
Bill Grogan's Goat Paddy's green shamrock shore SNO 190309
Lothlorien Paddy's green shamrock shore ICM 190307
Catgut Mary Paddy's lament SNO 190309
Byrne, Dermot Paddy's rambles thru the park CP 190301
Kinfolk, The Paddy's stout ICM 190307
Mahones, The Paint the town red PRR 190315
O'Fearghail, Caoimhin & Tutty, Paddy Palm Sunday/Mulqueeny's CP 190301
Dervish Palmer's Gate, The ICM 190207
Gunn, Marc Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, The PS 190211
Charmas Pancakes at midnight ICM 190207
Bentley, Lily Parting glass, The ICM 190124
Boston Harbor Bhoys, The Parting glass, The ICM 190404
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Parting glass, The KPC 190317
Gunn, Marc Parting glass, The PS 190311
Greenland Whalefishers, The Party, The SNO 190309
East Pointer, The s Party wave, The CIAT 190331
Moloney, Mick Patrick's Day parade PS 190311
Beyond the Pale Patsy Geary's/Art O'Keefe's/The Kings of Kerry ICM 190321
Auburn University Marching Band, The & Good, Dr Richard D Paul imperial march, The IMS 190409
Vent du Nord, Le Pays de Samuel, Le CIAT 190310
9Bach Pebyll CIAT 190113
Gunn, Marc Peggy Gordon PS 190121
Devils Water Piper at Capheaton, The ICM 190321
Solasta Pirate set, The ICM 190103
Mr Irish Bastard Pirates of the Irish Sea, The PRR 190226
Boswell, Scott Plantxy Irwin ICM 190117
Ballinamore Ceili Band, The Plough and Stars/Mulhaire's/The golden keyboard KPC 190317
Milladoiro Polca de Mahia KPC 190120
Browne, Ronan Port Na bPucai KPC 190310
Fara Port polka, The/Rognvald Ritch, the little/The shore FS 190123
Barleyjuice Potatoes, The CIAT 190310
Heaton, Matt Pound the floor IMS 190409
Warbelow Range, The Pretty girl milking her cow, The ICM 190110
Warbelow Range, The Pretty girl milking her cow, The PS 190204
Pikeys Public House, The ICM 190110
Sadie & Jay Publicly transported ICM 190110
MacIntyre, Sineag Puirt a Beul FS 190123
Bowen, Robin Huw Queen's marsh, The KPC 190120
Puca Queenstown reels, The KPC 190303
Snowdown, Gwendolyn Quiet land of Erin, The PS 190204
Kila Rachel Corrie CIAT 190303
Scanlon, Pauline Rain & snow CIAT 190217
Gunn, Marc Raise a glass in parting PS 190225
Gaelic Storm Raised on Black and Tans PRR 190315
Murphy, Frank Rakes of Clonmel, The KPC 190310
Heavy Blarney Rat amongst the barrels, The ICM 190404
Talisk Rations, The ICM 190307
Thompson, Richard Rattle within, The CIAT 190210
Mighty Regis Real deal Irish, The SNO 190309
Mac Diarmada, Oisin, Fitzgerald, Brian & O'Ruanaigh, Micheal Reavy's IMS 190108
Mac Diarmada, Oisin, Fitzgerald, Brian & O'Ruanaigh, Micheal Reavy's IMS 190212
Clan, The Rebel Town PRR 190226
Craobh Rua Red crow, The/The dawn/The Bianzano KPC 190203
Dervish Red haired Mary ICM 190307
Johnson's Motorcar Redcrow/Tamlins/Gravelwalk ICM 190307
Doolin Reel Africa CIAT 190127
Metcalf, Nick & Metcalf, Rick Reel blue ICM 190110
Flook Reel for Rubik, The/Toward the Sun ICM 190404
Flook Reel for Rubik, The CIAT 190407
Gormley, Daithi Reel of Bogey, The/The Letterkenny blacksmith/The pride of the Bronx CP 190401
Morris, Benedict Reels FS 190321
Hallions, The Reign of Queen Maeve, The ICM 190321
Cran Return from Fingal, The/Cathal McConnell's slip jig/Tom Busby's jig KPC 190224
Floating Sofa Quartet, The Reventlove CIAT 190106
Floating Sofa Quartet, The Reventlove CIAT 190407
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Reynardine CIAT 190407
Ida Elena Rhunes in my pocket ICM 190411
Skerryvore Rise, The CIAT 190303
Tuck, Brad Rise up PS 190204
Irish Whispa Rising of the Moon, The ICM 190307
Narrowbacks, The Rising of the Moon, The SNO 190309
Chambless, Jil, Miller, Ed & Muse, Scooter River, The ICM 190131
Brady, Gráinne Road across the hills, The FS 190321
Blarney Rebel Band, The Road, The ICM 190110
Searson Road to Hyndford, The CIAT 190120
Outside Track, The Road to Rollo Bay, The KPC 190331
Dubliners, The Rocky road to Dublin, The KPC 190317
Fibish, Marla & Crowley, Jimmy Rocky road to Dublin, The/Comb your hair and curl it/The new mown meadow KPC 190106
Clancy, Donal Roddy McCorely KPC 190317
Templars of Doom, The Roddy McCorely SNO 190309
Tunney, Paddy Roisin Dubh IMS 190409
Salsa Celtica Rolling Road CIAT 190120
Gunn, Marc Romulan Ale PS 190211
Gothard Sisters, The Rose, Marie and Heather ICM 190314
Dolphin Boy, The Rough Bounds Rumba, The CIAT 190106
Grenaways, The Rowan, The ICM 190124
Skelpin Rua/Rojo ICM 190214
Melisande Ruban Bleu, Le CIAT 190106
Stout Pounders, The Run, Paddy, run PS 190225
Great Big Sea, The Run runaway PRR 190315
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay ICM 190103
Runa Ruthless wife, The ICM 190307
Heaton, Matt Sabai Sabai IMS 190212
Alternative Ulster, An Sail home, British soldiers SNO 190309
Kilmaine Saints, The Saints are up, The PRR 190315
Gaelic Storm Samurai set, The CIAT 190407
Chessell, Pat Santy Ano CIAT 190210
League, Paddy Panayotis, Karavokiros, Irene & Kappas, Michalis Sarki Syrto IMS 190409
Kennedy, Eilis Saucy sailor, The CP 190401
Irish Experience, The Scatter the mud CIAT 190210
Kemper, Bagad Scottish (Live) IMS 190312
MacMaster, Natalie & MacMaster, Buddy Scourdiness KPC 190217
Gunn, Marc Scouring the Shire PS 190110
Persephone Pickers, The Serenity Valley ICM 190221
Gunn, Marc Serenity Valley waltz, The PS 190211
Mahones, The Shakespeare Road PRR 190315
Mahones, The Shamrock shore, The CIAT 190317
Finnegan's Hell Shane MacGowan's grave PRR 190226
Led Farmers, The Share the wealth PS 190110
Sketch, The Shed life, The CIAT 190407
Battlefield Band, The Shepherd lad, The CIAT 190120
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Shoot the Moon CIAT 190203
Davis, Dawn Shores of Lough Gowna, The ICM 190321
Gavin, Lar & O'Brien, Eileen Shores of Lough Gowna, The/Tom Carthy's CP 190101
Gavin, Lar & O'Brien, Eileen Shores of Lough Gowna, The/Tom Carthy's CP 190201
Pogues, The Sick bed of Cuchulainn, The PRR 190315
Jiggy Silent place, The ICM 190314
Outside Track, The Silver bullet, The CP 190401
Lunasa Sinead Maire PS 190225
Vallely, Niall & Cillian Singing stream, The KPC 190224
Heavy Blarney Sinister path, The ICM 190314
Tossers, The Siobhan PRR 190315
Vishten Sirenes A Romeo, Les CIAT 190120
Girvan, Allison Siul A Ruin ICM 190321
Jiggy Skellig PS 190204
3 Pints Gone Skye boat song, The PS 190225
Kilted Kings, The Slainte Mhaith PS 190311
Blaggard Slapper's medley SNO 190309
Flook Sligo reel, The KPC 190310
Goitse Slip carefully CIAT 190310
Heaton, Matt Slip jig dreams, The IMS 190312
Rumjacks, The Sober & godless PRR 190315
Harv Sockertoj CIAT 190217
Caledonia Swing Soldier's joy ICM 190117
Trio Mio Solstik CIAT 190324
1916 Some songs PRR 190226
Mahones, The Someone saved me CIAT 190127
Battlefield Band, The Something for Jamie KPC 190203
Town Pants, The Something to say CIAT 190210
Town Pants, The Something to say CIAT 190224
Town Pants, The Something to say PRR 190226
Fathom Somewhere to go ICM 190221
Fightling Jamesons, The Song for letting go, The ICM 190307
King's Busketeers, The South Australia ICM 190124
Canny Brothers Band, The Spancil Hill ICM 190307
Flogging Molly Speed of darkness, The CIAT 190324
McGrattan, Paul Speed the plough/The Abbey reel/The primrose lass KPC 190224
Tannara Spent lees FS 190221
Finlayson, Cady Sporting Paddy/The Baltimore salute/Lexie McAskill ICM 190214
Potato Famine , The St Paddy's Day PRR 190315
Gunn, Marc St Patrick never drank PS 190311
Finnegan's Wake Star of the County Down, The ICM 190404
Gunn, Marc Star of the County Down, The PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Star of the County Down, The PS 190218
Scarlet, The Start with a shot PRR 190315
Keenan, Paddy Steam packet, The/Miss McLoed's CP 190301
Curtis, Tami Step it out, Mary ICM 190131
Afro Celt Sound System, The Step up CIAT 190120
Sir Reg Stereotypical drunken feckin' Irish song, The SNO 190309
Sir Reg Stereotypical drunken feckin' Irish song, The PRR 190315
Battlefield Band, The Strathspey & reels CIAT 190217
Gunn, Marc Streets of Laredo, The/The bard of Armagh PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Streets of Laredo, The/The bard of Armagh PS 190218
Mahones, The Streets of New York, The SNO 190309
Cassie & Maggie Strip the willow set, The CIAT 190203
Murray, Spencer & Pipeslinger Strong ciders ICM 190117
Niteworks Subdisco FS 190221
We Banjo 3 Sugar House, The CIAT 190303
Vent du Nord, Le Suite de Virgine KPC 190120
Walsh, Tom Sun embrace, The KPC 190324
Mason, Mikey Sunday after drunk singalong, The PS 190311
Ennis Sisters, The Sunken grave, The ICM 190103
Bringers, The Swallowtail, The ICM 190404
Gallagher, Rita Sweet Iniscarra CP 190101
Gallagher, Rita Sweet Iniscarra CP 190201
Barleyjuice Sweet young thing, The CIAT 190113
Simpson, Martin Swooping Molly CIAT 190210
Hallions, The Take me back ICM 190228
Shooglenifty Tammienorrie, The KPC 190324
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tap Room, The IMS 190108
Rankin, Mairi & Wright, Eric Taste of Gaelic, The KPC 190127
Seery, Enda Tatter Jack Walsh/An Luradan/The hag with the money KPC 190203
Brock, Paul & Scahill, Enda Teelin'/Up and away KPC 190324
Gabbert, Don Tejas Go Bragh (The song) ICM 190329
Celtic Soul Tempest in a teacup, The ICM 190307
Old Blind Dogs, The Terror time, The PS 190225
Runa Thaney ICM 190411
Griffith, Terry They wounded old Ireland ICM 190207
Rise Thinking about you ICM 190214
Imar Third attempt, The KPC 190127
Merry Hell This time CIAT 190331
Gatehouse Well, The Tidal disguise, The ICM 190321
Rebels & Sinners, The Til the bottle strikes me dead ICM 190124
Barleyjuice Tim Finnegan's wake ICM 190329
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Tim Finnegan's wake KPC 190317
Poitin Tired by kids ICM 190221
Barrule To Dingle with love KPC 190120
Kennedy, Seamus To Morrow ICM 190124
John Byrne Band, The To Patsy ICM 190131
Emish To the company ICM 190411
Burke, Kevin & O Domhnaill, Micheal Tom Morrison's/The Beare Island reel/George White's favourite/Dipping the sheep KPC 190224
Felonious Bosch Tombstones, The CIAT 190324
Veillon, Jean-Michel & Kornog Ton DÈrobÈe IMS 190312
Dolphin Boy, The Too many fiddles CIAT 190127
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 190101
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 190201
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 190301
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 190401
Kevin Burke's Open House Tour de Taille KPC 190127
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Town, The CIAT 190407
Lexington Field Tracy Boys know how to party, The SNO 190309
O'Regan, Brendan Transworld polkas, The KPC 190310
Heaton, Matt Travel theme, The IMS 190409
Heaton, Matt Travel theme, The IMS 190409
Stivell, Alan Tri Martolod (Live) IMS 190312
Clan Celtica Triantan ICM 190307
Basco Tribulations of Svendborg Stadmusicus CIAT 190203
Celtic Fiddle Festival, The Trip to Durrow/The Abbey reel/The maid behind the bar, Live in Brittany KPC 190331
Skerryvore Trip to Modera, The CIAT 190127
Skerryvore Trip to Modera, The CIAT 190407
We Banjo 3 Tripping up the stairs/The fox/The clumsy lover KPC 190331
Heaton, Matt Triumph theme, The IMS 190108
Dalla Truro KPC 190120
West Awake Turkey in the straw, The/The temperance reel/The mason's apron ICM 190124
Salt House Twine weel the plaiden FS 190321
Mooney, Shona Twisted tunes, The FS 190321
Event Horizon, The Type 2 Civilization ICM 190214
Lacerda, Benedito & Pixinguinha Um a Zero IMS 190409
Fighting Jamesons, The Uncle Michael PRR 190315
Krakin Kellys, The United PRR 190226
Forkroot Unk's last stand ICM 190221
Mickey Rickshaw Vagrant, The PRR 190315
Araki, Hanz Valentine O'Hara IMS 190409
Innes, Gary Valley Superstar, The FS 190221
Tsuumi Sound System, The Vekkula in memoriam CIAT 190113
Lowe, Jez & the Bad Pennies Vikings CIAT 190120
Solas Vital mental medicine CIAT 190106
Genticorum Voici le temps CIAT 190120
Gilchrist, Maeve & Krauss, Viktor Waimea Rising IMS 190409
BibleCode Sundays, The Walk like kings PRR 190315
Sharkey, Jim Walking her home PS 190311
McDermott's 2 Hours Warrior monk, The SNO 190309
Weir, Christine Warriors cry ICM 190411
McSherry, John Wave-sweeper, The CIAT 190317
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Way over yonder in the minor key CIAT 190106
Bodh'aktan We cannot fail PRR 190226
Young Dubliners, The We the mighty PRR 190315
Miller, Ed We'll follow the music PS 190204
Sligo Rags, The We're Irish tonight (Hung over in the morning) ICM 190329
Kilmaine Saints, The Wearing of the Green, The PRR 190315
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Wedding day jig, The KPC 190303
Lunasa Wedding, The/The morning nightcap/The Malbay shuffle KPC 190210
Hinchliffe, Keith Wee dram.A or Henry the Horse's hornpipe ICM 190307
Gloaming, The Weight of things, The CIAT 190310
Wicked Tinkers, The Weird jigs & B-52, The ICM 190214
Dolphin Boy, The West Highland Line, The CIAT 190331
Bastard Bearded Irishmen, The What a life that would be PRR 190226
Flogging Molly What's left of the flag PRR 190315
Gaelic Storm What's the rumpus? PRR 190315
Dervish Whelan's CIAT 190331
Blarney Rebel Band, The When I'm sober ICM 190124
Camas High Marching Band When Johnny comes marching home IMS 190409
Gunn, Marc When she held me in her arms ICM 190131
Gunn, Marc When she held me in her arms PS 190204
Gunn, Marc When she held me in arms PS 190211
Rambling Sailors, The Where am I to go, m'Johnnies? ICM 190214
Bangers & Mash Wherever whiskey flows ICM 190228
Forkroot Whidbey Island/Barry's window Machine/gunna ICM 190314
Kilmaine Saints, The Whiskey blues and faded tattoos PRR 190315
Bedlam Bards, The Whiskey in the jar ICM 190307
Ferguson, Jesse Whiskey in the jar ICM 190321
Shooglenifty Whiskey kiss, A CIAT 190310
Tarras Whiskey Town CIAT 190210
Gunn, Marc Whiskey, you're the Devil PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Whiskey, you're the Devil PS 190218
Led Farmers, The White set, The CIAT 190210
Gunn, Marc Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot? PS 190121
Gunn, Marc Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot? PS 190218
Knopfler, Mark Why, aye, man CIAT 190210
Outside Track, The Wife of Usher's Well, The KPC 190127
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Wild colonial boy, The KPC 190317
Tsuumi Sound System, The Wild grasses, The CIAT 190317
Gunn, Marc Wild mountain thyme, The PS 190121
Kennedy, Seamus Wild rover, The ICM 190307
Syncopaths, The Will you marry me? ICM 190131
BibleCode Sundays, The Willie Redmond's Volunteers SNO 190309
Deanta Willie Taylor KPC 190224
Here & Now, The Winding rambling pumpkin, The ICM 190314
Caladh Nua Windmill set, The CP 190301
Coastv Windmills in the sky, The CIAT 190310
Readman, Tim & Bice, Jennie Winter song, The CIAT 190224
Imar Wise KPC 190210
Lagan, The Work away PRR 190315
Reid, Jenna Working hands FS 190221
Sisters of Murphy, The Working stiffs unite PS 190110
Sir Reg Wrong bar, The PRR 190315
Patterson, Beth Ye Jacobites by name PS 190110
Cuffe, Tony Yestereen I had a pint o wine FS 190321
Bloom, Luka You couldn't have come at a better time KPC 190203
Jackdaws, The You'll never leave London alive ICM 190314
Firkin Your Odyssey PRR 190226
McCulloch, Gordeanna feat Allan, Calum ,Voy, Erlend & Alexander, Ronnie Yowie wi the crookit horn, The FS 190321