2018 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by tune, band/performer, date

1/12/2018 There are new episodes of Celt in a Twist 1/7; Copperplate 1/1; Foot Stompin' Scottish music 1/10; Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic music 1/4 & 1/11; and Shite & Onions 1/3

All performances of each tune by each band/performer have been included.

These links are for the actual podcast Websites
67 67 Music
CDT Celtic Dreamtime podscape music, poems, fables & stories
CF Celtic Folk
CIAT Celt in a Twist
CI Celtic Indy, focusing on Celtic musicians & bands from or touring through the Indianapolis area
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow music, poems, fables & stories
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate
E Eist
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture musicians & bands only from Scotland you're unlikely to hear anywhere else
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar lots of Celtic music from Europe; show notes are in English but the commentary is in Portuguese
IMS Irish Music Stories
PNW Pacific NW Celtic Music specializes in musicians & bands from the Pacific NW or touring there
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day podcast with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian Celtic rock & punk
SNO Shite 'n' Onions Celtic rock & punk
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music podcast specializes in musicians & bands from the Twin Cities area or touring there

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2018 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by tune, band/performer, date
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Stewart, Calum Am Monadh Ruadh FS 180110
Jiggy An Capall Dubh ICM 180111
Matheson, Karen An Fhideag Airgid CIAT 180107
Jackdaws, The Another Murphy goes to war ICM 180111
Jamie Clarke's Perfect Back from Hell SNO 180103
Reid, Patsy Beauty of the North, The FS 180110
Chambless, Taylor & Muse Boreraig Osprey, The ICM 180111
Drunken Gaugers, The Boys of Carrickroe, The CP 180101
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Brad's Honeybees ICM 180104
Blazin' Fiddles Break the light FS 180110
Spoil the Dance Broken Brook ICM 180104
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Brosna slide, The ICM 180111
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 180101
Pete's Posse Bunny tree CIAT 180107
Gatehouse Well, The Cape St Mary/The good ship Hope ICM 180104
Go Set Change the world CIAT 180107
Open the Door for Three Church Hill CP 180101
Craic, The Cleveland SNO 180103
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Coach road to Sligo, The ICM 180111
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Cockles & mussels ICM 180111
Vallely, Cillian Cottage in the grove CP 180101
Hendry, Brendan & Toman, Jonny Crosses of Annagh, The/Cousin Sally Brown CP 180101
Bruder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the Bog, The/Tommy Peoples/Monsignor's Blessing Convent Reel CP 180101
Bill Grogan's Goat Devil's trumpet, The ICM 180104
Vass, Mike & Green, Mairearad Dhomhnuil FS 180110
Holmes, Adam & the Embers Don't worry FS 180110
Brouder, Dan Eddie Kelly's/The Sailor's Cravat/Miss Johnson CP 180101
Tossers, The Erin Go Bragh SNO 180103
Epsylon Exil, L' CIAT 180107
Donnelly, Des Flogging reel, The/Maud Miller/Sean Maguire's CP 180101
Hughes, Brian Fly by night,The/The tailor's twist CP 180101
Tossers, The Foggy dew, The SNO 180103
Jackdaws, The For the love of Kelly O'Brien ICM 180104
Black Anemone, The Freedom and for all SNO 180103
Mulcahy Family, The Galway rambler, The/The morning dew/The Boston Sligo reel CP 180101
Peelers, The & McConnell, Finny Going down swingin' SNO 180103
Hydes, The Green & Blue CP 180101
Flogging Molly Guns of Jericho, The SNO 180103
Flogging Molly Hand of John L Sullivan, The SNO 180103
Founding, The Hawthorn tree, The ICM 180111
Kennedy, Eilis Highway Mack CP 180101
McPartlan, Mary Holland handkerchief, The CP 180101
Purcell's Polyphonic Party Jacob Hall's jig ICM 180104
McCance, Dougie Kingston Road FS 180110
Teada Lady Montgomery/Follow Me Down/Give The Girl Her 4Pence CP 180101
Na Skylark Lark on the strand, The/The yellow wattle/John Mchugh's jig ICM 180104
Ainslie, Ross Let the wild ones roam FS 180110
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Lily of the West, The ICM 180111
Mackinnon, Maeve Lomaraibh Eutrom FS 180110
Kilmaine Saints, The Long shot nag, The SNO 180103
String Sisters Luseblus CIAT 180107
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Maluron Lurette CIAT 180107
Brynmor Musical priest, The ICM 180111
Peatbog Faeries, The Naughty step, The FS 180110
Guihen:, Tommy Navvy on the shore, The/Peg McGrath's/McFadden's CP 180101
Bill Grogan's Goat Newre highwayman, The ICM 180111
Wildman, Cara O'Carolan's welcome/Ms. Cara Wildman of Dorchester/Spootiskerry ICM 180111
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Old maid in the garrett, The ICM 180111
Salthouse, The Old shoes, The FS 180110
Templars of Doom, The Oliver Cromwell twist, The SNO 180103
Bill Grogan's Goat Paddy's dead SNO 180103
Comas Paige boys, The/The Whistling Cat CIAT 180107
LeVine, Avery Patsy Hanley's/The Boys of Ballisodare/The Crosses of Annagh ICM 180111
MacNeil, Ryan Pipes are calling, The ICM 180104
O'Brien, Patsy Prologue from the Boy Patrick, The ICM 180104
Sturbaum, Alex Pulling broom ICM 180104
Trouble Pilgrims, The Queen of heartache, The SNO 180103
Lost Bayou Ramblers Sabine turnaround, The CIAT 180107
Sharon Shannon Sacred Earth ICM 180104
Hibernia Scot set, The ICM 180104
Copeland, Iain Shedmau5 Cook (Remix) CIAT 180107
Kytami Silk Road CIAT 180107
Rees, Tina Sparkle horse, The/The Ubiquitous Tunes/The Vault FS 180110
Langer's Ball, The Sword of light, The SNO 180103
Templars of Doom, The Templars erupt, The ICM 180111
James, Jodee Titrwm Tatrwm/Hiraeth ICM 180104
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180101
Trouble Pilgrims, The Velvet tongue, The SNO 180103
Shaw, Eilidh & Martin, Ross Westcoaster, The FS 180110
Bachand, Qristina & Quinn What you do with what you got CIAT 180107
Crawley, Hopper & Reilly Whiskey in the jar ICM 180104
Mahones Whiskey under the bridge CIAT 180107
Wolf & Clover Wild goose, The ICM 180111
Coast, The Windmills in the sky CIAT 180107
Bill Grogan's Goat Ye Jacobites by name SNO 180103