2018 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by tune, band/performer, date

9/16/2018 There are new episodes of Celt in a Twist 9/16; Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic music 9/13; Irish Music Stories 9/11; and Kitchen Party Ceilidh 9/9

All performances of each tune by each band/performer have been included.

These links are for the actual podcast Websites
67 67 Music
CDT Celtic Dreamtime podscape music, poems, fables & stories
CF Celtic Folk
CIAT Celt in a Twist
CI Celtic Indy, focusing on Celtic musicians & bands from or touring through the Indianapolis area
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow music, poems, fables & stories
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate
E Eist
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture musicians & bands only from Scotland you're unlikely to hear anywhere else
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar lots of Celtic music from Europe; show notes are in English but the commentary is in Portuguese
IMS Irish Music Stories
PNW Pacific NW Celtic Music specializes in musicians & bands from the Pacific NW or touring there
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day podcast with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian Celtic rock & punk
SNO Shite 'n' Onions Celtic rock & punk
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music podcast specializes in musicians & bands from the Twin Cities area or touring there

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2018 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by tune, band/performer, date
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Robichaud, Samantha "Reel" set, A KPC 180701
O'Rourke, Aidan ‘Jack,' his mother says one day, ‘that auld dug has had it' KPC 180722
Daimh 'S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan CIAT 180527
Daimh 'S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan KPC 180610
Daimh 'S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan CIAT 180624
Daimh 'S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan CIAT 180909
Slainte Mhath 004 CIAT 180902
Finnegan's Hell 1 horse town, A SNO 180829
Pikeys, The 1 last Guinness! PRR 180415
Hair of the Dog, The 1 Sunday morning ICM 180329
Mahones, The 100 Bucks CIAT 180408
Gobshites, The 12 steps, The PRR 180415
Daimh 12th of June, The FS 180823
Jiggernaut 2 minute's silence PS 180520
Carroll, Liz & Sproule, Daithi 2 Polkas: The sock in the hole/The hole in the sock IMS 180814
Harris, W Ed 2 rivers, The ICM 180823
Irvine, Andy & Spillane, Davy 2 steps to the bar KPC 180624
Poitin 20 candles on Poitin's cake ICM 180412
Here & Now, The 3 ICM 180222
Crikwater 3 drunken maidens, The ICM 180125
Newcomer, Carrie 3 feet or so CIAT 180325
Hyde, Joanna & O Meachair, Tadhg 3 fishers, The KPC 180114
Makem & Spain Brothers, The 3 nights and a Sunday ICM 180329
Touchstone 3 polkas, The KPC 180715
Tempest, The 30 little birds KPC 180325
Tortilla Flat 45 rpm PRR 180204
Na Rosai 5 miles from town/The Pratt School parking lot ICM 180809
Peelers, The 5 roses, The SNO 180829
Nava 7 swans, The ICM 180201
Feufollet A Saint-Martin CIAT 180311
Friel Sisters, The A Stor A Stor A Ghra/The hag with the money KPC 180610
Roche, Claire A Tor Mo Chroi ICM 180419
Heaton, Matt Abbey reel, The IMS 180313
Heaton, Matt Abbey reel, The IMS 180911
Grada Abe's axe CIAT 180318
Willmott, John, the Woodland Bard About Carrowcrory Cottage ICM 180621
Inyal Abu Chuibhl FS 180204
Genticorum Abvant L'Orage CIAT 180909
Keenan, Paddy Ace & deuce of Piping, The CP 180901
Power, David & Kelly, Willie Ace & deuce of Piping variation, The KPC 180325
Byrne, Matthew Adelaide KPC 180520
Solas Adieu, lovely Nancy ICM 180628
Heron Valley Adore FS 180204
House of Hamill, The Advancing army, The ICM 180830
Casey, Karan Ae fond kiss IMS 180612
Tuatha Dea Aeilin Duinn ICM 180322
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 180313
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 180410
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 180508
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 180612
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 180814
Furey, Finbar After Sunday mass ICM 180329
Kalsi, Johnny & the Dhol Foundation After the rain CIAT 180218
Kalsi, Johnny & the Dhol Foundation After the rain CIAT 180916
Sketch, The After the storm CIAT 180902
Gothard Sisters, The Against the grain ICM 180510
Niteworks Air Fàir an Là FS 180823
We Banjo 3 Air tune, The IMS 180814
Hermitage Green Aisling CIAT 180218
MacGowan, Shane & the Popes Aisling PRR 180315
Baal Tinne Aislinn Gheal ICM 180222
Keeley, Tim Albert McGinnis ICM 180201
Bennett, Martyn Ale House, The CIAT 180429
Polwart, Karine All on a Summer's evening FS 180204
1916 All outta whiskey PRR 180415
Merry Hell All the bright blossoms CIAT 180218
Merry Hell All the bright blossoms CIAT 180325
James, Jodee All the way to Avalon ICM 180118
Moray, Jim All you pretty girls CIAT 180715
Riley, Steve & the Mamou Playboys Allons boir un coup CIAT 180701
Fretless, The Alphonzo MacKenzie's CIAT 180722
Stewart, Calum Am Monadh Ruadh FS 180110
Salsa Celtica An Calilleach CIAT 180617
Jiggy An Capall Dubh ICM 180111
Smithfield Fair, The An Coineachan (The Fairy Chase) ICM 180614
Ciana An Dro in Em/Breton march/The bus stop ICM 180809
Matheson, Karen An Fhideag Airgid CIAT 180107
Primrose, Christine An Gille Dubh Cha Treig Mi (The Black-Haired Lad I'll Not Forsake) ICM 180301
Begley, Cormac An Soig/Bonnie Scotland/Bill Malley's KPC 180204
O Meachair, Fiontan An Staicin Eornan/Scairtin Bhilli KPC 180318
McRae, Jimi Ana's homecoming ICM 180322
Afro Celt Sound System, The Anatomic CIAT 180729
Ramshackle Army, The Anchors aweigh PRR 180704
Shilelagh Law And then we drink PRR 180415
Bottine Souriante, La Andre Alain en Sol Majeur CIAT 180506
Stewart, Calum Angel's share, The/Copper Stills/Gladstone KPC 180128
Shaskeen Angel's whisper, The KPC 180805
Serras Anglaise CIAT 180318
Whalebone, The Anglicana ICM 180308
Black Market Haggis, The Angus and the Kilt ICM 180405
Carroll, Liz & Gareiss, Nic Anlon McKinney/Mind the dresser ICM 180628
We Banjo 3 Annabelle's cannon KPC 180819
Fiddleheads Annan polka, The/Swedish polka/Caddam Woods ICM 180830
Slainte Mhath Annie CIAT 180624
Marum, Jed, Morrison, Hugh & Brown, Mason Annie Laurie ICM 180208
Muirsheen Durkin Another drunken night PRR 180415
Jackdaws, The Another Murphy goes to war ICM 180111
Marys Lane Another pint PRR 180415
Marys Lane Another round ICM 180830
Calan Apparition, The ICM 180705
Ivers, Eileen Apples in Winter IMS 180410
Keane, Jimmy, Carroll, Liz, Doyle, John & Heaton, Matt April's fool IMS 180814
Farrell, Colin Apsley Cottage KPC 180909
Danu Ar Maidin Inne Dom KPC 180429
Carey, Kyle Art of forgetting, The CIAT 180211
Murphy, Chris Artful Dodger, The ICM 180222
Rogers, Stan Arts funding/White squall KPC 180506
Saor Patrol, The Artur Ard Righ CIAT 180211
Saor Patrol, The Artur Ard Righ CIAT 180715
Tuck, Brad As I roved out ICM 180614
Gunn, Marc As long as I'm flyin' PS 180304
Gunn, Marc As long as I'm flyin' ICM 180802
Nugent, Laurence & Henry, Kevin Ash plant, The IMS 180814
Cranitch, Matt & Daly, Jackie Ask my father/Jack of all trades KPC 180617
Genticorum Asphalteuse CIAT 180408
Genticorum Asphalteuse CIAT 180527
Flook Asturian Way, The CIAT 180722
Finn's Fury Auld triangle, The SNO 180312
Pogues, The Auld triangle, The PRR 180315
We Banjo 3 Aunt Jemima's plaster KPC 180311
Lunasa Autumn child, The/Heaton Chapel KPC 180225
MacDonald, Francis A Away in Cape Breton ICM 180614
Morrison, Iain Away with the faeries CIAT 180729
Baka Beyond Babaco CIAT 180401
Altan Bacach Shíl' Andaí KPC 180325
Jamie Clarke's Perfect Back from Hell SNO 180103
McGrath, James Bad bends, The SNO 180829
Ockham's Razor Baidin Fheilimi ICM 180614
Fureys, The & Arthur, Davey Baile an Ore/George White's/Aoife's Bottle KPC 180805
Nordic Raga, The Balkan waltz, The CIAT 180311
Nordic Raga, The Balkan waltz, The CIAT 180610
Bedlam Bards, The Ballad of Joss, The PS 180304
Enter the Haggis Balto CIAT 180211
Irish Airs, The Band played Waltzing Matilda, The KPC 180902
Clover's Revenge Banish misfortune ICM 180726
Malarkeys, The Banker's holiday, The CIAT 180902
Morrison, Hugh Banks o' the Ohio, The ICM 180517
Fyfe, Iona Banks of Inverurie, The FS 180204
Irvine, Andy Banks of Newfoundland, The KPC 180107
Polwart, Karine & the Battlefield Band Banks of red roses, The IMS 180612
Across the Pond Banks of Spey, The/Brenda Stubbert's ICM 180816
Dervish Banks of the Clyde, The ICM 180628
Black Anemone , The Banks of the roses, The PRR 180204
Alano, Dmitri & Peterson, Erik Banshee, The/Lady Ann Montgomery/The Fox Hunter KPC 180715
Jackdaws, The Bar fight, The ICM 180419
Krakin' Kellys, The Bar fight, The PRR 180415
Sharkey, Jim Bar on the Square, The ICM 180308
Armstrong, Chris Barachios, The CIAT 180114
Sketch, The Barn the tanjo CIAT 180610
Fox ‘n' Firkin Bastard Brigade, The PRR 180704
Pogues, The Bastard landlord, The PRR 180315
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Bastille CIAT 180617
Handsome Young Strangers, The Battle of Broken Hill, The PRR 180704
Sailor's Grave, The Baytin' the voyage PRR 180704
Power, David Bean Dubh A'Gleanna KPC 180304
Jiggy Bean Phaidin PS 180213
Ushers Island Bean Phaidin KPC 180114
Roos, Anne Bears–The bear dance/The dancing bear ICM 180222
Founding, The Beast of the waves, The ICM 180215
Sileas Beating Harps FS 180319
Raglan Beautiful affair, The ICM 180802
Higgins, Jimmy, Kelly, Alan & Cooney, Steve Beautiful Lake Ainslie KPC 180325
Cameron, Douglas Beautiful Point Aconi Big Session KPC 180812
Dunne, Niamh Beauty of Limerick, The CP 180501
Reid, Patsy Beauty of the North, The FS 180110
Williams, John Beauty spot, The/The Ballnahoun reel/The cashmere shawl IMS 180710
Gobshites, The Beer, beer, beer SNO 180312
GiveWay Beginning set, The CIAT 180825
Hinds, Arthur & the Round Table Beltane comes ICM 180802
Riley, Steve & the Mamou Playboys Bernadette CIAT 180603
Trail West, The Bernie's second debut FS 180823
Rideout, Bonnie Bert Gonnella's jig/Lizzie Duncan's Fancy/Ron Gone ICM 180726
Beoga Best is yet to come, The CIAT 180617
Eure, Tom Best of thee ICM 180802
Marys Lane Between the darkness & the light ICM 180913
Celtica Pipes Rock Beyond Avalon IMS 180524
Dardanelles, The Big bow wow KPC 180527
Verch, April Big eared mule, The CIAT 180429
McNeil, Ryan J Big pipes, big guitar CIAT 180617
Molloy, Matt, Carty, John & McGlynn, Arty Bill Black's/The Kildare Fancy/The Sligo Fancy KPC 180211
We Banjo 3 Bill Cheatum/The kitchen girl/The Donegal lass ICM 180208
Williams, John Bill Harte's/Rolling down the hill/John Brady's KPC 180819
Siochain Billy Sullivan's CIAT 180121
Scotland Rising Billy's belly ICM 180614
Pogues, The Billy's bones PRR 180315
Fretless, The Bird's nest, The CIAT 180218
Fretless, The Bird's nest, The CIAT 180805
Giant's Dance, The Birken Tree/Bishop's Dance ICM 180426
Willmott, John, the Woodland Bard Birth of Bhride ICM 180621
Jasper Coal Black & Tans, The ICM 180906
Hayseed Dixie Black dog, The CIAT 180610
Mr Irish Bastard Black eye Friday ICM 180712
Mr Irish Bastard Black eye Friday PRR 180715
Heaton, Shannon & Keith, George Black haired lass, The ICM 180628
Sligo Rags, The Black is the color ICM 180208
Ferocious Dog, The Black leg miner, The SNO 180517
Offa Rex Black leg miner, The CIAT 180128
Offa Rex Black leg miner, The CIAT 180610
Dead Maggies, The Black Mary PRR 180704
Irish Moutarde Black mill, The CIAT 180318
MacLeod, Kevin Black Mount Forest Marches, The KPC 180318
Runa Black River, The ICM 180503
Paddy & the Rats Black sails, The ICM 180712
Paddy & the Rats Black sails, The PRR 180715
Dropkick Murphys, The Black velvet band, The CIAT 180812
Moloney, Mick Blackbird and the hen, The IMS 180911
Bennett, Martyn Blackbird, The CIAT 180527
Jordan, Kieran, Clohessy, Sean & McComiskey, Sean Blackbird, The IMS 180710
Mulligan, Neil Blackbird, The/Miss Galvin's CP 180801
Enter the Haggis Blackout, The CIAT 180722
Gay, Conor & McKeon, Sean Blackthorn stick, The/Tansey's Favorite/Barr na Cuille KPC 180128
Cooley, Joe Blackthorn, The IMS 180508
Clancy, Donal Blackwater Side CP 180901
Madman's Window, The Blarney roses, The ICM 180726
Transatlantic Sessions Series 4, Vol. One Bleeding all over you, featuring Smith, Emily, Ni Mhaonaigh, Mairéad & Wainwright, Martha FS 180523
Chieftains, The Blind Pew KPC 180218
Dropkick Murphys, The Blood CIAT 180121
Poozies, The Blood knot FS 180319
Jolly Jackers , The Blood, sweat & beer PRR 180204
Jolly Jackers, The Blood, sweat & beer PRR 180415
Merry Hell Bloodlines, The CIAT 180429
Chisholm, Sarah Ann Bloom, The KPC 180211
Heavy Blarney Blue harvest, The ICM 180816
Napier, Findlay Blue Lagoon, The FS 180823
Neck Blue skies over Nenagh SNO 180517
Kilted Kings, The Blue Sun, The PS 180304
Cassie & Maggie Blue Willow CIAT 180401
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Bluemont waltz, The/The Sligo maid KPC 180422
Hibernia Bo na Leath-adhairce ICM 180118
Healy, Micheal Boardwalk reel, The/Pleckin' About KPC 180401
Pogues, The Boat train, The PRR 180315
O'Connor, Pat Bobby Casey's IMS 180710
Daimh Bodach Innse Chro CIAT 180617
Chieftains, The Boil the breakfast early KPC 180218
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Boise monsters, The ICM 180215
Iona Bold Doherty ICM 180419
Green, Abby Bold Riley CIAT 180318
Rusby, Kate Bold Riley CIAT 180225
O'Donohue, Brid Bold trainer o/ Mount Pheobus Hunt, The CP 180901
Chieftains, The Bonaparte's retreat KPC 180218
Power, David & Kelly, Willie Bonaparte's retreat/Callaghan's KPC 180401
Sorries, The Bonnie Dundee PS 180614
Pedrick, David Bonnie Jean Cameron ICM 180412
Lunasa & Merchant, Natalie Bonnie Light Horseman, The KPC 180603
Shillelagh Bonnie ship the Diamond, The ICM 180823
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Boop set, The IMS 180524
Dervish Boots of Spanish leather CIAT 180708
Chambless, Taylor & Muse Boreraig osprey, The ICM 180111
Stanfields, The Boston states, The SNO 180517
Fear of Drinking, The Botany Bay CIAT 180825
Fear of Drinking, The Botany Bay CIAT 180909
Pogues, The Bottle of smoke, The PRR 180315
Miller, Ed Bottle of the best, A ICM 180405
Stone Row, The Bound for South Australia CIAT 180415
Fretless, The Box Man, The/The Iggy & Squiggy Set CIAT 180422
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Boy in the boat, The IMS 180410
Peoples, Tommy Boy in the gap, The/Cronin's CP 180901
Nic Gabhann, Bernadette Boyne hunt, The/The Boyne mist/Travers KPC 180610
Dearest Home Boyne Water, The ICM 180510
Open the Door for Three Boyne Water, The CP 180501
Open the Door for Three Boyne Water, The CP 180901
Pogues, The Boys from the County Hell, The (Live) PRR 180315
Selkie Girls, The Boys of Barr Na Sraide, The ICM 180906
Keane, Jimmy Boys of Bluehill, The/The Westport jig IMS 180410
Keane, Jimmy Boys of Bluehill, The IMS 180814
Drunken Gaugers, The Boys of Carrickroe, The CP 180101
Keane, Tommy Boys of the 25, The/The Hare's Paw/The Pinch of Snuff KPC 180128
Drowsy Lads, The Boys of the Old Brigade, The KPC 180909
Brock, Paul & Scahill, Enda Boys on the hilltop, The/Monasteryden KPC 180819
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Brad's Honeybees ICM 180104
Bauhan, Sarah Brafferton Village/A-Z Waltz KPC 180225
Epsylon Brasier, Le CIAT 180624
Kytami Brave the storm CIAT 180415
Blazin' Fiddles, The Break the light FS 180110
Morrison, Iain Breathing space CIAT 180506
Davey, Shaun & O'Flynn, Liam Brendan Voyage, The KPC 180415
Mahones, The Brian Boru's march CIAT 180211
O'Flynn, Liam, Hanly, Mick & Irvine, Andy Brian O'Lynn/Sean Bun KPC 180624
Ni Dhomhnaill, Triona Brid KPC 180204
Oysterband, The Bright morning star CIAT 180415
O'Brien, Tim with Lunasa & McGlynn, Arty Bright Sunny South KPC 180325
Gunn, Marc Bring me home, boys PS 180520
Pogues, The Broad majestic Shannon, The PRR 180315
Pete's Posse Brocca set, The CIAT 180225
Pete's Posse Brocca set, The CIAT 180513
Pete's Posse Brocca set, The CIAT 180708
Spoil the Dance Broken Brook ICM 180104
De Dannan Broken pledge, The/Jenny's welcome to Charlie KPC 180304
McCarthy, Tommy & Costello, Louise Broken pledge, The/The boy in the gap CP 180601
Drunken Gaugers, The Broken windscreen set, The CP 180501
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Brosna slide, The ICM 180111
Gnoss Brother Wind FS 180410
Crikwater Bruach na Carraige Baine ICM 180913
Hughes, Brian Bruach Na Carraige Bainne CP 180401
Plaidgrass Brumley Brae ICM 180510
Na Rosai Buck from the Mountain, The/The Golden Eagle ICM 180419
Vallely, Cillian Bull's march, The CP 180201
Doyle, Alan Bully boys, The KPC 180701
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 180101
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 180201
Ivers, Eileen Bunch of keys, The KPC 180722
Finnigan, Les Bungee chord substitution, The CIAT 180408
Pete's Posse Bunny tree, The CIAT 180107
Pete's Posse Bunny tree, The CIAT 180311
Pete's Posse Bunny tree, The CIAT 180624
Killigans, The Burn it down ICM 180712
Killigans, The Burn it down PRR 180715
Matilda's Scoundrels, The Burn it down SNO 180517
Dubrueuil, Gabriel Burnt toast, The CIAT 180603
Dubrueuil, Gabriel Burnt toast, The CIAT 180909
Jackdaws, The Bury me in County Clare ICM 180906
Tannahill Weavers, The Bustles and Bonnets KPC 180325
Autry, Gene Buttons and bows IMS 180313
Ivers, Eileen BX Style CIAT 180311
Kasir By a while CIAT 180304
Kasir By a while CIAT 180429
Morris, Bernadette By the water's edge KPC 180610
Dulahan Cabin boy, The KPC 180225
Bowen, Robin Huw Cadar Idris (The Fairy Reel) KPC 180121
Lunasa Cadgers, The CIAT 180513
Lunasa Cadgers, The KPC 180603
Lunasa Cadgers, The CIAT 180624
Lochlainn Cailleach's plaid ICM 180405
O'Brien, Mick & Crehan, Terry Caislean An Oir/Her Golden Hair Flowed Down Her Back CP 180701
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Caitlin's waltz KPC 180909
Murray, Spencer & Pipeslinger California clan, The ICM 180215
Blas Call and the answer, The KPC 180225
Mile Twelve Call my soul CIAT 180722
Mile Twelve Call my soul CIAT 180812
Celtic Woman Call, The IMS 180213
Maidens IV, The Call to dance, The ICM 180607
Marum, Jed Calla's waltz ICM 180517
Gatehouse Well, The Calliope House set, The ICM 180315
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Calliope meets Frank CIAT 180311
Bohola Callipygian/Hoban's/Mamo O'Keefe KPC 180819
Nugent, Josie Cambridge cycle, A/Chesterton Meadows/The Warkworth House Tea Party KPC 180729
Sharkey, Jim Campaign song, The ICM 180503
Enter the Haggis Can't trust the news CIAT 180429
Beaton, Emma & Gareiss, Nic Canadeio ICM 180628
Ivers, Eileen Canbrack girls, The ICM 180628
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Cannon's call, The ICM 180906
Modena City Ramblers, The Canzone dalla fine del mondo CIAT 180902
Jerry's Hayshakers Cape Breton breakdown, The IMS 180313
Jones, Donald & Bagdade, Dave Cape Breton fiddle set, The KPC 180715
Outside Track, The Cape Breton's own CIAT 180520
Outside Track, The Cape Breton's own CIAT 180819
Whiskey Bay Rovers, The Cape Cod girls ICM 180719
Gatehouse Well, The Cape St Mary/The good ship Hope ICM 180104
Doyle, John Captain Glenn KPC 180624
Tempest Captain Kidd KPC 180812
Vent du Nord, Le Cardeuse/Riopel CIAT 180211
Face the West Cardiac ceilidh, The FS 180410
Pedrick, David Carolan's draught ICM 180503
Pedrick, David Carolan's draught ICM 180816
Moonrakers, The Carrickfergus ICM 180823
Vasen Carrowkeel KPC 180128
String Theory, The Casadh An Tsugain ICM 180301
Gothard Sisters, The Cat and the fiddle, The ICM 180830
Gunn, Marc Cat came back, The... The cat's perspective PS 180415
Donner, Sarah Cat mat combat PS 180415
Cherish the Ladies Cat's meow, The IMS 180313
Cherish the Ladies Cat's meow, The ICM 180628
Real McKenzies, The Catch me CIAT 180304
Drones-n-Drums, The Cathedral crossover, The IMS 180524
Barleyjuice Catholic guilt KPC 180128
Barleyjuice Catholic guilt ICM 180322
Gunn, Marc Catnipping Green PS 180415
MacNeil, Ryan Cearcall A' Chuin (The Ocean's Circle) ICM 180118
House of Hamill, The Cedars House ICM 180719
O'Grady,Noel, Benagh, Henry, Carty, John & Hernon, Marcus Cedars of Lebanon, The/New Year's Eve KPC 180107
MacIsaac, Ashley Cello song, The CIAT 180218
Heaton, Matt Celtic grooves, The IMS 180612
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Celtic reprise, The IMS 180313
Black 47 Celtic rocker, The CIAT 180225
Shimabukuro, Jake Celtic tune, The CIAT 180825
Ackley, Ginger Celtica ICM 180503
Traveler Celtica CIAT 180325
Beveridge, Ryan Celtique montage, The ICM 180628
Siberil, Soig Chambre de la Karabasenn, La KPC 180121
Young Dubliners, The Chance CIAT 180812
Go Set, The Change the world CIAT 180107
Go Set, The Change the world CIAT 180318
Go Set, The Change the world CIAT 180603
Talisk Charlie/Waterfall KPC 180211
Copeland, Iain Chase is on, The CIAT 180128
Copeland, Iain Chase is on, The CIAT 180520
Copeland, Iain Chase is on, The CIAT 180819
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Chase, The ICM 180118
Railroad Earth, The Chasin' a rainbow CIAT 180603
Chieftains, The Chasing the fox KPC 180218
Hardie, Ian Chatterin' teeth, The/Nigg Rigs Jiss/Oystercatcher KPC 180729
Lunasa Chestnut tree, The/Willie's Fling No. 2/Within A Mile of Dublin/Cnocan An Teampaill KPC 180225
Diamh Chì mi'n Toman KPC 180624
Here & Now, The Chicago Chicago ICM 180816
Stone Row, The Chicken water, The CIAT 180304
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Chief O'Neill's favorite IMS 180710
Afro Celt Sound System, The Child of wonder ICM 180621
MacInnes, Mairi Childhood (Leanabachd) FS 180410
Stone, Jayme & Sissoko, Mansa Chinqapin hunting CIAT 180304
Open the Door for Three Church Hill CP 180101
Dawson, Steve Circuit rider of Pigeon Forge, The CIAT 180708
Paperboys City of chains, The CIAT 180311
Paperboys City of chains, The CIAT 180715
MacKenzie, Carl Clan Munro medley, The KPC 180624
Fergus Clankey jig, The CIAT 180128
Planxty Clare jig, The KPC 180415
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Clare shout, The/Darby Gallaher's KPC 180902
MacDonald, Howie Clear the track KPC 180225
Craic, The Cleveland SNO 180103
Moore, Christy Cliffs of Doneen, The KPC 180415
Crean, Eilis Cloonlish hornpipe, The ICM 180201
Chieftains, The Closing theme music from the Tailor of Gloucester, The KPC 180218
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Coach road to Sligo, The ICM 180111
Flying Toads, The Cock and hen, The ICM 180823
Breabach Cockerel in the creel, The ICM 180503
White, Alasdair Cockerel in the creel, The ICM 180315
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Cockles & mussels ICM 180111
Solas Coconut dog, The CIAT 180902
Clannad Coinleach Ghlas an Fhomair CP 180601
Dun Aengus Coleman Cross ICM 180322
Willmott, John, the Woodland Bard & Roche, Claire Coll the hazel ICM 180621
Rowsome, Leo Collier's reel, The IMS 180911
Donnelly, Des Colonel Fraser's CP 180301
O'Brien, Paddy Colonel Rodney/The Reel of Bogie KPC 180422
Thereafter, The Columbia River rain, The CIAT 180311
Moonrakers, The Come all ye fair & tender ladies ICM 180412
Thereafter, The Come around CIAT 180715
Boiled in Lead Come in from the rain CIAT 180401
Doyle, Alan Come out with me KPC 180527
Clancy, Willie Connaught heifers, The/Corney is Coming. CP 180701
Burke, Joe Connaughtman's rambles, The/The cat in the corner KPC 180204
Danu Connemara hornpipe, The/The Leverette KPC 180429
Kierah Conundrum, The CIAT 180520
Kierah Conundrum, The CIAT 180819
Medusa's Wake Convict's tale, The ICM 180712
Medusa's Wake Convict's tale, The PRR 180715
Baal Tinne Cook in the kitchen, The/The Frost Is All Over KPC 180211
Grada Cooler at the edge CIAT 180527
Connolly, Johnny Cooley's/ Come West Along The Road CP 180401
Toman, Susan Cooley's reel/The merry Blacksmith ICM 180816
Vishten Coq du Sud CIAT 180225
Sidh, The Cora's tune CIAT 180916
Grenaways, The Cornish girl, The ICM 180726
Connla Cosmo's KPC 180826
Vallely, Cillian Cottage in the grove CP 180101
Curley, David & Broderick, Mick Could you be the one? ICM 180301
Blackthorn, The Country life, The CIAT 180311
Polwart, Karine Cover your eyes CIAT 180506
Solasta Cowslip set, The ICM 180222
Broaders, Pat & Open the Door for Three Creeping Jane CP 180301
Farrell, Daoiri Creggan white hare, The KPC 180408
Blazin' Fiddles, The Crofting Counties: Kenny MacDonald's Jig/Garster's Dream/The Grey Buck/The Favourite Dram KPC 180114
Bachand, Qristina & Bachand, Quinn Crooked Jack CIAT 180624
Marum, Jed Cross over the river ICM 180517
Hendry, Brendan & Toman, Jonny Crosses of Annagh, The/Cousin Sally Brown CP 180101
Talisk Crossing, The KPC 180311
String Sisters, The Crow's visit, The FS 180319
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Cruel salt sea, The KPC 180429
Heaton, Shannon Cruel salt sea, The ICM 180628
Connla Crunchie Hill KPC 180909
Duhks, The Crusty rolls & chili KPC 180701
Salsa Celtica Cuando me vaya CIAT 180114
Spirited Lads, The Culchi lad, The ICM 180322
Black TarPoon, The Cultist, The PRR 180204
Foley, Dylan Cup of tea, The/The mountain road/The lane to the Glen/Rooney's Galway Rambler ICM 180705
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the bog, The/Tommy Peoples/The Monsignor's blessing/Convent Reel CP 180101
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the bog, The/Tommy Peoples/The Monsignor's blessing/Convent Reel CP 180601
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the bog, The/Tommy Peoples/The Monsignor's blessing/Convent Reel CP 180901
Pogues, The Curse of love, The PRR 180315
Danu Cutting a slide/The fiddle cushion KPC 180610
9Bach Cyfaddefa CIAT 180603
Searson Da tunes ICM 180510
Fiddler's Bid, The Da white wife CIAT 180610
Hall, Mike Dad in his element KPC 180617
McTell, Ralph Daddy's here KPC 180617
Barra MacNeils, The Daisy KPC 180812
Braia Danca no Abismo ICM 180607
Kilkenny Knights, The Dance SNO 180312
Hoist the Colors Dance through the days ICM 180712
Hoist the Colors Dance through the days PRR 180715
Blazin' Fiddles, The Dancing on the Moon KPC 180325
Drunken Gaugers, The Dandy Bash KPC 180729
Gothard Sisters, The Danny boy PS 180123
Sidh, The Danse du Phare, La CIAT 180304
Fahy, Florence Darby the Driver/Jim Droney's KPC 180225
Town Pants, The Dark Annie CIAT 180121
Blackstone Cuil Dark Inishowen ICM 180215
Rideout, Bonnie Dark wood hornpipe, The/Justin's march/Thistledown ICM 180510
Copus, Sarah Dawning of the day, The ICM 180510
Muckers, The Day drinking PRR 180415
Rocky Roads, The Day in the hay, A CIAT 180715
Rura Day One FS 180523
Paul McKenna Band, The Daylight CIAT 180401
Son of O'Flaherty, The Dead and gone SNO 180517
Marys Lane Dead man walking PRR 180204
O'Flynn, Liam & Connolly, Rita Dean's pamphlet, The KPC 180415
Ballymun Bootboys, The Dear departing one, The ICM 180322
Horslips Dearg Doom SNO 180312
Trian Death of Queen Jane, The KPC 180805
Scott, Aoife Deep dark water, The KPC 180909
Seagulls Are Drunk, The Deep inside out the sea ICM 180208
Conneely, Kathleen Dermot Grogan's IMS 180911
Jeremiahs, The Derry Gaol, The ICM 180118
Shannon, Joe & Williams, John Derry hornpipe, The KPC 180128
Salsa Celtica Descarga Gaelica CIAT 180506
Salsa Celtica Descarga Gaelica CIAT 180805
Dalla Descent, The KPC 180121
Roaring Jack Destitution Road PRR 180704
O'Donovan, Aoife Detour sign, The CIAT 180415
O'Donovan, Aoife Detour sign, The CIAT 180624
O'Connor, Gerry Devanney's goat/Dr Gilbert/Richard Dwyer's KPC 180311
Harris, W Ed Devanny's goat/The Galway rambler/Last night's fun ICM 180719
McManus, Tony Devil in the kitchen, The CIAT 180729
Bill Grogan's Goat Devil's trumpet, The ICM 180104
Daimh Dhannsamaid Le Ailean ICM 180802
Vass, Mike & Green, Mairearad Dhomhnuil FS 180110
McComiskey, Billy Diamond, The IMS 180508
Plastic Paddy Dicey Riley ICM 180125
Mullen, Bill Die is cast, The ICM 180705
Old Blind Dogs, The Died and Gone ICM 180301
Secret Sky, The Dim-moon city of delight, The ICM 180308
Thompson, Richard & Linda Dimming of the day, The KPC 180729
Trian (Carroll, Liz, McComiskey, Billy & Sproule, Daithi) Diplodocus, The/The gandy dancer IMS 180814
Stanfields, The Dirtiest drunk, The SNO 180829
Low and Sweet Orchestra, The Dirty Freddy Johnson PRR 180315
Dropkick Murphys, The Dirty glass, The PRR 180415
Fretless, The Dirty Harry ICM 180419
Pogues, The Dirty old town, The PRR 180315
BibleCode Sundays, The Disorganised crime SNO 180517
O'Rourke, Aidan Do people still do this? KPC 180610
O'Rourke, Aidan Do people still do this? CIAT 180909
O'Rourke, Aidan & Downes, Kit Do people still do this? FS 180823
Drunken Gaugers, The Doherty's/Munster Reel/The Hare's Paw CP 180301
Fleck, Bela & Washburn, Abigail Don't let it bring you down CIAT 180121
Fleck, Bela & Washburn, Abigail Don't let it bring you down CIAT 180701
Holmes, Adam & the Embers Don't worry FS 180110
Sands, Mick Donal O'g CP 180401
Diamh Donald MacLeod reels, The KPC 180624
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Donald, where's your drunken Scotsman? ICM 180405
MacGowan, Shane & the Popes Donegal express, The PRR 180315
Wilson, Dave & B, Willie Doolin day, The ICM 180607
Napier, Hamish Double-header, The FS 180523
Weir, Christine Dowie dens of Yarrow, The ICM 180201
Dun Aengus Down by the glenside ICM 180329
Stewart, Rosie Down our street KPC 180506
Duhks, The Down to the river CIAT 180624
Lunasa Dr Gilbert/The Devils of Dublin/Black Pat's KPC 180805
Head, Gillian Dr Reelgood KPC 180610
Mahones, The Draggin' the days CIAT 180624
Clan of Celts, The Dream catcher, The CIAT 180128
Clan of Celts, The Dream catcher, The PRR 180204
Lunasa Dregs of birch, The CIAT 180415
Lunasa Dregs of birch, The ICM 180419
Lunasa Dregs of birch, The KPC 180603
Smiley, Moira Dressed in yellow CIAT 180325
Smiley, Moira Dressed in yellow CIAT 180610
Clancy, Donal Drill, ye tarriers, drill CP 180701
Fox ‘n' Firkin Drink the lot PRR 180415
Muirsheen Durkin Drink with the Irish SNO 180829
BibleCode Sundays, The Drinking all day SNO 180312
Connemara Stone Company, The Drowsy Maggie ICM 180308
Power, David & Kelly, Willie Drowsy Maggie/Callaghan's KPC 180401
Grant, Colin, Henderson, Ewen, Henderson, Ingrid & MacMillan, Scott Druim Liaghart KPC 180408
Agee, Adam & Sousa, John Drummond Castle/The old favorite KPC 180610
Go Set, The Drums of Chelsea, The CIAT 180204
Go Set, The Drums of Chelsea, The CIAT 180506
Go Set, The Drums of Chelsea, The CIAT 180909
Farrell, Colin Drunken acrobat, The KPC 180902
Pogues, The Drunken boat, The PRR 180315
Carroll, Liz Drying out IMS 180814
Grennan, Katie Dublin Airport KPC 180506
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Duhk, Duhk, Goat CIAT 180121
Loudwhisper, The Dumbarton's drums ICM 180614
Roberts, Alasdair, Skuse, Amble & McGuinness, David Dun Broon bride, The FS 180410
Wilson, Dave & B, Willie Dunbrody bounce, The IMS 180524
Drew, Ronnie Dunes, The PRR 180315
Filska Dunns Dings Aa KPC 180429
Diamh Dunrobin ICM 180823
Miller, Gary Durham Light Infantry, The SNO 180517
Ramshackle Army, The Dust and cobwebs PRR 180704
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfetones Dusty Dublin streets set, The ICM 180215
Perkins, Alison & Brown, Nicolas Dusty miller, The/Love and Whiskey/Won't You Come In? KPC 180225
West of Mabou Eagle's whistle, The KPC 180701
Lunasa Eanáir IMS 180710
Oysterband, The Early days of a better nation CIAT 180121
Moray, Jim Early one morning/Young Collins CIAT 180506
Kellswater Bridge, The Easter Moon ICM 180329
Pete's Posse Echo, The CIAT 180114
Pete's Posse Echo, The CIAT 180429
Talisk Echo, The KPC 180304
Talisk Echo, The: The Hills of Kaitoke/Aye Right KPC 180401
Brouder, Dan Eddie Kelly's/The Sailor's Cravat/Miss Johnson CP 180101
Sidh, The Edinburgh Rock, The CIAT 180527
Altan Eirgh's Cuir Ort Do Chuid Eadaigh CIAT 180610
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Eleanor Plunkett ICM 180809
Wolf & Clover Eleanor Plunkett ICM 180222
Blibbering Humdingers, The Elegy for a Nerf Herder, An PS 180213
Keenan, Eilis Elk River Dam, The CP 180901
Telenn Tri Elliott Finn MacDonald/Chris Finnen's Reel ICM 180201
Head, Gillian Elusive bear cat, The KPC 180722
Walton, Jake Emain CP 180801
Poitin Emily ICM 180816
Smok Empty pod, The FS 180204
Lennon, Ben & Friends Enchanted lady, The/The Holy Land CP 180801
Young Folk, The England CIAT 180128
Young Folk, The England CIAT 180825
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Ennis encounter, The IMS 180313
Whelan, John Enniscorthy/Daddy's home KPC 180617
Gealbhan,Ciaran & Danu Eochaill CP 180701
Rarity, Hannah Erin Go Bragh FS 180204
Tossers, The Erin Go Bragh SNO 180103
Tossers, The Erin Go Bragh PRR 180204
Wild Colonial Bhoys, The Erin Go Bragh ICM 180301
Dervish Érin Grá Mo Chroí IMS 180612
Gallagher, Rita Erin's green shore CP 180601
Murphy, Stephen & Archaic Revival Eriu ICM 180621
Serious Kitchen, The Escargot ICM 180816
Schneckenburger, Lissa Eugenia's waltz IMS 180911
Neck Every day's St Patrick's Day SNO 180312
Clifford, Billy Ewe reel, The/Farewell to Ireland CP 180801
Vass, Mike & White, Innes Ewing FS 180823
Macintyre, Sandy Excelsior hornpipe, The KPC 180422
Doyle, Alan Excerpt from "A Newfoundlander in Canada" KPC 180520
Doyle, Alan Excerpt from "Where I belong" KPC 180513
Doyle, Alan Excerpt from "Where I belong" KPC 180520
Doyle, Alan Excerpt from "Where I belong" KPC 180527
Epsylon Exil, L' CIAT 180107
Vass, Mike & Campbell, Mairi Eyes fixed FS 180319
Wrigley, Hazel & Jennifer Eynhallow Sound/The Hallowe'en Flit FS 180319
Gruben, Melanie Faery song, A PS 180213
Sketch, The Failte CIAT 180715
Moray, Jim Fair Margaret and sweet William CIAT 180812
Law, Kirsty Fairy boy, The FS 180410
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Fall of Serenity Valley, The PS 180520
Casey, Karan & Doyle, John False lady, The CIAT 180401
Copeland, Iain Family MacBough, The CIAT 180825
Harpnotic Fanny Power ICM 180208
Ní Dhomhnaill, Maighread & Tríona Faoitin KPC 180624
Kilmaine Saints, The Farewell, self esteem PRR 180415
Surette, David Farewell to Aberdeen/Robertson's Reel KPC 180318
Grennan, Katie Farewell to Chicago/The light jigs KPC 180708
Brynmor Farewell to Erin, The ICM 180222
Spirited Lads, The Farewell to Erin, The ICM 180412
Kane Sisters, The Farewell to Eyrecourt/Stone In The Field/Paddy Fahy's CP 180301
Clohessy, Cathal & Costello, Eamonn Farewell to Eyrecourt/Tom Ward's Downfall/Mamma's Pet CP 180401
O'Brien, Mick & Crehan, Terry Farewell to Miltown/The West Clare Railway/Sporting CP 180701
Power, Brendan & White, Andrew Farewell to Muswell Hill KPC 180819
Coyne, Eamonn & Drever, Kris Farewell to Stormness, A CIAT 180204
Cherish the Ladies Father's Day medley, The KPC 180617
Gaughan, Dick Father's song, The KPC 180617
Irish Mythen Father's song, The KPC 180617
Ryan's Fancy Feller from Fortune, The KPC 180513
Farrell, Daoiri Fergie McCormack KPC 180819
Raney, Colleen Fhear a Bhata ICM 180208
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Fiddler's despair, The IMS 180524
Sir Reg Fight of our life, The ICM 180712
Sir Reg Fight of our life, The PRR 180715
Vent du Nord, Le Fille et les dragons, La KPC 180701
TMSA Young Trad Tour 2017 various artists feat Munro, Ella Final trawl, The FS 180410
Barra MacNeils, The Finale set, The KPC 180701
Watson, Lori Fine floors in the valley FS 180523
Heaton, Matt Fingerstyle Fantasia IMS 180213
Library Bards, The Finn and Poe PS 180614
Hounds of Finn, The Finn's reel/A father's pride KPC 180617
Woods Band, The Finnegan's wake PRR 180315
Na Rosai First rain, The/Is Cumadhm Liom/Gavotte/The Rocky road to Dublin ICM 180322
Elders, The Fisherman, The KPC 180902
Fear of Drinking, The Flanagan's CIAT 180916
Power, David & Kelly, Willie Flax in bloom, The/Garret Barry's KPC 180304
MAZ Fleau, Le CIAT 180408
MAZ Fleau, Le CIAT 180520
MAZ Fleau, Le CIAT 180819
GiveWay Flipper Foot the mugger CIAT 180729
Hayden, Cathal Floating crowbar, The KPC 180211
Donnelly, Des Flogging reel, The/Maud Miller/Sean Maguire's CP 180101
Kilted Kings, The Flower of Scotland, The PS 180614
Spencer & Beane Flower of the forest, The ICM 180816
DM Bob & Finer, Jem Fluorescent light on my taco, The PRR 180315
Hughes, Brian Fly by night, The/The tailor's twist CP 180101
Moray, Jim Flying Cloud, The CIAT 180909
Fear of Drinking, The Flynn's tail CIAT 180812
Irish School of Music, The Foggy dew, The ICM 180809
Moray, Jim Foggy dew, The CIAT 180304
Tossers, The Foggy dew, The SNO 180103
Seivane, Susana Foliando do Quinteiro ICM 180607
Nordic Raga, The Folk dreams, The CIAT 180617
Blood Or Whiskey Follow me up to Carlow/Holt's Way SNO 180312
Danu Follow on KPC 180128
Salsa Celtica Fonn CIAT 180225
Salsa Celtica Fonn CIAT 180311
Cassie & Maggie For Corbin Frances KPC 180826
Jackdaws, The For the love of Kelly O'Brien ICM 180104
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Foreign lander, The KPC 180422
Roos, Anne Forest nymph, The (The song of the woods/The tree in the woods) ICM 180426
Minstrel Rav'n, The Forge of the Nymph, The IMS 180524
Mulcahy, Mick, Louise & Michelle Forget me not/McHugh's/The missing reel KPC 180805
Fretless, The Forked deer, The ICM 180816
Nation Beat Forro For Salu CIAT 180401
Breabach Forvie Sands, The KPC 180422
Flatfoot 56 Forward PRR 180204
Mulholland/Hendry/McSherry Fox on the town, The/In The Tap Room/The Belfast Traveller CP 180501
Founding, The Fox, The IMS 180524
Barry, Leonard Foxhunter's jig, The/The Besom in Bloom CP 180501
Coig Franzke en Francais: Le Reel de Violon du Monte en Vielle/St. Andrew's Flight/Dionne Reel/etc KPC 180408
Beolach Freddy's set KPC 180304
Heaton, Matt Free the heel ICM 180628
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Free the heel IMS 180911
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Free the heel IMS 180109
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Free the heel IMS 180213
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Free the heel IMS 180313
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Free the heel IMS 180508
Black Anemone, The Freedom and for all SNO 180103
Bedlam Bards, The & Gunn, Marc Freedom costs PS 180304
Bedlam Bards, The & Gunn, Marc Freedom costs PS 180520
Gloaming, The Freedom/Saoirse CIAT 180916
Black Tartan Clan, The Friend until the end, The PRR 180204
Kilt Lifters, The Friends old and new ICM 180322
Kilt Lifters, The Friends old and new ICM 180705
Sammut, Simon Frontier, The CIAT 180114
Breabach Full Booner, The KPC 180603
Malasaners, The Fun has just begun, The PRR 180415
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Funky in theory: Distraction tactics/Frustration/Mill House KPC 180805
New Shilling, The Funky set, The ICM 180412
Manx, Harry Further shore, The CIAT 180114
Brick Top Blaggers, The Fury, The SNO 180829
String Sisters, The G-strings, The CIAT 180617
Roisin Dubh (The Black Rose) Gallant Murray ICM 180802
Hennessey, Nick Gallows tree, The ICM 180426
Hit the Bottle Boys, The Galway girl, The SNO 180312
Sheeran, Ed Galway girl, The CIAT 180204
Sheeran, Ed Galway girl, The CIAT 180218
Sheeran, Ed Galway girl, The CIAT 180916
Sheeran, Ed & Beoga Galway girl, The CIAT 180527
Chieftains, The Galway Races, The KPC 180218
Mulcahy Family, The Galway rambler, The/The morning dew/The Boston Sligo reel CP 180101
Mulcahy Family, The Galway rambler, The/The morning dew/The Boston Sligo reel CP 180601
Rattle the Knee Galway rambler, The/The maid in the cherry tree/Ban an Tír ar Lar ICM 180426
Ryan's Fancy Galway shawl, The KPC 180422
Atlantic Wave, The Garret Scary's ICM 180816
At First Light Garrotin, El CIAT 180422
Castles, Brenda Garrykennedy Castle/Burma Banks/Wheels of the World KPC 180114
Saul, Mark Gateless gate, The ICM 180607
Dreadnoughts, The Gavrilo PRR 180204
Pogues, The Gentleman soldier, The PRR 180315
Barleyjuice Get your Irish on CIAT 180218
Craic, The Gettin' up & gettin' out PRR 180204
Alternative Ulster, An Ghetto piper, The SNO 180517
Good Ship, The Ghost ship, The PRR 180704
Couture, Francois & Verret, Martin Giant's Gate, The CIAT 180408
MacKinnon, Maeve Gilleasburg CIAT 180617
Mahones, The Give it all you got CIAT 180506
Vasen Glada Polskan KPC 180812
Fourth Moon, The Glasgow roaster, The FS 180410
Foley, Dylan Glass of beer, The/The bag of spuds/Lady Anne Montgomery ICM 180802
Emish Glasses of beer, The ICM 180510
Irish Moutarde Glasses to the sky CIAT 180204
Copus, Sarah Gleanntain Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair ICM 180315
Drowsy Lads, The Glen cottage, The KPC 180826
Full Set, The Glen road to Carrick, The CIAT 180617
Molloy, Matt & Carty, John Glendaruel Highlanders, The/The Dundee Police Pipe Band KPC 180729
Absalom, Mike Gnome's song ICM 180621
Ennis Sisters, The Go, Rosie, go KPC 180708
Ennis Sisters, The Go, Rosie, go ICM 180726
Byrne, Matthew Go to sea no more KPC 180513
Peelers, The Going down swingin' SNO 180312
Peelers, The & McConnell, Finny Going down swingin' SNO 180103
Barra MacNeils, The Going down the road KPC 180401
Flogging Molly Going home CIAT 180318
Mahones, The Gone CIAT 180916
Flook Gone fishing CIAT 180825
Gatehouse Well, The Good ship Hope, The PS 180213
Sprag Session, The Good ship Tommy Fun, The CIAT 180218
Paperboys Good thing, The CIAT 180422
McQueen, Maybelle Chisholm Good times in New Waterford KPC 180211
Solas Grady Fernando comes to town KPC 180429
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Graf Spey, The/The thundering herd KPC 180826
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Granny Smith CIAT 180325
Tuatha Dea Granny's bedtime tonic ICM 180201
Gone Molly Gravesend Pier ICM 180830
Afro Celt Sound System, The Green CIAT 180429
Hydes, The Green & Blue CP 180101
Chambless, Jil, Miller, Ed & Muse, Scooter Green & the blue, The ICM 180517
Gaelic Storm Green eyes, red hair CIAT 180218
Magill, Andrew Finn Green fields of Glentown, The/The Old Dudeen/McFadden's Handsome Daughter ICM 180215
Dervish Green gowned lass, The IMS 180612
Costello, Nancy Green Mountain, The/Nancy's Reel CP 180401
Black 47 Green suede shoes, The SNO 180312
Bodega Greenland CIAT 180722
Pogues, The Greenland whale fisheries, The PRR 180315
Great Big Sea, The Greenspond KPC 180527
Heaton, Matt Grupai Ceol theme, The IMS 180710
Green, Abby Gu Braighe Loch Iall CIAT 180401
1916 Guns of ‘16, The ICM 180712
1916 Guns of ‘16, The PRR 180715
Flogging Molly Guns of Jericho, The SNO 180103
Matheson, Karen Gura Mise Tha Gu Dubhach FS 180319
Hinds, Arthur & the Round Table Gwenivere's gone away ICM 180719
Scott, Aoife Gypsy warrior, The KPC 180902
Copeland, Iain Halcyon daze, The CIAT 180211
Dawson, Steve Hale Road revelation, The CIAT 180916
Pooleside Halloween_Street02 IMS 180911
Crooked Jacks, The Hand me down me Bible ICM 180705
Flogging Molly Hand of John L Sullivan, The SNO 180103
Flogging Molly Hand of John L Sullivan, The CIAT 180218
Screaming Orphans, The Handsome Johnny Flynn ICM 180118
Schaad, Anna Happy CIAT 180401
Schaad, Anna Happy CIAT 180513
Delhi 2 Dublin Happy track, The CIAT 180422
Irvine, Andy & Spillane, Davy Hard on the heels KPC 180204
McKay, Catriona Harp royalty meets banjo czar FS 180319
Old Blind Dogs, The Harris dance, The CIAT 180708
Old Man Flanagan's Ghost Hart of ten, The ICM 180809
Irish Airs, The Haste to the wedding/Swallowtails KPC 180909
Bill Grogan's Goat Haul away Joe SNO 180312
Pogues, The Haunted (Soundtrack to Sid And Nancy) PRR 180315
O'Connor, Mick, Mac Gabhann, Antoin & O'Murchu, Marcas Haunted house, The/The whistler at the wake/The old flail CP 180701
Spiro Have a care of her, Johnny CIAT 180812
We Banjo 3 Haven KPC 180708
Founding, The Hawthorn tree, The ICM 180111
Beoga Hay days, The CIAT 180520
Beoga Hay days, The CIAT 180819
Charmas He back she back ICM 180201
Duncan, Josie & Lafuente, Pablo He fades away FS 180204
Salsa Celtica He Mandhu (Aurel) CIAT 180701
Jiggy Head rush, The ICM 180802
Wolfstone Heart & soul CIAT 180624
O'Lionaird, Iarla Heart of the world, The CIAT 180225
Spiro Heartsease CIAT 180401
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings theme, The IMS 180612
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings theme, The IMS 180710
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings theme, The IMS 180814
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings theme, The IMS 180911
Agee, Adam & Sousa, John Heather's Island KPC 180610
Fables, The Heave away KPC 180513
Open the Door for Three Heavy is my fate CP 180301
Open the Door for Three Heavy is my fate CP 180601
Inveraray District Pipe Band, The Hector the hero medley IMS 180213
Bothy Band, The Hector the hero/The Laird of Drumblaire KPC 180826
Shambolics, The Hell on wheels PRR 180704
McCann, Jim Her father didn't like me anyway KPC 180617
Rendell, Norah Here's a health unto all true lovers ICM 180208
Gunn, Marc Hero of Canton, The PS 180304
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Hide & go seek/Eddie Kelly's CP 180801
Clancy, Aoife High Germany KPC 180624
Rumgumption High headed jigs, The CIAT 180715
Guihen, Tommy High hills of Largy and the mossy banks, The KPC 180429
Crawford, Kevin High Road to Glin, The/The Hard Road to Travel/Paddy Fahey's KPC 180603
Jacobites by Name, The Highland Munster Rol, The l ICM 180301
Byrne, Dermot Highlands, The CP 180501
Kennedy, Eilis Highway Mack CP 180101
Jamie Clarke's Perfect Hillbilly's Fall (If I should fall from grace with God) PRR 180315
Tuck, Brad Hills of Connemara, The/The Banks of the Cove ICM 180719
Talisk Hills, The KPC 180812
Basco Hog eye man, The CIAT 180513
Mairtin de Cogain Project, The Holding an eye KPC 180204
McPartlan, Mary Holland handkerchief, The CP 180101
Narrowbacks, The Home KPC 180826
Rising Gael Home again ICM 180419
All-Star Collective, The (The John Mann Tribute) Home for a rest CIAT 180114
Spirit of Canada, The Home for a rest CIAT 180408
Cormier, J P Hometown battlefield, The KPC 180715
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The IMS 180313
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The IMS 180508
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The ICM 180628
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The IMS 180814
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The IMS 180911
Sketch, The Homeward bound CIAT 180429
Tweed, Karen & McElvogue, Tom Honeymoon, The/Fahy's/Devanney's Goat/Eddie Moloney's KPC 180708
Midkiff, Jen Hopscotch KPC 180902
Solasta Hornpipe set, The ICM 180913
McComiskey, Billy, McComiskey, Sean, McComiskey, Mikey & McComiskey, Pat Hornpipe, The IMS 180508
Anderson, Paul Hornpipes FS 180823
Lamy, Andy Hornpipes–The fiddling barrister/Galway Bay'The Banks ICM 180222
Keane, Jimmy Horse Keane's hornpipe/The Rath Cairn reel/The Charleston ICM 180628
Gruben, Melanie Hosting of the Sidhe, The ICM 180201
Coyne, Eamonn & Drever, Kris House jigs, The CIAT 180506
Afro Celt Sound System, The House of Ancestors, The IMS 180410
Pogues, The House of the gods, The PRR 180315
Fowlis, Julie Hug air a'Bhonaid Mhor KPC 180708
Solas Hugo's big reel IMS 180213
Ciana Huish the Cat/PM Donald MacLean of Lewis/Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow ICM 180118
Screaming Orphans, The Humour is on me now, The ICM 180215
Brouder, Dan Humours of Ballingarry, The/The Pilgrimage/Streams of Killanspig CP 180501
Triskells, The Humours of Ballyhloglin, The/The Queen of the Rushes ICM 180809
Planxty Humours of Ballyloughlin, The KPC 180415
McEvoy, John & McQueon, Gay Humours of Carrigaholt, The/The Aconry lasses/The hairy chested frog CP 180801
Here & Now, The Humours of Gothenburg, The ICM 180913
McEvoy, John & Catherine Humours of Kilkenny, The/Hunt The Hare CP 180501
Power, David & Kelly, Willie Humours of The Drinagh/The blooming meadows KPC 180422
Mahones, The Hunger & the fight, The CIAT 180715
Runa Hunter set, The ICM 180315
McEvoy, Catherine Hunter's purse, The/Sweeney's dream CP 180901
Copus, Sarah Hut on Staffin Island, The/Paddy's trip to Scotland ICM 180614
Firkin I am who I am CIAT 180729
Chessell, Pat I confess CIAT 180916
Syr I drove my father to drink ICM 180809
Dropkick Murphys, The I had a hat CIAT 180429
Prodigals, The I have flown ICM 180419
Raney, Colleen I know my love ICM 180503
Snowdon, Gwendolyn I wish I was in England IMS 180524
Bangers & Mash I won't stand in your way KPC 180722
Moray, Jim I'll go list for a sailor CIAT 180211
Here & Now, The I'll weave my love a garland ICM 180823
Pogues, The I'm a man you don't meet every day PRR 180315
Mahones, The I'm alive SNO 180829
Mooney, Art & Pignatore, Mike I'm looking over a four leaf clover IMS 180313
Peelers, The I'm off to kill the Devil ICM 180712
Peelers, The I'm off to kill the Devil PRR 180715
MAZ ID Circulaire CIAT 180401
MAZ ID Circulaire CIAT 180415
MAZ ID Circulaire CIAT 180610
MAZ ID Circulaire CIAT 180805
MAZ ID Circulaire CIAT 180909
Fleck, Bela & Washburn, Abigail If I could talk to my younger self CIAT 180715
Castles, Brenda If there weren't any women in the world/The city of Savannah/An Gasur Mor KPC 180708
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy If you were mine CIAT 180304
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy If you were mine CIAT 180408
Barrule Illiam Boght (Poor William) KPC 180121
O'Donnell, Kevin Illinois and Michigan Canal, The KPC 180114
Glengarry Bhoys, The In a big country CIAT 180408
O'Grady, Tara In Belfast tonight ICM 180215
Miller, Gary In the Navy SNO 180829
Derrane, Joe Inisheer IMS 180313
Schettner, Liz Inside the Dew ICM 180322
Gone Molly Instructions for my funeral ICM 180823
Firkin Into the night PRR 180204
Willmott, John, the Woodland Bard Introduction, The ICM 180621
Jerry Cans, The Iqqanaijarumanngittunga CIAT 180325
Jerry Cans, The Iqqanaijarumanngittunga CIAT 180729
Jerry Cans, The Iqqanauarumanngittunga CIAT 180204
Gaelic Fury, The Irish blues, The ICM 180412
Acoustic Butterfly, The Irish eyes ICM 180308
Koechli, Richard & the Blue Roots Company Irish man, The ICM 180614
Na Skylark Irish Marche ICM 180315
High Kings, The Irish pub song, An ICM 180125
Rumjacks, The Irish pub song, An SNO 180312
Rumjacks, The Irish pub song, An PRR 180704
Pogues, The Irish Rover, The PRR 180315
Sligo Rags, The Irish Rover, The PS 180123
Old Man Flanagan's Ghost Irish set, The ICM 180719
Chieftains, The Iron Man, The KPC 180218
Mahones, The Is this bar open 'til tomorrow? CIAT 180603
Green, Abby Is Trua Gan Peata CIAT 180520
Green, Abby Is Trua Gan Peata CIAT 180819
Bothy Band, The Is Trua Nach Bhfuil Me In Eirinn KPC 180826
Chisholm, Duncan Islands on the edge FS 180410
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Isn't it grand, boys? KPC 180311
Changing Room, The It's all downhill from here ICM 180301
Mahones, The It's gonna be alright SNO 180829
Great Big Sea, The It's the end of the world as we know it PRR 180415
Muirsheen Durkin Itchy fingers, The SNO 180829
Melisande Ivrogne Degrise, L' CIAT 180114
Melisande Ivrogne Degrise, L' CIAT 180325
Melisande Ivrogne Degrise, L' CIAT 180902
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The J'aurais des aliles CIAT 180916
Chasse-Galerie J'entends le coucou CIAT 180527
Selkie Girls, The Jack B ICM 180215
Foley, Dylan Jack Riordan's/The sailor on the rock/Tear the calico ICM 180823
Once, The Jack the sailor CIAT 180513
Molloy, Matt & company Jackie Coleman's reel IMS 180612
Brock, Paul & Scahill, Enda Jackson polka, The KPC 180429
Freels, The Jackson's fancy KPC 180513
Purcell's Polyphonic Party Jacob Hall's jig ICM 180104
Jansberg Jagren CIAT 180211
Black 47 James Connolly ICM 180308
Fitzgerald, Winston Scotty James F Dickie's delight/James Scott Skinner/Mrs. E. MacLeod KPC 180311
Irvine, Andy James Magee KPC 180318
Celtic Cross Jameson Johnny CIAT 180701
Teada Jamsie Gannon's March/McDermott's/Over The Moor to Peggy CP 180301
Gunn, Marc Jedi drinking song prequel, The IMS 180213
Grant, Colin Jen and Anthony's KPC 180715
Fairport Convention Jennie's chickens/The Mason's apron KPC 180708
McGoldrick, Michael Jenny Picking Cockles/The Earl's Chair KPC 180225
Casey, Bobby Jenny's welcome to Charlie/My Love is in America CP 180301
Gareiss, Nic & Beaton, Emma Jersey City IMS 180612
Harper, Brid Jig for Johnny, A/Finn from Fairymount CP 180201
Harper, Brid Jig for Johnny, A/Finn from Fairymount CP 180901
Bush, Kate Jig of Life, The KPC 180415
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Jig Runrig/The Ramnee Ceilidh IMS 180213
Nunez, Carlos Jigs & bulls KPC 180121
Patterson, Beth Jigs: Mary Patterson's/All In The Family/The Rathfarnham Lilters ICM 180308
Spirited Lads, The Jigs, The ICM 180503
Taylor, Becky Jigs–The brewer's wife/Connie the soldier ICM 180830
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Jim Donoghue's/Baltimore Salute/Jackie Coleman's KPC 180128
Kierah Jimmy Flynn CIAT 180812
Gatehouse, The Jimmy Giblin's/The Gneegullia Reel/The Casagh Reel CP 180201
Highland Sessions Volume Three featuring Macinnes, Kathleen Jimmy Mo Mhíle Stór (Jimmy, My Treasure) FS 180319
Chambless, Taylor & Muse Jock o' Hazeldean ICM 180412
Murray, Andrew Jock o' Hazeldean CP 180701
Gunn, Marc Jock Stuart, a man who wears a kilt every day ICM 180405
Catgut Mary Joe killed 7 men PRR 180704
Molloy, Matt, Brady, Paul & Peoples, Tommy John Brennan's (The Silver Spire)/Drag Her Around the Road KPC 180128
Mitchell & Vincent John Brosnan's/West Kerry/Nessa the mover ICM 180906
McCusker, John John Daly's/Bubba's/McFadden's handsome daughter KPC 180805
Kennedy, Eilis John O'Dreams CP 180401
Cote, Dwayne John Wayne Landry's farewell KPC 180408
Heaton, Matt John's theme IMS 180313
Heaton, Matt John's theme IMS 180410
Heaton, Matt John's theme IMS 180911
Ryan, Cathie Johnny be fair KPC 180715
Earle, Steve & the Pogues Johnny come lately PRR 180315
Tempest, The Johnny Cope KPC 180225
Faulkner, John Johnny Coughlin KPC 180422
Ushers Island Johnny Doherty's KPC 180114
Ferocious Dog, The Johnny, I hardly knew ya SNO 180312
Tergis, Athena Johnny McGreevy's CIAT 180722
Gaelic Storm Johnny Tarr IMS 180213
Black Irish Texas, The Join the British Army PRR 180204
Mandala Folk, The Join the British Army ICM 180412
Carolina Ceili, The Jolly beggarman, The ICM 180517
Chambless, Taylor & Muse Jolly ploughboys, The ICM 180201
Blackthorn, The Jolly rovin' tar, The CIAT 180701
Fretless, The Jonny O'Leary's ICM 180705
Bloom , Luka Joy of living, The KPC 180805
Harrington, Gerry Julia Clifford's/Bill The Weaver CP 180801
Giddens, Rihannon & Powell, Dirk Julie KPC 180401
Punch Brothers, The Jumbo CIAT 180812
Duff, Dom Kael K'kwll ICM 180308
Trias Karrusellen CIAT 180902
Byrne, Dermot Kathleen Smith's/The Victoria CP 180801
Dunn, Maria Katie comes a-callin' CIAT 180408
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Kaylee PS 180304
O'Connell, Robbie Keeper of the songs, The IMS 180612
Ennis Sisters, The Keeping time ICM 180830
Kellswater Bridge, The Kellswater, The ICM 180301
Fodhla Kemo's/ Palmer's Gate/ Foxhunters' reel ICM 180628
Wonderful Grand Band, The Kerry polka, The KPC 180520
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Kerry reel, The/McFadden's Own/ The convent reel CP 180201
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Kerry reel, The/McFadden's Own/The convent reel CP 180801
Madden, Joe & Joanie Kevin Keegan's IMS 180313
Langer's Ball, The Kick around ICM 180830
Guihen, Tommy Kilavil/Andy McGann's/The Lark in The Morning CP 180301
Brophy Brothers Ceili Band, The Kildare fancy, The/The boys of Blue Hill/Harvest Home KPC 180401
Sons of Malarkey, The Killarney boys of pleasure, The ICM 180301
Guihen, Tommy Killavil/Andy McGann's/The lark in the morning KPC 180819
Guihen, Tommy Killeigh, The/A builder of bridges CP 180201
Conway, Brian Killimor/Pat McKenna's/Father Hanley's KPC 180617
Guihen, Tommy Killyglass Lakes/Mouse in the cupboard/Fisherman's jig CP 180601
Sliotar Kilmaley ICM 180719
Serious Kitchen, The Kilt set, The ICM 180405
Tuatha Dea Kilts and Corsets ICM 180308
Spirit of the West, The King of Scotland, The CIAT 180506
Clohessy, Sean, McComiskey, Sean & Jordan, Kieran King of the Fairies, The IMS 180814
Dunne, Stevie King of the pipers, The CIAT 180520
Dunne, Stevie King of the pipers, The CIAT 180819
Irish Descendants, The King of the pipers, The/Up the Southern Shore KPC 180211
Real McKenzies, The Kings of Fife, The CIAT 180617
Ainslie, Ross & Hutton, Ali Kings, The FS 180410
McCance, Dougie Kingston Road FS 180110
Frigg Kisapolska CIAT 180805
Gaelic Storm Kiss me, I'm Irish IMS 180213
McPartlan, Mary Kiss the Moon CP 180301
Pogues, The Kitty PRR 180315
Gunn, Marc Kitty at the door, The PS 180415
Byrne, Matthew & Byrne, Joe Kitty Bawn O'Brien KPC 180520
Barry, Leonard Kitty got a clinking/Sarah's Reel/The Bogcarrot CP 180301
O'Shaughnessy, Paul Kitty in the lane IMS 180911
Arise & Go Kitty lies over/My Former Wife/Winnie Hayes ICM 180301
Duff, Dom Klask Ar Wagenn ICM 180118
Poozies, The Knees of fire, The FS 180523
Bellow Bridge, The Knocknaboul set, The ICM 180118
West of Eden Knots ICM 180607
Jansberg Kometens Hale CIAT 180415
Jansberg Kornirkler CIAT 180805
Shannon, Sharon Lad O'Bierne's, The/Dowd's favorite/The mouth of the Tobique KPC 180624
James, Jodee Lady Joan IMS 180524
Teada Lady Montgomery/Follow Me Down/Give The Girl Her 4Pence CP 180101
Planxty Lady on the Island, The/The Gatehouse Maid/The Virginia/Callahan's KPC 180415
McGillicuddy's Lady Owen CIAT 180805
Walton, Jake Lake Isle of Innisfree, The CP 180501
Drowsy Lads, The Lakes of Pontchartrain, The KPC 180902
Hayes, Martin & Cahill, Dennis Lament for Limerick, The KPC 180819
Coig Land o' the Leal, The KPC 180603
Delmotte, Anne-Marie Land of heart's desire, The, a poem by W.B. Yeats ICM 180621
Emerald Rose Land of the dancing trees, The ICM 180426
Mackenzie, James Duncan Land raiders, The FS 180410
Hearthfire Duo, The Lannigan's ball ICM 180125
Fairport Convention Lark in the morning, The/Rakish Paddy/Foxhunter's Jig/Toss the Feathers KPC 180325
Na Skylark Lark on the strand, The/The yellow wattle/John Mchugh's jig ICM 180104
Flook Larry get out of the bin/Elzic's Farewell IMS 180911
Hyde, Joanna & O Meachair, Tadhg Larry's Favorite/The Union Street Session/Joe Cassidy's KPC 180114
Roaring Jack Lass behind the beer taps, The PRR 180704
MacDonald, Howie, Chaisson, Hilda & MacIsaac, Dave Lass of Corrie Mill, The/Trips with David/Miss Grace Menzies/Compliments to the Browns of Dingwall/etc KPC 180408
Dillon, Cara Lass of Glenshee, The CIAT 180805
Old Man Flanagan's Ghost Last ballad, The ICM 180726
Kilmaine Saints, The Last call, The ICM 180712
Kilmaine Saints, The Last call, The PRR 180715
Marys Lane Last gift, The ICM 180412
Cormier, Maxim & Gervais Last march, The/Lime Hill/Hull's reel KPC 180610
Solas Last of the great whales, The KPC 180819
Fureys, The & Arthur, Davey Last rose of Summer, The KPC 180401
Manran Latha Math CIAT 180415
Rowan Tree, The Laura's house ICM 180719
Dark Patrick Laurel tree, The/The gravel walk/The lilting banshee/The Mug Of ICM 180426
Poules a Colin, Les Laurier blanc, Le CIAT 180401
Poules a Colin, Les Laurier blanc, Le CIAT 180624
O'Donovan, Aoife Lay my burden down CIAT 180527
O'Donovan, Aoife Lay my burden down CIAT 180812
McDermott's 2 Hours vs the Levellers Laying the Sligo maid SNO 180312
Homeland, The Leaving of Liverpool, The CIAT 180520
Homeland, The Leaving of Liverpool, The CIAT 180819
Pogues, The Leaving of Liverpool, The PRR 180315
Irish Descendants, The Leaving on the evening tide KPC 180520
McGoldrick, Michael, McCusker, John & Doyle, John Leaving Uist/The Lochaber badger KPC 180408
Boys of the Lough, The Leitrim queen, The KPC 180304
Vallely, Cillian Leitrim thrush, The CP 180601
Gruben, Melanie Leprechaun, The ICM 180315
Conor Caldwell Let Erin remember ICM 180913
Coast, The Let it rain ICM 180308
Ainslie, Ross Let the wild ones roam FS 180110
Bastard Bearded Irishmen, The Let's have a party PRR 180415
Leahy Leviathan, The KPC 180701
Green, Mairearad & Massie, Anna Life in the Vass Lane FS 180319
Casey, Bobby Liffey Banks/The Shaskeen/Boys of Balllisodare/Woman of the House/Tansey's Fave/Ballinasloe Fair CP 180701
Boys of the Lough, The Liffey Side FS 180523
We Banjo 3 Light in the sky, The CP 180901
Licko, Jennifer Light the way ICM 180215
Enter the Haggis Lights & cars CIAT 180610
Crepuscule Lilting music/The tree set ICM 180426
Amidon, Sam Lily-O IMS 180612
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Lily of the West, The ICM 180111
Sligo Rags, The Limehouse blues, The/I'll tell my ma ICM 180830
Ryan, Karen Limerick lasses, The/The Gatehouse Maid/The Mountain Top CP 180401
Pogues, The Limerick rake, The PRR 180315
Plantec Linelis CIAT 180204
Geremia, Steph Linnane Terrace IMS 180710
Shaskeen Linnet's chorus, The/The Beautiful Goldfinch KPC 180422
Bachand, Qristina & Bachand, Quinn Listen CIAT 180408
Miller, Ed Listen tae the teacher ICM 180809
Gaelic Fury Band, The Little beggarman, The ICM 180726
Grenaways, The Little boat, The ICM 180906
Graham, Glenn Little Donald's wife CIAT 180708
Snowdon, Gwendolyn Little Duke Arthur's nurse ICM 180503
Na Skylark Little red lark, The/The Kilfenora Jig ICM 180118
Black 47 Liverpool fantasy, The ICM 180802
Pogues, The Living in a world without her PRR 180315
Barra MacNeils, The Living the dream KPC 180708
Barra MacNeils, The Living the dream CIAT 180825
Barra MacNeils, The Living the dream CIAT 180909
9Bach Llyn Du CIAT 180121
Firkin Loch Lomond CIAT 180325
Firkin Loch Lomond CIAT 180902
Lady Moon Loch Lomond ICM 180308
Marum, Jed Loch Lomond PS 180520
MacKinnon, Maeve Lomaraibh Eutrom FS 180110
Spider Stacy London calling (Live) PRR 180315
Pogues, The London girl, The PRR 180315
MacGowan, Shane Lonesome highway, The PRR 180315
Burke, Kevin & Brennan, John Lonesome moonlight waltz, The KPC 180114
Gunn, Marc Long arm, The PS 180213
Lancaster County Prison, The & MacGowan, Shane Long black veil, The PRR 180315
Black 47 Long hot Summer comin' on, A ICM 180607
Dardanelles, The Long Point reels, The KPC 180520
Kilmaine Saints, The Long shot nag, The SNO 180103
Midkiff, Jen Long time comin' KPC 180909
Pogues, The Lorca's Novena PRR 180315
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Lord Courtown KPC 180311
Cassidy, Frank Lord Mayo/The Wedding Jig/Japanese HP/Pinch of Snuff CP 180401
Coleman, Michael Lord McDonald KPC 180624
Gunn, Marc Lord of the pounce, The PS 180415
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Lord of the pounce, The ICM 180329
Tuck, Brad Loss of the Marion, The ICM 180913
Carroll, Liz & Friends Lough Derg cross, The IMS 180814
Genticorum Loups, Le KPC 180121
Bish Love you till the end PRR 180315
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Lovely Annie IMS 180612
Raney, Colleen Lovely green banks of the Moy, The ICM 180308
Redmond, John Low Ditch/Katlar's Reel/The Reel of Marquette KPC 180422
Cortese, Laura & the Dance Cards Low hum, A IMS 180612
Clancy, Donal Lowlands of Holland, The CP 180601
Tweed, Karen & McElvogue, Tom Luckpenny/Wheels of the World/The Bicycle Jig/Bank of Ireland KPC 180128
Dawson, Steve Lucky hand, The CIAT 180729
Snuff Box, The Lucy's 25 CIAT 180121
Salsa Celtica Luna Llena CIAT 180204
String Sisters, The Luseblus CIAT 180107
Spiro Lyly, The/The grouse was dead when it hit the queen CIAT 180211
McVarish, Gabe M S R KPC 180225
Dempsey, Damien Maasai CIAT 180520
Dempsey, Damien Maasai CIAT 180819
Kilpatrick, David MacKillop's complaynte ICM 180906
Fretless, The MacLeod's farewell/Palmer's Gate (Live) ICM 180823
Sketch, The MacPhail CIAT 180204
Sketch, The MacPhail CIAT 180701
Sorries, The MacPherson's rant ICM 180405
Tartanic Mad Dog's triple ICM 180405
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Mad Jenny ICM 180329
Calan Madame Fromage KPC 180121
Gallant, Lennie Mademoiselle, voulez vous danser? KPC 180701
Runa Mae Colven ICM 180301
Gatehouse Well, The Maggie ICM 180118
Jolly Rogues, The Maggie May ICM 180215
Fretless, The Maggie's set (Live) ICM 180802
Regan, John & Glackin, Paddy Maid at the spinning wheel, The/A visit to Ireland CP 180401
Regan, John & Glackin, Paddy Maid at the spinning wheel, The/A visit to Ireland CP 180801
Heaton, Shannon Maid behind the bar, The IMS 180410
Heaton, Shannon Maid behind the bar, The--quarter-size fiddle demo IMS 180410
Keane, Sean, Molloy, Matt & O'Flynn, Liam Maid of Ballingarry, The/The stack of barley KPC 180415
Pedrick, David Maid that sold her barley, The ICM 180322
Barra MacNeils, The Maids of Arrochar, The KPC 180506
Power, David Maids of Mount Cisco, The/The Old Pigeon on the Gate KPC 180311
Emish Make it through ICM 180301
Riobo Mallador CIAT 180225
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Maluron Lurette CIAT 180107
Tyrrell/Glackin/Browne Man for Galway, The/The Rambling Pitchfork CP 180401
This is How We Fly Man of few words, A IMS 180410
Mouth Music Manitoba CIAT 180304
Heaton, Matt Many Splendored Acoustic Reprise IMS 180213
Beveridge, Ryan Many Splendored Celtic Music Fantasia IMS 180213
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The March KPC 180311
Chieftains, The March of the King of Laois, The/Paddy's Jig/O'Keefes/Chattering Magpie KPC 180218
Fromseier Rose March of the Meeatoiteen bull, The/John MacNeal ICM 180510
Cassie & Maggie Marching for miles/Hoch hey Johnny lad/Miss Lucy Campbell strathspey/Spring Chicken Reel etc KPC 180909
Klein, Ellery Marie's Cabin/Rachel on her feet IMS 180213
Murphy, Chris Maritime jig, The IMS 180524
Magill, Andrew Finn Mary and Alice ICM 180607
Chambless, Taylor & Muse Mary and the soldier ICM 180315
Bill Grogan's Goat Mary Mac ICM 180125
Dickson, Barbara Mary Skeffington FS 180319
Daimh Mary's fancy CIAT 180603
Guihen:, Tommy Masers return, The/Kiss the maid behind the barrell CP 180801
Eabhal MaSim, The FS 180523
Delhi 2 Dublin Master Crowley's CIAT 180729
Byrne, Dermot Master Seamus CP 180301
Guihen, Tommy Masters return, The/Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrell CP 180501
MacMaster, Natalie Matt & Nat's CIAT 180527
Kennedy, Nuala Matt Hyland KPC 180715
Beer Mats, The May we all some day meet again ICM 180329
McCulloch, Alistair Mazurkas FS 180523
Dardanelles, The McCarthy's KPC 180715
Shooglenifty McConnell's rant CIAT 180318
Peat in the Creel, The McMahon's (The Banshee) ICM 180222
Shannyganock McNamara from Mayo KPC 180513
Pogues, The Me & Bobby McGee (Live 27/Nov83) PRR 180315
Heaton, Matt Meaning of life, The IMS 180410
Heaton, Matt Meaning of life, The IMS 180911
Hackensaw Boys, The Mecklenburg County CIAT 180708
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Megan & Jarrod IMS 180911
Mullane, Damien Melodeon driver, The KPC 180819
Drowsy Lads, The Memories & moments KPC 180909
Cassie & Maggie Memories of Garfield MacKenzie KPC 180826
9-8ths Irish Men of worth, The ICM 180517
Roberts, Madison Metricula Meownir PS 180614
Dun Aengus Merrily kiss the Quaker's wife ICM 180830
Battlelegs Michael ICM 180607
Barra MacNeils, The Michael Anthony's Birthday KPC 180114
Peoples, Siobhan & Ryan, Murty Mick Finn's (aka the Killavil reel) IMS 180710
Hughes, Matt Mick McGuire ICM 180215
Rogue Scholars, The Mickey the vermin PRR 180704
Boiled in Lead Microorganism, The CIAT 180701
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Midnight sojourn, The KPC 180429
Gothard Sisters, The Midnight sun, The ICM 180503
Dervish Midsummer's Night ICM 180621
Skerryvore Mile migh CIAT 180812
Marum, Jed Miles from home ICM 180517
Ciana Mill House, The/The Mason's apron ICM 180301
Alan Kelly Gang, The Millhouse, The/The Ballinafad Fancy/Lady Gordon's KPC 180325
Go Set, The Miner's son, The CIAT 180708
Gone Molly Miners way, The ICM 180802
Burke, Joe & Lennon, Charlie Minny Foster/The Banks KPC 180819
Relph, Linda, Lovrien, David, Fowler, Lary & Marum, Jed Minstrel boy, The ICM 180517
Coughlan, Bruce Minstrel in Moray, A CIAT 180204
Goitse Misadventures, The CIAT 180520
Seanchai & the Unity Squad w/MacGowan, Shane Mise Eire PRR 180315
Kennedy, Mary Ann Mise Fhuair CIAT 180121
Kennedy, Mary Ann Mise Fhuair CIAT 180225
Kennedy, Mary Ann Mise Fhuair CIAT 180715
Scahill, Fergal Miss Thornton's/Lad O'Bierne's/The Graf Spee KPC 180304
Sweeney's Men Mistake no doubt, A KPC 180805
Sharkey, Jim Misty morning rain, The KPC 180128
Crowd of Bold Sharemen, A Mixed reels, The KPC 180513
Heaton, Matt Modal groove, The IMS 180710
Jackdaws, The Molly PS 180213
Muckers, The Molly ICM 180712
Muckers, The Molly PRR 180715
Dervish Molly & Johnny KPC 180114
Ferguson, Jesse Molly Malone ICM 180125
Skully Molly Malone PS 180123
Mighty Regis, The Molly Malone's ICM 180712
Mighty Regis, The Molly Malone's PRR 180715
Barleyjuice Molly's girls ICM 180906
Payne, Jim & O'Byrne, Fergus Mom and Dad's jigs KPC 180617
Touhey, Patsy Monaghan jig, The IMS 180710
Gunn, Marc Monahan's Mudders' Milk PS 180304
Fiamma Fumana Mondo Grande CIAT 180805
Carroll, Liz & Fahey, Marty Monemohill reel, The/The Brocca reel IMS 180814
Bad Haggis Monkey tree, The ICM 180426
McRae, Jimi Monster mix, The ICM 180412
Altan Month of January, The CIAT 180304
Poules a Colin, Les Morbleur, Sambleur! CIAT 180408
Poules a Colin, Les Morbleur, Sambleur! CIAT 180603
Poules a Colin, Les Morbleur, Sambleur! CIAT 180722
MacGowan, Shane More pricks than kicks PRR 180315
Fibish, Marla & Crowley, Jimmy Morning star, The/Trip to Cullenstown/Good Morning to Your Nightcap KPC 180318
Heavy Blarney Morri-Kesh Express, The ICM 180719
MacGowan, Shane Mother Mo Chroí PRR 180315
Dun Aengus Mountain dew, The ICM 180412
Crawford, Kevin Mountain lark, The IMS 180911
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Mountain rambler, The ICM 180628
Good Foot, The Mountain road, The/The hunter's purse ICM 180510
Alizbar & Ann' Sannat Mountain set, The ICM 180222
Gallagher, Rita Mountain streams, The CP 180801
Jacobites by Name, The Mountains of Pomeroy, The ICM 180405
Trimble, Gerald Mr Webster/Miss Jane MacInnes-Dandeleith KPC 180318
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Mrs McGrath ICM 180125
O'Flynn, Liam & Nunez, Carlos Muineira de Poio/Muineira Ourense KPC 180415
Narrowbacks, The Muirsheen Durkin SNO 180312
Pogues, The Muirshin Durkin PRR 180315
Sheridan, Dave Mulhaire's/Kiss the maid behind the barrel CP 180601
Byrne, Dermot Mulhaire's/The Yellow Tinker/Daly's Reel CP 180201
Cormorant's Fancy, The Mummer's jig, The/Munster buttermilk ICM 180308
McEvoy, John & Conor Munster grass, The/Lad O'Beirne's CP 180601
Mulcahy Family, The Munster jig, The/Old Hag/Humours of Lisheen CP 180401
Pogues, The Murder Ska PRR 180315
Shannyganock Music & friends KPC 180513
Alan Kelly Gang, The Music makers, The KPC 180211
Walton, Jake Music makers, The CP 180601
Brynmor Musical priest, The ICM 180111
Brynmor Musical priest, The ICM 180315
Blas Mussel Inn/Grappa Jig KPC 180401
MacKenzie, Kenneth & Angus Mutt's KPC 180805
Raglan My Belfast love ICM 180830
Stacks, The My bride & I CIAT 180422
Stewart, Andy M & Lunny, Manus My heart belongs to she KPC 180311
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The My Irish Molly-O KPC 180204
MacNeil, Ryan My love is like a red, red rose ICM 180208
Real McKenzies, The My luck is so bad CIAT 180805
Wake the Dead My Marianne/The wheel KPC 180812
BibleCode Sundays, The My town CIAT 180708
MacGowan, Shane My way PRR 180315
Seivane, Susana Na Terra De Trasancos CIAT 180415
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The ICM 180308
Tullamore Nancy Spain ICM 180517
Ferguson, Jesse Nancy Whiskey PS 180614
Moore, Hamish Napoleon crossing the Alps/Wee Highland Laddie/8th Argyll's Farewell to the 16th Regiment de Ligne KPC 180805
Lien, Annbjorg Natten CIAT 180603
Peatbog Faeries, The Naughty step, The FS 180110
Peatbog Fairies, The Naughty step, The CIAT 180121
Pogues, The Navigator, The PRR 180315
Bothy Band, The Navvy on the line, The/Rain KPC 180722
Guihen, Tommy Navvy on the shore, The/Peg McGrath's/McFadden's CP 180101
Foley, Connie & Mickey Carton's Orchestra Neath her shawl of Galway grey IMS 180313
Rowan Tree, The Neidges Awarra ICM 180816
Plantec Nerzh CIAT 180401
Cormier, J P Never going back again KPC 180715
Pipes & Pints Never let you down CIAT 180722
Cranford, Paul New Harbour, The/Maire's Return/Liam Lewis KPC 180107
Poor Man's Gambit, The New policeman, The/McFadden's Handsome Daughter/McGettrick's KPC 180107
Scythian New reel, The KPC 180107
Paddys de Las Pampas, Los New song for the morning, A ICM 180419
Meyler, Marina New York/The Cook in the Kitchen KPC 180107
Pig's Eye Landing, The Newark Bay/Marcel Martin KPC 180107
dBize Newcastle hornpipe, The/Primrose Polka/President Garfield's Reel KPC 180107
Poitin Newcomer's reels: My Maryanne/Tommy Peoples'/McGlinchey's/Kitty Gone a Milking ICM 180208
Welsh, John Newfoundland song, The CIAT 180701
Living Stream, The Newlin KPC 180107
Ryan's Fancy Newport Town KPC 180107
Bill Grogan's Goat Newry highwayman, The ICM 180111
Poor Man's Gambit, The Newry highwayman, The KPC 180107
Sorbye, Lief Nexus, The KPC 180318
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Nezpique CIAT 180422
Knopfler, Mark Night in Summer long ago, A KPC 180415
Fiddler's Green Night Pat Murphy died, The ICM 180712
Fiddler's Green Night Pat Murphy died, The PRR 180715
Screeched Inn, The Night Pat Murphy died, The ICM 180607
East Pointers, The No bridge too far KPC 180729
Clover's Revenge No Irish need apply ICM 180719
Cassie & Maggie Nobleman's wedding, The KPC 180902
Burke, Joe & O'Brien, Eileen Nora Criona/The Shaskeen/The Bag of Spuds CP 180701
Selkie Girls, The Norlan wind, The ICM 180308
Real McKenzies, The Northwest Passage, The PRR 180204
Real McKenzies, The Northwest Passage, The ICM 180712
Real McKenzies, The Northwest Passage, The PRR 180715
Irish Descendants, The Not for the money alone KPC 180527
SugaTree Nothing else ICM 180705
Hò-rò Nuggets FS 180523
MacInnis, Sarah O Ìosa, Bi ‘n Còmhnaidh air M'Aire Gach Uair KPC 180408
O Meachair, Fiontan O Life Go Laoi KPC 180318
Hawson, Steve O'Carolan's Concerto ICM 180208
Wildman, Cara O'Carolan's welcome/Ms. Cara Wildman of Dorchester/Spootiskerry ICM 180111
Mozaik O'Donoghue's KPC 180422
Sturbaum, Alex O'er the water in France ICM 180215
Dublin Harpers, The O'Leary's slide ICM 180510
Full Set, The Oak tree, The CIAT 180204
Peoples, Tommy Oak tree, The/The pinch of snuff KPC 180826
Dosca Oblique FS 180204
Goitse Odds, The KPC 180722
Frigg Ode to Ravintola Pelimanni FS 180523
Bridgid's Cross Off she goes ICM 180315
Great Big Sea, The Oh yeah CIAT 180225
Great Big Sea, The Oh yeah CIAT 180729
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Oil for the Chain IMS 180109
Irish Moutarde Olaf CIAT 180624
Freewheel Old bush, The/Mary Ramsy's Highland/Johnny O'Leary's/P Is For Paddy KPC 180429
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Old maid in the garret, An ICM 180111
Spirited Lads, The Old maid in the garret, An ICM 180906
Pogues, The Old main drag, The PRR 180315
Salt House, The Old shoes, The FS 180110
Miller, Ed Old woman and her cat, The PS 180415
Templars of Doom, The Oliver Cromwell twist, The SNO 180103
Gallagher, Rita On the banks of a river CP 180201
Brick Top Blaggers, The On the mend PRR 180204
Beoga On the way CIAT 180429
McCurdy, Ed Once there was a little girl IMS 180612
Stout Pounders, The One of these days ICM 180614
Hall, Daryl & Oates, John Only Love IMS 180410
Mile Twelve Onwards CIAT 180506
Mile Twelve Onwards CIAT 180902
Serious Kitchen, The Open PS 180213
Byrne, Derek & Paddygrass Open listen love learn ICM 180809
Clancy, Donal Open the door softly CP 180801
Mason, Mikey Opposite of cool, The PS 180614
Forkroot, The Opus in the breeze ICM 180118
Daimh Oran An Tombaca ICM 180705
Great Big Sea, The Ordinary day, An KPC 180527
Connla Organized chaos KPC 180902
Beinn Lee Osgarra FS 180823
Afro Celt Sound System, The Other side, The CIAT 180902
Sheridan, Dave Our beautiful tradition CP 180901
McLean, Jerry & Blackthorne Aire Our music & our arts ICM 180913
Stout Pounders, The Out, Devil, out ICM 180726
Battlefield Band, The Out in Australia at last KPC 180204
Brechin, Sandy Out of his tree set, The CIAT 180825
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Out on the Ocean/Bank of Lough Gowna/Handsome Young Maidens KPC 180311
Gaelic Storm Out the road CIAT 180422
Popes, The Outlaw Heaven PRR 180315
Hackensaw Boys, The Oval room, The CIAT 180128
Hackensaw Boys, The Oval room, The CIAT 180513
MacInnes, Iain, Ross, Billy & Morison, Stuart Over the sea to Nova Scotia KPC 180128
Dan the Bard Owlbear song, The PS 180213
Begley, Cormac Paddy Canny's Pigeon on the Gate/The Dairy Maid KPC 180422
Noctambule Paddy Canny's toast IMS 180410
Moloney, Mick Paddy O'Brian's Jig/The King of the Pipers KPC 180318
O'Connor, Gerry Paddy O'Brien selection, The KPC 180805
Mahones, The Paddy on the railway ICM 180712
Mahones, The Paddy on the railway PRR 180715
Muckers, The Paddy on the railway ICM 180125
MacGowan, Shane Paddy public enemy No 1 PRR 180315
Yother, Ed Paddy West KPC 180506
Bill Grogan's Goat Paddy's dead SNO 180103
Lunasa Paddy's green shamrock shore KPC 180304
Lunasa Paddy's green shamrock shore CIAT 180325
Lunasa Paddy's green shamrock shore ICM 180503
Young Dubliners, The Paddy's green shamrock shore CIAT 180603
Barber, Allison Paddy's lament/Sporting Paddy ICM 180823
Byrne, Dermot Paddy's rambles through the park CP 180201
Comas Paige boys, The/The Whistling Cat CIAT 180107
Sliotar Pain ICM 180726
Flying Toads, The Palm Sunday ICM 180329
Hair of the Dog, The Papa John's tree ICM 180426
Guihen, Tommy Parcel of land, The/The streetplayer/The drunken landlady CP 180701
Kennedy, Seamus Parting glass, The ICM 180125
Pogues, The Parting glass, The PRR 180315
Selkie Girls, The Parting glass, The PS 180520
Muse, Scooter Parting, The PS 180520
Elephant Revival, The Pasture, The CIAT 180902
Llan de Cubel Pasucais Medley, The KPC 180121
Open the Door for Three Pat Broaders/Carrig Water CP 180201
Eure, Tom Path home, The ICM 180816
LeVine, Avery Patsy Hanley's/The Boys of Ballisodare/The Crosses of Annagh ICM 180111
MacMaster, Buddy Paulette Bissonnette/A Taste of Gaelic/John MacDougall KPC 180429
Allstaff, Kirsten Pearl O'Shaughnessy's barndance IMS 180710
SlipJig Peg Ryan's ICM 180419
Seery, Enda Peggy in the settle/The day trip to Galway ICM 180913
Kilmaine Saints, The Pennsylvania's finest ICM 180315
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Pete's jigs KPC 180304
Marys Lane Petronilla ICM 180719
Frank, Geza & Demai, Jean Photon wave, The KPC 180121
Thompsen, Fraya Phrenetikos FS 180823
Castles, Brenda Phyllis' birthday/Paddy Fahy's/The Cloone KPC 180624
Langer's Ball, The Picket line song, The SNO 180829
Byrne, Dermot Pigeon on the gate, The/The heather breeze CP 180601
Emmerson, Simon Pilsden Pen CIAT 180304
Glackin, Paddy Pinch of snuff, The/The Wild Irishman CP 180401
O'Craven Pint glass, The ICM 180215
MacDonald, Allan & Seudan Piobaireachd Dhòmhnaill Duibh KPC 180408
Burning Bridget Cleary Pipe set, The ICM 180510
Altan Piper in the cave, The/An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas KPC 180318
Sands, Colum Piper in the North Country, The CP 180201
Scatter the Mud Piper lad, The CIAT 180408
Gill, Jim Piper to the end, A KPC 180128
Founding, The Piper's folly, The ICM 180118
Founding, The Piper's folly, The PS 180213
Dublin Harpers, The Piper's Pub ICM 180405
MacNeil, Ryan Pipes are calling, The ICM 180104
McDerry Pirate Dan ICM 180315
Spirited Lads, The Pirate Dan ICM 180719
Pogues, The Pistol for Paddy Garcia, A PRR 180315
Celtic Thunder Place in the Choir, A IMS 180213
American Rogues, The Plaid jam ICM 180405
Huellou, Pol & Friends Planxty Irvine CIAT 180513
Huellou, Pol & Friends Planxty Irvine CIAT 180722
Wars, Jay & the Howard Youth Play another song PRR 180704
Alternative Ulster, An Pog Mo Thoin SNO 180312
Logues, The Poitin Valley ICM 180329
Casey, Bobby Poll Half'penny, The/Scully Casey's HP CP 180301
Lunasa Pontivy CIAT 180422
Lunasa Pontivy ICM 180719
Newton, Rachel Poor lost boy, The FS 180319
Danu Poor man's fortune, The/The Long Strand/Reel Gan Ainm KPC 180422
Pogues, The Poor Paddy on the railway (Live) PRR 180315
Crean, Eilis Port an Bhrathair/The Frieze Britches ICM 180510
MacMahon, Tony Port na bPucai CP 180901
Warbelow Porthole of the kelp, The/Garech's wedding/O'Rourke's ICM 180913
Barachois Pot Pourri: La Grandeuse/Maie A Pierre KPC 180121
Moonrakers, The Poules Houpees, Les /Fine Run ICM 180816
Heaton, Matt Pound the floor IMS 180508
Heaton, Matt Pound the floor IMS 180814
Heaton, Matt Pound the floor IMS 180911
Marum, Jed Prayer from Little Round Top, A ICM 180517
Homeland, The Pressed for time CIAT 180701
Barleyjuice Prettiest girl at the fair, The CIAT 180401
Amidon, Sam Pretty fair damsel, The IMS 180612
McEvoy, John & Wynne, John Pride of the West, The/The Killyglass Lakes CP 180701
O Meara, Garry Princess Brenda ICM 180301
Sydney City Trash, The Prison years, The PRR 180704
Narrowbacks, The Prodigal son, The KPC 180909
O'Brien, Patsy Prologue from the Boy Patrick, The ICM 180104
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Proposal, The ICM 180208
Ramshackle Army, The Protest songs, The SNO 180517
Sliabh Notes, The Providence/The Man of the House/Speed The Plough CP 180401
Matheson, Karen Puirt A Beul CIAT 180304
Shannon, Sharon Pull out the stops CIAT 180325
Sturbaum, Alex Pulling broom ICM 180104
Stout Pounders, The Pumpkin's fancy ICM 180802
McSherry, John, O'Connor, Donal & Graham, Sean Og Punching holes in the music KPC 180325
Billow Wood Pushin' and shovin' KPC 180826
Blackthorn, The Queen of Argyll, The CIAT 180218
Silly Wizard Queen of Argyll, The KPC 180715
Trouble Pilgrims, The Queen of heartache, The SNO 180103
Murray, Spencer & Pipeslinger Quick and Clever ICM 180412
Bangers & Mash Quicksand Cafe, The CIAT 180701
Connolly, Seamus & Lennon, Charlie Quinn of Armagh IMS 180313
Meehan, Paul Quinn's KPC 180729
Wicked Tinkers, The Radar love ICM 180816
Alestorm, The Rage of the Pentahook PRR 180204
Jackdaws, The Raggle taggle gypsy, The ICM 180125
Yanks, The Rainy day, The/Miss Mary McMahon of Ballinahinch KPC 180819
Na Rosai Rainy day, The/The Sparkle Slip/The Cloon ICM 180503
Pogues, The Rainy night in Soho, A PRR 180315
Chessell, Pat Rainy Tuesday morning, A CIAT 180408
Chessell, Pat Rainy Tuesday morning, A CIAT 180722
Pint Killers, The Raise a glass SNO 180517
Gunn, Marc Raise a glass in parting PS 180520
MacGowan, Shane & the Popes Rake at the gates of Hell, The PRR 180315
O'Connor, Donal, McSherry, John & Graham, Sean Og Ramblers, The KPC 180204
Old-Time Pharmaceuticals, The Ramblin' after rain ICM 180412
Heaton, Matt Rambling man, The IMS 180313
Planxty Rambling siuler, The KPC 180318
Great Big Sea, The Rant & roar KPC 180527
Ferguson, Jesse Rare old mountain dew, The ICM 180315
McComiskey, Billy, Carroll, Liz & Sproule, Daithi Ratholdran Castle IMS 180508
Phonix & SangKa Ravneserras CIAT 180429
Peat in the Creel, The Real old mountain dew, The ICM 180125
Young Dubliners, The Real World, The CIAT 180617
Merry Hell Reason to be, A CIAT 180916
Donner, Sarah Rebuttal of Schrodinger's Cat, The PS 180415
Kavana, Ron Reconciliation, The KPC 180204
Artisan Row Red haired lass, The/Charlie Harris KPC 180708
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Red Tom of the Hill/Tommy Coen's CP 180901
Carroll, Liz & Sproule, Dáithí Reel Beatrice/The Abbey reel IMS 180911
Ryan's Fancy Reels KPC 180513
Grennan, Katie Reels 113 KPC 180610
Patterson, Beth Reels: A crack in the doorway/Hell to pay/The dip in the road ICM 180510
McFlooseys, The Reels, The ICM 180222
Snuff Box, The Reels, The CIAT 180225
Snuff Box, The Reels, The CIAT 180325
Snuff Box, The Reels, The CIAT 180527
Snuff Box, The Reels, The CIAT 180916
Afro Celt Sound System, The Release (remix) CIAT 180325
Pogues, The Repeal of the Licensing Laws, The PRR 180315
Crawford, Kevin Repeal of the Union, The/The Ivy Leaf/The Hut In The Bog CP 180201
Keane, Tommy & McCarthy, Jackie Repeal of the Union, The/My sweetheart, Jane CP 180701
Flogging Molly Reptiles (We woke up) CIAT 180114
Flogging Molly Reptiles (We woke up) CIAT 180422
Tartan Amoebas, The Rescue CIAT 180916
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Reynardine CIAT 180805
McCarthy, Tommy & Costello, Louise Richie Dwyer's/McFadden's Handsome Daughter CP 180201
Gone Molly Ride, The ICM 180913
Drowsy Lads, The Rip the calico KPC 180909
Tuck, Brad Rise up ICM 180322
Clannad Rise up, my love CP 180501
High Kings, The Rising of the Moon, The ICM 180503
Marum, Jed Rising of the Moon, The ICM 180517
Byrne, Matthew River driver, The KPC 180520
Great Big Sea, The River driver, The KPC 180225
Changing Room, The River runs between, A ICM 180308
Coast, The River, The CIAT 180318
Coast, The River, The CIAT 180422
Coast, The River, The CIAT 180708
Altan Road home, The CIAT 180114
Marys Lane Road less traveled, The/Harvest Home ICM 180329
Ramshackle Army, The Road less traveled, The ICM 180712
Ramshackle Army, The Road less traveled, The PRR 180715
High Seas, The Road to Donegal, The KPC 180722
Heaton, Matt, Heaton, Shannon & Keith, George Road to garrison, The/The Maids of Mitchellstown/McFadden's handsome daughter ICM 180628
Doolin' Road to Geanntan, The IMS 180524
Assynt Road to the North, The FS 180823
Altan Roaring Water, The KPC 180415
Carroll, Liz & Doyle, John Rock reel, The/The morning dew/Reeling on the box IMS 180814
Boston Harbor Bhoys, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 180329
Carolina Ceili, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 180830
Craic, The Rocky road to Dublin, The SNO 180312
High Kings, The Rocky road to Dublin, The PS 180123
Ugly Mugs, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 180301
Flying Toads, The Roddy McDonald's fancy ICM 180705
Saucy Rovers, The Rolling down to Maui ICM 180125
Whiskey Bay Rovers, The Rolling down to Old Maui ICM 180802
Dervish Rolling wave, The IMS 180612
Old Blind Dogs, The Room with a view, A CIAT 180506
Hughes, Brian Roscommon reel, The/Ah, Surely CP 180201
Castles, Brenda Rose & the rogue, The KPC 180708
Gothard Sisters, The Rose, Marie & Heather ICM 180913
Gothard Sisters, The Rose, Marie and Heather ICM 180719
Dolphin Boy, The Rough bounds rumba, The CIAT 180916
Searson Rough cuts, The CIAT 180225
Chieftains, The Round the house and mind the dresser KPC 180218
Brouder, Dan Round the house/The Carrigkerry Slide/Con Cassidy's CP 180301
Open the Door for Three Round the World KPC 180812
Derina Harvey Band, The Rove & go KPC 180701
Grenaways, The Rowan, The ICM 180913
Slan Rowan tree, The ICM 180426
Finnegan's Hell Rude awakening, A ICM 180705
Ramshackle Army, The Rue the day PRR 180704
Great Big Sea, The Run runaway KPC 180513
Sharks Come Cruising Running down to Cuba SNO 180829
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay CIAT 180114
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay CIAT 180527
Tarras Russian and the radio, The CIAT 180311
Heaton, Matt Sabai Sabai IMS 180612
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Sabine turnaround, The CIAT 180107
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Sabine turnaround, The CIAT 180225
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Sabine turnaround, The CIAT 180429
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Sabine turnaround, The CIAT 180708
Shannon, Sharon Sacred Earth ICM 180104
Shannon, Sharon Sacred Earth CIAT 180624
Connla Sail on ICM 180705
Gaughan, Dick Sail on FS 180823
Gunn, Marc Sail the Sky PS 180304
Gunn, Marc Sailboat Armada, The PS 180520
Town Pants, The Sailor song, The CIAT 180805
Templars of Doom, The Saint Patrick saved Ireland ICM 180315
Kilmaine Saints, The Saints are up, The CIAT 180617
Shanties, The Salley Gardens, The ICM 180208
Planxty Sally Brown KPC 180715
Cassie & Maggie Sally Garden set, The CIAT 180610
Pogues, The Sally MacLennane PRR 180315
Boston Blackthorne Sam Adams/The shores of Lake Cochituate ICM 180607
Dropkick Murphys, The Sandlot, The CIAT 180204
Chessell, Pat Santy Ano CIAT 180513
Chessell, Pat Santy Ano CIAT 180610
Chessell, Pat Santy Ano CIAT 180909
Pete's Posse Sap ain't runnin', The CIAT 180218
Syncopaths, The Sarah Jane ICM 180705
Amidon, Sam Saro IMS 180109
Electrics, The Satellite, The CIAT 180422
McKee, Andrew Satisfied ICM 180125
Kennedy, Eilis Saucy sailor, The CP 180501
Pogues, The Sayonara PRR 180315
Spencer & Beane Scarborough Fair ICM 180913
High Kings, The Schooldays over ICM 180809
West of Eden Scilly set, The ICM 180816
Kelly, Luke Scorn not his simplicity KPC 180506
Hibernia Scot set, The ICM 180104
Nightingale Scotch Mary IMS 180710
Touhey, Patsy, Early, James & McFadden, John Scotch Mary IMS 180710
Across the Pond Scotland the brave/The flowers of Edinburgh ICM 180222
Old Blind Dogs, The Scotland yet ICM 180614
Miller, Ed Scotland's story PS 180614
Cooney, Michael Piper Scotsman over the border, A KPC 180506
Rimbo & the Brobdingnagian Bards Scotsman unbound, The PS 180614
Come From Away Original Broadway Cast Screech Out KPC 180527
Treacherous Orchestra, The Sea of clouds, The CIAT 180902
Shannon, Sharon Sea Shepherd, The ICM 180201
Droichead Seamus Cussen's/Gortnatubrid/The Newmarket Polka KPC 180121
Behan, Kevin Sean Agus Mhaire ICM 180614
Boys of the Lough, The Sean Bui/Tommy Peoples'/The lark in the Morning KPC 180812
Altan Sean Sa Cheo CIAT 180722
Altan Seán Sa Cheo/Tuar/Oíche Fheidhmieúil (A Spirited Night) KPC 180325
Orr, Sean Sean's slide 2 ICM 180906
Poor Man's Gambit, The Second goodnight, The KPC 180211
Stout, Chris & Mckay, Catriona Seeker reaper, The FS 180410
Cassie & Maggie Seileach CIAT 180128
Cassie & Maggie Seileach CIAT 180701
Baltimore musicians Session reel, The IMS 180911
DesRoches, Anastasia Set de L'Est KPC 180722
Celtic Powerhouse Set for Columbus Turrett, The KPC 180624
FIMM Set jigs: The rose in the heather/Banish misfortune/Michael O'Sullivan ICM 180510
Mayer, Lauren Sexual harassment prevention song, The PS 180614
Dervish & Jordan, Cathy Shanagolden IMS 180612
Dun Aengus Shandon Bells, The ICM 180503
Finnegan's Hell Shane MacGowan's grave SNO 180312
Finnegan's Hell Shane MacGowan's grave PRR 180415
Finnegan's Hell Shane MacGowan's grave SNO 180829
Dulahan She danced a jig on his gravestone KPC 180826
Mason, Mikey She don't like Firefly PS 180304
Delhi 2 Dublin She moved CIAT 180225
MacDonald, Paul She put her knee on the old man/A Taste of the Gaelic KPC 180408
Read, Hannah She took a gamble FS 180204
Gunn, Marc She's shiny PS 180213
Gunn, Marc She's shiny PS 180304
Sketch, The Shed life, The CIAT 180304
Sketch, The Shed life, The CIAT 180513
Copeland, Iain Shedmau5 Cook (Remix) CIAT 180107
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Sheffield apprentice, The ICM 180726
Outside Track, The Sheila's one-legged spectacles CIAT 180318
Carolina Ceili, The Ships are sailing/The Islay Ranters reel/Father Kelly ICM 180906
Heaton, Matt Shoe the donkey IMS 180313
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Shoot the Moon CIAT 180415
Poor Angus Shores of the Bay, The CIAT 180812
Moonrakers, The Shotover ICM 180503
Moonrakers, The Shotover ICM 180719
Elders, The Show me a soul IMS 180524
Raw Bar Collective, The Showman's fancy, The/Charlie Mulvilill's CP 180301
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Si j'aurais des Aliles CIAT 180114
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Si j'aurais des Aliles CIAT 180121
Feufollet Si t'as fini avec moi CIAT 180729
Pogues, The Sick bed of Cuchulainn, The PRR 180315
Johnny Powell Band, The Siege of Ennis, The IMS 180313
Tarras Siege, The CIAT 180729
Founding, The Silhouettes against the soil ICM 180614
Kytami Silk Road CIAT 180107
Spoil the Dance Silver dagger, The ICM 180201
McComiskey, Sean & Schrey, Cleek Silver spear, The IMS 180508
Mec Lir Silver spear, The/Fair Wind/The Humours of Tulla KPC 180121
Lunasa Sinead Maire's CIAT 180318
Lunasa Sinead Maire's CIAT 180506
Lunasa Sinead Maire's CIAT 180909
Moonrakers, The Singer, The ICM 180322
Beyoncé Single ladies (Put a ring on it) IMS 180612
Heavy Blarney Sinister path, The ICM 180802
Kytami Sirens, The CIAT 180128
Kytami Sirens, The CIAT 180318
Kytami Sirens, The CIAT 180617
Pogues, The Sit down by the fire PRR 180315
Roche, Claire Sitting in a green field ICM 180621
Solas Siúil Arun IMS 180612
Jiggy Skellig ICM 180621
Kila Skinheads CIAT 180415
3 Pints Gone Skye boat song, The ICM 180823
Ella Skye boat song, The ICM 180308
Gunn, Marc Skye boat song, The PS 180614
Capercaillie Skye walking song, The KPC 180624
Kilted Kings, The Slainte Mhaith PS 180123
Kilted Kings, The Slainte Mhaith IMS 180524
Vanorny, Mary Sligo maid, The/The Boys of the Lough KPC 180708
Heaton, Matt Slip jig dreams, The IMS 180612
Heaton, Matt Slip jig dreams, The IMS 180710
Heaton, Matt Slip jig dreams, The IMS 180911
Boucher, Gillian Slippery Claddagh, The KPC 180729
MacKenzie, Kenneth & Angus Slow drive, The KPC 180204
Planxty Smeceno Horo KPC 180318
Carroll, Liz & Doyle, John Smokies in Arbroath/The mystery writer/The blessings of gold KPC 180819
Rowan Tree, The Smoking chimneys ICM 180830
Raglan Smugglin' men, The ICM 180705
Nipple Erectors, The So pissed off PRR 180315
Moore, Fin Soenaidh's tune set KPC 180722
Madman's Window, The Soggy bones, The ICM 180823
Forkroot, The Soil and seeds, The ICM 180201
Grace, Annie Solo FS 180319
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Some say the Devil's dead ICM 180906
Mahones, The Someone saved me CIAT 180318
Low and Sweet Orchestra, The Sometimes the truth is all you get PRR 180315
Tir Nan Og Sometimes when I'm drunk PRR 180415
Runrig feat Fowlis, Julie Somewhere FS 180823
Doyle, Alan Somewhere in a song KPC 180527
Porters, The Son of this town, A ICM 180712
Porters, The Son of this town, A PRR 180715
Prodigals, The Song of repentance, The ICM 180201
MacGowan, Shane Song with no name, The PRR 180315
Lucky Pistols, The Songs of Ireland, The PRR 180204
Town Pants, The Sorrow, The CIAT 180617
Lawton, Lolly Soul of everyone, The CIAT 180520
Lawton, Lolly Soul of everyone, The CIAT 180819
Cope, Jim South Australia ICM 180125
Pogues, The South Australia PRR 180315
Kamerunga South Australian suite, The CIAT 180825
Kirtley, Pat South Wind, The KPC 180311
Led Farmers, The Space CIAT 180311
Gaelic Storm Space race, The CIAT 180311
McCabes, The Spanish lady, The CIAT 180211
Rees, Tina Sparkle horse, The/The Ubiquitous Tunes/The Vault FS 180110
High Seas, The Speaking waltz, The KPC 180729
Peatbog Faeries, The Spigel & Nongo CIAT 180701
Ivers, Eileen St Elizabeth's/Fisherman's Lilt/The Top of the Stairs KPC 180204
Clohessy, Seán, McComiskey, Sean, Dukes, Josh, Mulqueen, Matt & Jordan, Kieran St Patrick's Day IMS 180508
Tossers, The St Patrick's Day SNO 180312
Flying Toads, The Stan Chapman's ICM 180802
Peelers, The Stand down, Cleary PRR 180204
O'Donovan, Aoife Stanley Park CIAT 180318
Bangers & Mash Star of the County Down, The CIAT 180722
Dun Aengus Star of the County Down, The PS 180123
Huellou, Pol & Friends Star of the County Down, The CIAT 180715
Salt House, The Staring at stars FS 180319
Stanley & Grimm Stars over Cloughanover/Randy Miller's tour of Scotland ICM 180614
Douglas, Blair Stella Della Speranza, La (The Star Of Hope) FS 180410
Dust Rhinos, The Step it out, Mary ICM 180607
Drones-n-Drums, The Sterling disaster, The ICM 180201
Thompson, Richard Stony ground CIAT 180211
Drunken Dolly, The Stop PRR 180204
Gaelic Storm Storks of Guadalajara, The CIAT 180513
Hyde, Joanna & O Meachair, Tadhg Storms are on the ocean, The KPC 180812
Vallely, Cillian Stormy Hill KPC 180603
Solasta Stout's trip ICM 180510
Smith, Jerry Read Strayaway child, The KPC 180805
Pogues, The Streams of whiskey, The PRR 180315
Amidon, Sam Streets of Derry, The IMS 180612
Cassie & Maggie Strip the willow set, The CIAT 180408
Trinity River Whalers, The Strong women rule us all ICM 180503
Shee, The Sugar and Pie FS 180319
We Banjo 3 Sugar House CP 180801
We Banjo 3 Sugar House KPC 180812
Raleigh, Darren Summer before the war, The ICM 180607
Bangers & Mash Summer in Dublin CIAT 180708
Bangers & Mash Summer in Dublin CIAT 180812
Bangers & Mash Summer in Dublin CIAT 180909
Merry Hell Summer is a-comin' CIAT 180128
Merry Hell Summer is a-comin' CIAT 180527
Merry Hell Summer is a-comin' CIAT 180624
Boucher, Gillian Summer school waltz, The ICM 180607
Boucher, Gillian Summer school waltz, The ICM 180809
Leaping Lulu Summer storm, The ICM 180809
Jamie Smith's Mabon Summer's lament ICM 180809
Here & Now, The Summerfly, The IMS 180524
Milton, Jonathan Sunday brunch set, The ICM 180329
Kelly, Geoffrey Sunflower girl, The CIAT 180429
Pogues, The Sunny side of the street, The PRR 180315
Melisande Sur la ritintin CIAT 180513
Sutherland, Adam Sushi 7/8 FS 180204
Bridgid's Cross Swallowtail jig, The ICM 180222
Merry Hell Sweet oblivion, The CIAT 180211
Faulkner, John Sweet Thames, flow softly KPC 180729
Cortese, Laura Swing and turn (AKA Jubilee) ICM 180628
Langer's Ball, The Sword of light, The SNO 180103
Langer's Ball, The Sword of light, The PRR 180204
Goitse Ta Se 'Na La CIAT 180825
Hibernia Taim Cortha ICM 180913
Planxty Taimse Im Chodladh KPC 180415
Skerryvore Take my hand FS 180523
McRae, Jimi Taliesin ICM 180621
Bridgid's Cross Tam Lin/The Mason's apron ICM 180308
East Pointers, The Tanglewood KPC 180211
Adamh Tara ICM 180222
Barleyjuice Tartan is the colour of my true love's hair ICM 180405
Harper, Brid Tartan on the heather set, The CP 180501
Makem & Spain Brothers, The Tavern down by the harbour KPC 180729
Basco Tea in the garden CIAT 180701
Miller, Ed Teacher's rant, The ICM 180809
Radiators, The Teenager in love, The PRR 180315
Radiators From Space, The Television screen, The (Single version) PRR 180315
Peoples, Tommy Tell her I am/The chorus jig KPC 180826
Epsylon Temp, Le CIAT 180318
Indianapolis Ceili Band. The Tempest, The/The maids of castlebar/Maudabawn Chapel KPC 180204
Agee, Adam & Sousa, John Tempest, The/The Porthole of Kelp/The road to Garrison KPC 180722
Templars of Doom, The Templars erupt, The ICM 180111
Flying Toads, The Templeglantine ICM 180726
Battlefield Band, The Tending the steer CIAT 180513
Frigg Tepeq CIAT 180422
Fowlis, Julie Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird a' Chuain FS 180319
Flogging Molly There's nothing left, Part 2 CIAT 180729
McConnell, Cathal There's the day KPC 180722
Horton, Bobby This is my father's world KPC 180617
Elders, The This is true PS 180213
Mudmen, The This old world CIAT 180603
Firkin Those Irish punk girls ICM 180712
Firkin Those Irish punk girls PRR 180715
Pogues, The Thousands are sailing PRR 180315
Irvine, Andy Thousands are sailing to America IMS 180313
Imar Through the Trade/Mean Fouyir/The Hairy Dog Leaf KPC 180408
Duncan, Gordon Thunderstruck CIAT 180415
Mugar Thura CIAT 180520
Mugar Thura CIAT 180819
Medusa's Wake Tilly Devine PRR 180704
Folan, Declan Tilly Finn's/The lasses of Carracastle/John Brennan's CP 180601
Madden , Kevin Tim O'Leary's/The New Years Waltz KPC 180107
Iona Time machine set, The ICM 180322
Malarkeys, The Time machine, The CIAT 180325
Altan Tin key, The CIAT 180218
Figgy Duff Tinker behind the door, The KPC 180520
Lunasa Tinker's frolics, The KPC 180304
Lunasa Tinker's frolics, The ICM 180322
Lunasa Tinker's frolics, The CIAT 180603
Lunasa Tinker's frolics, The CIAT 180715
Kilmaine Saints, The Tiocfaidh Ar La PRR 180204
Gannon, Cormac Tipping it up to Nancy ICM 180125
Paul McKenna Band, The Tipping point, The KPC 180211
MacDonald, Jamie & Gamauf, Christian Tiree melodies, The FS 180823
James, Jodee Titrwm Tatrwm/Hiraeth ICM 180104
James, Jodee Titrwm Tatrwm/Hiraeth ICM 180315
MacIsaac, Ashley To America we go CIAT 180715
Led Farmers, The To offer IMS 180524
Peterson, Carl To the field, free men (Draw the sword, Scotland) ICM 180614
Chulrua Tobin's favorite/Willie Clancy's/Paddy Taylor's KPC 180429
Go Set, The Tojo bombs, The PRR 180704
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tom Ashe's March/The Black Haired Lass/The Spike Island Lasses IMS 180313
Clifford, Julia & Murphy, Denis Tom Billy jigs, The KPC 180812
O'Connor, Gerry Tom Billy's jigs CP 180901
Chieftains, The Tom Billy's/The Road to Lisdoonvarna/The Merry Sisters KPC 180218
New York Brogue, The Tom Paine's bones (Live) ICM 180906
Keane Family, The Tom Ward's downfall/Willie Coleman's KPC 180722
High Seas, The Tomas Clancy's No. 2/The Monasteryden Fancy/Music in the Glen KPC 180708
Coyne, Eamonn Tommy & Jerry KPC 180114
Sliotar Tonight's the night ICM 180809
Guihen, Tommy Tonn Teine/The Torn Jacket/Longford Spinster CP 180401
DM Bob & Country Jem Too late for tequila PRR 180315
Dolphin Boy, The Too many fiddles CIAT 180805
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180101
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180201
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180301
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180401
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180501
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180601
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180701
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180801
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180901
Glackin, Paddy Top it off/The sunny banks CP 180201
Glackin, Paddy Top it off/The sunny banks CP 180301
Wolf & Clover Top of Cork Road , The/First Avenue/The Merry Maiden ICM 180215
Pogues, The Tosspint, The PRR 180315
Kelly, Luke Town I loved so well, The KPC 180506
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Town, The CIAT 180311
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Town, The CIAT 180805
Heaton, Matt Travel theme, The IMS 180410
Rathkeltair Trees ICM 180426
Bedlam Trees they grow high, The ICM 180426
Rowan Tree, The Tresor ICM 180726
Lunasa Tribute to Larry, The KPC 180603
Tartanic Trimming the bush ICM 180726
Deck, Jacob & Heaton, Shannon Trip to Durrow, The IMS 180710
Skerryvore Trip to Modera, The CIAT 180805
Mithril Trip to Skye, The/Brenda Stubbert's/The Hunter's Purse/Tommy Peoples ICM 180329
Fiddlinda Tripping ICM 180517
De Danann Tripping up the stairs/A Trip to Athlone KPC 180318
Heaton, Matt Triumph theme, The IMS 180410
Heaton, Matt Triumph theme, The IMS 180508
Heaton, Matt Triumph theme, The IMS 180814
O'Leary, Eamon Trouble no more KPC 180610
Pogues, The Tuesday morning PRR 180315
McGoldrick, Michael Tunin Dre CIAT 180520
McGoldrick, Michael Tunin Dre CIAT 180819
Daimh Turas Dhomhsa Chun Na Galldachd CIAT 180701
McGoldrick, Michael Turin Dre CIAT 180805
Kilt Lifters, The Twa sisters, The ICM 180412
Stump Tail Dolly, The Twang diddle PRR 180204
Wonderful Grand Band, The UIC KPC 180520
Altan Ullaghan lasses, The/The Cameroonian/Pigeon On The Gate CIAT 180225
Lunasa Unapproved road, The CIAT 180825
Madden, Joanie Uncle Dano's/The midnight hornpipe KPC 180819
Marum, Jed, Morrison, Hugh & Brown, Mason Uncle Joe ICM 180517
Fighting Jamesons, The Uncle Michael PRR 180415
Songs of Separation Unst boat song, The FS 180319
Flogging Molly Until we meet again CIAT 180520
Flogging Molly Until we meet again CIAT 180819
Cassidy, Con Untitled slip jig, The/Highland/Miss Ramsey's CP 180401
Foye, Dene Up among the heather ICM 180419
Drowsy Lads, The Up and about in the morning KPC 180902
Ciana Up in the rafters/The Heart-shaped wood/The Kinnegad slashers ICM 180201
Gannon, Cormac Up Mayo ICM 180301
Bottlers, The Up she rises PRR 180704
Power, David & Kelly, Willie Úr Chnoc Chein Mhic Cháinte KPC 180401
Moray, Jim Valentine, The CIAT 180204
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Valse de Balfa, La/The Bathtub CIAT 180128
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Valse de Balfa, La/The Bathtub CIAT 180812
MAZ Valse du Souvenir CIAT 180128
Trouble Pilgrims, The Velvet tongue, The SNO 180103
Thorpe, Daniel Venus in tweeds/The Earl of Crawford FS 180204
Guihen, Tommy View across the valley, The/Father Newman's KPC 180107
HEISK Virr/The German surprise FS 180319
Solas Vital mental medicine, The CIAT 180825
Genticorum Voici le temps CIAT 180506
Mighty Stef, The & MacGowan, Shane Waiting around to die PRR 180315
Ur: The Future of Our Past Waking hour, The KPC 180408
We Banjo 3 War of Love, The KPC 180812
Old Blind Dogs, The Warlike lads of Russia, The FS 180410
Tickle Harbour Warlike lads of Russia, The KPC 180513
American Rogues, The Warrior's salute, The PS 180520
Gothard Sisters, The Water is wide, The ICM 180208
Lunasa & O'Brien, Tim Water is wise, The KPC 180603
Tickle Harbour Water Street jigs, The KPC 180520
Moonrakers, The Waulkin o'er the Fauld ICM 180830
Payne, Jim & O'Byrne, Fergus Wave over wave KPC 180513
Pogues, The Waxie's Dargle PRR 180315
Pikeys, The Waxies Dargle ICM 180705
Young Dubliners, The Waxies Dargle CIAT 180415
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Way over yonder in the minor key CIAT 180729
Mr Irish Bastard We are the drunks PRR 180415
Scott, Aoife We know where we stand KPC 180826
Young Dubliners, The We, the mighty CIAT 180128
Young Dubliners, The We, the mighty CIAT 180513
Changing Room, The We will remember them PS 180520
Casey, Karan We're going sailing ICM 180419
Gunn, Marc Wear the brown with pride PS 180213
Gunn, Marc Wear the brown with pride PS 180520
Scanlon, Pauline Wearin' the britches CIAT 180902
Hunter, Fiona Weary Pund O' Tow, The FS 180319
Boiled in Lead Wedding dress, The CIAT 180204
Byrne, Matthew Wedding waltz, The KPC 180520
Kennedy, Nuala Wee whistle set, The KPC 180715
O'Connell, Robbie Week before Easter, A IMS 180911
Moray, Jim Week before Easter, The CIAT 180401
Barleyjuice Weekend Irish, The ICM 180705
McLaughlin, Sarah Weep not for the memories IMS 180213
Syr Weight of the world, The ICM 180705
Flogging Molly Welcome to Adamstown CIAT 180708
Come From Away Original Broadway Cast Welcome to the Rock KPC 180527
Harris, W Ed Well below the valley, The ICM 180726
Dolphin Boy, The West Highland Line, The CIAT 180812
Dolphin Boy, The West Highland Line, The CIAT 180909
Gavin, Larry West wind, The/The new road CP 180901
Shaw, Eilidh & Martin, Ross Westcoaster, The FS 180110
Brown, Mason Western lasses, The/My sweetheart Jane ICM 180517
Carroll, Liz & Sproule, Daithi Western reel, The/The road to recovery IMS 180814
Emerald Accent, The Westlin Wind, The PS 180614
Cave, Nick & MacGowan, Shane What a wonderful world PRR 180315
Gunn, Marc What shall we do with a catnipped kitty? PS 180415
Bachand, Qristina & Bachand, Quinn What you do with what you got CIAT 180107
Keane, Sean, Molloy, Matt & O'Flynn, Liam Wheels of the World, The/The Pinch of Snuff/The Fair Haired Boy KPC 180415
Chieftains, The When a man's in love KPC 180218
Anderson, Jamie When cats take over the world PS 180415
Hayes, Sarah When Fortune turns the wheel FS 180319
Willmott, John, the Woodland Bard When the bards arrived ICM 180621
McComiskey, Sean & Dukes, Josh When the cock crows it is morn IMS 180508
Gunn, Marc When the dairy farm caught fire PS 180415
Yother, Ed Where I told her I loved her and sprained her ankle/Gander in the pratie hole/Persistence of Noel Reid KPC 180506
Doyle, Alan Where the nightingales sing KPC 180506
Ceann Where's your kilt? ICM 180405
Smith, Emily & McClennan, Jamie While roving on a Winter's night FS 180523
Celtic Cross Whirl spin girl, The CIAT 180415
Barleyjuice Whiskey & weed CIAT 180506
Kilmaine Saints, The Whiskey blues and faded tattoos PRR 180415
Langer's Ball, The Whiskey chaser, The CIAT 180304
Langer's Ball, The Whiskey chaser, The CIAT 180610
Furey, Finbar Whiskey come to me on Sunday ICM 180419
Crawley, Hopper & Reilly Whiskey in the jar ICM 180104
Narrowbacks, The Whiskey River KPC 180902
Mahones, The Whiskey under the bridge CIAT 180107
Pogues, The Whiskey, you're the Devil PRR 180315
Kilmaine Saints, The Whiskey's calling, The PRR 180415
Marys Lane Whiskeytown ICM 180419
Screeched Inn, The Whisky in the jar PS 180123
Screeched Inn, The Whisky in the jar ICM 180125
Carty, John Whistling postman, The IMS 180710
Gannon, Sean, Keith, George & Heaton, Matt Whistling postman, The IMS 180710
Maguire, Seamus Whistling postman, The IMS 180710
Led Farmers, The White set, The ICM 180222
Proclaimers, The Whole wide world, The CIAT 180722
Knopfler, Mark Why, Aye, Man CIAT 180610
Gunn, Marc Why do you torture me? PS 180614
Christine & the Kilts Wi' a hundred pipers ICM 180322
Gavin, Lar & O'Rourke, Micheal Wicked gander, The CP 180701
Irish Experience, The Wicked jig, The CIAT 180513
Irish Experience, The Wicked jig, The CIAT 180708
Mile Twelve Wickwire CIAT 180114
NUA Wide open ICM 180308
Kilrush Wild as the heather ICM 180315
Kindred Kilts, The Wild colonial boy, The (Live) ICM 180125
Wolf & Clover Wild goose, The ICM 180111
Boot, The Wild honey, The CIAT 180617
Kilted Kings, The Wild mountain thyme, The PS 180123
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Wild rover, The PS 180123
Gaelic Fury Band, The Wild rover, The ICM 180830
Mahones, The Wild rover, The SNO 180312
Pogues, The Wild rover, The PRR 180315
Iona Wildwood flower, The CIAT 180211
Iona Wildwood flower, The ICM 180503
Clover's Revenge Will we ever make it home? ICM 180823
Claymore Will ye nae back again? ICM 180315
Power, David Will you come down to Limerick? KPC 180401
Moray, Jim William of Barbary CIAT 180114
Moray, Jim William of Barbary CIAT 180916
Moray, Jim William Taylor CIAT 180527
Talty, Jack & Begley, Cormac Willie Clancy's Curragh Races/Crossing the Shannon/Arkil Mountain KPC 180729
Marum, Jed, Morrison, Hugh & Brown, Mason Willie Coleman tune set, The ICM 180517
BibleCode Sundays, The Willie Redmond's Volunteers SNO 180517
Spencer & Beane Willie Stuart/Largo's fairy dance ICM 180823
Sansone, Maggie Willie's old trousers & the tartan ICM 180405
Black, Michael Willow tree, The ICM 180426
Gothard Sisters, The Willow's waltz ICM 180816
Town Pants, The Wind that shakes the corn, The KPC 180701
Coast, The Windmills in the sky CIAT 180107
O'Connell, Robbie, Moloney, Mick & Keane, Jimmy Winning side, The IMS 180612
Rogues, The Winnipeg forger, The CIAT 180429
Readman, Tim & Bice, Jennie Winter song, The CIAT 180128
Smiley, Moira Wiseman, The CIAT 180422
Smiley, Moira Wiseman, The CIAT 180825
Lawrence, Anthea Wiser maid, The ICM 180726
Spirit of the West, The Wishing line, The CIAT 180708
Skipinnish & Jones, Malcolm Wishing well, The FS 180523
Marum, Jed Witch's Well, The ICM 180517
Bauhan, Sarah Woodland dream, The KPC 180304
Black Rock Dawg, The Work proud PRR 180204
Sir Reg Wrong bar, The PRR 180415
Bill Grogan's Goat Ye Jacobites by name SNO 180103
Pogues, The Yeah yeah yeah yeah (12" Single Remix) PRR 180315
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Yellow coat CIAT 180121
Begley, Cormac Yellow tinker, The IMS 180410
Eure, Tom Yes, please ICM 180614
Proclaimers, The You build me up CIAT 180114
Proclaimers, The You built me up CIAT 180902
Ne'er Duwels, The You're the one ICM 180308
Gillogly, Samantha & Maurice, Tim Young Catherine/James Bethag ICM 180215
Pogues, The Young Ned of the hill PRR 180315
McCulloch, Gordeanna & the Clutha Yowie Wi the Crookit Horn, The (feat. Calum Allan, Erlend Voy & Ronnie Alexander) FS 180319
Innisfall Zero gravity ICM 180906