2017 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by tune, band/performer, date

All the episodes from 2016 have been added to my comprehensive lists from September 2007 through all of 2016. It took me the two weeks after I got back home from the holidays to do so and standardize all the spellings, capitalizations and punctuation of all the names of the bands & performers and song titles. I'm sure some errors are still there, but since the whole unsorted list came to 385 pages of data I've done with it for now.

10/19/2017 There are new episodes of Celt in a Twist 10/8 & 10/15; Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic music 10/5, 10/12 & 10/19; Irish Music Stories 10/10; Kitchen Party Ceilidh 10/1; and Marc Gunn's Pub songs 10/10

All performances of each tune by each band/performer have been included.

These links are for the actual podcast Websites
67 67 Music
CDT Celtic Dreamtime podscape music, poems, fables & stories
CF Celtic Folk
CIAT Celt in a Twist
CI Celtic Indy, focusing on Celtic musicians & bands from or touring through the Indianapolis area
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow music, poems, fables & stories
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate
E Eist
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture musicians & bands only from Scotland you're unlikely to hear anywhere else
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar lots of Celtic music from Europe; show notes are in English but the commentary is in Portuguese
IMS Irish Music Stories
PNW Pacific NW Celtic Music specializes in musicians & bands from the Pacific NW or touring there
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day podcast with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian Celtic rock & punk
SNO Shite 'n' Onions Celtic rock & punk
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music podcast specializes in musicians & bands from the Twin Cities area or touring there

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2017 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by tune, band/performer, date
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Mac Ìle £50 Cashback FS 170808
Bodh'aktan 1 Autre Nuit PRR 170214
Tempest, The 1 For The Fiddler KPC 170507
Enter the Haggis 1 Last Drink PRR 170917
Mahones, The 1 Last Shot CIAT 170402
Mahones, The 1 Last Shot CIAT 170806
Paul McKenna Band, The 1 More Time KPC 170924
Bow Triplets, The 1 Spot on Earth, The ICM 170420
Gaelic Storm 1, The PRR 170917
Miller, Siobhan 1 Too Many Mornings FS 170217
Sisters of Murphy, The 1 Word of This Kiss PRR 170702
Alternative Ulster, An 10 Guns For Kingston PRR 170214
Lyon, Angus 10,000 Miles CIAT 171001
SMZB 10,000 Ways To Rebel PRR 170214
SMZB 10,000 Ways To Rebel ICM 170615
SMZB 10,000 Ways To Rebel PRR 170619
Socks in the Frying Pan, The 113.5784 KPC 170203
Gobshites, The 12 Steps PRR 170702
Kilkenny Knights, The 13 Brave PRR 170214
Dalla 17 Come Sunday KPC 170120
O'Beirne, Gerry & Shipley, Rosie 1874 ICM 170413
Beltaine 2 Hours After St Patrick's Day PS 170307
Beltaine 2 Hours After St Patrick's Day ICM 170316
Jiggernaut 2 Minute's Silence ICM 170216
Lunasa 2 of a Kind KPC 170312
Eat Your Guru 2 Sheets To The Wind CIAT 170716
Beausoleil 2 Step De Port Arthur CIAT 170212
Brick Top Blaggers, The 2 Years Enough PRR 170519
Craic, The 20 Years Later SNO 170912
West of Eden 20 Years of Traveling ICM 170504
Crikwater 3 Drunken Maidens, The ICM 170406
Newcomer, Carrie 3 Feet Or So CIAT 170205
Trimble, Gerald 3 Men of Brittany, The/The Wild Men of Steel KPC 170217
Edey, Tim 3 Miles from Annascaul ICM 170907
Sharks Come Crusin', The 3 Score and Ten SNO 170211
Clohessy, Sean, McComiskey, Sean & Jordan, Kieran 3 Sea Captains, The IMS 170911
Barleyjuice 3 Sheets to the Wind, Pt. 1 ICM 170831
Quinn, Joe & Horner, Sammy 3 Things, The CIAT 171008
Celtic Rebels Band, The 32 United, The PRR 170317
Dropkick Murphys, The 4/15/2013 PRR 170702
Kellswater Bridge, The 4 Loom Weaver, The ICM 170720
Go Set, The 5 AM live) KPC 170813
McGoldrick/McCusker/Doyle 5 for Buckfast KPC 170924
Battlelegs 6 Fights PS 170124
Readman, Tim 6 Years CIAT 170226
Battlefield Band, The 7 Braw Gowns/Miss MacLeod's Minuet ICM 170119
Carbon Leaf 7 Brides for 7 Sinners ICM 170209
Brobdingnagian Bards, The 7 drunken nights PS 170912
Peoples, Tommy 9 Points of Roguery, The/Bean An It Ar Lar KPC 170806
Duhks, The 95 South CIAT 170312
Feufollet A Saint-Martin CIAT 170409
Runa A Stor, A Stor, A Ghra ICM 170511
Casey, Karan A Stor Mo Chroi IMS 170314
Stockton's Wing Aaron's Key KPC 170611
Heaton, Matt Abbey reel, The IMS 170509
Heaton, Matt Abbey reel, The IMS 171010
Fraser, Kimberley Aberdeen KPC 170514
Peatbog Faeries, The Abhainn A'nathair CIAT 170319
Scuurvy Across The Seven Seas PRR 170919
Saor Patrol, The AD/BC CIAT 170115
Vent du Nord, Le Adieu, Marie CIAT 170416
Vent du Nord, Le Adieu, Marie CIAT 170827
Lane, Julia Adoro te Devote/For the Beauty of the Earth ICM 170420
Casey, Karan Ae Fond Kiss ICM 170622
Kellerman, Wouter African hornpipe, The CIAT 170625
Heaton, Matt After Hours Theme, The IMS 170411
Heaton, Matt After Hours Theme, The IMS 170613
Kalsi, Johnny & the Dhol Foundation After the rain CIAT 170528
Sketch, The After the storm CIAT 170625
Hanley, Patsy Ah, Surely/Martin Wynne's CP 170201
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Air a' Ghille Tha Mo Rùn/It Is The Lad That I Love ICM 170713
Navan Airdi Chuain ICM 170518
Hermitage Green Aisling CIAT 170723
Ciana Al Letanant Schnitt O Kimiadin Ar 5ved Kompagnunez/February Reel #1/The Arms Dealer's Daughter ICM 170831
Machlis, Paul Alasdair John Cameron Graham KPC 170430
Keeley, Tim Albert McGinnis ICM 170413
Bennett, Martyn Ale House, The CIAT 170730
Alestorm, The Alestorm, The PRR 170919
Scott, Aoife All Along the Wild Atlantic Way KPC 170827
Sliotar All Around Lough Gill ICM 170420
Sidh, The All In One Day CIAT 170409
Go Set, The All Our Friends PRR 170816
Keir, Nick All Over This Town FS 170622
Sir Reg All Saints Day SNO 170912
Finlayson, Cady & Tanga, Vita All Set for St Pat's ICM 170105
Merry Hell All The Bright Blossoms CIAT 170618
Moray, Jim All You Pretty Girls CIAT 170910
Riley, Steve & the Mamou Playboys Allons Boir Un Coup CIAT 170702
Fretless, The Alphjonzo McKenzie's CIAT 170122
Fretless, The Alphonzo McKenzie's/Salkantay Independent CIAT 170101
McGhee, Laura Always Tomorrow ICM 170720
Monaghan, Brendan Am Bainne ICM 170518
New Shilling, The Amanda Lynn/Ponerosa Cone Chucker/Bridgewater Corners ICM 170921
Kierah Amber Eyes CIAT 170305
Kierah Amber Eyes CIAT 170514
Carbon Leaf American Tale , The PRR 170816
Amadan Amore Des Me Amores/The Gates of Aberdeen ICM 170209
White, Alasdair Amorous Lover, The ICM 170914
Beoga Amsterdam blues, The CIAT 170924
Gillogly, Samantha & Maurice, Tim An Alarc'h/Brian Boru's March/Glennlivet ICM 170216
McCarthy Family, The An Buachail Dreoite/Kitty Got A Clinking CP 170601
Vintage Wildflowers, The An Buachaillin Ban Set, The ICM 170216
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caoimhin An Buailteoir Aerach/The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land CP 170201
Dual An Cóisir/ Chuirinn Mo Ghiollan A Dh'iomain Nan Caorach, Dual KPC 170903
Kennedy, Lexia An Coolin/Miss Cathy Chilcott/Laura's/Jimmy Giblin's KPC 170416
Manran An Dà Là FS 170316
Salsa Celtica An Danns Elegua CIAT 170101
Salsa Celtica An Danns Elegua CIAT 170528
Green Fields of America, The An Gaoth Andheas (The South Wind) KPC 170402
Unwanted, The An Phis Fliuch CIAT 171008
Baka Beyond An T-Oighr'og CIAT 171015
Hernons, The Anach Cuain KPC 170507
McAlinden, Peter Anach Cuan/The Kilavil Jig/The Morning Dew CP 170901
Afro Celt Sound System, The Anatomic CIAT 170219
Celtica Andy Renwick's ferret CIAT 170430
Rachel Hair Trio, The Angel, The ICM 170309
Melisande Angelique CIAT 170409
Mahones, The Angels & demons CIAT 170122
Serras Anglaise CIAT 170305
Whalebone Anglicana ICM 170112
Black Market Haggis, The Angus and the Kilt ICM 170406
Black Market Haggis, The Angus and the Kilt ICM 170713
9Bach Anian CIAT 170101
9Bach Anian CIAT 170226
9Bach Anian CIAT 170326
9Bach Anian CIAT 170827
Gareiss, Nic & Carroll, Liz Anlon McKinney/Mind the Dresser IMS 170911
Sabir Sisters, The Anna's Anger CIAT 170326
Rarity, Hannah Anna's Lullaby FS 170217
Moorings, The Another Drinking Wound PRR 170816
12th Day, The Another Phase in History FS 170519
Doherty, Liz & Lapp, Daniel Ansacht Na nAnsacht KPC 170210
Breath, The Antwerp CIAT 170101
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caoimhin Aoibhinn Cronan/The Hopstores/The Lily of the Valley CP 170201
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caoimhin Aoibhinn Cronan/The Hopstores/The Lily of the Valley CP 170401
Hawp Aoife Orla Jigs, The ICM 170216
Fretless, The Aphonso McKenzie CIAT 170723
Smithfield Fair, The Appin, Mo Chridhe ICM 170223
Doyle, John Arabic KPC 170127
Ockham's Razor Are you alright, Liz? ICM 170309
Ockham's Razor Are you alright, Liz? ICM 170921
MacPhee, Cyril Arm of Gold, The KPC 170604
Crikwater Arthur McBride PS 170509
Gunn, Marc Arthur McBride PS 170307
Saor Patrol , The Artur Ard Righ CIAT 170917
Saor Patrol, The Artur Ard Righ CIAT 170416
Hayden, Cathal Arty's Reels: The Boyne Hunt/The Controversial/The Donegal KPC 170820
Walsh, Tom As I Roved Out KPC 170217
9Bach Aseri Mou CIAT 170115
Fraser, Robbie & Isaac Ashley Influence, The KPC 170611
Hill, Noel & MacMahon, Tony Ashplant, The CP 171001
Hill, Noel Ask My Father/The Boys of Bluehill CP 170701
Electrics, The At all, at all, at all CIAT 171015
Troxler, Bill Auchanachie Gordon ICM 170223
Inyal Augenblick FS 170622
McKintree Boys, The Auld Pat Henry, The PRR 170917
Dubliners, The Auld Triangle, The KPC 170319
Heaton, Shannon, Gilchrist, Maeve & League, Paddy Aunt Jane's Trip to Norway/It Goes As Follies/Eddie Duffy's ICM 170622
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Aupures Du Poele CIAT 170101
O'Lionaird, Iarla Aurora CIAT 170129
Peat in the Creel, The Autumn child, The ICM 170914
Seiva Azul CIAT 170319
Berroguetto Azul Graso CIAT 170924
Glengarry Bhoys, The B Minor Reel, The CIAT 170723
Duff, Dom Babel Pow Wow, The ICM 170810
Fables, The Back Down By The Shore KPC 170813
Jamie Clarke's Perfect Back From Hell SNO 170515
Jig to a Milestone Back home in Derry CIAT 170423
Jig to a Milestone Back home in Derry CIAT 170716
Red Rebel County Back home in Derry PRR 170317
Bunch of Bastards, A Back in the day PRR 170214
Beoga Back in the lab CIAT 170129
Newberry & Verch Back Up and Push/Carleton County Breakdown/John Brown's Dream/Angus Campbell KPC 170210
Prydein Backdraft ICM 170316
Bad Haggis, The Bad Haggis, The ICM 171012
O'Connor, Gerry Bag of Spuds, The/The Copper Plate KPC 170224
Battlefield Band, The Bagpipe Music CIAT 170205
O'Connor, Sinead Baidin Fhelimi CIAT 170611
Carnahan, Danny Bailliff's Daughter of Islington, The/The Mad Otter's Holt KPC 170312
Changing Room, The Bal Maiden's Waltz, The ICM 171005
Battlefield Band, The Balarat Jig, The CIAT 170312
Carnahan, Danny Ballad of Capel Street, The KPC 170625
Tullamore Ballad of Jack Dolan, The ICM 170427
Bedlam Bards, The Ballad of Joss, The ICM 170504
Nardini, Peter Ballad of Lawrence Orange and Eugene Green, The ICM 170803
Cameron, John Allan Ballindalloch Castle/The Atholl Highlanders/Farewell to the Creeks KPC 170917
Buttons & Bows Ballydesmond Polka, The/Jack the Bridge/Joe Burke's Polka KPC 170604
Reid, Alan & Conlan, Rachel Ballykinleer Reel, The/Hill 60/The Milky Way KPC 170709
Elders, The Ballymun Road KPC 170611
Kennedy, Seamus Ballyneety's Walls ICM 170706
Ceili Family, The Band of Bowsies, The SNO 170515
Carolina Ceili, The Banish Misfortune/The Moon Coin Jig ICM 170511
Duplets, The Banks of Ness, The/The Euro Jig ICM 170713
Ripper, Eugene Banks of Newfoundland, The CIAT 170806
Roads to Home, The Bantry Girl's Lament, The ICM 170928
Kennedy's Kitchen Bar of Chocolate, The/The Smashed Potatoes ICM 170629
Sharkey, Jim Bar on the Square, The KPC 170709
Sharkey, Jim Bar on the Square, The ICM 170831
Albannach Bare Arsed Bandits, The ICM 170713
Chambless, Jil, Taylor, John & Muse, Scooter Barmaid set, The ICM 171019
Sketch, The Barn the Tanjo CIAT 170521
Battlelegs Barnyards of Delgaty, The ICM 170126
Gunn, Marc Barrel song, The PS 170725
Shannon, Sharon Bas Pelles KPC 170709
Fox ‘n' Firkin Bastard Brigade, The PRR 170816
Rolling Kings, The Bastard in Our Soil, The PRR 170702
Peelers, The Bastard of the Bunch, The SNO 170515
Peelers, The Bastard of the Bunch, The PRR 170702
Noctambule Bastardo's Waltz KPC 170423
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Bastille CIAT 170813
Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew , The Batten Down the Hatches! PRR 170919
Kilmaine Saints, The Battle Cry, The PRR 170519
Loughnane, Kathleen Battle of Aughrim, The CP 170301
Various Artists/Cape Breton's Greatest Hits Bay of St. Ann's, The KPC 170917
Smith, Tom Be A Dragon PS 170124
Dennehy:, Tim Be still as you are beautiful CP 170301
Hedningarna Bear, The CIAT 170219
Coig Bedlam Boys, The KPC 170709
Talbot, Heidi Bedlam Boys, The PS 170606
Flook Beehive, The: The Beehive/Poon Hill/Vladimir's Steamboat ICM 170330
Gaelic Storm Beer song, The PRR 170917
McDerry Beeswing ICM 170112
Skeleton McKee Before the Devil Knows We're Dead ICM 170427
Freels, The Beggar's Reels, The KPC 170611
Clan of Celts, The Beggars, Celts and Madmen PRR 170702
Peelers, The Beggars, Rats & Boozers SNO 170515
Hogeye Navvy, The Being A Pirate KPC 170716
Byrne & Kelly Belfast ICM 170323
Coleman, Raymond Belfast Mill, The PRR 170317
Raney, Colleen & MacCarthaigh, Colm Belfast Mountains, The ICM 170216
Verch, April Belle Election, La CIAT 170716
Guihen, Tommy Bellharbour, The/The Piper'sDespair/Boys of Dublin CP 170801
New Road, The Ben's Brogues/The Whinny Hills of Leitrim/The Leitrim Quickstep/Jig for Johnny KPC 170224
Foreman, Michael Bere Island/The Broken Pledge/Martin Wynne's #2 KPC 170416
Choiniere, Michele Bergere Encore, La CIAT 170514
Reid, Alan & Conlan, Rachel Bernie Cunnion's Fling/The Highest Hill in Sligo/David's Dream KPC 170514
Rideout, Bonnie Bert Gonnella's Jig/Lizzie Duncan's Fancy/Ron Gone ICM 170713
Bodh'aktan Besoin d'air SNO 170317
Katz, Mike Best Englishman, The/Chase the Train/Mr. MacKinnon of Corry/Le tire-bouchon ICM 170928
Nevermind Nessie Best of Foes, The ICM 170615
Nevermind Nessie Best of Foes, The PRR 170619
Iona Beth Ywr Haf I Mi/Llongau Caernanarfon ICM 170525
John Byrne Band, The Betsy Ross Bridge, The ICM 170727
Celkilt Better PRR 170816
Elders, The Better Days Ahead CIAT 170108
Celtica Pipes Rock Beyond Avalon ICM 170330
Ossian Bide Ye Yet FS 170808
Coast, The Big Blue Sky, The ICM 170323
Slàinte Mhath Big Jigs, The KPC 170507
Celtara Billy Be Fair KPC 170702
McCrae's Battalion, The Billy McConnell ICM 170810
Malinky Billy Taylor FS 170808
Fretless, The Bird's Nest, The CIAT 170108
Fretless, The Bird's Nest, The CIAT 170416
Fretless, The Bird's Nest, The CIAT 170910
Glengarry Bhoys, The Birkin Tree, The CIAT 170924
Kilmaine Saints, The Black & Blue Jig SNO 170717
O'Reillys, The & the Paddyhats Black & White, The PRR 170214
Running Wild Black Bart PRR 170919
Keith, George, Mullen, Adam Cole & Heaton, Shannon Black haired lass, The IMS 170411
Linder, Jesse Black is the color ICM 170817
Offa Rex Black leg miner, The CIAT 170625
Offa Rex Black leg miner, The CIAT 170806
Offa Rex Black leg miner, The CIAT 171008
Reidy, Tony Black Pudding Music, The CP 170901
Running Wild Black Skies, Red Flag PRR 170919
Screeched Inn, The Black velvet band, The ICM 170914
Blackstone Cuil Blackstone Cuil ICM 170126
Willis Clan, The Blast O'Reels, The ICM 170629
Eleuteri, Angelo Blind Mary KPC 170618
Strathspey and Surreal Society, The Bloobell Polka, The FS 170316
Dropkick Murphys, The Blood and whiskey SNO 170717
Merry Hell Bloodlines, The CIAT 170604
Merry Hell Bloodlines, The CIAT 170709
Merry Hell Bloodlines, The CIAT 171015
Crepuscule Blow Away the Morning Dew PS 170110
Poitin Blue Bear Polkas: Richard's / Willy Wink's / Blue Bear / Bill Sullivan's ICM 170330
Clifford, Billy Blue Ribbon Polkas 2+1, The CP 170401
Kilted Kings, The Blue Sun, The PS 170509
Cassie & Maggie Blue Willow, The CIAT 170129
Bayou Ramblers, The Blues de Bernadette CIAT 170226
Spiro Blyth High Light, The CIAT 170806
Carty, John & Rooney, Brian Bnch of Green Rushes, The/The Stone in the Field/Corry Hilly CP 170401
Realta Bo Mhin na Toitean/Hanley's Reel/The Sailor's Bonnet KPC 170611
Breath, The Boat song, The CIAT 170115
Breath, The Boat song, The CIAT 170528
Black 47 Bobby Kennedy CIAT 170806
Blaggards, The Bog songs, The ICM 170330
Titanicdance Boiler Room, The ICM 170112
Spirited Lads, The Bold O'Donahue ICM 170309
Doyle, Robert Bold Robert Emmet ICM 170518
Dunne, Stevie Bolies Road CIAT 170409
Go Set, The Bones, The SNO 170317
Teada Bonnie Ann/John Kelly's/The Boy In The Boat CP 170401
Malinky Bonnie Hoose O'Airlie, The KPC 170507
Daldry, Peter Bonnie Lass of Fyfie, The ICM 170608
3 Pints Gone Bonnie Portmore ICM 170330
McKee, Andrew Bonnie Portmore ICM 170119
Chambless, Jil & Muse, Scooter Bonnie ship the Diamond, The ICM 171019
Wee Heavies, The Bonnie ship the Diamond, The ICM 170302
Robertson, Jeannie Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No, The FS 170519
Dale, Heather Bonny, bonny broom, The ICM 170713
Lennon, Jenne Bonny Portmore ICM 170713
Potato Pirates, The Boots for Brains PRR 170519
Dervish Boots of Spanish leather, The CIAT 171015
O Meachair, Fiontan Bothar Na Faille/Travellin' Trollope KPC 170217
Hit the Bottle Boys, The Bottle of Smoke, The SNO 171001
Bodh'aktan Bouteille est Agreable, La CIAT 170115
Breabach Bowmore Fair, The KPC 170813
Edey, Tim Box n Fiddle Party! ICM 170831
O'Meara, Garry Box Room Fantasy, The ICM 170223
O'Reillys, The & the Paddyhats Boxer, The ICM 170615
O'Reillys, The & the Paddyhats Boxer, The PRR 170619
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Boy in the boat, The IMS 170509
O'Murchu, Marcas Boy in the Gap, The/The Boy in the Boat/The Boy on the Hilltop CP 170701
Keenan, Paddy & Glackin, Paddy Boyne Hunt, The/Toss the Feathers KPC 170813
Pogues, The Boys from the Country Hell, The PRR 170317
Perkins, Alison & Bown, Nicolas Boys of Galway/The Curragh Races/The Daisy Field KPC 170113
Down by the Glenside Boys of the Old Brigade, The PRR 170317
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfe Tones Boys of the Old Brigade, The PS 170509
McCusker, John Boys of the Puddle, The/The Scullion's Wife KPC 170514
Restless Feet, The Boys of Wexford, The PRR 170816
AmeriCeltic Band, The Braes o' Killiekrankie, The ICM 170907
MacDonald, Howie Braes of Dunvegan, The KPC 170514
McGrath, Maurice Brandon Fair KPC 170210
Drone, The Branle Double, The ICM 170316
Epsylon Brasier, Le CIAT 171008
Wakes, The Brave SNO 170717
Kytami Brave The Storm CIAT 170827
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Breaking of the Fellowship, The PS 170808
Heaton, Matt Breath, Body, Movement IMS 170911
McEvoy, John Brendan McGlinchey's/ Mrs Lawrie's Reel CP 170801
Mahones , The Brian Boru ‘s March CIAT 170917
Mahones, The Brian Boru's March CIAT 170604
Gunn, Marc Bring me home, boys PS 170725
Moray, Jim Bristol Harbour CIAT 170618
Trad, The Broad black brimmer of the IRA, The PRR 170317
Wake the Dead Brokedown Palace, The KPC 170813
O'Donnell, Danny Broken Bridge, The/The Low Level KPC 170604
Girsa feat Flanagan, Maeve Broken clock, The IMS 170613
Danu Broken Pledge Set,The KPC 170305
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Broken Token, The ICM 170216
Jolly Rogues, The Broom of the Cowdenknows, The ICM 170817
Danu Brown-Eyed Bridget KPC 170224
Slainte Mhath Bruce & the Troopers KPC 170917
Vampire Weekend Bryn CIAT 170924
Connolly, Martin & Glynn, Maureen Bubbling Wine, The/The Templehouse/Brendan McMahon's KPC 170409
Williams, John et al Bucks of Oranmore, The IMS 170411
Shannon, Sharon Bull Fiddle, The KPC 170709
Vallely, Cillian Bull's March, The KPC 170507
Brown, Mason Bully for All/St Patrick's Day PS 170307
Drunk & Sailor Bully in the Alley ICM 170223
Old Blind Dogs, The Bunker Hill FS 170217
Murphy, Keith Buonaparte IMS 170710
Dubreuil, Gabriel Burnt Toast, The CIAT 170115
Dubreuil, Gabriel Burnt Toast, The CIAT 170709
Damanta By the Sionnain ICM 170601
Kells, The By Way of Sorrow/Half Past Four/Bill Cheatham KPC 170903
Hernons, The Byrne's/Murphy's KPC 170507
Hackensaw Boys, The C'mon, Baby, Don't Bet Against Me CIAT 170326
Peatbog Faeries, The Caberdrone CIAT 170917
Hall, Mhairi, Reid, Patsy & the Mhairi Hall Trio Cairngorm Dance, The FS 170413
Mile Twelve Call My Soul CIAT 171015
Marum, Jed Calla's Waltz ICM 170105
Bellow Bridge, The Campbell's set, The ICM 171012
Canned Haggis, The Campbelltown Kiltie Ball, The/The Black Haired Lad ICM 170713
Enter the Haggis Can't Trust The News CIAT 170611
Connors, Stompin' Tom Canada Day Up Canada Way KPC 170702
Cormier, J P Canadian Railroad Trilogy, The KPC 170702
Cameron, Douglas Canadians on a Bender to the Wedding KPC 170113
Battlefield Band, The Canongate Twitch, The CIAT 170319
Battlefield Band, The Canongate Twitch, The CIAT 170423
Battlefield Band, The Canongate Twitch, The/The Steamboat To Detroit/Twenty Pounds of Gin/Break Yer Bass Drone ICM 170105
Nesbitt Family, The Caoineadh Eoghan Rua KPC 170827
My Three Kilts Cap'n Sully and the Seaunts (Haht Fahts) PRR 170702
Cormier, Maxim Cape Breton Medley, The KPC 170521
Sons of Skye, The Cape Breton Soldiers, The KPC 170917
Cape Breton Symphony, The Captain Campbell/Sandy Is My Darling/My Brother's Letter KPC 170917
Girsa Captain, Captain ICM 170622
Kila Cardinal Knowledge, The CIAT 170813
Vasen Carl Linnaeus Polones CIAT 170903
Culann's Hounds Carlow set, The: Monaghan Twig/O'neill's March/Follow Me Up to Carlow/Brian ICM 170330
Baldassari, Butch Carolan's Concerto KPC 170618
Sheridan, Christy Carolan's Draught KPC 170618
Ball, Patrick Carolan's quarrel with the landlady KPC 170618
Coulter, Steve & Moore, Harris Carolan's Ramble to Cashel KPC 170618
Ball, Patrick Carolan's Receipt for Drinking KPC 170521
Waterboys, The Carolan's Welcome/The Fisherman's Blues KPC 170618
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Carolina blues, The CIAT 170409
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Carolina blues, The CIAT 171001
Brown, Alison Carrowkeel KPC 170924
Basco Carsten the Fox CIAT 170108
Kennedy, Lexia Cartwheel, The (Paula's)/The Handsome Young Maidens KPC 170416
Jamie Smith's Mabon Caru Pum Merch KPC 170120
String Theory, The Casadh An Tsugain ICM 170706
Murray, Andrew Castle Garden, The CP 170401
Cleghorn Castle Kelly ICM 170427
Island Eddy Castle, The/The Nightingale CP 171001
Jedlicka, Robyn, Kennedy, Lexia & Sheldon, Conor Cat That Ate the Candle, The/Visiting Kittens/Finbar Furry's KPC 170416
Burning Bridget Cleary Cat's Meow, The/Josie McDermott's Reel ICM 170601
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Catnipped Kitty, The PS 170725
Raleigh, Darren Cavan girl, The ICM 170817
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfe Tones Cead Mille Failte ICM 170727
Morrison, Van Celtic New Year KPC 170106
Drink Hunters, The Celtic punks, The PRR 170214
Dharmakasa Celtic Raga CIAT 170402
Black 47 Celtic rocker, The CIAT 170924
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfe Tones Celtic Symphony, The PRR 170317
Shimabukuro, Jake Celtic tune, The CIAT 170924
Horsley, Matthew Centenary March, The/Ballydesmond March KPC 170120
Bottine Souriante, La Cette Bouteille CIAT 170730
Raw Bar Collective, The Chaffpool Post, The/Gan Ainm CP 170901
We Banjo 3 Chair Snapper's Delight, The KPC 170820
Vishten Chalet Groove CIAT 170430
Goitse Chance, The CP 170201
Young Dubliners, The Chance, The CIAT 170430
Half Pint, The Chandler's Wife, The PS 170606
Go Set, The Change the world CIAT 171015
Go Set , The Change The World CIAT 170903
Bennett, Martyn Chanter, The CIAT 170326
Granville, Aoife Chapel Street/John Brady's No. 9 KPC 170820
Crawford, Kevin Chapter 3 CP 170801
Kilrush Charlie on the MTA ICM 170316
Railroad Earth, The Chasin' A Rainbow CIAT 170430
MAZ Chasse-Galerie CIAT 170423
Genticorum Chasse, Le CIAT 171008
Sonic Impulse, The Chenier Shuffle, The ICM 170216
Feufollet Chere Beth CIAT 170604
Kirkpatrick, John Cheshire Hornpipe, A/Black Mary's Hornpipe KPC 170514
MacTalla Mor Chi Mi Na Morbheanna ICM 170727
Opland, Tania Chi Mi Na Morbheanna ICM 170921
Danu Chicago Set, The KPC 170224
Emerald Rose, The Chicken Raid of Cymru, The ICM 170921
Stone Row, The Chicken Water CIAT 170108
Chieftains, The Chieftains Reunion, The KPC 170113
Crowley, Chrissy Chisholm Influence, The KPC 170423
Burning Bridget Cleary Chloe's Passion ICM 170309
Alano, Dmitri Christy Barry's #1/Christy Barry's #2 KPC 170827
Bottine Souriante, La Chus Chatouilleux CIAT 171008
BibleCode Sundays, The Cinderella Man, The SNO 170717
Paperboys City of Chains, The CIAT 170430
Weir, Christine Clan Mac Donald ICM 170831
Wilson, Dave & B, Willie Clare to Here ICM 170302
Ciana Clare's Reel/Leaving Cape Byron/Lost in the Loop ICM 170928
Murray, Spencer & Pipeslinger Clawhammer Reels, The ICM 170316
Fitzgerald, Winston Scotty Clay Pipe, The/The Swallow Tail/Lannigan's Ball KPC 170917
Planxty Cliffs of Dooneen, The KPC 170430
Free Range String Band, The Cliffs of Moher, The/Jump at the Sun/Willie's Trip to Toronto ICM 170831
Myddle Earth Cliffs of Moher, The ICM 170105
Kilted Kings, The Cloghden More PS 170808
Noctambule Cloone, The/The March Reel/The Abbey KPC 170806
Wolfstone Close it down KPC 170528
Gunn, Marc Close Your Eyes PS 170725
West of Mabou Clumsy Lover, The ICM 170209
MacIsaac, Dave Cluny Castle KPC 171001
Danu Coachman's Whip, The KPC 170127
MacKenzie, Kenneth & Angus Coal Mines Tunes, The KPC 170827
Patrick Street Coalminer, The/The Heather Breeze/The Turf House KPC 170127
Wilderun Coasts of High Barbaree, The PRR 170919
White, Alasdair Cockerel in the Creel, The ICM 170810
Crowley, Chrissy Coig ICM 170511
Baileys, The Colcannon CP 170801
Fuchsia Band, The Colcannon KPC 170113
Carthys, The & the Transglobal Underground Cold, Haily, Rainy Night CIAT 170312
Carnahan, Danny Coleraine Jig, The/The Green Hills of Glentown/The Maids of Mt Kisko KPC 170625
MacMahon, Tony & Kelly, James College Groves/The Floggin' Reel CP 170201
Furey, Eddie & Finbar Colonel Fraser KPC 170319
Thereafter, The Columbia River Rain, The CIAT 170205
Altan Comb your hair & curl it CIAT 170813
Boiled in Lead Come In from the Rain KPC 170326
Neck Come Out Fighting SNO 170717
Irish Whispa, The Come out, ye Black & Tans ICM 170907
Kilt Lifters, The Come out, ye Black & Tans PS 170509
Gunn, Marc Come take a trip on my airship PS 170725
Real McKenzies, The Comeback PRR 170519
Thereafter, The Coming round CIAT 170611
McGhee, Laura Commemoration, The ICM 170629
Gothard Sisters, The Compass, The ICM 170216
Black Market Haggis, The Concertina Reel Set, The ICM 170914
Poitín Congress reel, The ICM 170608
Slainte Mhath Congress, The/Farewell to Erin KPC 170210
Clancy, Willie Connaught Heifers, The/Corney Is Coming CP 170701
Finlayson, Cady Connemara/Da Blue Yow/The Brolum ICM 170907
Murphy, Chris Connemara Ponies, The ICM 170126
Carberry, Angelina & Quinn, Martin Connie The Soldier/The Humours of Ballingarry/Moloney's Wife CP 170601
Hackensaw Boys, The Content Not Seeking Thrills CIAT 170205
Drunken Gaugers, The Contentment is Wealth/The Old Morning Dew CP 170901
Kierah Conundrum, The CIAT 170702
Kierah Conundrum, The CIAT 171015
Grada Cooler At The Edge CIAT 170226
Toman, Susan Cooley's Reel/The Merry Blacksmith ICM 170511
Hydes, The Cooper's CP 170501
Yanks, The Corney Is Coming/The New Mown Meadow/The Graf Spey KPC 170820
BibleCode Sundays, The Count Your Blessings PRR 170317
BibleCode Sundays, The Count Your Blessings ICM 170615
BibleCode Sundays, The Count Your Blessings PRR 170619
Polwart, Karine Cover Your Eyes CIAT 170813
Innes, Gary Crazy Street FS 170217
Molloy, Matt, Peoples, Tommy & Brady, Paul Creel of Turf, The/Tom Billy's KPC 170528
String Theory, The Crested Hens, The ICM 170420
Lexington Field Cripple Creek ICM 170706
Walsh, Garry Cross Legged Tailor/Under The Throsel, The/Eileen Fahy's CP 170501
Young, Ryan Cross Of Inverness, The/The Bob Of Fettercairn FS 170808
Hendry, Brendan & Toman, Jonny Crosses of Annagh, The/Cousin Sally Brown CP 170201
Hendry, Brendan & Toman, Jonny Crosses of Annagh, The/Cousin Sally Brown CP 170601
Makem & Spain Brothers, The Crossroads Ceili, The KPC 170319
Green, Abby Cruiscin Lan PS 170214
Green, Abby Cruiscin Lan PS 170606
McOuat, Oona Crystal Maiden of the Lake, The ICM 170921
Fairport Convention Cuckoo's Nest, The/Hardiman the Fiddler/Papa Stoor KPC 170528
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Cuddles McGish PS 170509
Rogues, The Cullen Anderson ICM 170216
Waxies, The Cure, The PRR 170317
Pettit, Jocelyn Curra Road, The CIAT 170709
McEvoy, Catherine Curskeagh Lasses, The/Billy Brocker's CP 170201
Sons of Skye, The Cutting Ferns/Miss Lyall/King's Reel KPC 170813
O'Brien, Eileen & Gavin, Lar Cutting The Hay/The Smiling Lady CP 170101
9Bach Cyfaddefa (An Admission) CIAT 170917
MacCuish, Alasdair & the Black Rose Ceilidh Band D Camerons /Balindore/Alexander MacAskill of Berneray/Kenny MacDonald's FS 170914
Celtic Cross, The D Train, The CIAT 170521
MacIsaac, Ashley D-Troi-T CIAT 170219
Polwart, Karine Daisy, The FS 170519
Fielding, Marie Damo's Fish Tank KPC 170210
Beggan, Colin & Molloy, Frank Dan Kenny's Return to Arigna KPC 170604
MacPhee, Cyril Dance a reel KPC 171001
Moore, Fin, Hoy, Sarah, Vass, Mike & Beaton, Andrea Dance set, The: The Kames Lassies/Little Donald in the Pigpen/Mary's Fancy/The Ale Is Dear KPC 170203
Lien, Annbjorg Dancing Larry CIAT 170618
O h'Uiginn, Brian Dancing the Summer Away ICM 170629
Barra MacNeils, The Dancing We Would Go KPC 170127
Tophoj, Andrea & Barslund, Rune Danish Immigrant, The ICM 170608
Emerald Rose, The Danny in the Jar ICM 170406
Arise & Go Danse du Sauvage/Reel du Pendu ICM 170803
Rathkeltair Dante's Local ICM 170216
Kindred Spirits, The Daphne ICM 170706
Guihen, Tommy Darby's Farewell/Father O'Grady's/The Baltimore Salute CP 170901
Katz, Mike Dark Lowers the Night, The/A Month of Sundays ICM 170803
Peelers , The Dark Path, The SNO 170515
Fifield, Fraser Dark Reel FS 170217
Wake the Dead Dark Star, The/And Your Bird Can Sing KPC 170625
Williams, John Darley's Reel/The Jug of Punch/Garrett Barry's Reel ICM 170622
Ivers, Eileen Darlin' Corey CIAT 170507
MacLeod, Kevin David Glen's Old Pipe Reels KPC 170217
Cranitch, Matt & Daly, Jackie Davy Collins Polka/The Open Window/The Road to Castleisland KPC 170611
Ross, Fiona Davy Faa FS 170622
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Dawn Song, The/The Killavil IMS 171010
Pourmen, The Day Drinking ICM 170615
Pourmen, The Day Drinking PRR 170619
Nile, Willie Day I saw Bo Diddley in Washington Square, The CIAT 170122
Bonny Men, The Day is Mine, The KPC 170528
Booze Brothers, The Day The Booze, The PRR 170317
Paul McKenna Band, The Daylight CIAT 170528
Gaelic Storm Dead Bird Hill CIAT 170212
Real McKenzies, The Dead Or Alive CIAT 170305
Hughes, Matt Deal With Grim, A PS 170110
Morrison, Iain Dear Goose CIAT 170108
Morrison, Iain Dear Goose CIAT 171001
Casey, Bobby Dear Irish Boy, The KPC 170409
Bill Grogan's Goat Dearg Doom SNO 170211
Town Pants, The Death Feels Like Me Today CIAT 170326
Afro Celt Sound System, The Deep Channel, The CIAT 170129
Seagulls Are Drunk, The Deep Inside Out the Sea ICM 170601
Shooglenifty Delighted CIAT 170813
Jansberg Den Staerke CIAT 171015
Electrics, The Dennis Goes And Does it CIAT 170205
O'Carolan Family, The Derry Polka, The/The Trip to Benbecula/Granda Willie's KPC 170402
Salsa Celtica Descarga Gaelica CIAT 170219
O'Donovan, Aoife Detour Sign, The CIAT 170514
Whiskey of the Damned, The Devil I'll Tell, The PRR 170317
Miller, Ed Devil Made Texas, The ICM 170216
Righs, The Devil's Waiting For Me, The PRR 170317
Devils Water, The Devilswater, The ICM 170720
Fowlis, Julie Dh'èirich Mi Moch Madainn Cheòthar FS 170914
Alba's Edge Diamond, The CIAT 170101
Hogeye Navvy, The Diamond, The KPC 170716
Plastic Paddy Dicey Riley ICM 170406
Secret Sky, The Dim-Moon City of Delight, The ICM 171012
Teada Dinny O'Brien's/The Sweetheart Reel/Paddy Kenny's KPC 170806
Dropkick Murphys, The Dirty Glass, The CIAT 170514
Battlelegs Do You Love an Apple? ICM 170209
Gunn, Marc Doctor of Gallifrey, The PS 170725
JigJam Doctor, The KPC 170827
Dulahan Dole, The KPC 170910
T With the Maggies Domhnach Na Fola KPC 170806
Stout Pounders, The Don't Go Blamin' Whiskey ICM 170406
Gunn, Marc Don't go drinking with Hobbits PS 170725
Fleck, Bela & Washburn, Abigail Don't Let it bring you down CIAT 171008
Skels, The Don't Promise Me Heaven PRR 170317
Black Tartan Clan, The Don't Walk Alone PRR 170519
Altan Donal Agus Morag CIAT 171015
MacKenzie, Kenneth & Angus Donald & Gordon's KPC 170402
Connemara Stone Company, The Donald McGillavry ICM 170713
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Donald, where's your trousers? medley PS 170912
Kelly, Geoffrey Donkeys In The River, The CIAT 171008
Romero, Roddie & the HubCity All-Stars Donne-Moi, Donc CIAT 170326
Canny Brothers Band, The Donnelly SNO 170717
Crossbow, The Donogh & Mike's First/Windbroke ICM 170608
Crowley, Chrissy Doodlesack Jigs, The ICM 170810
Rocky Roads , The Doolin Revisited CIAT 170903
Crowley, Chrissy Doppelganger, The KPC 170903
Rowsome, Kevin Dougarry Boys, The/Swaggering/Yellow Stockings KPC 170806
String Theory, The Dowd's #9/ Bag of Spuds/ The Tamlin ICM 170316
Fiddler's Green Down PRR 170214
Scanlan, Deirdre Down By Blackwaterside CP 170201
Cassie & Maggie Down in the Willow Garden KPC 170910
Beaton, Dawn & Margie Down the Birn, Davey Lad KPC 170924
Mahones, The Down the Boozer SNO 170211
Caldwell, Conor & Diamond, Danny Down the Glen KPC 170507
Coig Down The Road KPC 170709
Fara Dragon, The FS 170316
Gunn, Marc Dragon's Hoard, The PS 170725
Dust Rhinos, The Drank the Whole Town Dry ICM 170406
Journey North, The Dreamcatcher III ICM 170608
McCool, Trip Drill, Ya Tarriers, Drill ICM 170727
Mudmen, The Drink & Fight PRR 170519
Real McKenzies, The Drink Some More PRR 170317
Real McKenzies, The Drink Some More PRR 170519
Forkroot Drink until it's right ICM 171005
Muirsheen Durkin & Friends Drink With The Irish PRR 170317
Tossers, The Drinking All The Day PRR 170317
Langer's Ball, The Drinking for Two ICM 170406
Celtic Stone, The Drowsy Maggie ICM 170921
Crikwater Drowsy Maggie/The Maid Behind the Bar/Coughlin's First ICM 170413
Caledonia Swing Drummond Set: Miss Drummond of Perth/Louden's Bonnie Woods & Braes/The Devil in the Kitchen ICM 170119
Go Set, The Drums of Chelsea, The CIAT 170806
Go Set, The Drums of Chelsea, The CIAT 170924
Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies, The PRR 170317
Canny Brothers Band, The Drunken Sailor, The ICM 170406
Keane, Tommy Dublin Lads, The/I Have No Money/The Hairy Chested Frog KPC 170409
10 Strings & Goat Skin Duhk Duhk Goat CIAT 171001
Sorries, The Dumbarton's Drums ICM 170713
Holland, Jerry Dundee/Forester's/Lord Gordon's KPC 170806
Carey Street Dunphy's/Higgins ICM 170706
Shannon, Sharon & Connor, Alan Duo in G, The KPC 170402
Deagle, Elmer E Minor set, The KPC 170702
West of Mabou E set, The KPC 170326
Gallagher, Rita Early, Early CP 170901
Hanly, Aisling Easter Snow KPC 170416
Muckers, The Eddie Conners SNO 170317
Crean, Eilis Eddie Kelly's Jig No 2/Memories Of France ICM 170831
Maguire, Seamus, Maguire, Manus & Sproule, Daithi Eddie Kelly's/The King of the Clan KPC 170409
Sidh, The Edinburgh Rock, The CIAT 170910
MacLean, Dougie Edmonton Airbus, The/Craighie Dhu KPC 170723
Rakkatak Eesha's Song CIAT 170625
Rakkatak Eesha's Song CIAT 170813
Borrowed Angels, The Eist Eist ICM 170727
Booze Brothers, The Elevator, The ICM 170126
Trimble, Gerald Elizabeth's Air KPC 170326
Kennedy, Eilis Elk Bay Dam, The CP 170301
Kennedy, Eilis Elk River Dam, The CP 170601
Navan Ellas Mari ICM 170216
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Ellin polka, The KPC 170528
Ella Elluria's Lament ICM 171012
Kasir Emily & Jenna's Set CIAT 170212
Lennon, Ben & Charlie Enchanted Lady, The/The Holy Land CP 170701
Sketch, The Encore, The CIAT 170122
Sketch, The Encore, The CIAT 170423
Sketch, The Encore, The CIAT 170806
Young Folk, The England CIAT 170305
Young Folk, The England CIAT 170716
Moray, Jim Eppie Moray CIAT 170205
Moray, Jim Eppie Moray CIAT 170416
Moray, Jim Eppie Moray CIAT 170827
Hogeye Navvy, The Erie/Boatman, The KPC 170716
Tossers, The Erin Go Bragh SNO 170211
Wild Colonial Bhoys, The Erin Go Bragh PS 170110
Wild Colonial Bhoys, The Erin Go Bragh PS 170307
Gallagher, Rita Erin's Green Shore CP 170401
Gallagher, Rita Erin's Green Shore CP 170601
New Road , The Errigal Braes, The/Cam Ye by Athol? KPC 170312
Morus, Gwilym Eryri ICM 170216
Riobo Estroupele CIAT 170813
Barrule Europop Vona KPC 170120
Mischief Brew Every Town Will Celebrate SNO 170317
Celkilt Everyday's St Patrick's Day PRR 170317
Gobshites, The Evil Of The Drink, The PRR 170317
Miller, Ed Ewe Buchts ICM 170126
Hawson, Steve Fac' Thu na Feidh/Leitrim's Fancy/Morpeth's Rant ICM 170706
Spiral Dance Faerie tale CMP 170501
Sketch, The Failte CIAT 170312
Moray, Jim Fair Margaret & Sweet William CIAT 170305
Moray, Jim Fair Margaret & Sweet William CIAT 170402
Moray, Jim Fair Margaret & Sweet William CIAT 170723
MacColl, Lauren Fairburn calf, The FS 170914
Fyleman, Rose Fairies, The CMP 170501
Danu Fairy Dance, The/The Old Torn Petticoat/Our House at Home KPC 170604
Pipedance, The Fairy Reel, The/The Piper of Horseback ICM 170420
Gunn, Marc Fairy Tale Waltz, The PS 170808
Larkin Faith of a Felon, The ICM 170223
Larkin Faith of a Felon, The ICM 170518
Hendry, Brendan & Toman, Jonny Fall/Heartlands, The/The Gent CP 170301
Top Floor Taivers, The False Bride, The FS 170413
Casey, Karan & Doyle, John False Lover, John, The KPC 170409
Bell, Derek Fanny Power KPC 170618
Tide Lines, The Far Side of the World, The FS 170622
Danu Farewell, Angelina CIAT 170924
Considine, Ciara Farewell My Love, Remember Me ICM 170209
Kilmaine Saints, The Farewell, Self Esteem PRR 170317
Peelers, The Farewell to clean and sober PRR 170317
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfe Tones Farewell to Ireland ICM 170216
Crawford, Kevin Farewell to Jim/That's More of It KPC 170813
Telenn Tri Farewell to Maud Street, The/The Fish in the Glass/Mum's Knitting Needles ICM 171005
Casey, Bobby & Sean Farewell to Miltown/The Star of Munster CP 170601
Casey, Bobby & Sean Farewell to Miltown/The Star of Munster CP 170701
Penta, Patrick Farewell to Music, A/Abercairney House/Andrew & His Cutie Gun ICM 170323
Screeched Inn, The Farewell to Nova Scotia ICM 170223
Carnahan, Danny & Petrie, Robin Farewell to the Gold/The Loser KPC 170625
Fibish, Marla & Crowley, Jimmy Farewell to Whisky/Jenny Lind/Parnell's March KPC 170217
Conway, Brian Fasten the Leg on Her/The Wandering Minstrel IMS 170411
Searson Father John MacLeod's Jig CIAT 171015
Aizle Father Quinn's FS 170217
Runa Fear a Bhata ICM 170223
Sir Reg Feck The Celtic Tiger PRR 170317
Maguires, The Fergal O'Gara/The Hunter's House/Speed the Plough KPC 170224
JigJam Fergie's Trip to Sligo KPC 170910
Paterson, Rod Fickle Freenship an Caul Misfortune sang FS 170413
Katz, Mike Fiddler, The/Cu'l an taigh òsda/The Birks of Abergeldie/Currie's/Na Goisidich ICM 171005
Stanley & Grimm Fiddler's Green ICM 170309
Dropkick Murphys, The Fields of Athenry, The PRR 170317
Dublin City Ramblers, The Fields of Athenry, The KPC 170319
Faerydae Fiery Warlocks, The ICM 170309
Black Market Haggis, The Fig for a kiss, A/An olive for a kiss ICM 170323
Molloy, Matt Fig for A Kiss, A/Poll Ha'Penny/The Merry Sisters KPC 170820
O'Hanlons Horsebox Fighting Boys from Corofin, The ICM 170302
Gobshites, The Fighting The Incredible Hangover PRR 170214
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Fikavalsen ICM 170105
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Finnegan's wake ICM 170316
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Finnegan's wake PS 170912
Genticorum Finno-Gaspesienne, La CIAT 170212
Sons of Malarkey, The Fiona's Chicken & Waffles ICM 170105
Smithfield Fair, The Fire in the Glen, The ICM 170420
Ramshackle Army, The Fire Is Burning, The PRR 170317
Ímar Firebird, The FS 170316
Goitse First Class Bananas KPC 170528
Ceili Bandits, The (Casey, Yvonne, O'Neill, Eoin & Cooper, Quentin) First House in Connaught Reel Set, The IMS 170314
Ryan's Fancy Fish & Chips KPC 170806
Nesbitt Family, The Fisher's Rant Strathspey, The/The Glenn Road to Carrick Reel KPC 170827
Daily-Green, Nancy Fisherman's Song for Attracting the Seals, The/The Song of the Seals ICM 170914
4dB, Count Fisherman's Song, The ICM 170216
MacDonald, Buddy Fisherman's Token, The KPC 170409
Rumjacks, The Fistful O' Roses, A PRR 170214
Shooglenifty Fistful Of Euros, A CIAT 170903
Jug'o'punch, The Fiver On The Horses, A SNO 171001
Crazy Rogues, The Fleet, The ICM 170525
Barleycorn Flight of Earls, The KPC 170319
Battlefield Band, The & Meade, Don, Demarco, Tony & Morton, Robin Fling & Reels: The Whole Chicken in the Soup/Largo's Fairy Dance/The Kerryman's Daughter ICM 170803
Donnelly, Des Flogging Reel, The/Maud Miller/Sean Maguire's CP 170601
Dunn, Maria Flora CIAT 170205
Kilted Kings, The Flower of Scotland, The ICM 170119
Kilted Kings, The Flower of Scotland, The PS 170725
Lau Flowers ICM 170504
Sligo Rags, The Flowers of Edinburgh, The ICM 170713
Carnahan, Danny Fly My Way KPC 170625
Carnahan, Danny & Petrie, Robin Flying KPC 170625
13Krauss Flying broken chairs, The PRR 170214
Moray, Jim Flying Cloud, The CIAT 170625
Behm, Moritz Flying Groove, The CIAT 170514
Firkin Focimese CIAT 170430
Firkin Focimese CIAT 170618
3 Pints Gone Foggy Dew, The PS 170509
Moray, Jim Foggy Dew, The CIAT 170101
Wenches & Rogues, The Foggy Dew, The PRR 170214
Wolfe Tones, The Foggy Dew, The KPC 170319
Seivane, Susana Foliada do Quinteiro ICM 170105
Chair, The Folky Gibbon, The FS 170622
Cherish the Ladies Follow me down to Galway medley, The KPC 171001
High Kings, The Follow me up to Carlow KPC 170910
Leftovers, The Follow me up to Carlow ICM 170525
McCann, Jim Follow me up to Carlow KPC 170319
Danu Follow On KPC 170305
Kellswater Bridge, The Follow On ICM 170803
Salsa Celtica Fonn CIAT 170122
Holland, Jerry Footworks Medley, The KPC 170723
Griffith, Terry For My Grandfathers ICM 170706
Black 47 For What It's Worth CIAT 170618
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Foreign Lander, The ICM 170216
Dropkick Murphys, The Forever CIAT 170319
Mac Adaim, Pol Forsaken Land, The ICM 170223
Beoga Forscarbaken/Mickey the Pipes/The Trip to Cullenstown KPC 170402
Season's Melody, The (Gruben, Melanie) Fortunate ICM 170330
Pipes & Pints Found and Lost CIAT 170312
Furey, Finbar & Eddie Fox chase, The KPC 170820
West of Mabou Fox hunter, The ICM 170112
West of Mabou Fox hunter, The KPC 170702
JigJam Fox, The KPC 170910
Dunne, Niamh Foxy Devil, The CP 170201
Carnahan, Danny & Petrie, Robin Frana/Valse KPC 170625
Celtic Fusion Illusion, The Francie ICM 170413
Dubliners, The feat. Kelly, Luke Free the people PRR 170317
Black Anemone, The Freedom and for all SNO 170912
Winter Codes, The Friend in Tullamore, A SNO 170317
Killigans, The From The Underground SNO 170515
Cormier, J P Frozen Dish Set, The KPC 170217
Real McKenzies, The Fuck the Real McKenzies PRR 170317
Real McKenzies, The Fuck the Real McKenzies SNO 170515
Alestorm, The Fucked with an Anchor PRR 170919
Selkie Girls, The Gaelic Song, The ICM 170216
Ferocious Dog, The Gallows Justice SNO 170211
Budino, Xose Manuel Galo Galan CIAT 170723
Cotter, Eamonn Galway Bay/The Acrobat CP 170301
Doolin‘ Galway girl, The CIAT 170709
Kilkennys, The Galway girl, The KPC 170319
Sheeran, Ed & Beoga Galway girl, The CIAT 170924
Sheldon, Conor Galway/Liverpool/Galway Bay KPC 170416
Bill Grogan's Goat Galway Races, The SNO 171001
Reilly, Paddy Galway Races, The KPC 170319
Wild Irish Roses, The Galway Races, The SNO 171001
Mulcahy, Mick, Louise & Michelle Galway rambler, The/The Morning Dew/The Boston Sligo Reel KPC 170806
Ryan, Karen Galway Reel, The/The Musical Priest/The Sailor on the Rock CP 171001
Castlebay Galway shawl, The ICM 170601
Yanks, The Gander in the Pratie Hole, The KPC 170127
Daimh Gannett, The KPC 170312
Tea Merchants, The Gaol Jigs, The ICM 170223
Keenan, Paddy & the Bothy Band Garret Barry's/The Bucks of Oranmore IMS 170807
At First Light Garrotin, El CIAT 170205
Enter the Haggis Gasoline PRR 170917
Poor Man's Fortune, The Gavotennoù: Dardoup--Mas Macho/Brammer Kozh /Ar Menez ICM 170601
Pettit, Jocelyn Gazaremsan CIAT 170528
Great Big Sea, The General Taylor KPC 170326
Alair Gentle Maiden, The KPC 170903
Battlelegs Gentlemen sing, The ICM 170914
Dead Maggies, The George III (under D'entrecasteaux) PRR 170816
Sidh, The Get High/Maid Of The Mount Of Cisco CIAT 170430
Shilelagh Law, The Getting Lucky (On St Patrick's Day) PRR 170317
California Celts, The Ghost Ship, The ICM 170615
California Celts, The Ghost Ship, The PRR 170619
Ground Cherry Giant's Gate, The CIAT 170430
Miller, Ed Gie the Fiddler a Dram ICM 170914
Knowles, Liz Gift of Falling, The KPC 170127
Vent du Nord, Le Gigue A Trois, Le KPC 170702
Hardisty, Wesley Gilbert's Barn Dance CIAT 171001
3 Mile Stone, The Gipsy Princess, The/The Granny in the Corner/Fleur de Mandragore KPC 170430
3 Mile Stone, The Gipsy Princess, The/The Granny CIAT 170625
Lucky Pistols, The Girl at the Gallows, The PRR 170816
Hennessey, Nick Girl in the street, The ICM 170921
Greenwich Meantime Girl, The ICM 170706
Mahones, The Girl with Galway eyes, The PRR 170702
Mahones, The Give It All Ya Got (2016) SNO 170317
Mahones, The Give It All Ya Got CIAT 170507
Serras Glasgow CIAT 170219
Irish Moutarde Glasses to the Sky CIAT 170409
Copus, Sarah Gleanntain Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair ICM 170803
Daly, Jackie Glen Cottage Polkas, The CP 170701
Macumba Glenmalambo set, The CIAT 170730
Tannahill Weavers, The Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa' KPC 170528
Outside Track, The Glorious, Eh? KPC 170924
O'Lionaird, Iarla Goat song, The ICM 170525
Irish Experience, The Going Back to Israel ICM 170330
Peelers, The Going Down Swingin' PRR 170214
Peelers, The ft. McConnell, Finny Going Down Swingin' SNO 170717
Elders, The Going to Arklow ICM 171012
McCarthy Family, The Gold ring, The CP 170701
Grennan, Katie Gold ring, The/Johnny O'Leary's KPC 170416
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Golden Glove, The ICM 170622
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Golden Glove, The ICM 170302
Regan, John & Glackin, Paddy Golden Keyboard, The/The Bellharbour CP 170801
Cunningham, Phil & Bain, Aly Golden memories, The KPC 170924
Kittel, Jeremy Golden plover set, The CIAT 171008
Hermitage Green Golden Rule, The CIAT 170226
Hermitage Green Golden Rule, The CIAT 170507
Fdler featuring MacIsaac, Ashley Goldwing KPC 170430
Gunn, Marc Gollum blues, The PS 170725
Flook Gone Fishing CIAT 170903
Once, The Gonna Get Good KPC 170203
Sprag Session, The Good Ship Tommy Fun, The ICM 170720
We Banjo 3 Good Time Old Time ICM 170810
Hamlin, Susan Gort Na Salean (Sally Gardens) ICM 170921
Key of Whiskey, The Gracie PRR 170917
Shooglenifty Grampian Television Jig, The /Horace Show of Highfield/The Old.. KPC 170113.
Rathkeltair Granny Panny ICM 170202
Claymore Gravel Walk, The ICM 170413
Sean Mcnally Graveyard Battle Cry, The PRR 170816
Crasdant Gray Lad, The KPC 170120
Sea Star, The Great Silkie, The ICM 170713
Bergman, Art Greatest story never told, The CIAT 170702
Hydes, The Green & Blue/Land's End CP 170101
Hydes, The Green & Blue, The CP 170901
Magill, Andrew Finn Green Fields of America, The/Tommy Coen's PS 170307
Slan Green Fields of Amerikay,The/The Wild Hills of Wannie ICM 170420
High Kings, The Green Fields of France, The KPC 170827
Magill, Andrew Finn Green Fields of Glentown, The/The Old Dudeen/McFadden's Handsome Daughter ICM 170105
Nolan, Brendan Green grow the rashes o ICM 171012
O'Leary, Christy & Deivert, Bert Green Grow The Laurel CP 170101
Stubbert, Brenda Green Mountain, The/Robert Stubbert/The Mountain Road KPC 170312
Sisters of Murphy, The Green Over Red ICM 170316
Lochlainn Green widow, The ICM 171005
Garmarna Greenest Branch, The CIAT 170625
Bodega Greenland CIAT 170910
Battlelegs Greenland whale fisheries, The (chiptune) ICM 170720
Hanlon, Jim & John Greenland whale fisheries, The KPC 170507
Kilmainham Boys, The Greenland whale fisheries, The PRR 170917
Doc Flock, The with Doherty, Liz & McGuiggan, Joe Grogan's set KPC 170203
Donnelly, Donall Groovie Reels, The CIAT 170910
Phonix & SangKa Groovy Guzheng Waltz CIAT 171001
Bottine Souriante, La Grumbling woman, The CIAT 170430
Heaton, Matt Grupai Ceoil Theme, The IMS 170214
Heaton, Matt Grupai Ceol Theme, The IMS 170613
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Guiding Light, The KPC 170203
Sunday Punchers, The Guinness PRR 170317
Steel City Rovers, The Guinness For Two ICM 170309
Doyle, John Guitar interlude to "The Nightingale" IMS 170314
Keane, Jimmy & Broaders, Pat Gweneen KPC 170820
Perkins, Alison & Bown, Nicolas Gypsies, The KPC 170113
Kern Haggard Floor, The KPC 170409
Craic, The Hal PRR 170816
JPP Hale-Bopp FS 170622
Flogging Molly Hand of John L Sullivan, The CIAT 170416
Flogging Molly Hand of John L Sullivan, The SNO 170717
Duncan, Josie & Lafuente, Pablo Hang Me, Oh Hang Me FS 170519
Railroad Earth, The Hangtown Ball, The CIAT 170709
Cody, Ron Hanning's Farewell/Fleur De Mandragore ICM 170504
Dunn, Maria Hans' Song CIAT 170115
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Happily Ever After PS 171010
Sons of Malarkey, The Happy Are the Dead ICM 170216
Foolin' in Doolin Happy Aunt, The/The Road to Errogie/Shifting Gravel KPC 170611
Beltaine Happy Dance Man, The CIAT 170115
Shillaly Brothers, The Happy Thoughts ICM 170413
Drunken Gaugers, The Hare's Paw, The CP 171001
Rusby, Kate Hark, Hark What News? KPC 170106
Old Blind Dogs, The Harris Dance, The CIAT 170723
Poor Angus Harrison's set KPC 170702
Conneely, Kathleen, Foley, Declan & McComiskey, Mikey Harvest Moon, The IMS 170411
Coig Hashtag jigs, The KPC 170709
Frigg Hasse KPC 170514
Vasen Hasse A's KPC 170120
Ferguson, Jesse Haul Away, Joe ICM 170810
Elders, The Haverty Brothers, The KPC 170730
Doyle, Sean & Doyle, John Hawk and the crow, The IMS 171010
Sea Star, The Hawthorn Tree, The ICM 170420
Beoga Hay Days, The CIAT 170910
Salsa Celtica He Mandhu (Aurel) CIAT 170813
Salsa Celtica He Mandhu (Aurel) CIAT 171008
Navan He Mandu ICM 170727
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Health to the Company, A ICM 170921
Rolling Kings, The Heart of a Rover, The PRR 170317
O'Lionaird, Iarla Heart of the World, The CIAT 170423
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings Theme, The IMS 170214
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings Theme, The IMS 170613
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings Theme, The IMS 170807
Foolin' in Doolin Heather Breeze, The/Poor Timmy KPC 170312
Gallagher, Rita Heathery Hills, The CP 170301
Freestylers of Piping, The Heavy Hitter, The/The Shape of Piping to Come ICM 170119
Edey, Tim Hector the hero ICM 170928
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Hector The Hero PRR 170317
Clumsy Lovers, The Hell or Highwater CIAT 171001
MacDougall, Lorne Hello, World CIAT 170312
Skull Branded Pirates, The Hempen Jig, The PRR 170919
MacIsaac, Dave Henry Ford's Only Barn Dance KPC 171001
Blarney Castle Her Heart Was Buried ICM 170126
Mahones, The Here comes a regular CIAT 171001
Newton, Rachel Here's My Heart, Come Take It FS 170316
Gunn, Marc Hero of Canton, The PS 170509
Nava Hess ICM 171012
Quel Bordel Hey! Hey! Hey! Voleur PRR 170917
Ceoltóirí Coleman featuring Hurley, Michael High Level, The/The Dunmore Lasses/The Old Maids of Sligo KPC 170326
Bridge Céilí Band, The High Part of the Road, The IMS 170214
McRae, Jimi & Okoo, Sam Highland Cathedral, The/The Black Bear ICM 170216
SeaStar Highland Mary ICM 170921
Lamey, Bill Highlanders' Farewell to Ireland, The/Glenlivet KPC 170917
Dillon, Cara Hill of Thieves, The CIAT 170604
Vishten Hills of Bounty, The KPC 170120
Kennedy, Eilis Hills of Isle au Haut, The CP 170501
Stout, Chris Hillswick CIAT 170730
Lau Hinba KPC 170305
Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, The Hjaltaren CIAT 170115
Sea Star, The Hjarta og Eldur ICM 170302
Hayseed Dixie Holiday CIAT 170305
Neck Hollaway Hooley, The CIAT 170702
Yanks, The Holly Bush, The/McFadden's Own/The Bucks of Oranmore KPC 170113
MacIsaac, Wendy Holy Strathspeys, Pat! KPC 170730
Prodigals, The Home to You ICM 170112
Prodigals, The Home to You ICM 170302
Moray, Jim Home upon the hill, The CIAT 170604
Orr, Sean Home with the Girls/Devil in the Strawstack ICM 170209
Murphy, Sharon Homes of Donegal, The CIAT 170702
Heaton, Matt Hometown Lullaby, The IMS 170411
Heaton, Matt Hometown Lullaby, The IMS 171010
Sketch, The Homeward Bound CIAT 170108
Flogging Molly Hope CIAT 170723
Magill, Andrew Finn Horizons ICM 170112
Wicked Tinkers, The Hornpipe/Jig Set, The ICM 170119
Clan, The Horns up and fight PRR 170214
Clan, The Horns up and fight PRR 170519
Davis, Ashley Horses ICM 170504
Crepuscule Hosting of the Sidhe, The ICM 170914
River Drivers, The Hot Asphalt ICM 170406
Murphy, Paddy Hot Girl, The CIAT 170115
Kennedy's Kitchen Hotting Fire, The ICM 170831
Tosspints, The How Do You Feel? PRR 170702
Fitzgerald, Ella How High the Moon IMS 170314
Fighting Jamesons, The How I Ended Up This Way PRR 170917
Scotland Rising Howl at the Moon ICM 170427
Wolfstone Howl, The KPC 170723
Solas Hugo's big reel KPC 170730
Gothard Sisters, The Hummingbird, The ICM 170309
Hill, Noel & MacMahon, Tony Humours of Castlefinn, The/The Templehouse CP 170401
London Lasses, The Humours of Castlefinn, The/Eileen O'Brien's/The Enchanted Lady CP 170501
MacMahon, Tony & Hill, Noel Humours of Castlefinn, The/The Templehouse CP 170601
Boston Blackthorne Humours of Ennistymon, The/Old as the Hills ICM 171005
Williams, John Humours of Kilclogher, The/Mrs. O'Sullivan's KPC 170806
Kelly, Liam Humours of Lissadel, The/The Queen of May/The Green Gates CP 171001
Mahones, The Hunger & the fight, The SNO 170717
Mahones, The Hunger & the fight, The CIAT 170813
Unusual Suspects of Celtic Colours, The Hungry as a Bear/Granny and Papa's Welcome to the New Bathroom/The Dearborn Slip/Reel for Spanky/etc KPC 170210
Runa Hunter set, The ICM 170105
Runa Hunter set, The PS 170307
Bedlam Bards, The & Gunn, Marc Hush now, little citizens PS 170509
Breabach I Am Proud to Play A Pipe KPC 170430
Hogeye Navvy, The I Bid You Goodnight KPC 170716
Gothard Sisters, The I Courted a Sailor ICM 170302
Syr I Drove My Father to Drink ICM 170309
Hinds, Arthur I Go to the Church of Trees ICM 170420
Dropkick Murphys, The I Had A Hat PRR 170317
Perkins, Alison & Brown, Nicolas I Have Two Yellow Coats/Paddy Cronin's/The Yellow Cow KPC 170827
Carnahan, Danny I Know My Love KPC 170514
Innisfall I Know My Love ICM 170309
Dennehy, Tim I Know What I Am Missing CP 170701
Flynn, Kevin & the Avondale Ramblers I Love Whiskey PRR 170317
Shillelagh Law, The I Never Will Marry ICM 170817
Uncle Bard & the Dirty Bastards I Only Got One Pint PRR 170317
Uncle Bard & the Dirty Bastards I Only Got One Pint PRR 170816
Elephant Sessions, The I Used to be a Nice Boy FS 170519
Tiller's Folly, The I Was Here CIAT 170917
High Sea Looters, The I Was Kissed by an Angel PRR 170214
Shishonnah I Will Carry You ICM 170629
3 Pints Gone I Will Go, I Will Go ICM 170713
Borrowed Angels, The I Will Stand On This Land ICM 170420
Miller, Ed I Wish They'd Do It Now ICM 170406
Orthodox Celts, The I Wish You The Very Worst PRR 170214
Gunn, Marc I'll drink from Dusk Til Dawn PS 170912
Ferguson, Jesse I'll tell me Ma ICM 170720
Gunn, Marc I'll tell me Ma PS 170912
Prodigals, The I'll tell me Ma ICM 170209
Neck I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day PRR 170317
Gunn, Marc I'm a rover PS 170912
Gannon, Cormac I'm going to set you free ICM 171005
Peelers, The I'm off to kill the Devil ICM 170615
Peelers, The I'm off to kill the Devil PRR 170619
Costello, Billy I'm Popeye The Sailor Man PRR 170919
Dropkick Murphys, The I'm shipping up to Boston IMS 170411
Connolly, Seamus I'm Waiting for You/The Magpie's Nest/The Thirteen Arches/The Sailor's Cravat ICM 170622
Connolly, Seamus & Lennon, Charlie I'm Waiting for You/The Magpie's Nest IMS 170214
Screeched Inn, The I's The B'y ICM 170112
Brazen Heads, The If I Ever Lived Before ICM 170126
Henderson, Kevin If I Get A Bonnie Lass KPC 170514
In For a Penny If I Get to Heaven ICM 170615
In For a Penny If I Get to Heaven PRR 170619
Campbell, Mairi If I Should Meet My Maker FS 170808
Talbot, Heidi If You Stay ICM 170216
Tannas Illean A I CIAT 170924
Peoples, Tommy Imelda Roland's/I Am Waiting For You CP 170101
Kilfenora Céilí Band, The Imperial set, The IMS 170214
Jethro Tull In The Past CIAT 170521
Morin, Mac Inception Reels, The CIAT 170319
Firkin Into The Night CIAT 170507
McManus, Tony Inveran/The Devil In The Kitchen CIAT 170730
Rideout, Bonnie Invergarry Castle/Sutherland Calquhoun's Jig/O as ICM 170119
Jerry Cans, The Iqanajarumangittunga CIAT 170806
Jerry Cans, The Iqanajarumanngittunga CIAT 170402
Cormier, J P Ireland KPC 170521
Skeleton McKee Ireland ICM 170302
McCool, Trip Ireland, Oh Ireland ICM 170202
JigJam Ireland's Green Shore KPC 170903
Screaming Orphans, The Ireland's Hour of Need (Gallant Heroes) ICM 170907
Fiddler's Green, The Irish Air, The ICM 170914
Hearthfire Duo, The Irish Barn Dance, An ICM 170420
Mahones, The Irish Brigade, The CIAT 170101
Acoustic Butterfly, The Irish Eye ICM 170112
Rankin, Mairi Irish Group, The: Noon Lassies/Mountain Lark/Touching Cloth KPC 170924
MacMaster, Natalie Irish Lasses, The/St. Patrick's/Jerry's Beaver Hat/The Chorus Jig KPC 170917
Gruben, Melanie Irish Medley of Epic Proportions, The PS 170606
Kindred Kilts, The Irish Medley, The: Goodbye, Mick/Katie Daley/Muirsheen Durkin (Live) ICM 171019
Kennedy, Seamus Irish pub song, The ICM 170316
Rumjacks, The Irish pub song, The PRR 170317
Tiller's Folly, The Irish Rose, The CIAT 170618
Cope, Jim Irish Rover, The ICM 170316
Craic, The Irish Rover, The PRR 170317
Crimson Pirates, The Irish Rover, The ICM 170406
Irish Rovers, The Irish Rover, The KPC 170319
Gleasons, The Irish Up PRR 170317
Troxler, Bill Irish Wind, An ICM 170105
Damh the Bard Iron from stone CMP 170501
Si Mhor Iron Legs, The KPC 170120
Ni Charra, Niamh Iron Man, The/The First Century Reel CP 170801
We Banjo 3 Island Orchard, The ICM 170126
We Banjo 3 Island Orchard, The ICM 170302
Lunasa Island Paddy CIAT 170730
Coyne, Eamonn & Drever, Kris Isle of France, The CIAT 170326
County Mayo Isle of Hope, The KPC 170730
Gunn, Marc Isn't It Grand, Boys? PS 170307
Gunn, Marc Isn't It Grand, Boys? ICM 170406
Jerry Cans, The Isumagivappinnga CIAT 170611
Heaton, Shannon, Gilchrist, Maeve & League, Paddy It Goes As Follies/Eddie Duffy's IMS 170411
Gothard Sisters, The It Was Beautiful ICM 170202
Gothard Sisters, The It Was Beautiful ICM 170518
AC/DC It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N' Roll) PRR 170519
Saul, Mark It's an instrument ICM 171019
Celtica Itchy Fingers, The CIAT 170507
Celtica Itchy Fingers, The CIAT 170709
Melisande Ivrogne Degrise, L' CIAT 170319
Chambless, Jil & Muse, Scooter Jack Haggerty ICM 170427
Sisters of Murphy, The Jack Haggerty SNO 170317
Touchstone Jack Haggerty KPC 170723
O'Meara, Garry Jackie Coleman's/The Square at Crossmaglen ICM 170413
Boys of the Lough, The Jackie Donnan's Mazurka/Bonnie Charlie's Hornpipe KPC 170604
McAuley, Mick Jackson's Favourite/All Hands Around/Scott Skinner's KPC 170326
Ochs, Bill Jackson's Frieze Coat IMS 170807
Heaton, Matt Jackson's Jig IMS 170509
MacDiarmada, Oisin Jackson's Morning Brush/Rambling Pitchfork CP 170301
Conway, Brian Jackson's No 1/Jackson's No 2/ The White Leaf KPC 170224
Nua Jacobite, The ICM 170713
Black 47 James Connolly ICM 170216
Black 47 James Connolly ICM 170727
Celtic Cross, The Jameson Johnny CIAT 170219
Teada Jamsey Gannon's March/McDermott's/Over The Moor to Peggy CP 170301
Teada Jamsey Gannon's March/McDermott's/Over The Moor to Peggy CP 170501
Teada Jamsey Gannon's March/McDermott's/Over The Moor to Peggy CP 170801
Aucoin, Leanne Jason and Katherine's Wedding KPC 170409
Epsylon Je Me Souviens CIAT 170305
Epsylon Je Me Souviens CIAT 170521
Melisande Je Suis Nee En Automne CIAT 170219
Melisande Je Suis Nee En Automne CIAT 170625
Melisande Je Suis Nee En Automne CIAT 170910
Vishten Je Vous Aime Tant CIAT 170924
Dust Rhinos, The Jedi drinking song, The ICM 170504
Gunn, Marc Jedi's Dargle ICM 170504
MacNamara, Mary Jennifer Molloy's IMS 170214
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Jenny's story PS 170606
O'Meara, Garry Jerry's Beaver Hat/The Idle Road KPC 170514
Runa Jewels on the Ocean, The/Michael Connell's ICM 170706
Saint Bushmill's Choir, The Jib Polka/Spanish Lady/Boots For Maggie PRR 170317
Mickey Finn Jig For Sporting Paddy, A SNO 171001
Rachel Hair Trio, The Jigs for Mann, The ICM 170713
Paterson, Beth Jigs: Mary Patterson's/All In The Family/The Rathfarnham Lilters ICM 170209
Rogues, The Jigs: Partners in Time/Ian McCleod/The Seagull/The Hen's March ICM 170119
Keith, George, Lech, Tina & Heaton, Shannon Jim Donohue's/Maud Millar IMS 170411
Kierah Jim Hodder's CIAT 170226
Moller, Katherine Jim the Minstrel KPC 170910
Men of Thunda, The Jim's Aire/Scotland the Brave ICM 170914
Cassie & Maggie Jimmie's CIAT 170924
Kierah Jimmy Flynn's CIAT 170604
Fitzgerald, Winston Scotty Jimmy MacKinnon of Smelt Brook/Scotch Cove KPC 171001
Crawford, Kevin Jimmy O'Reilly's/Doonagore/The Bell Harbour Reel KPC 170514
Murray, Andew Jock O' Hazeldene CP 171001
Raw Bar Collective, The Joe Burke's The Upperchurch/The Lonesome CP 170101
O'Hanlons Horsebox Joe Coburn ICM 170330
Tulóg & Realta Gaela Joe Cooley's reel IMS 170214
Macalias John C Clarke FS 170316
Bua John Joe Hartnett's/Spellan the Fiddler KPC 170127
Hogeye Navvy, The John Kanaka KPC 170716
Mulcahy Family, The John Kelly's/Rip The Calico/The New Line to Laughaun CP 170801
Gourley, Nathan & Abarta, Joey John McGrath's/Miss Monaghan KPC 170528
Hayes, Martin & Cahill, Dennis John Naughton's Reel/Another Paddy Fahy Reel KPC 170521
Kennedy, Eilis John O'Dreams CP 170801
McAuley, Mick John Walsh's/The Sparrow/The Continental KPC 170210
Heaton, Matt John's Theme IMS 170411
Heaton, Matt John's Theme IMS 171010
Battlelegs Johnny ICM 170216
Black 47 Johnny comes a'courtin CIAT 170122
Heaton, Matt & Cohen, Flynn Johnny Going to Ceilidh IMS 170710
Firkin Johnny, I hardly knew ye CIAT 170521
Firkin Johnny, I hardly knew ye ICM 170615
Firkin Johnny, I hardly knew ye PRR 170619
Gunn, Marc & Haeuser, Jamie Johnny, I hardly knew ye PS 170912
Beer Belly, The Johnny jump up ICM 170406
Gunn, Marc Johnny jump up PS 170808
Langer's Ball, The Johnny jump up CIAT 170514
Sorries, The Johnny Lad ICM 170209
McScallywag Johnny Went Away PRR 170816
Black Irish Texas Join the British Army PRR 170816
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Join the British Army PS 170509
Dread Crew of Oddwood, The Join the Ranks PRR 170919
Feufollet Jolie Fille, La CIAT 170205
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Jolie Fille N'en Veut Plus De Moi, La CIAT 170521
Paul McKenna Band, The Jolly beggar, The CIAT 170205
Planxty Jolly beggar, The KPC 170723
O'Meara, Garry Jolly beggarman, The/Whiskey Before Breakfast ICM 170316
Shtack Jolly Roger, The PRR 170919
Conneely, Mick & Munnelly, David Jolly Tinker, The/The Yellow Tinker/The Longford Collector CP 170201
Luedecke, Old Man Joy of Cooking, The CIAT 170409
Yanks, The Judy Ann's KPC 170113
Crean, Eilis Jug of punch, The/Sean Reid's Reel/Tommy Cronin's Reel ICM 170928
Trias Juicy One, The CIAT 170219
Emish Julia Delaney ICM 170223
Doolin‘ Jupon Blanc, Le CIAT 170423
Duff, Dom Kael K'kwll ICM 170706
Duff, Dom Kael K'kwll ICM 171005
Rumjacks, The Kathleen SNO 170317
Rumjacks, The Kathleen PRR 170702
Tossers, The Katie At The Races SNO 171001
Cormier, J P & Gunning, Dave Katie O' The Gowrie KPC 170827
Flanagan, Rose, Furlong, Patty & Mulvahill, Margie Katie's Fancy IMS 170613
Vallely, Cillian Keep It Up CP 170801
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Keeping Up With Calum ICM 170511
Lochlainn Keg of Brandy, The ICM 170914
Scahill, Enda Kerry fling, The KPC 170730
Bothy Band, The Kesh jig, The IMS 170807
Danu Kilfenora KPC 170723
Considine, Ciara Kilkelly, Ireland ICM 170727
Gunn, Marc Kilkelly, Ireland PS 170307
Sons of Malarkey, The Killarney Boys of Pleasure, The ICM 170302
Guihen, Tommy Killeigh, The/A Builder of Bridges CP 170801
Guihen, Tommy Killyglass Lakes, The/The Mouse in the Cupboard/The Fisherman's Jig CP 170701
Celkilt Kilt Up! PRR 170519
Tuatha Dea Kilts and Corsets ICM 170525
Deagle, Elmer Kindle KPC 170210
Dublin Harpers, The Kindness of Strangers, The ICM 170202
Beaton, Andrea & Chaisson, Hilda King George IV/King George V/Marry Me Now/The King's Reel/Missing Marc/Dillon Brown's Fancy KPC 170210
McSherry, John King of Dal Buinne, The KPC 170305
Spirit of the West, The King of Scotland, The CIAT 170212
Jiggy King of the Fairies, The ICM 171012
Casey, Karan King's shilling, The IMS 170314
Casey, Karan King's shilling, The ICM 170511
Cassie & Maggie King's shilling, The CIAT 170409
Wakes, The King's shilling, The ICM 170615
Wakes, The King's shilling, The PRR 170619
Banna De Dha King's shilling, The/The reconciliation ICM 171019
Real McKenzies, The Kings of Fife, The CIAT 170618
Serras Kiruna Retur CIAT 170903
Alexander, Zoe Kismuil's Galley ICM 170713
Gaelic Storm Kiss Me, I'm Irish PS 170214
Pipeline, The Kisses And Kind Eyes CIAT 170514
O'Brien, Damien & Loughlin, Oliver Kitty Gone A Milking/The Factory Turn/The Smiling Lady CP 170401
Coyne, Eamonn & Drever, Kris Kitty O'Neill's Champion Jig KPC 170507
Ryan, Karen Kitty's Rambles/Kitty of Oulart/An Rogaire Dubh CP 170701
Dan the Bard Klingon Wild Rover, The PS 170307
Wildman, Cara Knepphallingen ICM 171019
Jansberg Kometens Hale CIAT 170129
Jansberg Kometens Hale CIAT 170402
Instinkt Kommisaeren CIAT 170129
Jansberg Korncirkler CIAT 170813
Friel, Brian Kusinvalsen KPC 170430
Irish Moutarde Lad and a Hag. A PRR 170702
Harrington, Gerry Ladies of Leinster, The/The Contradiction CP 170901
Hogeye Navvy, The Lady Ann Montgomery KPC 170716
Bergin, Mary Lady in the Island, The/The Concert Reel/The Hut in the Bog CP 170701
Teada Lady Montgomery/Follow Me Down/Give The Girl Her 4pPence/Tie The Bonnett CP 170301
Nair, Darcy Lagan love, The ICM 170817
Ferguson, Jesse Lakes of Ponchartrain, The ICM 170209
Rankin, Raylene Lambs in Spring, The KPC 170224
Doan, John Lamentation of Turlough O'Carolan, The KPC 170618
Runa Land of Sunshine Set, The ICM 170216
Gothard Sisters, The Landing, The ICM 170608
Enter the Haggis Lanigan's Ball PRR 170317
Hearthfire Duo, The Lanigan's Ball ICM 170413
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Lanigan's Ball ICM 170406
Celtic Fiddle Festival, The Laride/Gavotte KPC 170409
Island Eddy Larry Redigan's/The Leitrim Lilter CP 170101
Get Up Jack Las Vegas ICM 170323
BibleCode Sundays, The Lash in the USA, The SNO 170515
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caoimhin Lass of Caracastle, The/The Morning Dew/The Geese in the Bog CP 170301
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caoimhin Lass of Caracastle, The/The Morning Dew/The Geese in the Bog CP 170601
O'Brien, Mick & O'Reilly, Kevin Lass of Carracastle, The/The Morning Dew/The Geese in the Bog CP 170801
Stone Clover Last Night PRR 170317
Ebel, Matthew Last Pirate, The PRR 170919
Manran Latha Math CIAT 170917
Fielding, Marie Laura's Tune KPC 170203
Rambling Sailors, The Leave Her, Johnny ICM 170518
Nic Amhlaoibh, Muireann Leaving of Limerick, The KPC 170203
Gunn, Marc & Haeuser, Jamie Leaving of Liverpool, The PS 171010
Homeland, The Leaving of Liverpool, The KPC 170521
Homeland, The Leaving of Liverpool, The CIAT 170604
New Shilling, The Leezy Lindsay ICM 170713
McMiners, The Left Behind PRR 170317
Lappelectro Left Ol' Tennessee CIAT 170514
Kila Length of Space, The CIAT 170924
Tossers, The Leopardstown Races, The SNO 171001
Gunn, Marc Leprechaun, The PS 170725
LQR Leprechauns PRR 170214
Rumjacks, The Les Darcy SNO 170317
Rumjacks, The Les Darcy SNO 170717
Coast, The Let It Rain ICM 170928
Salter, Laura Beth & Butterworth, Jenn Let the sun shine down on me FS 170217
Kennedy, Seamus Liar, The ICM 170504
Bloom, Luka Liffeyside KPC 170423
Scythian Lilies of Quebec, The KPC 170611
An Triur Lilting Banshee, The/Munster Buttermilk /The Humours of Ballyloughlin ICM 170601
Gas Men, The Lilting gas men, The ICM 171019
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Lily of the West, The KPC 170910
Heaton, Matt, Heaton, Shannon & Murphy, Keith Lily of the West, The IMS 170710
Spiro Lily, The/The Grouse Was Dead When It Hit The Queen CIAT 170108
Kilrush Lily's Ghost ICM 170223
Kilrush Lily's Ghost ICM 171012
Snuff Box, The Limerick CIAT 170716
Snuff Box, The Limerick CIAT 171015
Moloney, Mick Limerick Rake, The KPC 170514
Plantec Linelis CIAT 170101
Plantec Linelis CIAT 170226
Plantec Linelis CIAT 170917
Preab Meadar Lion and Fox, The (Seadnadh Mor) ICM 170720
Shillelagh Lish Young Buy-A-Broom PS 170214
Bachand, Qristina & Quinn Listen CIAT 170528
Enter the Haggis Litter and the Leaves, The PRR 170519
Edey, Tim Little Bird, The KPC 170723
Celtic Colours Vol 3 feat Morrison, Fred Little Cascade Set, The--Hecla/The Little Cascade/Frances Morton's (Live) FS 170622
We Banjo 3 Little Liza Jane KPC 170113
Here & Now, The Little Monster, The ICM 170302
Hoist the Colors Little Rebel, The ICM 170615
Hoist the Colors Little Rebel, The PRR 170619
Dulahan Living Wage, A KPC 170903
Irish Moutarde LLL CIAT 170618
9Bach Llyn Du CIAT 170416
Firkin Loch Lamond CIAT 170903
Ferguson,Jesse Loch Lomond ICM 170727
Firkin Loch Lomond CIAT 170108
Lady Moon Loch Lomond ICM 170119
Tuatha Dea Loch Lomond ICM 171005
Wee Heavies, The Loch Lomond ICM 170921
Wylde, Martyn Loch Tay boat song, The ICM 170921
Celtic Reggae Revolution, The London Town ICM 170810
Forkroot Lone Pine, The/Big Tex ICM 170928
Scally Cap Brats, The Lonely Days and Drunken Nights PRR 170317
Bard & Company Lonesome Boatman, The ICM 170907
Craic, The Lonesome Lullaby, The PRR 170317
Bloom, Luka Lonesome Robin KPC 170127
Gunn, Marc Long arm, The ICM 170504
Gunn, Marc Long arm, The PS 170509
Kilmaine Saints, The Long Shot Nag, The SNO 171001
Barleyjuice Longest Night Of The Year, The CIAT 170129
Simpson, Martin Look Up, Look Down CIAT 170226
Danu Lord Gregory KPC 170224
Coleman, Michael & Geoghegan, Ed Lord McDonald IMS 170509
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Lord of the Pounce, The PS 170725
DeAngelis, Michael Lost in Cork ICM 170309
Runabay Lotus, The CIAT 170521
Runabay Lotus, The CIAT 170716
Neck Loud ‘n' Proud ‘n' Bold PRR 170317
Old Blind Dogs, The Lough Erne's Shore ICM 171012
Burke, Kevin Love at the Endings/John McGrath's Reel KPC 170507
Raney, Colleen Lovely Green Banks of the Moy, The ICM 170511
Afro Celt Sound System, The Lovers of Light, The CIAT 170723
Gallagher, Rita Lowlands of Holland, The CP 170501
Gannon, John, Lech, Tina, Conneely, Kathleen & Clohessy, Sean Luachrachan's Jig/Hardiman's Fancy ICM 170622
Elders, The Luck of the Irish, The CIAT 170528
Burke/Conway/Dolan Luck Penny, The/The Pipe on the Hob CP 170901
Curley, David & Broderick, Mick Lucking Out ICM 170518
Curley, David & Broderick, Mick Lucking Out ICM 170803
Unthanks, The Lucky Gilchrist CIAT 170319
Bothy Band, The Lucy Campbell/The Laurel Tree KPC 170723
Tourish, Ciaran Lucy Campbell's/The Flogging Reel KPC 170326
Snuff Box, The Lucy's 25 CIAT 170709
Coyne, Eamonn & Drever, Kris Lucy's swamp CIAT 171001
McKay, Catriona Lums O' Lund CIAT 171001
Devils Water, The Lyke Wake Song, The ICM 171005
Romero, Roddie & the HubCity All-Stars Ma Jolie CIAT 170108
Dunlop, Joy Ma Phòsas Mi Idir, Cha Ghabh Mi Tè Mhòr (If I Marry at All, I Won't Wed a Big Girl) FS 170808
Kila Mac Lir CIAT 170730
Jiggernaut Macfurley's Rant ICM 170119
Shannon, Sharon Machine, The ICM 170928
Cormorant's Fancy, The MacPherson's Farewell/The Atholl Highlanders ICM 170713
Noctambule Mad Girl's Love Song, The KPC 170423
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Mad Jenny ICM 170727
O'Reilly, Padraic Madame Bonaparte CP 170101
Nava Magic box, The ICM 171019
Regan, John & Glackin, Paddy Maid At The Spinning Wheel, The/ A Visit to Ireland CP 170401
Sproule, Daithi Maid of Ballydoo. CP 170801
Barra MacNeils, The Maids of Arrochar, The KPC 170702
Mac Diarmada, Oisin Maids of Hollywell, The/The Thirteen Arches KPC 170430
Na Mooneys Maire Mhor KPC 170127
Ciana Maire Rua/The Farewell to Whalley Range/The Winding Stair ICM 170907
McKintree Boys, The Mairi's wedding PRR 170917
Danu Malai na gCuach Ni Chuileannain KPC 170305
Dunn, Maria Malala CIAT 170716
MacNeil, Paul & MacInnis, Jamie Malcolm Deleskie/The Village Music Teacher/Alex MacEachern's/Castle Bay/Mr. Colin J. Boyd KPC 170917
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Maluron Lurette CIAT 170910
Gobshites, The & Ramone, Richie Man Who Built America, The SNO 170211
Dublin Harpers, The Man's a man, A ICM 170713
Cormorant's Fancy, The Man's a Man for A' That, A/The Pith O' Sense ICM 171005
O'Briain, Donncha Maple Leaf, The/The Man of Arran CP 170301
O'Briain, Donncha Maple Leaf, The/The Man of Arran CP 170601
Basco March of the frogs, The CIAT 171015
Dalglish, Malcolm & Larsen, Grey March of the King of Laois, The/Brian Boru's March KPC 170813
Tara Hill March on Tara/Queen Maeve's Dance ICM 170810
Vent du Nord, Le Marche du Iroquois/Papineau, La KPC 170210
Vasen Marche, La CIAT 170507
Craic, The Marching Orders, The PRR 170702
Sons of Malarkey, The Marie's wedding ICM 170209
Sons of Malarkey, The Marie's wedding ICM 170713
Kilted Kings, The Marionette Jig, The/Spinner's Reel PS 170307
Mulcahy, Michelle Martin Wynne's 2/The Humours of Lissadel/The Duke of Leinster CP 171001
McKinney, Brendan, McKinney, Siobhan & Williams, John Marty Fahey March IMS 170509
Coyote Run Mary Mac ICM 170727
McGinty Mary Mac ICM 170706
New Shilling, The Mary Mac ICM 170406
Woods, Damaris Mason's apron, The PRR 170317
Hogeye Navvy, The Mason's apron, The/The Silver Spear KPC 170716
Marum, Jed Massacre at Glencoe, The ICM 170427
Dervish Master's return, The KPC 170813
Cormier, J P Mathematician, The/Sleepy Maggie KPC 170723
MacMaster, Natalie Matt & Nat's CIAT 170108
Conway, Brian Matt Hyland KPC 170326
Magill, Andrew Finn Maurice O'Connor's Third Air KPC 170618
Poor Man's Fortune, The May morning dew, The/The Monaghan jig ICM 170202
Runrig May morning, The CIAT 170305
MAZ Mazouka CIAT 170514
McDerry McApline's Fusiliers ICM 170525
Leahy McBride's KPC 170702
Shooglenifty McConnell's Rant CIAT 170507
Altan McFarley's/Mill Na Maídí IMS 170807
McEvoy, Catherine McGovern's/The Casagh Reel/Martin Ansboro's CP 170101
Harpnotic Meadow, The ICM 170420
Heaton, Matt Meaning of Life Reprise, The IMS 170509
Heaton, Matt Meaning of Life Theme, The IMS 170509
Stubbert, Brenda Meeting Gigi/Chums/My Great Friend John Morris/Kalapa Valley KPC 170604
Gunn, Marc & Haeuser, Jamie Men of the New Basin Canal, The PS 170307
Gunn, Marc & Haeuser, Jamie Men of the New Basin Canal, The PS 170725
Rogue Diplomats, The Mermaid, The ICM 170803
Begley, Cormac Merrily kissed the Quaker/The Lisheen KPC 170709
Wild Colonial Bhoys, The Merry Ploughboy, The ICM 170316
LQR Mi Amigos CIAT 170205
Kilkenny Knights, The Mick Watson SNO 170912
Rogue Scholars, The Mickey the Vermin PRR 170816
Caitlin & Ciaran Midnight in Virginia/The Mountain Road KPC 170430
Gothard Sisters, The Midsummer Jigs, The ICM 170629
Deaf Shepherd Millenium Village: Islay's Charms/Farewell to Millennium Village/Pierre's Right Arm/Alex C MacGregor FS 170808
Deaf Shepherd Millenium Village Medley, The CIAT 170528
O'Brien, Paddy Miller of Draughin/The KPC 170514
Amidon, Sam Miltown Girls, The IMS 170911
Go Set, The Miner's son, The CIAT 170813
Go Set, The Miner's son, The PRR 170816
Elders, The Miners ICM 170316
Jiggernaut Miners' life, The ICM 170427
Gunn, Marc Mingulay boat song, The ICM 170216
Gunn, Marc Mingulay boat song, The PS 170725
Gunn, Marc Mingulay boat song, The ICM 170727
Hogeye Navvy, The Mingulay boat song, The KPC 170716
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Mining ship the Red Dwarf, The PS 170725
PaddyGrass Minstrel boy, The ICM 170323
LQR Mis Amigos CIAT 170507
Kennedy, Mary Ann Mise Fhauir CIAT 170702
Kennedy, Mary Ann Mise Fhuair CIAT 170730
Lipshutz, Brett & Gosa, Randy Lee Miss Galvin's/Ran's Dirty Vans ICM 170706
Gavin, Frankie Miss Langford's Reel/The Tailor's Thimble CP 170701
MacPhee, Doug Miss Maria Carr/H. Mackworth/Mrs. Forbes of Leith/Miss Gibson KPC 170917
Gourley, Nathan & Feddersen, Laura Miss Patteron's Slippers/Berehaven ICM 170209
Schaad, Anna Miss U CIAT 170618
Headsticks, The Mississippi's Burning PRR 170214
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Mist Covered Mountain, The/Tell Her I Am IMS 170710
Bush, Kate Mna Na Heireann CIAT 170430
Selkie Girls, The Mo Nighean Donn as Boidhche ICM 170302
Homeland, The Modern Man, The CIAT 170326
Muckers, The Molly PRR 170214
Royal Spuds, The Molly Macquires, The PRR 170317
Hudson Falcons, The Monahan's SNO 170912
Gunn, Marc Monahan's Mudder's Milk PS 170509
Davis, Madi Moon, The ICM 170427
Touchstone Mooncoin Jig, The/The High Reel/The Plover's Wing KPC 170521
Black Market Haggis, The Moontown set, The ICM 170803
Elders, The Moore Street Girls, The ICM 170810
Ockham's Razor Moorlough Shore, The ICM 170202
Stonecircle, The Moped in the Sky, The ICM 170126
Dale, Heather Mordred's Lullaby ICM 170727
Rock, Salt & Nails More And More CIAT 170730
Spence, Bill with Fennig's All-Stars Morgan Megan KPC 170618
Mitchell & Vincent Morgan Rattler/The Lads of Alnwick ICM 170316
Tullamore Mormond Braes, The ICM 170713
Na Mooneys Morning Dew, The KPC 170127
Nugent, Laurence Morning Dew, The/The Rising Sun/Sean Og's KPC 170312
Ceann Moron with the Bodhran, The ICM 170727
Irish Airs, The Morrison's/Drowsy Maggie KPC 170827
Chessell. Pat Mother In Law, The CIAT 170219
Paul McKenna Band, The Mother Nature KPC 170402
Clohessy, Sean, McComiskey, Sean & Jordan, Kieran Mount Phoebus Hunt, The/The Hunted IMS 170911
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Mountain dew, The IMS 171010
Prodigals, The Mountain dew, The ICM 170323
Burning Bridget Cleary Mountain, The ICM 170126
Kellam, Emily Mourning dove, The ICM 170817
Jedlicka, Robyn Moving Cloud, The/The Honeymoon/Jenny Picking Cockles KPC 170416
Gunn, Marc Mower, The PS 170110
Noctambule Mr O'Connor/The Broken Pledge KPC 170827
Town Pants, The Mr Valentine's Dead PRR 170317
Harper, Brid Mrs Carroll's Strathspey/Marquis of Huntly/Beautiful Gortree CP 170201
Enter the Haggis Mrs Elliot PRR 170917
MacIsaac, Dave Mrs Gordon Of Troup/Earl Of Home/Mary MacDonald's/Mr Bernard/Miss Scott Of Usan KPC 171001
Ferrel, Frank Mrs Hogan's Birthday/Grape Juice/Miss Hamilton's/The Wind-Up KPC 170409
Mackenzie, Graham Mrs Mackenzie's FS 170413
Crepuscule Mrs Stewart of Grandtully set ICM 170105
Hydes, The Muddy Water CP 170201
Trad Youth Exchange, The Mug Of Brown Ale, The/The Leg Of The Duck/Munster Buttermilk ICM 170622
Milladoiro Muineira de Chantada KPC 170120
Danu Muirisín Deas Set, The KPC 170224
Plastic Paddy Muirshin Durkin ICM 170316
Moloney, Mick Muldoon the Solid Man/Grandfather's Tune KPC 170813
Sheridan, Dave & Co Mulhaire's/Kiss The Maid Behind the Barrell CP 170901
Claymore Mull of Kintyre, The ICM 170525
Cormorant's Fancy, The Mummer's Jig, The/Munster Buttermilk ICM 170330
Amidon, Sam Munster Buttermilk, The IMS 170911
Enter the Haggis Murphy's Ashes CIAT 170409
Bothy Band, The Music in the Glen, The KPC 170521
Cowell, Foreman, Jedlicka, Kennedy, Lynn & Sheldon Musical Priest, The/Frank's/Mountain Road KPC 170416
Stacks, The My Bride & I CIAT 170806
Searson My Canadian Town CIAT 170115
Holland, Jerry My Cape Breton Home KPC 170521
Ren My Heart Belongs To Ireland ICM 170302
Mozaik My Heart's Tonight in Ireland KPC 170611
Merry Wives of Windsor, The My Johnny Was a Shoemaker ICM 170330
Heaton, Matt My love is in America IMS 170509
McCarthy Family, The My love is in America/The Milliner's Daughter ICM 170622
Mallan, Peter My love is like a red, red rose FS 170519
Miller, Ed My love is like a red, red rose ICM 170119
Stapleton, Robyn My love is like a red, red rose FS 170217
O'Malley, Ken My Match Was Made ICM 170330
Bua My Parents Reared Me Tenderly KPC 170604
Afro Celt Sound System, The My Secret Bliss CIAT 170423
Maguires, The Na Cailini KPC 170730
Telenn Tri Na Ceannbhan Bhann/Farewell to Whalley Range/The Humours of Whiskey ICM 171012
McRae, Jimi Na Criochan ICM 170713
Seivane, Susana Na Terra De Trasancos CIAT 170507
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The PS 170124
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The ICM 170209
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The PS 170214
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The PS 170725
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The PS 170808
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The ICM 170817
Peatbog Faeries, The Namedropper, The/The Little Cascade CIAT 170604
Berroguetto Nanatsu CIAT 170903
Makem & Spain Brothers, The Nancy-O KPC 170402
High Kings, The Nancy Spain KPC 170903
Rogue Diplomats, The Nancy Whiskey ICM 170831
Flook Natterjack, The CIAT 170305
Comas Natural Progression, A/Borat's Waltz/Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome to Shetland/A Punch in the Dark KPC 170528
Peatbog Faeries, The Naughty Step, The CIAT 170702
Guihen, Tommy Navvy On The Shore, The/Peg McGrath's/McFadden's CP 170701
Hogan, Amelia Nead La Lachan ICM 170511
Green, Abby Nead Na Lachan ICM 170601
StoneRing, The Neal Herding Goats/Matt's March ICM 171019
Copeland , Iain Neil Ewart of Ardnamurchan CIAT 170402
Dochas Neilidh O'Boyle's Highland/Duloman na Binnt Bui/Sean ‘sa Cheo KPC 170402
Llangres Nena Maria KPC 170120
Plantec Nerzh CIAT 170507
Plantec Nerzh CIAT 170827
Cormier, J P Never Going Back Again KPC 170611
Pipes & Pints Never Let You Down CIAT 170528
Morrison, Mairi & Roberts, Alasdair Never Wed An Old Man ICM 170406
Old Blind Dogs, The Nevertheless ICM 170413
MacIsaac, Ashley New Fiddle, The KPC 170106
Blowzabella New Hornpipes, The KPC 170106
Ceoltori New Land, The KPC 170106
Connolly, Johnny New Mown Meadow, The/Boil The Breakfast Early CP 170401
Keane, Conor & Griffin, Kevin New Mown Meadow, The/The Dublin Reel/The Steampacket KPC 170106
Renbourn, John New Nothynge, The KPC 170106
Albion Country Band, The New St George/La Rotta KPC 170106
MacLean, Dougie New Tomorrow, A FS 170914
Seeger, Mike & Friends New Year's Eve Song, The KPC 170106
Horslips New York Wakes KPC 170106
Larkin Brigade, The New York Wakes SNO 170211
Old Blind Dogs, The Newe ICM 170420
Grant, Colin Newmill Brig, The KPC 170106
Routes Quartet, The Night Mouse, the FS 170808
Screeched Inn, The Night Paddy Murphy Died, The PS 170307
Carty, John & Maggie Nightingale, The KPC 170127
House of Hamill, The Nightmare, The PS 170110
House of Hamill, The Nightmare, The ICM 170323
Mickey Rickshaw No Heaven for Heroes PRR 170317
Queen Anne's Lace No, John PS 170606
Coast, The No More Heroes PRR 170816
Balter No One Can Be a Rebel (For Too Long) FS 170622
McSherry, John, O'Connor, Donal & Graham, Sean Og No Room to Wriggle in the Cauldron KPC 170113
Morrison, Iain No Sunday Golf? CIAT 170430
MacDonald, Kyle Noise KPC 170305
Mickey Rickshaw Nonprofit Warfare PRR 170214
Mickey Rickshaw Nonprofit Warfare SNO 170515
Mickey Rickshaw Nonprofit Warfare PRR 170702
Battlelegs Nord Mead ICM 170810
Selkie Girls, The Norlan Wind, The ICM 170427
Fenja Menja Norsk Reinlaender CIAT 170326
Crasdant Nos Galan (New Years Eve) KPC 170106
Mickey Rickshaw Not My Problem Now PRR 170519
Murphy, Keith Nous allons a une Fete ICM 170622
Primrose, Christine O A Leannain (Oh Sweatheart) ICM 170713
Peat in the Creel, The O' Cabalo Azul ICM 170720
Tennant, Scott O'Carolan's Farewell to Music KPC 170618
Willow and Her Giant O'Carolan's Farewell to Music ICM 170427
Hayes, Martin O'Connell's March/Galway Bay Hornpipe/The Banshee's Wail Over the Mangle Pit KPC 170820
MacQuarrie, Morgan O'er The Muir Amang The Heather/Lady Mary Ramsay's/Celtic Ceilidh/Homeward Bound etc KPC 170917
Gunn, Marc O'er the Way ICM 170928
Poitin O'puss No. 7 ICM 170518
Niteworks Obair Oidhche ICM 170309
Dosca Oblique FS 170316
Hayden, Cathal Ocean Jigs, The KPC 170409
Flatfoot 56 Odd Boat, The PRR 170317
Bridgid's Cross Off she goes ICM 170601
Sons of Malarkey, The Oh Journey ICM 170608
Hogeye Navvy, The Oh What A Parish/The Kesh Jig KPC 170716
Real McKenzies, The Old Becomes New CIAT 170409
Rogue Diplomats, The Old Brown Ale, The ICM 170810
Vallely, Cillian & Niall Old Bush, The/The Pretty Girls of Mayo/The Tinker's Reel/Miss McDonald CP 170101
Moran, Jimmy O'Brien Old Coolun, The IMS 170807
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Old Dun Cow, The PS 170307
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Old Dun Cow, The PS 170725
Gunn, Marc Old Dun Cow, The PS 170110
Muckers, The Old Dun Cow, The ICM 170316
Beltaine Old Rosin the Beau ICM 170608
Planxty Old Torn Petticoat, The/The Dublin Reel/The Wind That Shakes the Barley KPC 170217
Templars of Doom, The Oliver Cromwell Twist, The SNO 170912
Flatfoot 56 Ollie Ollie PRR 170519
Solas On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis CIAT 171008
Gallagher, Rita On The Banks of a River CP 170701
Magill, Andrew Finn Only for Barney/ Kissing and Drinking ICM 170209
Mile Twelve Onwards CIAT 171008
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Oor Hamlet ICM 170119
MacLeod, Kevin Opera reels, The KPC 170903
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Oran a' Mheirlich/The Thief's Song KPC 170312
Rura Oran Nan Mogaisien CIAT 170723
Irish Rovers, The Orange and the Green, The KPC 170319
McKee, Andrew Orange and the Green, The PS 170124
McKee, Andrew Orange and the Green, The ICM 170406
1916 Ordinary Man, An PRR 170317
1916 Ordinary Man, The PRR 170917
Enya Orinoco Flow IMS 170411
Ockham's Razor Oro, Se Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile ICM 170216
Ockham's Razor Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile ICM 170727
Mullane, Damien Orphan, The CP 171001
Peat in the Creel, The Otter's Holt, The ICM 170629
Merry Hell Out of my mind CIAT 170416
Charmas Out on the Ocean ICM 171005
Williams, John et al Out on the Ocean IMS 170411
McCullouch, Willie Outer Hebrides, The ICM 170921
Mithril Duo, The feat Kruspe, Andy Outlander set, The: Loch Lomond/Comin' Thro' the Rye/Clean Pease Strae/The High Road to Linton ICM 170413
Reid, Brad Over the Moor ICM 170525
Beggarmen, The Owenreagh ICM 171012
Free Range String Band, The P J Hayes/Dance of the Honeybees ICM 170518
Tulla Ceili Band, The P Joe's/The Mountain Lark KPC 170820
Emish P Stands for Paddy ICM 170316
Crean, Eilis Paddy Fahey's Reel/The East Galway Reel ICM 170907
Rumjacks, The Paddy Goes to Babylon SNO 170515
Hogeye Navvy, The Paddy Lay Back KPC 170611
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Paddy McCollough PS 170808
DeMarco, Tony Paddy on the Turnpike/The Scholar KPC 170402
McGaha, John Paddy Ryan ICM 170504
McCabes, The Paddy's Day PS 170307
Young Dubliners, The Paddy's green shamrock shore CIAT 170528
Swagger, The Paddy's In America PRR 170317
Screaming Orphans, The Paddy's lamentation ICM 170914
Mulcahy, Louise & Michelle Padraig O'Keefe's 1 & 2/The Humours Of Ballydaly IMS 170807
Brick Top Blaggers, The Paint it Black PRR 170917
Mahones, The Paint the town red PRR 170317
Mahones, The Paint the town red SNO 170717
Kilmaine Saints, The Painting Paradise Square CIAT 170611
Flying Toads, The Palm Sunday ICM 170216
Irvine, Andy Pamela's Ruchenitsa/Gruncharsko Horo/Baker's Dozen KPC 170217
Jerry Cans, The Paniarjuk CIAT 170326
Jerry Cans, The Paniarjuk CIAT 170423
Jerry Cans, The Paniaruk CIAT 170702
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Paper of Pins, The ICM 170810
Guihen, Tommy Parcel of Land, The/The Streetplayer/The Drunken Landlady CP 171001
Granville, Aoife Parcel Of Land, A/Conal's/The Dublin Lads KPC 170521
Duplets, The Paris ICM 170518
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Parting glass, The KPC 170319
Gunn, Marc Parting glass, The PS 170912
In For a Penny Parting glass, The ICM 170316
Screaming Orphans, The Parting glass, The PS 170606
Siúcra featuring Gadbaw, Beth Leachman Parting glass, The IMS 171010
Jeremiahs, The Passage West, The ICM 170831
Heidi-Jane Passing Train Juniper Jig ICM 170309
Rambling Sailors, The Patrick Street ICM 170706
LeVine, Avery Patsy Hanley's/The Boys of Ballisodare/The Crosses of Annagh ICM 170323
O'Rourke, Jason Peacock Following the Hen, The/O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick/My Mind Will Never Be Easy KPC 170730
Gannon, Cormac Peata Beag Do Mhathar ICM 170720
Conway, Brian Peeler's Jacket, The/Lucy Campbell/Humours of Westport CP 170201
Gunn, Marc Peggy Gordon PS 170214
Gunn, Marc Peggy Gordon ICM 170608
Gunn, Marc Peggy Gordon PS 170808
Kids arranged by Lunny, Donal & McGoldrick, Mike Peigin Lettermore IMS 170314
McAuley, Brendan Pennyview Windmill, The/The 3 Kings CP 170501
Whiskey of the Damned, The Pesticide And Fire PRR 170214
Carty, John & Maggie Peter Horan's Waltz KPC 170305
Coig PFP set, The KPC 170709
Assembly, The feat Murphy, Keith Phoenix, The IMS 170710
Trias Piben CIAT 170521
Fletcher, Kate & Broch, Corwen Pica pica CMP 170501
Emmerson, Simon Pilsdon Pen CIAT 170917
O'Craven Pint glass, The ICM 170112
Dares, Tracey Pipe Group, The KPC 171001
Rogues, The Pipe Major Domo PS 170110
Black, Donald Pipe Reels--The Melness Reel/The Raven's Rock/The Traditional Reel FS 170622
Britton, Tim & Chulrua Pipe Solo – Slow Air IMS 170807
Homeland, The Pipe song, The CIAT 170924
3 Mile Stone, The Piper On Horseback, The CIAT 170402
Sora Piper, The ICM 170921
McAlinden, Peter Piper Thru The Meadow Straying, The CP 170401
Wakes, The Pirates Of The League, The PRR 170702
Gunn, Marc Pirates vs Dragons PS 170808
BibleCode Sundays, The Pittsburgh Kid, The SNO 170211
BibleCode Sundays, The Pittsburgh Kid, The SNO 170717
McMillen, Robbi Piurt a'Beul ICM 170720
Swarbrick, Dave Planxty Charles Coote KPC 170618
Chieftains, The Planxty George Brabazon KPC 170618
Mullen, Sarah Marie Planxty Irwin ICM 170309
Anam Planxty Joe Burke KPC 170806
Larkin Brigade, The Planxty John L SNO 170717
Town Pants , The Plastered In Paris CIAT 170903
Peelers, The Plastic Paddy KPC 170430
Wars, Jay & the Howard Youth Play Another Song PRR 170214
Poitin Pleasant Month of May, The ICM 170302
McCalmans, The & Dickson, Barbara Plooman Laddies sang, The FS 170413
Ballinamore Ceili Band, The Plough and Stars, The/Mulhaire's/The Golden Keyboard KPC 170319
Solas Ploughman, The CIAT 170108
Flook Pod: Baldy Hollow/The Empty Pod ICM 170601
Breabach Poetic Milkman, The KPC 170312
Patterson, Beth & O'Flaherty, Patrick Pointe Aux Pins ICM 170323
Arum Polkas, The KPC 170730
Ozere Pony Ride , The CIAT 170827
Ozere Pony Ride, The CIAT 170528
Cormier, J P & Gunning, Dave Poor Ellen Smith KPC 170521
Handsome Young Strangers, The Poor Ned SNO 170211
Handsome Young Strangers, The Poor Ned ICM 170615
Handsome Young Strangers, The Poor Ned PRR 170619
Handsome Young Strangers, The Poor Ned PRR 170702
DeMarco, Tony Poppy Leaf, The/The Alexander KPC 170326
O'Donovan, Aoife Porch Light, The CIAT 170129
Skels, The Pot to piss in, A SNO 170912
Barleyjuice Potatoes CIAT 170312
Heaton, Matt Pound the Floor IMS 170911
Ennis, Seamus Praties are Dug and the Frost is All Over IMS 170807
Homeland, The Pressed for time CIAT 170430
Homeland, The Pressed for time CIAT 170910
Red Hot Chilli Pipers, The Pressed for time FS 170316
West of Mabou Pressed for time ICM 170608
Kilted Kings, The Prettiest Hobbit, The PS 170110
Rattle the Knee Pride of Pimlico, The/The Morning Lark ICM 170831
Clohessy, Sean, McComiskey, Sean & Jordan, Kieran Priest and his boots, The ICM 170622
Clohessy, Sean, McComiskey, Sean & Jordan, Kieran Priest and his boots, The IMS 170911
Lennon, Ben & Friends Primrose Polka, The CP 170401
Top Floor Taivers, The Princess Rosanna FS 170217
Morrison, Hugh Prisoner Song, The ICM 170302
Pourmen, The Prodigal Son, The PRR 170317
Pourmen, The Prodigal Son, The PRR 170702
Dunne, Stevie Providence, Killarney Boys CIAT 170618
Athenrye Provos Lullaby, The ICM 170518
Fowlis, Julie Puirt-A-Beul set , The CIAT 170827
Ur the Future of Our Past Puirt set, The KPC 170203
Shannon, Sharon Pull Out The Stops CIAT 170723
Shannon, Sharon Pull Out The Stops CIAT 170910
Flogging Molly Punch Drunk Grinning Soul SNO 170717
Mishaped Pearls, The Puy en Velay, Le ICM 170525
Tyrrell/Glackin/Browne Quaker's Meeting, The CP 170501
Melisande Quand les hommes sont aux vignes CIAT 170212
Melisande Quand les hommes sont aux vignes CIAT 170507
Mulvey, Mick Quarrelsome Piper, The/The Lad O'Beirne's CP 170701
McAuley, Oisín Quebec Reels, The ICM 170105
Crawford, Kevin Queen Mary CP 171001
Silly Wizard Queen of Argyll, The KPC 170723
Offa Rex Queen of Hearts, The CIAT 170514
Jackflash Queensberry Rules, The SNO 170717
Wages of Sin, The Queensberry Rules, The SNO 170717
Kamerunga Queensland Whalers, The CIAT 170702
O'Raghallaigh, Micheal Quilty Shore, The/Grogan's/Kitty's Rambles CP 170901
Wolfstone Quime Fae Ryhnie CIAT 170611
Creagh/Coffey/Daly Quinn's Polka/The Church Polka CP 170901
Kila Rachel Corrie CIAT 170326
Myddle Earth Raggle taggle gypsies, The ICM 170112
Rapalje Raggle taggle gypsy, The KPC 170120
Kenny, Thomas Patrick Raglan Road ICM 170316
Led Farmers, The Raglan Road CIAT 170709
Granville, Aoife Raheen, The/Mi Na Meala KPC 170806
McAuley, Mick Rain & Snow CIAT 170319
Town Pants, The Rainville CIAT 170423
Kilmaine Saints, The Raise My Glass ICM 170914
Gaelic Storm Raised on Black and Tans ICM 170216
Williams, John & O'Neill, Eoin Rakes of Clonmel, The/The Kiltimagh Jig/Ned Coleman's Jig IMS 170411
Sultans of String, The Rakes of Mallow, The CIAT 170611
Ciana Ramblin' Irishman, The ICM 170608
Heaton, Matt Ramblin' Man, The IMS 171010
Heaton, Matt Ramblin' Man Theme, The IMS 170509
Black Water County Rambling Johnny PRR 170317
Alano, Dmitri Random Canoe, Tha /The First House in Connaught/The Rising Sun KPC 170903
West of Mabou Rannie MacLellan ICM 170330
Demon Barbers, The Ranzo ICM 170504
Trian Ratholdran Castle/The Fergus Reel/Martin Wynne's #4 KPC 170820
Keane, Jimmy, Cleland, Sean & Broaders, Pat Reagan's/The Shepherd's Daughter/Rolling In The Hay/Colonel Rodney IMS 170911
An Taisdeal Reason I Left Mullingar, The ICM 170810
Merry Hell Reason To Be, A CIAT 170129
Paddy's Pig Rebel tooth, The ICM 170601
Crazy Rogues, The Rebellion ICM 171005
O'Connor, Gerry Reconciliation set, The KPC 170423
Green, Abby Red is the rose ICM 170817
Doolin‘ Reel Africa CIAT 170115
Rawlins Cross Reel And Roll CIAT 170903
Alizbar & Ann' Sannat Reel, The ICM 170518
D'Arcy, Patrick Reels: John Kelly's Concertina Reel/Tom Keane's ICM 170810
Snuff Box , The Reels, The CIAT 170827
Snuff Box, The Reels, The CIAT 170702
Snuff Box, The Reels, The CIAT 171001
Kennedy's Kitchen Remember Dubh Loch ICM 170713
Reel Treble Band, The Renwick's Ferret/The Road to Errogie ICM 170427
Crawford, Kevin Repeal of the Union, The/The Ivy Leaf/The Hut in the Bog CP 170601
Crawford, Kevin Repeal of the Union, The/The Ivy Leaf/The Hut in the Bog CP 170901
Keane, Tommy & McCarthy, Jacqueline Repeal of the Union, The/My Sweetheart, Jane CP 170101
Flogging Molly Reptiles (We Woke Up) CIAT 170716
Flogging Molly Reptiles (We Woke Up) CIAT 171001
Battlefield Band, The Return to Kashmagiro/The Cuddy With the Wooden Leg ICM 170323
Gunn, Marc Return to Lonely Mountain, The PS 170808
Kilmaine Saints, The Ride Like Hell SNO 171001
Kilted Kings, The Ride On PS 170912
Kilted Kings, The Ride On PS 171010
Mickey Finn Ride On SNO 171001
Sligo Rags, The Riding On the Wexford Line, The ICM 170921
Gunn, Marc Ring of Hope, The PS 170725
Old Blind Dogs, The Ring on Her Hand, A ICM 170713
Fat Dog, The Ring the changes CIAT 170122
Fat Dog, The Ring the changes CIAT 170521
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Rinn Mi Córr is Naoi Mìle /I Traveled More Than Nine Miles ICM 170914
Alternative Ulster, An Riot in the Rondout, The SNO 170317
Shambolics, The Riot on Race Day, The SNO 171001
Stewart, Calum & MacColl, Lauren Rise, Ye Lazy Fellow KPC 170305
Gunn, Marc Rising of the Moon, The PS 170110
Pourmen, The Rising, The PRR 170519
Baltic Crossing, The Risumaki Satianinen CIAT 170604
Coast , The River , The CIAT 170827
Faith, Arlene River of Dreams, The ICM 170511
Changing Room, The River Runs Between, A ICM 170720
Coast, The River, The KPC 170604
Coast, The River, The CIAT 170625
Bedlam Bards, The River's Jig ICM 170504
Whelan, John Riverboat Set, The KPC 170224
Lennon, Maurice Road to Garrison, The/The Blackberry Blossom CP 170501
Searson Road to Hyndford, The CIAT 170709
Irish Airs, The Road to Lisdoonvarna, The/Hightail KPC 170910
Solas Roarie Bummlers ICM 170126
Caitlin & Ciaran Robert the Bruce/The Donegal Reel/The Fairy Reel KPC 170813
Ferguson, Jesse Robin Hood and the Tanner ICM 171005
Carroll, Liz & Doyle, John Rock reel set, The IMS 170710
Daly, Jackie & Cranitch, Matt Rockmills Hornpipe, The/Freddie Kimmel's Hornpipe KPC 170305
Dubliners, The Rocky road to Dublin, The KPC 170319
Gunn, Marc Rocky road to Dublin, The PS 171010
Hughes, Matt Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 170112
Screaming Orphans, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 170504
Screaming Orphans, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 170727
Kierah Roddy MacDonald's Fancy CIAT 170716
Clancy, Donal Roddy McCorely KPC 170319
Sligo Rags, The Roll Me Down the Mountain/The Switchback ICM 170330
Mulcahy Family, The Rolling Hills of Brosna, The/Colonel McBain CP 170301
BOWI Rolling Home ICM 170727
Salsa Celtica Rolling Road, The CIAT 170409
Salsa Celtica Rolling Road, The CIAT 170723
Go Set, The Rolling Sound SNO 170317
Horo Rory Macleod FS 170622
Mulcahy, Mick, Louise & Michelle Rose in the Heather,The/The Killavill Jig/An Buachaillin Bui KPC 170409
Marum, Jed Rose of Tralee, The ICM 170921
Byrne, Steve Rose song, The FS 170914
Scartaglen Rosemary Lane KPC 170514
Possumato, Dan Rosemary Lane/Chris Droney's/The Doberman's Wallet KPC 170604
Vent du Nord, Le Rosette KPC 170120
Narrowbacks, The Rosie PRR 170317
Narrowbacks, The Rosie CIAT 170917
Young Dubliners, The Rosie CIAT 171015
Clancy, Donal Rosin the Bow CP 170201
Tannahill Weavers, The Rovin' Heilandman, The KPC 170409
Changing Room, The Row, Boys, Row ICM 170601
Led Farmers, The Row By Row CIAT 170101
Wee Heavies, The Rowdy Soul, The ICM 170928
Melisande Ruban Bleu, Le CIAT 170423
Melisande Ruban Bleu, Le CIAT 170730
Cope, Jim Ruffled Drawers, The/When First Unto This Country ICM 170323
Ainslie, Ross Rum FS 170519
Alba's Edge feat Pearlman, Neil Run to Fly IMS 170710
Plastic Paddy Rundlets and Kilderkins ICM 170803
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay KPC 170604
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay CIAT 170709
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay CIAT 170827
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay ICM 170914
Calan Ryan Jigs, The KPC 170604
Heaton, Matt Sabai Sabai IMS 170509
Heaton, Matt Sabai Sabai IMS 171010
Shannon, Sharon Sacred Earth, The CIAT 170716
Shannon, Sharon Sacred Earth, The CIAT 170730
StoneRing, The Saddle set, The ICM 170525
Born Again Heathens, The Sadie Hawkins Slam Dance, The PRR 170702
We Banjo 3 Sail Away, Ladies/Because It's There ICM 170706
Once, The Sail Away to the Sea KPC 170604
Casey, Karan & Doyle, John Sailing Off to the Yankee Land IMS 170314
McKee, Andrew Sailor's Wife Set, The ICM 170316
Shannon, Sharon & the Waterboys Saints & Angels KPC 170312
Shannon, Sharon & the Waterboys Saints & Angels CIAT 170416
Cody, Ron Salamanca/The Golden Keyboard ICM 170216
Diamond, Danny Salamanca/The Maid In The Cherry Tree/The Mistress Of The House KPC 170507
Cassie & Maggie Salley Gardens Set, The CIAT 170416
Cassie & Maggie Salley Gardens Set, The KPC 170827
Shanties, The Salley Gardens, The ICM 170126
Cassie & Maggie Sally Garden set, The CIAT 171015
Cloves & the Tobacco, The Sally O'Riordan PRR 170317
Healy, Micheal Salt Wedding, The KPC 170217
Hogeye Navvy, The Sam Hall KPC 170716
O'Craven San Patricio ICM 170223
McPartlan, Mary Sanctuary CP 171001
Gareiss, Nic & Gilchrist, Maeve Sand Hunter, The IMS 170911
Celtica Sandy's New Chanter CIAT 170604
Celtic Cross, The Saoirse's Heart CIAT 170813
Teada Sarah's Delight/Paddy Sean Nancy's/The Ireland We Knew/The Ewe Reel CP 170301
McKee, Andrew Satisfied PS 170124
McKee, Andrew Satisfied ICM 170126
Fibish, Marla & Crowley, Jimmy Saucy Polka, The/Nelly KPC 170423
Kennedy, Eilis Saucy Sailor, The CP 170401
Young Dubliners, The Say Anything CIAT 170129
Greene, Jenna & Kellianna Scarborough faire CMP 170501
Smithfield Fair, The Scotland, Fair Scotland ICM 170713
Claymore Scotland the Brave ICM 170713
Miller, Ed Scotland's Story ICM 170713
Real McKenzies, The Scots Wha Ha'e SNO 170912
Gunn, Marc Scots Wha Hae PS 170124
Gunn, Marc Scots Wha Hae ICM 170713
Real McKenzies, The Scots Wha Hae SNO 170515
Beltaine Scotsman, The ICM 170406
Beolach Scott Skinner's Welcome to Inverness/Mary MacDonald/Angus Ronald Beaton's/Creignish Hills etc KPC 170528
Lawrence, Stevie Scottish Gothic CIAT 170122
Kennedy, Seamus Scottish song, The ICM 170406
Mouth Music Seafaring Man, The CIAT 170108
Griffin, Kevin, O'Neill, Eoin & Shannon, Sharon Seamus Connolly's IMS 170214
Griffin, Kevin, O'Neill, Eoin & Shannon, Sharon Seamus Connolly's ICM 170622
Town Pants, The Seamus' Missus CIAT 170521
Nugent, Laurence Sean O'Driscoll's/P.T. O'Connor's KPC 170820
Boyle, Neilidh Seán Sa Cheo IMS 170613
Le Cheile Seanamhach Tube Station/Jui's/Munster Buttermilk CP 170601
Newcomer, Carrie Season of Mercy, The CIAT 170305
Newcomer, Carrie Season of Mercy, The CIAT 170723
Young Dubliners, The Seeds of Sorrow, The ICM 170309
Young Dubliners, The Seeds of Sorrow, The ICM 170921
Cassie & Maggie Seileach CIAT 170122
Cassie & Maggie Seileach CIAT 170402
Cassie & Maggie Seileach CIAT 170507
Cassie & Maggie Seileach CIAT 170903
Duhks, The Seine River Waltz, The/Anna William's Reel/The Newfoundland Reel KPC 170702
Lamond, Mary Jane Seinn O KPC 171001
Licko, Jennifer Seinn O Churadail O ICM 170511
Elders, The Send a Prayer KPC 170326
Runabay Sequences CIAT 170604
Bodh'aktan Set de Balais, Le CIAT 170625
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Shady Grove CIAT 170205
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Shady Grove CIAT 170514
McCusker, John Shake A Leg KPC 170127
Bloody Irish Boys, The Shake Hands With the Devil SNO 170912
Ugly Mugs, The Shall ye go far? ICM 170928
O'Reillys, The & the Paddyhats Shamrock Thief, The PRR 170317
In Search Of A Rose Shamrocknroll PRR 170317
Black Market Haggis, The Shandon Bells Set, The ICM 170126
Black Market Haggis, The Shandon Bells Set, The ICM 170309
Gobshites, The Shane's Dentist SNO 170317
Narrowbacks, The Shannon CIAT 170101
Narrowbacks, The Shannon PRR 170702
Narrowbacks, The Shannon CIAT 170716
Narrowbacks, The Shannon CIAT 170910
Green, Abby She Moved Through the Fair ICM 170316
Couper, Ross & Oakes, Tom Shetland swing, The FS 170808
Brothers 3, The Shetlands, Da ICM 170223
High Level Ranters, The Shews the Way to Wallington KPC 170430
Tiller's Folly, The Shine CIAT 170219
Barrowburn Shinin' Clear ICM 170420
Drever, Kris Shipwrecked CIAT 170305
Drever, Kris Shipwrecked CIAT 170827
Lagerstein Shiver Me Timbers PRR 170919
Magill, Andrew Finn Shooting Stars ICM 170504
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Si Beag Si Mor IMS 170509
Kilbride, Pat Si Beag Si Mor KPC 170618
Shillelagh Si Beg Si Mor (reprise)/Banish Misfortune ICM 170302
Green, Abby Si Bheag Si Mhor/Why Should I? ICM 170202
Wolf & Clover Sí Bheag Sí Mhor ICM 170105
Tarras Siege, The CIAT 170409
Jiggy Silent Place, The ICM 170928
Blarney Castle Silhouettes Against the Soil ICM 170112
Kytami Silk Road, The CIAT 170730
Serious Kitchen, The Silkie of Sulle Skerrie, The ICM 171019
Solas Silver Dagger, The CIAT 170212
O'Brien, Mick & Ó Raghallaigh, Caoimhín Silver spear, The IMS 170807
Carroll, Liz Silver spear, The/The Earl's Chair/The Musical Priest KPC 170723
Steel Clover Silver Tassie, The ICM 170413
Noctambule Since I Was Begotten KPC 170423
Vallely, Cillian Sinead Maire's CP 170501
Go Set, The Sing Me A Song PRR 170519
Go Set, The Sing Me A Song (Live) PRR 170816
John Byrne Band, The Sing On, Johnny ICM 170601
Bunch of Bastards, A Sing with us Bastards SNO 170317
Karan Casey's students Singing classical excerpt IMS 170314
Fighting Jamesons, The Sink, The PRR 170917
Logues, The Siren's Call, The PRR 170702
Lady Moon Siuil a Ruin PS 170214
McCrae's Battalion, The Skara Brae ICM 170713
Kila Skinheads, The CIAT 170122
Ella Skye boat song, The ICM 171019
Kilted Kings, The Slainte Mhaith ICM 170914
Sands, Mick Slaves Lament. The CP 170601
Alan Kelly Gang, The Sleeping Policeman, The KPC 170402
Henderson, Jarlath Slighted Lover, The FS 170622
DeMarco, Tony Sligo Indians, The/Paddy Clancy's/Larry Redican's/The Rambling Pitchfork KPC 170402
Goitse Slip Carefully CIAT 170115
Goitse Slip Carefully CIAT 170716
Danu Slip Jig/Jig Gan Ainm KPC 170217
Fire Inside, The Slippery jigs, The ICM 170608
Kells, The Smooth Sailing After All/Andy's Jigs KPC 170910
Nickel Creek Smoothie song, The CIAT 170430
Lunasa Snowball CIAT 170212
Danu Snug in the Blanket/Patsy Geary's KPC 170305
Harv Sockertoj CIAT 170917
Celtic Fiddle Festival, The Soggy's/Waterboogie KPC 170730
Bua Soldier, Soldier KPC 170305
Gobshites, The Somebody Put Something SNO 170317
Mahones, The Someone saved me CIAT 170416
Killdares, The Sometimes the Night Is Wrong ICM 170202
Hevia Son Del Busgosu CIAT 170312
D'Arcy, Patrick Song & Hop Jig: The Whistling Thief/The Rocky Road To Dublin ICM 170316
Schroer, Oliver Song for all seasons, A CIAT 170806
Kennedy, Mary Ann Song for John MacDonald, The FS 170413
Burbridge, Nick Song of a Seafarer, The SNO 170211
Burbridge, Nick Song of an Outcast, The SNO 170515
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfe Tones Song of the Celts, The ICM 170316
Casey, Karan Song of the Seal, The IMS 170314
Fletcher, Kate & Broch, Corwen Song of the traveling fairies, The CMP 170501
Davies, Mark Song without words, The ICM 170914
Town Pants, The Sonny's Dream KPC 170702
Peelers, The Sons of Molly/Catharsis, The CIAT 170521
Oysterband , The Soul's Electric, The CIAT 170813
Fifield, Fraser South Atlantic Seven, The FS 170413
Kamerunga South Australia Suite, The CIAT 170212
Killdares, The Space ICM 170504
Led Farmers, The Space CIAT 170115
Led Farmers, The Space CIAT 170226
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Spancil Hill PS 171010
Mahones, The Spanish lady, The CIAT 170514
Seamus Stout Spanish lady, The ICM 170427
Plantec Speedwell CIAT 170129
Donnelly, Des Spey in Spate, The/Bonnie Kate CP 170601
Dropkick Murphys, The Spicy McHaggis Jig, The PRR 170519
Peatbog Faeries, The Spiders FS 170413
Peatbog Faeries, The Spigel & Nongo CIAT 170806
Capercaillie Spinning song, The CIAT 171001
Brew 36 Spirit Still Alive, The PRR 170214
Walsh, Tom Splendid Isolation/Mrs. Crehan's/Gerry Commane's KPC 170813
Fiddler's Green Sporting Day, The SNO 171001
Session A9 Sporting Paddy: Sporting Paddy/Hamish the Carpenter/ Hull's Reel/The Road to Erogie (Live) FS 170413
Reel Treble Band, The Spotted Dog, The/The Swallow's Tail/Donegal Lass ICM 170309
Fables, The St John's CIAT 170806
Battlefield Band, The St Louis Stagger, The CIAT 170702
Battlefield Band, The St Louis Stagger, The/The Ass In The Graveyard/Sandy's New Chanter ICM 170713
McScallywag St Paddy's Anthem, The ICM 170615
McScallywag St Paddy's Anthem, The PRR 170619
Templars of Doom, The St Patrick Saved Ireland ICM 170831
Barleyjuice St Patrick's Day PS 170307
Barleyjuice St Patrick's Day CIAT 170319
Black 47 St Patrick's Day PS 170307
Black 47 St Patrick's Day ICM 170316
Rendell, Norah St Patrick's Day PS 170307
Nash, Noel & O'Flaherty, Danny St Patrick's Day Anthem, The PS 170307
Poitin St Patrick's Day Polkas, The PS 170307
Mulcahy Family, The Stack of Oats, The/Nellie, Your Favour CP 171001
Gavin, Frankie & Brock, Paul Stack of Wheat, The/Miss Galvin's KPC 170312
Rattle the Knee Stananivy/Cucanandy/The Silver Slipper/The Pure Drop ICM 170720
Peelers, The Stand Down Cleary SNO 170717
Blarney Rebel Band, The Stand With Me, Boys ICM 170727
Solas feat Smiley, Moira Standing on the Shore ICM 170511
O'Donovan, Aoife Stanley Park CIAT 170219
Old Blind Dogs, The Star O' The Bar, The KPC 170806
Chance the Arm Star of the County Down, The KPC 170910
Gobshites, The Star of the County Down, The ICM 170706
Gunn, Marc & Haeuser, Jamie Star of the County Down, The PS 171010
Muckers, The Star of the County Down, The ICM 170209
Gunn, Marc Stardust Serenade, The PS 170808
Here & Now, The State dance, The ICM 170907
O'Brien, Mick Statia Donnelly's/I Will If I Can/Patsy Geary's CP 170401
O'Brien, Mick Statia Donnelly's/I Will If I Can/Patsy Geary's CP 171001
O'Meara, Garry Stealth ICM 170323
Boiled in Lead Step it out, Mary KPC 170730
Dust Rhinos, The Step it out, Mary ICM 170518
Real McKenzies, The Stephen's Green CIAT 170507
Sliotar Stick the Kettle On ICM 170907
Kailyarders, The Stinkin Of This 'N That ICM 170831
Elders, The Stone & Ice ICM 171019
Gaelic Storm Stone By Stone CIAT 170521
Gaelic Storm Stone By Stone CIAT 170910
Nagy, Katherine Stone Walls ICM 170511
O'Raghallaigh, Micheal Stoney Steps, The/The Hut In The Bog/The Merry Days of Easter CP 170401
O'Raghallaigh, Micheal Stoney Steps, The/The Hut In The Bog/The Merry Days of Easter CP 170601
Thompson, Richard Stony Ground CIAT 170129
Corbel, Cecile Stor Mo Chroi CIAT 170402
Vallely, Cillian Storm Hill CP 171001
Moving Hearts, The Storm, The KPC 170507
Mudmen, The Storm, The CIAT 170312
Polwart, Karine Strange news CIAT 170122
Polwart, Karine Strange news CIAT 170507
Skeleton McKee Strathmartine Mains (Love and Freedom) ICM 170309
New Customs, The Stretched upon your grave ICM 170525
Cassie & Maggie Strip the willow set, The CIAT 170604
Cassie & Maggie Strip the willow set, The KPC 170903
Kierah Strongbow CIAT 170312
In For a Penny Stumblin' Home PRR 170317
In For a Penny Stumblin' Home ICM 170615
In For a Penny Stumblin' Home PRR 170619
Mullin, Shauna Suantrai Seoithin Seotho ICM 170720
Sultans of String, The Subcontinental Drift CIAT 170326
Niteworks Subdisco FS 170914
Washburn, Abigail & the Sparrow Ensemble Sugar & Pie CIAT 170611
Considine, Ciara Summer Dance at the Crossroads, The ICM 170629
McDowell, Murray Summer Moon, The ICM 170629
Celtic Cross, The Summer of My Dreams, The ICM 170629
Leaping Lulu Summer Storm, The ICM 170302
Leaping Lulu Summer Storm, The ICM 170629
Gaelic Storm Summer's Gone, The ICM 170629
Jamie Smith's Mabon Summer's Lament, The ICM 170202
Jamie Smith's Mabon Summer's Lament, The ICM 170629
U2 Sunday, Bloody Sunday IMS 170411
Vallely, Niall & Cillian Sunnyside CIAT 170402
Dropkick Murphys, The Sunshine Highway, The CIAT 170212
Treacherous Orchestra, The Superfly CIAT 170416
Melisande Sur la Ritintin CIAT 170205
Melisande Sur la Ritintin CIAT 170226
Melisande Sur la Ritintin CIAT 170528
Kennedy's Kitchen Swallow's Tail Reel, The/The Sailor's Bonnet/Over The Moor To Maggie ICM 170420
BlackEyed Dempseys, The Sweeney's PRR 170317
FIMM Sweeney's Buttermilk PS 170307
Unwanted, The Sweet Becky at the Loom KPC 170402
Merry Hell Sweet Oblivion, The CIAT 170521
Old Man Flanagan's Ghost Sweet Sophie ICM 170608
Hackensaw Boys, The Sweet, The CIAT 170709
Barleyjuice Sweet Young Thing, The CIAT 170212
Langer's Ball, The Sword of Light, The SNO 170317
Baka Beyond Sylkie CIAT 170226
Screaming Orphans, The Tabhair Dom Do Ghra ICM 170511
Sorries, The Tae the Beggin' I Will Go ICM 170202
Tiller's Folly, The Take Pride CIAT 171008
Smith, Lindsay Take You with Me ICM 170817
Carnie, Kim Tàladh Dhòmhnaill Ghuirm FS 170914
MacLean, Dougie & McManus, Tony Talking With My Father KPC 170203
Bridgid's Cross Tam Lin/The Masons Apron ICM 170720
Fiddlers' Bid, The Tangerine Dream/Jim Craig's Jig FS 170914
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tap room, The IMS 170214
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tap room, The/The Galway Rambler IMS 170411
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tap room, The/The Mountain Road/The Galway Rambler IMS 170613
Heaton, Matt, Heaton, Shannon & Gurney, Dan Tap room, The/The Galway Rambler/The Mountain Road ICM 170622
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tap Room,, The/ The Mountain Road/The Galway Rambler IMS 171010
Harper, Brid Tartan on the Heather, The/Johnny Boyle's JIg/The Atlantic Roar CP 170801
In For a Penny Tattletale PRR 170619
In For a Penny Tattletale, The ICM 170615
Basco Tea In The Garden CIAT 170212
Celtica Pipes Rock Telegram for Monsieur Verne ICM 170608
Radiators From Space, The Television Screen, The SNO 170912
Real McKenzies, The Tempest, The PRR 170519
Battlefield Band, The Tending The Steer CIAT 170305
Battlefield Band, The Tending The Steer/Sandy Thompson/The Calrossie Cattle Wife ICM 170427
Stivell, Alan Tenwal E'or Bed KPC 170120
Frigg Tepeq CIAT 170226
Wild Colonial Bhoys, The Terrorist or Dreamer? ICM 170112
Eben Brooks Band, The Tha mi Sgith ICM 170713
Skyedance , The Theme for Scotland , The CIAT 170903
Halton Quartet, The Then and Now FS 170914
Muckers, The There Is A Time ICM 170907
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Thief's song, The CIAT 170604
Primrose, Christine Thig an Smeòrach as t-Earrach (The Thrush Comes in Spring) ICM 170803
Breath, The This Dance Is Over CIAT 170423
Breath, The This Dance Is Over CIAT 170709
We Banjo 3 This is Home KPC 170528
Mudmen , The This Old World CIAT 170917
Mudmen, The This Old World CIAT 170129
Mudmen, The This Old World CIAT 170319
Mudmen, The This Old World CIAT 170702
Curley, David & Broderick, Mick This Train's Not Bound for Glory ICM 170413
Coast, The This Whole World KPC 170709
O'Connor, Gerry Thomond Bidge/Sean Ryan's CP 170901
O'Connor, Gerry Thomond Bridge/Sean Ryan's HP CP 170301
O'Raghallaigh, Micheal & Caoimhin Throw It Across The Road/Maid in the Cherry Tree/Jenny Picking Cockles CP 170501
Flynn, Eamonn Thugamar Féin an Samhradh Linn ICM 170803
Rowan Thunder in the Falls, The ICM 171012
We Banjo 3 Tie Me Down ICM 170406
Carnahan, Danny & Petrie, Robin Till The Stars Come Down KPC 170521
Manran Tillidh Mi CIAT 170115
Manran Tillidh Mi CIAT 170430
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Tim Finnegan's Wake KPC 170319
Murphy, Chris Tinker's Dream, The PS 170124
Riley, Steve & the Mamou Playboys Tite Fille De La Campagne, La CIAT 170611
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Tolkien PS 170808
Gurney, Dan, Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Tom Ashe's March IMS 170613
Abarta, Joey Tom Billy's Butcher's March IMS 170807
O'Briain, Donncha & Family Tom Martin/Green Fields of Rossbeigh/Jenny Picking Cockles CP 170201
Teada Tom Roddy's KPC 170326
Corktown Popes, The Tonight It's Joy ICM 170309
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170101
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170201
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170301
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170401
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170501
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170601
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170701
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170801
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 170901
Glackin, Paddy Top It Off CP 171001
Elders, The Torchy Doyle ICM 170202
King Laoghaire Toss the Feathers ICM 170706
Fowlis, Julie Touch the Sky KPC 170521
Frigg Toulpagorni CIAT 170618
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Town, The CIAT 170611
Tossers, The Town Where I Was Born, The PRR 170317
Heaton, Matt Tracing the Lines IMS 170911
Morrison, Hugh Tramps and Hawkers ICM 170119
Heaton, Matt Travel theme, The IMS 170214
Heaton, Matt Travel theme, The IMS 170613
Heaton, Matt Travel theme, The IMS 171010
Nagy, Katherine Traveler's song, The ICM 170323
Tortoise & Hair Traveling song, The ICM 170202
Crawford, Kevin Travels Thru Blarney/Come West Along the Road CP 170501
Irish Airs, The Tree Gap, The/The Mountain Dew/Finbar Dwyer's KPC 170312
Basco Tribulations Of Svendborg Stadtmusicus, The CIAT 170409
MacIsaac, Dave Tribute to Cape Breton Violin Duos, A KPC 171001
Kids of Murphy Roche, The Tribute to Maurice Lennon, A: Coillte Barndance KPC 170416
Petteway, Al & White, Amy Trillium Waltz, The KPC 170528
Pipedance, The Trim the Velvet/The Spike Island Lassies ICM 170601
Clancy, Willie Trip O'er the Mountain, The KPC 170430
Gulston, Mike Trip to Skye, The/Dance to your daddy CMP 170501
Pipeline, The Trip to Skye, The/The Maid on the Green/The Plains of Canada KPC 170326
Massie, Anna Trip to Windsor, The KPC 170730
Heaton, Matt Triumph Theme, The IMS 170214
Heaton, Matt Triumph Theme, The IMS 170613
Heaton, Matt Triumph Theme, The IMS 170807
Grieve, Don Trooper and the maid, The ICM 170119
Murder the Stout Troosers ICM 170427
Outside Track, The Trouble in the Fields, The KPC 170924
Merry Wives of Windsor, The True lover's farewell, The ICM 170817
Irish Rovers, The Trust in Drink ICM 170223
Hogeye Navvy, The Trust Not the Shantyman/The Hog Eye Man KPC 170716
Danu Tuamgraney Castle/The Broken Pledge/The Braes of Busby CP 171001
Poitin Tuesday from 6 PM ICM 170907
Cormier, J P Tulloch Gorum AKA Broken Fingers KPC 170203
Deagle, Elmer Tullochgorum KPC 170217
Carroll, Liz, MacGillivray, Troy & Hutchinson, Trevor Tune-back set, The: A Tune-back for Andrea Beaton/The Golden Legs/Who Has the Conn?/Johnny D's KPC 170203
Carroll, Liz & Sproule, Daithi Tune for Mairead & Anna Ni Mhaonaigh, The ICM 170622
McGoldrick, Michael Tunin Dre CIAT 170806
Cranky George Tunnel of Love, The SNO 170211
Cranky George Tunnel of Love, The SNO 170317
Carty, John & Maggie Turn, The/Carrigkerry/Con Cassidy's KPC 170127
Arthur Hinds Turn the Wheel ICM 170921
MacLean, Dougie Turning Away KPC 170423
Jasper Coal Twa Corbies, The ICM 170119
Rumgumption Twa Corbies, The CIAT 170625
Bellow Bridge, The Twa recruiting sergeants, The ICM 171019
Culann's Hounds Twin Peaks, The CIAT 170423
Williams, John & McGraw, Dean Twins Dance Party, The CIAT 170611
Rowsome, Kevin Un-Named Hornpipe (McLean)/Colclough's Hornpipe KPC 170210
Lunasa Unapproved Road, The CIAT 170917
Fighting Jamesons, The Uncle Michael PRR 170317
Black Water County Under Skies of Black and Blue ICM 170615
Black Water County Under Skies of Black and Blue PRR 170619
Breabach Under The Influence CIAT 170514
Sorbye, Lief Underhill KPC 170217
Forkroot Unk's Last Stand ICM 170914
Solas Unnamed Shetland Reel, The/Da Full Rigged Ship ICM 170713
Patrick Street Unnamed Slide, The/Johnny O'Leary's Slide/Micho Russell's Slide KPC 170806
Ceann Until Death does its part ICM 170817
Flogging Molly Until We Meet Again CIAT 170827
Furey, Finbar Up By Christchurch And Down By St. Patrick's And Home ICM 170316
Schettner, Liz Up High ICM 170309
Fasta Valse de Grand-Maman KPC 170224
MAZ Valse Du Souvenir CIAT 170312
Vent du Nord, Le Valse Pour Une Fee, La KPC 170730
Spiro Vapourer, The CIAT 170402
Spiro Vapourer, The CIAT 170625
Rowsome, Caitriona Variations on the Scottish Air "When She Cam Ben" KPC 170618
Fire, The Very Last Straw, The ICM 170608
Matapat Vielle Galope, La CIAT 170618
Melisande Vin Et L'eau, Le CIAT 170305
Robertson, Ewan Vincent Black Lightning CIAT 170611
Flatfoot 56 Voice, A PRR 170702
Ceili Family, The Voices PRR 170214
Outside Track, The Voyage, Le CIAT 170611
Raz-De-Maree Voyage, Le CIAT 170402
McCusker, John Wabazi Heaven CIAT 170409
Ni Charra, Niamh Wade Hampton's/The Nightingale CP 170101
Dyad Wake. Oh Wake. You Drowsy Sleeper CIAT 170827
Brick Top Blaggers, The Walk the Plank Again PRR 170917
Miller, Ed Walk the Road ICM 170427
Sharkey, Jim Walking her home ICM 170928
Scott, Aoife Wallflower Waltz, The KPC 170910
Bow Triplets, The Walsh's Hornpipe/The Peacock's Feather ICM 170525
Burns, Jake (Stiff Little Fingers) Warm Sweet Breath of Love, The PRR 170317
Dropkick Murphys, The Warrior's Code, The SNO 170717
Rogues, The Warrior's Salute, The ICM 170518
Marum, Jed, Morrison, Hugh & Brown, Mason Way Your Earth Moves, The ICM 170420
We Banjo 3 We All Need More Kindness In This World KPC 170730
Banished Privateers, Ye We are Ye Banished Privateers PRR 170919
Angry Brians, The We Came to Fight PRR 170519
Merry Wives of Windsor, The We Love Beer PS 170606
Merry Hell We need each other now CIAT 170528
Merry Hell We need each other now CIAT 170730
McPhee, Cyril & Fisher, Archie We Remember You Well KPC 170210
Young Dubliners, The We the Mighty CIAT 170319
Fiddler's Green We Won't Die Tonight PRR 170317
Sligo Rags, The We're Irish Tonight (Hung Over in the Morning) ICM 170406
Gunn, Marc Wear the brown with pride PS 170725
Casey, Karan Weary of lying alone ICM 170601
Rising Gael Weatherman, The ICM 170223
White, Alasdair Weatherman, The ICM 170803
Knickle, Mary Weave the Yarn ICM 170727
MacIsaac, Ashley Wedding Funeral, The CIAT 170723
Black 47 Wedding Reel, The PS 170214
Moray, Jim Week Before Easter, The CIAT 170319
Barleyjuice Weekend Irish, The ICM 170216
Barleyjuice Weekend Irish, The ICM 170406
Barleyjuice Weekend Irish, The CIAT 170416
Spiro Welcome Joy, Welcome Sorrow CIAT 170226
Flogging Molly Welcome to Adamstown CIAT 170514
Flogging Molly Welcome to Adamstown CIAT 170702
Flogging Molly Welcome to Adamstown CIAT 170910
Flogging Molly Welcome to Adamstown CIAT 170917
Open the Door for Three Well Below the Valley, The KPC 170813
Moloney, Mick West Limerick Medley, The KPC 170217
Clancy, Willie West Wind, The/ Sean Reid's CP 170601
Raney, Colleen & MacCarthaigh, Colm Western Highway, The ICM 170202
Quel Bordel What a Mess! PRR 170917
Craig of Farrington What a thing is love ICM 170817
Byrne, Matthew What Fortunes Guide A Sailor KPC 171001
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats What Shall We Do With a Catnipped Kitty? PS 170307
Beatnik Turtle, The What Would You Do If You Married a Soldier? ICM 170330
Scott, Aoife What you do with what you've got KPC 170903
Barleyjuice What's Up Yours? ICM 170518
3 Mile Stone, The Wheels of the World, The/The Queen of the Rushes/John Dwyer's/Christmas Eve KPC 170423
Socks in the Frying Pan, The When First I Came to Caledonia KPC 170224
MacGillivray, Troy & Cook, Shane When Here Meets There KPC 171001
Murphy, George When I Grow Up (The Bodhran Song) ICM 170921
Great Big Sea, The When I'm up I can't get down KPC 170702
Oysterband , The When I'm up I can't get down CIAT 170903
Gunn, Marc When Irish Eyes Are Smiling PS 170307
Eagan, Seamus When Juniper Sleeps CIAT 170205
Gunn, Marc When She Held Me In Her Arms PS 170214
Pipes & Pints When the Pipers Play PRR 170519
Drever, Kris When We Roll In The Morning CIAT 170716
3 Pints Gone When Will We Be Married? PS 170214
3 Pints Gone When Will We Be Married? ICM 170817
Here & Now, The When You and I Were True ICM 170706
Gunn, Marc Wherever I may roam ICM 170810
Gunn, Marc Wherever I may roam PS 171010
Forkroot Whidbey Island/Barry's Window Machine/Gunna ICM 170907
1916 Whiskey and Tattoos PRR 170917
Kilmaine Saints, The Whiskey Blues And Faded Tattoos PRR 170816
Brazen Heads, The Whiskey in the jar ICM 170316
Dubliners, The Whiskey in the jar IMS 170411
Gunn, Marc Whiskey in the jar PS 170912
Langer's Ball,The Whiskey Outlaws, The SNO 170317
Beer Belly, The Whiskey, you're the Devil ICM 170413
Greenland Whalefishers, The Whiskey, you're the Devil PRR 170317
Gunn, Marc Whiskey, you're the Devil PS 171010
Saltfishforty, The Whisky FS 170519
Black Market Haggis, The Whistling Postman Set, The ICM 170316
Led Farmers, The White set, The ICM 170316
Led Farmers, The White set, The CIAT 170319
Led Farmers, The White set, The CIAT 170423
Led Farmers, The White set, The CIAT 170618
Cramer, Hank Who's on the Way, Boys? ICM 170202
Proclaimers, The Whole Wide World, The CIAT 170611
Nua Wide Open ICM 170105
Miller, Ed Wide Rio Grand, The PS 170509
Carthy, Martin Wife of Usher's Well, The KPC 170430
Jeremiahs, The Wild Barrow Road, The ICM 170907
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Wild Colonial Boy, The KPC 170319
Marum, Jed Wild Geese, The ICM 170302
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Wild Kitty, The PS 170307
Kilmaine Saints, The Wild Kolleen, The ICM 170928
Gunn, Marc Wild mountain thyme, The PS 170725
Kilted Kings, The Wild mountain thyme, The PS 170124
Kilted Kings, The Wild mountain thyme, The ICM 170202
Foye, Dene Wild rover no more, The ICM 170803
Battlelegs Wild rover, The ICM 170316
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Wild rover, The PS 170307
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Wild rover, The PS 171010
Spirted Lads, The Wild rover, The PS 170307
Bedlam Bards, The Wild rover, The (Bill Palmer's Version) PS 170307
Old Blind Dogs, The Wild Rumpus, A CIAT 170319
Blackshear, Bret Wild(er) Rover Blues, The PS 170307
Tullamore Will Ye Go, Lassie? ICM 170817
Alba's Edge Willard State Park CIAT 170730
Moray, Jim William Of Barbary CIAT 170101
Moray, Jim William Of Barbary CIAT 170219
Na Rosai William Taylor ICM 170608
Barra MacNeils, The Willie C KPC 170917
McGrath, Maurice Willie Clancy and the Pipes KPC 170305
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Willows ICM 170119
Doolin‘ Wind Her Up CIAT 170101
Copus, Sarah Wind on the Moor, The ICM 170720
Ferguson, Jesse Wind that shakes the barley, The ICM 170629
Pirates of the Pubs, The Wind that shakes the barley, The PRR 170214
Coast, The Windmills in the Sky, The ICM 170914
Coast, The Windmills In The Sky, The CIAT 170709
Tiller's Folly, The Winter CIAT 170402
Dennehy, Tim Winter's Tale, A CP 170901
McGoldrick, Michael, McCusker, John & Doyle, John Wishing tree, The FS 170914
Rogers, Stan Witch of Westmorland, The KPC 170723
McEvoy, Catherine & John Within A Mike of Dublin/Patsy Touhy's CP 170701
Fiddlinda Women - Man - Long PS 170606
Gunn, Marc Won't you come with me? PS 171010
Lagan, The Work Away PRR 170317
Coyne, Aodan Workers' Song, The KPC 170430
Emerald Rose, The Worlds Wedding PS 170214
Gallagher, Rita Wounded Hussar, The CP 170101
Harte, Frank Wounded Hussar, The IMS 170314
Sir Reg Wrong Bar, The PRR 170214
Sir Reg Wrong Bar, The PRR 170702
JigJam Yarmouth Town KPC 170910
Watson, Lori Yarrow (A Charm) FS 170316
Germano, Donna Ye Banks and Braes ICM 170713
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Yellow coat, The CIAT 170122
Nua YK INN ICM 170316
Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew , The Yo Ho to the Gallows PRR 170919
Duhks, The You Don't See It CIAT 170618
Cloves & the Tobacco, The You'll never know PRR 170214
Seamus Kennedy You're Not Irish ICM 170914
Ne'er Duwels, The You're the One ICM 170803
Cranitch, Matt & Daly, Jackie Youghal Harbour KPC 170820
Napier, Findlay Young Goths in the Necropolis, The FS 170808
Serious Kitchen, The Young Hunting ICM 170921
Lochlainn Your feet will take you ICM 170525