2020 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by show, date, band/performer, tune

6/22/2020 There are new episodes of: Celt in a Twist 5/24, 5/31, 6/7, 6/14 & 6/21; Celtic Myth Podshow 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 & 6/22; ; Copperplate 6/1; Copperplate Time 6/1, 6/7, & 6/18; Forest Halls Celtic 6/7; Foot Stompin' Scottish music 6/9; Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Music 5/28, 6/4, 6/11 & 6/18; Irish Music Stories 6/9; Kitchen Party Ceilidh 5/3, 5/24, 5/31, 6/7 & 6/14; Paddy Rock Radio 6/11; Marc Gunn's Pub Songs 5/28 & 6/9; and Shite & Onions 3/17, 3/29 & 5/5

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67 67 Music
CIAT Celt in a Twist
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CDT Celtic Dreamtime Podscape
CF Celtic Folk
CI Celtic Indy
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate--monthly
CT Copperplate Time--weekly
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture
FH Forest Halls Celtic radio show--each episode is only available online for two weeks
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar
IMS Irish Music Stories
KPC Kitchen Party Ceilidh
PNW Pacific NW Celtic music
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian
SNO Shite 'n' Onions
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2020 Celtic music podcasts playlists--by show, date, band/performer, tune
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Shoot the Moon CIAT 200105
9Bach Yr Olaf CIAT 200105
Celtica Pipes Rock Sandy's new chanter CIAT 200105
Duff, Dom An Drailher Daonet CIAT 200105
Fenja Menja Norsk Reinlender CIAT 200105
Homeland, The Pressed for time CIAT 200105
Lunasa Paddy's green shamrock shore CIAT 200105
Mahones, The Hunger & the fight, The CIAT 200105
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Reynardine CIAT 200105
Shannon, Sharon Pull out all the stops CIAT 200105
Tartan Amoebas, The Big sky CIAT 200105
Thereafter, The Moonshiner, The CIAT 200105
Tompsett, Kim Snowbound CIAT 200105
Afro Celt Sound System, The Migration melody, The CIAT 200112
Barleyjuice Maggie May CIAT 200112
Battlefield Band, The Tending the steer CIAT 200112
Bottine Souriante, La Andre Alain en sol majeur CIAT 200112
Dreadnoughts, The Pique La Baleine CIAT 200112
Fat Dog, The Ring the changes CIAT 200112
Gaelic Storm An Calin Deas Rua CIAT 200112
Hackensaw Boys, The Content not seeking thrills CIAT 200112
Hednigarna Aivoton CIAT 200112
Lyn, Debra I pull me down CIAT 200112
Runrig May morning, The CIAT 200112
Soulsha What a day CIAT 200112
Sver Batch 15 CIAT 200112
Barleyjuice It takes a village to raise a drunk CIAT 200119
Lindsey, Graham Vet set, The CIAT 200119
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Nezpique CIAT 200119
Lunarium Evening Star, The CIAT 200119
McGoldrick, Michael Annam Cara/Ships in the night CIAT 200119
Melisande Quand les hommes sont aux vignes CIAT 200119
Mile Twelve Call my soul CIAT 200119
Moray, Jim Barbara Allen CIAT 200119
Murphy, Paddy Hot girl, The CIAT 200119
Paperboys Nunca jamas CIAT 200119
Real McKenzies, The Catalpa CIAT 200119
Sketch, The Failte CIAT 200119
Washburn, Abigail Banjo pickin' girl, A CIAT 200119
Acoustica, L' Man out of time, A CIAT 200126
Altan Month of January, The CIAT 200126
Bangers & Mash Quicksand Cafe, The CIAT 200126
Chasse-Galerie J'entends le coucou CIAT 200126
Dreadnoughts, The Jolie rouge CIAT 200126
Firkin Flowers, The CIAT 200126
Keltic Electrik Wild mountain thyme, The CIAT 200126
Kytami Silk Road, The CIAT 200126
Lunny, Donal Kickdancer, The CIAT 200126
Merry Hell Drunken serenade, A CIAT 200126
Shimabukuro, Jake Celtic tune, The CIAT 200126
Snuff Box, The Limerick CIAT 200126
Tradish Emigration suite, The CIAT 200126
Afro Celt Sound System, The Step up CIAT 200202
Barleyjuice Old speakeasy, The CIAT 200202
Coig Uncle Leo's jigs CIAT 200202
Duncan. Gordon Thunderrstruck CIAT 200202
Flook Crystal year, The CIAT 200202
Kila Cardinal knowledge CIAT 200202
Mahones, The Brian Boru's march CIAT 200202
McGoldrick, Michael Free falling reels, The CIAT 200202
Mickey Rickshaw Keep afloat CIAT 200202
Moray, Jim Flying Cloud, The CIAT 200202
Morrison, Iain Breathing space, The CIAT 200202
Offa Rex Blackleg miner, The CIAT 200202
Chessell, Pat Rainy Tuesday morning, The CIAT 200209
Chieftains, The & Lovett, Lyle Don't let your deal go down CIAT 200209
Choiniere, Michele Fue A De Lou CIAT 200209
Daimh Mary's fancy CIAT 200209
Duff, Dom Ar Bleiz Diwehan CIAT 200209
Early Spirit, The Trou noir CIAT 200209
Fiddler's Bid, The White wife, Da CIAT 200209
Lindsey, Graham Leaving Goderich set, The CIAT 200209
Lunarium Evening Star, The CIAT 200209
Lyon, Angus Mirrlees Lane CIAT 200209
Manran Jigs CIAT 200209
Runrig Loch Lomond CIAT 200209
Yoko Pwno Feeding John magnets CIAT 200209
Barleyjuice High on Highland life CIAT 200216
Dreadnoughts, The Rosibella CIAT 200216
Gaelic Storm Jimmy's bucket CIAT 200216
Green, Abby Braigh Loch Eil CIAT 200216
Irish Experience, The Wicked jig, The CIAT 200216
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy If you were mine CIAT 200216
Lexington Field Greater than the sea CIAT 200216
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Jolie fille n'en veut plus de moi, La CIAT 200216
Skerryvore Exorcists, The CIAT 200216
Spiro Blyth High Light, The CIAT 200216
Thompsett, Kim Snowbound CIAT 200216
Trias Karrusellen CIAT 200216
Tsuumi Sound System, The Ball & yarn CIAT 200216
Vishten Bi Bi Box CIAT 200216
Yoko Pwno Bothy rhumba, The CIAT 200216
Danu Kilfenora CIAT 200223
Dervish & Earle, Steve Galway shawl, The CIAT 200223
Flogging Molly Reptiles (We woke up) CIAT 200223
Kirwan, Larry Heroes, The CIAT 200223
Macumba Glenmalambo set, The CIAT 200223
Mahones, The Someone saved me CIAT 200223
Plantec Speedwell CIAT 200223
Quinn, Joe & Horner, Sammy Away you go CIAT 200223
Sidh, The All in one day CIAT 200223
Sprag Session, The Paddy's CIAT 200223
Vent du Nord, Le Cardeuse/Riopel CIAT 200223
Washburn, Abigail & Fleck, Bela If I could talk to my younger me CIAT 200223
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Shoot the Moon CIAT 200301
9Bach Llyn Du CIAT 200301
Hackensaw Boys, The Limousin lady, The CIAT 200301
Hoven Droven Brekken CIAT 200301
Kelly, Geoffrey Donkeys in the river, The CIAT 200301
Langer's Ball, The Whiskey chaser, The CIAT 200301
Manran Tilldh Mi CIAT 200301
Shannon, Sharon Mama Lou CIAT 200301
Shooglenifty McConnell's rant CIAT 200301
Sketch, The Oidche boogie CIAT 200301
Sver Lassi CIAT 200301
Vent du Nord, Le Mere a l'Echafaud, La CIAT 200301
Vishten Joe Feraille CIAT 200301
Yoko Pwno Blood, sex, sugar, diabetes CIAT 200301
Bangers & Mash Eliza Lee CIAT 200308
Celtica Pipes Rock Sandy's new chanter CIAT 200308
Chessell, Pat & Chapman, Aaron Like a rock CIAT 200308
Dolphin Boy, The West Highland Line, The CIAT 200308
Duff , Dom Chemins Creux, Des CIAT 200308
Early Spirit, The Tru noir CIAT 200308
Go Set, The Sing me a song CIAT 200308
Lyn, Debra I pull me down CIAT 200308
Manx, Harry Further shore, The CIAT 200308
Mile Twelve Onwards CIAT 200308
O'Connor, Sinead Molly Malone CIAT 200308
Paddy Murphy Coffin ship, The CIAT 200308
Soulsha What a day CIAT 200308
Stivell, Alan Rock harp CIAT 200308
Tradish South Sligo set, The CIAT 200308
Afro Celt Sound System, The Release (Bipolar remix) CIAT 200315
Barleyjuice Celtic girl, The CIAT 200315
Kamerunga Queensland whalers, The CIAT 200315
Lindsay, Graham 7 Head set, The CIAT 200315
Mac Isaac, Ashley Pok a rokin CIAT 200315
Mickey Rickshaw Keep afloat CIAT 200315
Moray, Jim Fair Margaret & sweet William CIAT 200315
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Selkie song, The CIAT 200315
Saor Patrol, The Weramur CIAT 200315
Skerryvore Trip to Modera, The CIAT 200315
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Shady Grove CIAT 200315
Town Pants, The Something to say CIAT 200315
Tradish High Germany CIAT 200315
We Banjo 3 Dawn breaks, The CIAT 200315
Afro Celt Sound System, The Green CIAT 200322
Altan Donal Agus Morag CIAT 200322
Celtic Cross, The Saoirse's heart CIAT 200322
Enter the Haggis Minstrel boy, The CIAT 200322
Floating Sofa Quartet, The Skanebiter CIAT 200322
Frigg Varpunen CIAT 200322
Led Farmers, The Thomas Jefferson CIAT 200322
Morrison, Iain To the horizon, sir! CIAT 200322
Paperboys Nunca jamas CIAT 200322
Pettit, Jocelyn Keidas Oasis, The CIAT 200322
Searson Road to Hyndford, The CIAT 200322
Tradish South Sligo set, The CIAT 200322
Wolfstone Quinie Fae Ryhnie CIAT 200322
Barleyjuice It takes a village to raise a drunk CIAT 200329
Beltaine Happy dance man, The CIAT 200329
Bod'haktan Bouteille est agreable, La CIAT 200329
Donnelly, Donall Hermit, The CIAT 200329
Duncan, Gordon Lorient mornings CIAT 200329
Grinning Barretts, The Black velvet band, The CIAT 200329
Kila Rachel Corrie CIAT 200329
Lunasa Sinead Maire's CIAT 200329
Mudmen, The Old black rum, The CIAT 200329
Romero, Roddie & the Hubcity All-Stars Donne-moi, donc CIAT 200329
Salsa Celtica He Manndhu (Aurel) CIAT 200329
Searson 1847 CIAT 200329
Sketch, The Bulgarian shed, The CIAT 200329
Tradish Falls of Swad, The CIAT 200329
BibleCode Sundays, The Bang, bang, you're dead CIAT 200405
Copeland, Iain Chase is on, The CIAT 200405
Dawson, Steve Circuit rider of Pigeon Forge, The CIAT 200405
Fiamma Fumana Angiolina CIAT 200405
Frigg Hakkisen Riili CIAT 200405
Go Set, The Drums of Chelsea, The CIAT 200405
Grinning Barretts, The Kudatah CIAT 200405
Kalsi, Johnny & the Dhol Foundation After the rain CIAT 200405
Lien, Annbjorg Natten CIAT 200405
Lyn, Debra Wayfaring stranger, The CIAT 200405
Poules a Colin, Les Laurier blanc, Le CIAT 200405
Sanders, Hannah & Savage, Ben Way over yonder in the minor key CIAT 200405
Young Dubliners, The Follow me up to Carlow CIAT 200405
Battlefield Band, The Blackhall Rocks, The CIAT 200411
Daimh Raasay CIAT 200411
Enter the Haggis Archer's parade, The CIAT 200411
Fear of Drinking, The Flanagan's CIAT 200411
Frigg Early bird, The CIAT 200411
Ivers, Eileen Paddy in Zululand CIAT 200411
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Nezpique CIAT 200411
Lunarium Evening Star, The CIAT 200411
Moray, Jim Gypsies, The CIAT 200411
O'Donovan, Aoife Stanley Park CIAT 200411
Paperboys Pugilist, The CIAT 200411
Raz-De-Marie Voyage. Le CIAT 200411
Real McKenzies, The Fields of Inverness, The CIAT 200411
Sheeran, Ed & Beoga Galway girl, The CIAT 200411
Yoko Pwno Pre paid meter blues, The CIAT 200411
Barleyjuice Sweet young thing, The CIAT 200419
Basco Red wooden gate, The CIAT 200419
Doolin' Galway girl, The CIAT 200419
Duff, Dom An Drailher Dagnet CIAT 200419
Early Spirit, The Trou noir CIAT 200419
Enter the Haggis Gone CIAT 200419
Goitse Slip carefully CIAT 200419
Grada Tread softly CIAT 200419
Hackensaw Boys, The Sweet, The CIAT 200419
Mahones, The Past the pint of no return CIAT 200419
Peatbog Faeries, The Namedropper, The CIAT 200419
Slainte Mhath Va CIAT 200419
Snuff Box, The Lucy's 45 CIAT 200419
Barleyjuice State of Desiree, The CIAT 200426
Boiled in Lead Corner house, The CIAT 200426
Breath, The For you CIAT 200426
Coast, The River, The CIAT 200426
Enter the Haggis Western shore, The CIAT 200426
Go Set, The Change the world CIAT 200426
MacMaster, Natalie Matt & Nat's CIAT 200426
Mickey Rickshaw Drag CIAT 200426
Outside Track, The Jubilant goat, The CIAT 200426
Shooglenifty McConnell's rant CIAT 200426
Sidh, The Get high/The maid of Mount Cisco CIAT 200426
Smith, Emily Take you home CIAT 200426
Tarras Parson's Green CIAT 200426
Tiller's Folly, The Take pride CIAT 200426
Tsuumi Sound System, The Wild grasses, The CIAT 200426
10 Strings & a Goat Skin Maluron Lurette CIAT 200503
Dophin Boy, The Ghetto pipe, The CIAT 200503
Firkin Beer almighty CIAT 200503
Grada Maria Letizia's CIAT 200503
Huellou, Pol & Friends Star of the County Down, The CIAT 200503
Melisande Ivrogne Degrise, L' CIAT 200503
Merry Hell We need each other now CIAT 200503
Moray, Jim Bristol Harbour CIAT 200503
Old Blind Dogs, The Wild Rumpus, A CIAT 200503
Quinn, Bob & the Quincept Project Nova Scotia, nature's song CIAT 200503
Riley, Steve & the Mamou Playboys Au revoir, Grand Mamou CIAT 200503
Skerryvore At the end of the line CIAT 200503
Stivell, Alan Den II CIAT 200503
Sultans of String, The Enter the gate CIAT 200503
Breabach Under the influence CIAT 200510
Capercaillie & Sibeba In exile CIAT 200510
Celtic Cross, The Brotherhood sessions, The CIAT 200510
Duff, Dom Chemins Creux, Des CIAT 200510
Flogging Molly Float CIAT 200510
Gadelle Filant Ma Quenouille, El CIAT 200510
Jansberg Jagren CIAT 200510
Lyn, Debra Wayfaring stranger, The CIAT 200510
Mahones, The Someone saved me CIAT 200510
Scanlon, Pauline Wearin' the britches CIAT 200510
Solas Tune for Roan, A CIAT 200510
Soulsha Isle of Skye reel, The CIAT 200510
Tradish Parting glass, The CIAT 200510
Vampire Weekend Bryn CIAT 200510
Armstrong, Chris Jaz's juke box CIAT 200517
Baka Beyond Sylkie, The CIAT 200517
Dervish Rambling Irishman, The CIAT 200517
Dreadnoughts, The Rosibella CIAT 200517
Duff, Dom An Drailher Daonet CIAT 200517
Enter the Haggis Bound for America CIAT 200517
Gloaming, The Athas (Joy) CIAT 200517
Go Set, The Empires CIAT 200517
Grinning Barretts, The Kudatah CIAT 200517
Homeland, The Pressed for time CIAT 200517
Langer's Ball, The Fields of Athenry, The CIAT 200517
Lyn, Debra Billy Taylor CIAT 200517
Thompson, Richard Rattle within, The CIAT 200517
Yoko Pwno Bothy rhumba, The CIAT 200517
Young Dubliners, The Paddy's green shamrock shore CIAT 200517
Bangers & Mash Summer in Dublin CIAT 200524
Budino, Xose Manuel Gala Galan CIAT 200524
Chandra, Sheila & Woods, Chris Welcome sailor CIAT 200524
Chessell, Pat Like a rock CIAT 200524
Dropkick Murphys, The Legend of Fin MacCumhail CIAT 200524
Dunne, Stevie Providence/The Killarney boys of pleasure CIAT 200524
East Pointers, The John Wallace CIAT 200524
Go Set, The Letter to my government, The CIAT 200524
Kasir Emily & Jenna's set CIAT 200524
Kierah Bohemian rush, The CIAT 200524
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Nezpique CIAT 200524
Plantec Linelis CIAT 200524
Sketch, The MacPhail CIAT 200524
Sver Boot 'n rally CIAT 200524
We Banjo 3 Pack it up CIAT 200524
9Bach Pa Bryd Y Deui Eto? CIAT 200531
Beltaine Scotsman, The CIAT 200531
Bod'hakttan Lambe An Dro CIAT 200531
Dreadnoughts, The Jolie rouge CIAT 200531
Emmerson, Simon Pilsdon Pen CIAT 200531
Epsylon Je me souviens CIAT 200531
Fear of Drinking, The Botony Bay CIAT 200531
Finlay MacDonald Band, The New Breton's CIAT 200531
Frigg Varpunen CIAT 200531
Go Set, The Captain's daughter, The CIAT 200531
Mahones, The Here comes a regular CIAT 200531
Nickel Creek Smoothie song, The CIAT 200531
Rocky Roads, The Day in the hay, A CIAT 200531
Serras Glasgow CIAT 200531
We Banjo 3 Haven CIAT 200531
Alba's Edge Willard State Park CIAT 200607
Barleyjuice High on Highland life CIAT 200607
Black 47 Celtic rocker, The CIAT 200607
Chessell, Pat Soldier's farewell, The CIAT 200607
Dervish & Rusby, Kate Down by the Sally Gardens CIAT 200607
Doolin' Wind her up CIAT 200607
Enter the Haggis Gone CIAT 200607
Fionn Robert CIAT 200607
Go Set, The Sleepy little town, The CIAT 200607
Hevia Son Del Busgosu CIAT 200607
Manran Latha Math CIAT 200607
Peatbog Faeries, The Naughty step, The CIAT 200607
Pipes & Pints Never let you down CIAT 200607
Trio Mio Solstik CIAT 200607
9Bach Cyfadeedefa CIAT 200614
Bottine Souriante, La Suede Inn, The CIAT 200614
Capercaillie S'och A'Dhomhnaill CIAT 200614
Coig Deep down in the river CIAT 200614
Daimh 12th of June, The CIAT 200614
Duff, Dom An Drailher Daonet CIAT 200614
Fiamma Fumana Mondo grande CIAT 200614
Grinning Barretts, The Black velvet band, The CIAT 200614
Hackensaw Boys, The Mecklenburg County CIAT 200614
Lien, Annbjorg Needle's eye, The CIAT 200614
Melisande Angelique CIAT 200614
Sidh, The Charma CIAT 200614
String Sisters, The G-strings, The CIAT 200614
Yoko Pwno Art o the Deil, The CIAT 200614
9Bach Cyfaddefa CIAT 200621
Celtic Cross Saoirse's heart CIAT 200621
Chessell, Pat Like a rock CIAT 200621
Delhi 2 Dublin Happy track, The CIAT 200621
Elephant Revival, The Pasture, The CIAT 200621
Go Set, The Empires CIAT 200621
Jerry Cans, The On the rocks CIAT 200621
Kila Suas Sios CIAT 200621
Led Farmers, The White set, The CIAT 200621
Merry Hell Sweet oblivion CIAT 200621
Sketch, The Homeward bound CIAT 200621
Tarras Parson's Green CIAT 200621
Traveler, The Celtica CIAT 200621
Young Dubliners, The We the mighty CIAT 200621
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Nicholas, George & Cernunnos Rising Dancing in Nature CMP 200202
Thompsett, Kim Woebetide Hill CMP 200303
Damh the Bard These Hollow Hills CMP 200403
Spriggan Mist Brighid CMP 200511
Damh the Bard Stones & bones of Albion CMP 200518
Rowen, Blanche & Gulston, Mike Spirit of the trees, The CMP 200525
Spiral Dance Children of Lir, The CMP 200601
Nicholas, George & Cerunnos Rising Maiden, mother & crone CMP 200608
Kershaw, Jonathan Green man, The CMP 200615
Greene, Jenna Soul of nature, The CMP 200622
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Burke, Kevin Humours of Castlefinn, The/The ewe reel/McFadden's CP 200101
Burke, Kevin & Carty, John Morrison's/The pipe on the hob CP 200101
Clancy, Donal Lowlands of Holland, The CP 200101
Connolly, Johnny Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Paidin O'Raifeartaigh CP 200101
Crawford/Farrell/Doocey Road to Foxford, The/Wade's reel CP 200101
Dennehy, Tim Winter's tear, A CP 200101
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200101
Harrington, Gerry Lad O'Beirne's, The/ Sault's own/The new century CP 200101
Hill, Noel Collier's reel, The CP 200101
Kennedy, Eilis Saucy sailor, The CP 200101
O'Brien, Eileen, Gavin, Lar & McSherry, Deirdre Cutting the hay/The smiling lady CP 200101
O'Connor, Gerry Iniscealtra set, The CP 200101
O'Flynn, Liam Humours of Carraigaholt set, The CP 200101
Roche, Helen Lisburn lass, The CP 200101
Tutty, Paddy & O'Fearghail, Caoimhin Tapping toes/Father Kelly's farewell CP 200101
Urnua Micky Ward's/Portland McCann's CP 200101
Burke, Kevin Gallowglass, The/The coach road to Sligo. CP 200201
Connolly, Derrane & McGann Dash to Portobello, The/McFarley's reel/Geegan's reel CP 200201
Connolly, Seamus Remembering Curly/The twins/Mordaunt's fancy CP 200201
Gallagher, Rita Wounded Hussar, The CP 200201
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200201
Hill, Noel Dr Gilbert/The road to garrison CP 200201
Keenan, Paddy Colonel Fraser/My love is in America CP 200201
London Lasses, The Humours of Castlefin, The/Eileen O'Brien's/The enchanted lady CP 200201
Lynch, Jerry Dimming of the day, The CP 200201
MacMathuna, Lorcan Rogaire Dubh CP 200201
Moloney, Patsy Humours of Carrigaholt, The/Donal O'Phumpa CP 200201
O'Brien, Damien & Loughlin, Oliver Maid in the cherry tree, The/The scolding wife CP 200201
O'Leary, Christy & Deivert, Bert Green fields of Gweedore, The CP 200201
Quinn, Seamus & Hastings, Gary Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Dever the dancer CP 200201
Robertson, Aillie Exploding bow, The CP 200201
Urnua Myles the man/Greg the great/The Corrib suite crew CP 200201
Boyle, Kev & Le Cheile Pride of Kildare, The CP 200301
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Tatter Jack Walsh/The reaper/The Alna jig CP 200301
Burke, Kevin Owen Davey's reel/Patsy Sean Nancy's reel CP 200301
Cheile, Le Brook reel. The/The Offaly reel/Castle Kelly/The maids of Castlebar CP 200301
Clifford, Billy Smokey chimney, The/Rose of Droshane CP 200301
Connolly, Johnny Og Fear Inis Bearachain/Fear Londain/Fear Bhoston CP 200301
Dennehy,Tim I know what i'm missing CP 200301
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200301
Harper, Brid Flower of sweet Strabane/The green fields of Glentown/Farewell to Ireland/Flower of Sweet Strabane CP 200301
Harrington, Gerry Lad O'Beirne's, The/Sault's own/The new century CP 200301
Keane, Tommy & McCarthy, Jacqueline Repeal of the Union, The/My sweetheart Jane CP 200301
Kennedy, Eilis Elk River Dam CP 200301
Kennedy, Eilis Parting song, The CP 200301
McEvoy, John & Wynne, John An Suisin Ban/Th ehumours of Castlebernard CP 200301
Mulligan, Neil Stoney steps, The/The Dooneen reel CP 200301
Connolly, Johnny & Lennon, Charlie Friendly robin, The/The dawn chorus CP 200401
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200401
Gordon, John Joe Enchanted lady, The/Th maids of Castlebar CP 200401
Knight, Mariane & Ceide Man in the Moon CP 200401
Lennon, Ben & Charlie Enchanted lady, The/The Holy Land CP 200401
Lennon, Ben & Charlie Primrose polka CP 200401
Lennon, Ben & Friends Farrell O'Gara/Lucy Campbell's CP 200401
Lennon, Ben & Friends Girl who broke my heart, The/Billy Brocker CP 200401
Lennon, Ben & O'Connell, Tony Cavan reel, The/The Galway rambler CP 200401
Lennon, Ben & O'Connell, Tony Cherish the ladies CP 200401
Lennon, Ben & O'Connell, Tony Murphy's HP/The smokey chimney CP 200401
Lennon, Charlie Sound man, Eamonn CP 200401
Lennon, Maurice If ever you were mine CP 200401
Lennon, Maurice Road to Garrison, The/The blackberry blossom CP 200401
Lennon, Maurice & Brian Gold ring CP 200401
Brouder, Dan Humours of Ballingarry, The/The pilgrimage/The streams of Killanspig CP 200501
Burke, Kevin Fahy's HP/The foxhunter's Reel CP 200501
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200501
Hendry, Brendan & Toman, Jonny Return to Clinch Mountain/Micho's masons CP 200501
Hill, Noel Johnny Cope CP 200501
London Lasses, The Farewell to Cailroe/The Berehaven/Paddy Fahy's CP 200501
Loughnane, Kathleen Carolan's farewell to music CP 200501
McGlinchey, Brendan Splendid isolation/McGlinchey's CP 200501
McPartlan, Mary Tide full in, The CP 200501
Meehan, Danny & O'Connell, Michael Tom Ward's downfall/Crossing the Shannon CP 200501
Moloney, Patsy Sweetheart, The/Farewell to London CP 200501
O'Brien, Paddy Singing kettle, The/Sean Ryan's CP 200501
O'Driscoll, Sean & Egan, Larry Down the broom/The ivy leaf CP 200501
Tyrrell, Sean Dan O'Hara CP 200501
Urnua Ballybrit dip, The/Up & over CP 200501
Vallely, Cillian Leitrim thrush CP 200501
We Banjo 3 Wynne's CP 200501
Canny/Murphy/O'Loughlin/Cotter Duke of Leinster, The/The chattering magpie CP 200601
Canny/O'Loughlin/Cotter Yellow tinker, The/The Dublin reel CP 200601
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Hide & go seek/Eddie Kelly's CP 200601
Casey, Bobby Tuttle's reel/The porthole of the kelp CP 200601
Crawford & Vallely Millhouse set, The CP 200601
Dennehy, Tim Parted years, The CP 200601
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 200601
Harper, Brid Edward on Lough Erne's Shore/Larry Reynold's fancy/Sheba's jig CP 200601
Hill, Noel Gold ring, The CP 200601
Kennedy, Eilis John O' Dreams CP 200601
McAuley, Brendan Crooked road, The/Temple and Gleanntain CP 200601
McEvoy, Catherine Banchnoic Eireann O CP 200601
McPartlan, Mary Sanctuary CP 200601
Mulcahy Family, The Galway rambler, The/The morning dew/The Boston Sligo reel CP 200601
Peoples, Tommy Musical priest, The/McFadden's CP 200601
Urnua Flying magpies, The/A roll of the dice/Just another dilemma CP 200601
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Brandt, Billy & VerLin, Sarana Knock on wood CRR 200106
Dark Patrick Lachin Y Gair CRR 200106
Didgericruise Over the Ganges Waterfall CRR 200106
Duc, Catherine Seallaibh Curraigh Eoghainn (Owen's boat) CRR 200106
Henigan, Julie Hoban's Hill CRR 200106
Macdonald, Jason Storm on the way, The CRR 200106
Rapidly Agin' Duelling banjos CRR 200106
Rolling Kings, The Raise a glass CRR 200106
Wars, Jay & the Howard Youth Abraham Brown CRR 200106
Clandestine Ewe & the sound, The CRR 200114
Elders, The Men of Erin, The CRR 200114
Ferguson, Jesse Rocky road to Dublin, The CRR 200114
Harris, W Ed Tiarna Mhuigheo, CRR 200114
Henriksson, Deborah My love is like a red, red rose CRR 200114
Loggins, Gerry 12 string Zydeco CRR 200114
McLean, Jerry Our music and our arts CRR 200114
O'Malley, Ken Easy & slow CRR 200114
WhozYaMama Je suis pas une prisionier CRR 200114
Burnell, Sarah Galician excerpt, A CRR 200121
CommonUnion59 Too big to fail blues, The CRR 200121
Cooke, Nick Gerry the Frog/Old Noll's jig CRR 200121
Didgericruise Fisher's hornpipe, The CRR 200121
Fraser, Catherine Larach Alasdair/The Butlers of Glen Ave/Miss Gordon of Park/Moll in the Wad CRR 200121
Harper & the Minstrel, The O gin I were a baron's heir CRR 200121
Lick the Tins Can't help falling in love CRR 200121
Nash, Nikki Room for me CRR 200121
Rolling Kings, The Leaving of Liverpool, The CRR 200121
Billings, Lucy Let's not and say we did CRR 200204
Boswell, Scott Thistle, The CRR 200204
Flailing Shilaleighs, The Julia Delaney CRR 200204
Flanigan, Ian In-between, The CRR 200204
Galway Hooker Band, The Johnny jump up (Hooker style) CRR 200204
Goodnight Suzie Sing CRR 200204
Henigan, Julie Tettenhall allotment, The CRR 200204
Lennon, Jenne Bonny Portmore CRR 200204
Cole, Michael Enough CRR 200218
Elders, The Turnpike, The CRR 200218
Harris, W Ed Johnny D's CRR 200218
Irish Experience, The Wicked jig, The CRR 200218
Mighty Regis, The Reilly's daughter CRR 200218
Rogues, The Rose of Sharon, The CRR 200218
Rolling Kings, The In through the Narrows CRR 200218
Wookalily Diamonds & gold CRR 200218
Circle, Phil 1 more man CRR 200310
Duc, Catherine Inishowen dawn, The CRR 200310
Dust Rhinos, The Until the evening ends CRR 200310
Eden Burning Jigs CRR 200310
Harris, W Ed Morrison's CRR 200310
Horner, Sammy Lonesome boatman, The CRR 200310
Hughes, Donna Losin' you CRR 200310
Kickin Grass Band, The Cloverleaf, The CRR 200310
Rogers, Andy Sophia, sing to me CRR 200310
Searson Friday night CRR 200310
Brave the Sea Jig of Death, The CRR 200316
Cady Finlayson Band, The Blarney pilgrim, The/Ward's jig' CRR 200316
Celtic Rant Courtin' in the kitchen CRR 200316
Ceol Leinn Gael, The CRR 200316
Donnelly, Dan Friends like you CRR 200316
Folkins, Doug Pour me another CRR 200316
Levy, Chuck Sandy boys, The CRR 200316
Madden, Joanie Bantry girl's lament, The CRR 200316
Cadman, Stephanie Bogged down CRR 200514
Captain Tractor Johnny's ghost CRR 200514
Celtaire String Band, The Whiskey before breakfast CRR 200514
Different Thread, A Long black veil, The CRR 200514
Eden Burning Reel of Pickering Pick, The CRR 200514
Hughes, Donna Nothing easy CRR 200514
O'Connell, Catherine Song for the fox, A CRR 200514
Searson Galician night, The CRR 200514
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200105
Burke, Kevin & Barry, Leonard Millstream, The/The geese in the bog/The devils of Dublin CT 200105
Connolly, Johnny Bee's wing, The/The high level HP CT 200105
Connolly, Johnny Swallow's tail, The CT 200105
Goitse Dog reels, The CT 200105
Killeen, Louise Brilliant tease, The CT 200105
McConnell, Cathal Edward on Lough Erne's shore/ The dark woman of the glen CT 200105
McGibney/Crehan/Tubridy/McCarthy Limerick lasses, The/The steampacket CT 200105
McHugh, Brendan & Martin Marion Kelly's/Cary's cottage CT 200105
McHugh, Jimmy Pigeon on the gate, The CT 200105
McTell, Ralph Close shave, The CT 200105
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn Sword in hand, The/The providence/The old bush CT 200105
Molloy, Matt & McGlynn, Artie Spider's web, The/ The boys of the town/The leg of the duck CT 200105
Murray, Andrew Black muddy river, The CT 200105
O'Rourke, Brian Bodrhan song, The CT 200105
Outside Track, The Dark reels, The CT 200105
Regan, John Maid at the spinning wheel, The/A visit to Ireland CT 200105
Rowsome, Kevin Kitty's rambles/Fraher's CT 200105
Sheahan, John Marino waltz, The CT 200105
Urnua Cullivan from Caavan/The Catskill pines/The Knefsky Prospect CT 200105
Alfi Drink song, The CT 200124
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200124
Brennan, Paul Bonny labouring boy, The CT 200124
Brock McGuire Band, The Moving cloud, The CT 200124
Burke, Kevin & Carty, John Owen Davey's/Patsy Sean Nancy's CT 200124
Crawford/Farrell/Doocey Mouse in the mug, The CT 200124
Crotty, PJ & Cullinane, James Tomeen O'Dea/Midsummers Night/Shamrock Hill CT 200124
Donncha. 8. Sean ‘ac Fair lasses of Loughrea, The CT 200124
Duff, George Rigs o rye, The CT 200124
Gaughan, Dick Erin go bragh CT 200124
Harper/Hehir/Moran Clump of turf, The/The queen of the fair/Apples in winter CT 200124
Keane. Sarah & Rita May morning dew, The CT 200124
McAuley, Jackie Robert Stroud's reprieve CT 200124
McGlynn, Artie & Casey, Nollaig Jack Palance's reel CT 200124
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn Caslean na Oir/The new century CT 200124
O'Fearghaill, Caoimhin & Tutty, Paddy Palm Sunday/Mulqueeney's CT 200124
O'Loughlin/Murphy/Canny/Cotter Kid on the mountain, The/Kitty come down to Limerick CT 200124
O'Loughlin/ Murphy,Canny/Cotter Queen of the Fair, The/The high part of the road CT 200124
Owens, Annette & McCann, Brenda Harrison's fedora/The belles of Tipperary CT 200124
Rowsome, Kevin Broken pledge, The/College Groves CT 200124
Urnua Flying magpies, The/A roll of the dice/Just another dilemma CT 200124
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200126
Burke, Kevin Canyon moonrise, The CT 200126
Clancy, Willie Plains of Boyle, The/The Leitrim fancy CT 200126
De Danann Humours of Galway, The CT 200126
Drunken Gaugers, The Drunken gauger, The CT 200126
Dylan, Bob & Cash, Johnny Girl from the North Country, The/Big River CT 200126
Fairport Convention Good time for a fiddle & bow, A/Christmas Eve CT 200126
Goitse Months apart CT 200126
Hanley, Patsy Mouse in the cupboard, The/Fasten the leggin CT 200126
London Lasses, The Humours of Castlefin, The/Eileen O'Brien's/The enchanted lady CT 200126
McPartlan, Mary Holland handkerchief, The CT 200126
McTell, Ralph Sometimes I wish I could pray CT 200126
Moving Cloud, The Chinese polka, The/Wiliam Durette's clog/The Boys of the Lough CT 200126
O'Brien, Mick & O'Raghallaigh, Caoimhin An Londubh CT 200126
O'Loughlin/Canny/Cotter Caves of Dooragh, The/The pipe on the hob CT 200126
Outside Track, The Sweet lover of mine CT 200126
Stockton's Wing Beautiful affair, The CT 200126
Tom, Tom Phaidin Maire Hynes of Ballylee CT 200126
Altan Humours of Castlefin, The/Nia's dance/The Old Duidin CT 200202
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200202
Burke, Kevin Ballydesmond polkas, The CT 200202
Canny, Paddy Morning dew, The CT 200202
Connolly, Seamus Remembering Curly/The twins/Mordaunt's fancy CT 200202
Conway, Brian Trim the velvet/Lord Gordon's CT 200202
de Burca, Niamh Ye lovers all CT 200202
Droney, Chris Reel of Mullinavat, The/The whistling postman/The chattering magpie CT 200202
Glackin, Paddy Sean O'Dwyer of the Glen CT 200202
Hanly, Patsy Ah surely/Martin Wynne's CT 200202
Hill, Noel An Phis Fluich/The fisherman's jig CT 200202
Keane, Sarah & Rita Month of January, The CT 200202
Keenan & Glackin Humours of Ballyconnell, The/Toss the feathers CT 200202
London Lasses, The Bar Road/John Naughton's/Sean Walsh's CT 200202
MacMathuna, Lorcan Na Tailliuri CT 200202
Molloy/Keane/McGlynn Golden keyboard, The/Harrison's fedora CT 200202
Moloney, Patsy Paddy Taylor's/Sugar Hill CT 200202
Mulvey, Mick Spike Island lasses, The/The yellow tinker/The crosses of Annagh CT 200202
O'Leary, Christy & Deivert, Bert Green grows the laurel CT 200202
Quinn, Seamus & Hastings, Gary Maids of Castlebar, The/The Morning Star CT 200202
Bays, Randal Girl who broke my heart, The/Murphy's greyhound/Youghal Quay CT 200209
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200209
Burke, Kevin John Connor's/The Hungry Rock/A night at the fair CT 200209
Connolly, Johnny Bee's wing, The/The high level HP CT 200209
Connolly, Seamus I am waiting for you/The magpie's nest/The 13 arches/The sailor's cravat CT 200209
Friel Sisters, The Rosses Highland/The Jolly Tinker/Sailing into Walpole's Marsh/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200209
Gatehouse, The Jimmy Giblin's/The Gneevguillia reel/The Casagh reel CT 200209
Kelly, Laoise & O'Duinnchinn, Tiarnan Bo an Leathadhairce/Strop the razor CT 200209
Marsh, Josephine Winnie Hayes's jig/Mac's fancy CT 200209
McCarthy, Benny Maggie Pickens CT 200209
McGoldrick, Mike & Donnelly, Dezi An Buachail Droite/The lark in the morning CT 200209
Moving Hearts, The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Russian roulette, The CT 200209
Ni Mhoanaigh, Mairead & Anna Ceol an Phiobaire CT 200209
O'Brien, Eileen Up & about in the morning/The smiling bride/The handsome young maidens CT 200209
O'Fearghaill, Caoimhin John Lydon's/Nora Criona CT 200209
O'Leary, Christy & Deivert, Bert Green fields of Gweedore, The CT 200209
Open the Door for 3 Church Hill CT 200209
Patrick Street & Irvine, Andy Her mantle so green CT 200209
Toibin, Nioclas Eochaill CT 200209
ac Dhonncha, Sean Bogs of Shanakeever, The CT 200308
Baileys, The Colcannon CT 200308
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200308
Brennan, Paul Wee lassie who never said no, The CT 200308
Burke, Kevin & Carty, John Fahy's HP/The foxhunters CT 200308
Carroll, Liz & Charron, Jake Compliments to Jimmy Keane/Fasten your seatbelts CT 200308
Clancy, Willie Trip over the mountain, The CT 200308
Collis, Deirdre Langstrom's pony/The luck penny CT 200308
Connolly, Johnny Og Tommy the Norman/Fitzharris's CT 200308
Crawford, Kevin Christy Barry's jigs CT 200308
Friel Sisters, The Young Tom Ennis.The king of the pipers/Hunting the cat CT 200308
Harper, Brid Edmund on Loch Erne's shore/Larry Reynold's fancy/Sheba's jig CT 200308
Hill, Noel Ladies pantalettes, The/The ravelled hank of yarn/Sean Reid's/The silver spear CT 200308
McCarty, Tommy & Costello, Louise Richie Dwyer's/McFadden's handsome daughter CT 200308
Nic Amhlaoibh, Muireann Sweet King Williamstown CT 200308
O'Brien, Mick An Buachaill Droite CT 200308
O'Brien, Paddy Imelda Roland's/The flags of Dublin/Paddy from Donegal CT 200308
O'Rourke, Brian Banks of the Rhine, The CT 200308
Rogers, Stan Field behind the plough, The CT 200308
Roland, Raymond & Le Cheile Bucks of Oranmore, The CT 200308
Watson, Doc Deep river blues, The CT 200308
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200315
Bowe, John & Conroy, Mary Downfall of Paris, The CT 200315
Boyle, Kev & Movies CB Bon Cabbage CT 200315
Brennan, Paul Banks of the Bann, The CT 200315
Burke, Kevin Humours of Castlefinn, The/The ewe reel/McFadden's CT 200315
Cheile, Le Connemara jig, The/Over the Isles to America/Fahy's/Buckley's fancy CT 200315
Clancy, Liam Annach Cuain CT 200315
Crawford/Farrell/Doocey Mouse in the mug, The CT 200315
Danu Chicago set, The CT 200315
Expatriate Game, The Sean O'Dwyer of the Glen/Come under my dimity/Humours of whisky/Glory in the Meeting House CT 200315
Friel Sisters, The Ranafast jig, The/Statia Donnelly's/My former wife CT 200315
Hill/Linnane/McKeon Tommy Coen's/The youngest daughter/The flax in bloom CT 200315
Hill, Noel An Phis Fluich/The fisherman's jig CT 200315
Moore, Christy St Patrick was a gentleman CT 200315
Mulcahy Family, The Munster buttermilk/The sheep in the boat/Charlie Mulvihill's CT 200315
ni Charra, Niamh Chieftains are coming, The CT 200315
O'Connor, Mairtin & Friends Devaney's goat/The green fields of Rossbeigh/The dairymaid CT 200315
O'Fearghaill, Caoimhin Dunmore lasses, The/The boy in the gap CT 200315
Rendell, Norah St Patrick's Day CT 200315
Bain, Aly & Cunningham, Phil Estonian waltz, The/La vie est pas donne/La Bastringue CT 200401
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200401
Broaders, Pat Carrig River CT 200401
Connolly, Johnny Og Bella Ella, La/Glen Swilly waltz CT 200401
Daphne's Flight Saturday with Mr Rameer CT 200401
Denny, Sandy & Fotheringay Banks of the Nile CT 200401
Gallagher, Rita Erin's green shore CT 200401
Gormley, Daithi My love is fair & handsome/The maids of Mt Kisco/Clancy's fancy CT 200401
Jansch, Bert 3 dreamers, The CT 200401
McNeil, Brian Sell your labour, not your soul CT 200401
McTell, Ralph Weather the storm CT 200401
Molloy & Carty Gallowglass, The/The coach road to Sligo CT 200401
O'Flynn, Liam Bean Dubh an Gleanna CT 200401
Open the Door for 3 Boyne Water CT 200401
Taylor, James Her town too CT 200401
Urnua Rambles of Mike, The/The laughing spoons CT 200401
Boca Livre Danca Do Ouro. Dancando Pelas Sombras CT 200422
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200422
Bothy Band, The Kesh set, The CT 200422
Burke, Anne Conroy & O'Brien, Eileen Down the lane/The lane to the glen CT 200422
Burke, Joe Bonnie Kate/Jenny's chickens CT 200422
Clarke, Terry Did he sing Danny Boy? CT 200422
Clarke, Terry Sea song , The CT 200422
Clarke, Terry Wish you were here CT 200422
Clarke, Terry, Messer, Mike & Taylor, Jesse Rhythm oil CT 200422
Connolly, Johnny Og PJ Conlon's slip jigs CT 200422
Gough, Donnchadh & Danu Broken pledge set, The CT 200422
Hill, Noel Dr Gilbert/The road to Garrison CT 200422
Killoran & Sweeney Humours of Lissadel, The/Sweeney's dream CT 200422
McPartlan, Mary Rainy night in Soho, A CT 200422
ni Charra, Niamh Glentoune Highlands, The CT 200422
O'Flynn, Liam Pleases of Hope, The/Rick's rambles CT 200422
Tutty & O'Feaghail Tapping toes/Father Kelly's farewell CT 200422
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200426
Bothy Band, The Martin Wynne's/ The Longford tinker CT 200426
Carty, Paddy & Tully, Conor Red Tom of the Hill/Tommy Coen's CT 200426
Casey, Bobby Poll Ha'penny/Scully Casey's HP CT 200426
Cash, Johnny 40 shades of green/Big River CT 200426
Clarke, Terry Edge of Shamrock City, The CT 200426
Clarke, Terry Irish rockabilly blues, The CT 200426
Danu Poor man's fortune, The/The Long Strand/Gan Ainm CT 200426
Doyle, John Rambler from Clare, The CT 200426
Frankie Gavin's 20's Orch Limestone Rock, The CT 200426
Gordon, John Joe Ivy leaf, The/The maids of Castlebar CT 200426
Kavana, Ron Irish ways, The CT 200426
Keane, Sarah & Rita There was a maid in her father's garden CT 200426
McAuley, Jackie St George's Day CT 200426
McNamara, Mary Sweetheart set, The CT 200426
Moloney, Patsy Humour s of Carrigaholt, The/Donal O'Pumpa CT 200426
Moore, Christy Crack was 90, The CT 200426
Morrison, James & McKenna, John Tailor's thimble, The/The red haired lass CT 200426
ni Burca, Niamh My Johnny was a shoemaker CT 200426
O'Brien, Mick Statia Donnelly/I will if I can/Patsy Geary's CT 200426
O'Mahony, Danny My former wife/Paidin O'Raifeartaigh CT 200426
Bothy Band, The Green Groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200510
Burke/Conway/Dolan Molloy's jig/The humours of Castlelyons CT 200510
Burke, Joe & Molloy, Matt Gooseberry bush, The/The Limestone Rock CT 200510
Byrds, The We'll meet again CT 200510
Canny/O'Loughlin/Murphy/Cotter Queen of the Fair, The/The high part of the road CT 200510
Carrig Piper's jig, The/The swan among the reeds/Behind the bush CT 200510
Clancy, Willie Erin's lovely CT 200510
Coleman, Michael Doctor Gilbert's/The Queen of May CT 200510
Conway, Brian Peeler's jacket, The/Lucy Campbell/ The humours of Westport CT 200510
Dennehy, Tim Parted years, The CT 200510
Ennis, Seamus Na Ceannbhain Bhana/The gold ring CT 200510
Gallagher, Rita Heathery hills, The CT 200510
Gaughan, Dick Song for Ireland, A CT 200510
Hydes, The Rivers run CT 200510
Irvine, Andy Dodgers song, The CT 200510
Island Eddy Larry Redigan's/The Leitrim lilter CT 200510
Lennon Family, The Dance of the honey bees, The CT 200510
McDonald, Joe Man from Athabaska, The CT 200510
McGlinchey, Brendan McGlinchey's/The acrobat CT 200510
McTell, Ralph Masks & gowns, The CT 200510
Mooore, Christy Reel in the flickering light, The CT 200510
Mulligan, Neil Bimis ag Ol ag Pogadh na mBan CT 200510
Bain, Aly Waiting for the Federals CT 200517
Barry, Leonard Pol Halpenny/Moran's fancy CT 200517
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200517
Burke, Kevin Ballydesmond polkas, The CT 200517
Casey, Bobby Colonel Fraser/Toss the feathers CT 200517
Connolly, Johnny Og Fanagan's & Kimmel's jigs CT 200517
Crawford/Farrell/Doocey Pure Irish drops, The CT 200517
Crotty, PJ & Cullinane, James Harvest Moon/ Johnny McGoohan's/Dwyer's CT 200517
Denny, Sandy Full Moon, The CT 200517
Doyle, John Path of Stones, The CT 200517
Gorman, Michael Down the broom/The pigeon on the gate CT 200517
Holland, Jerry Andy De Jarlis/Igonisg Jig/Mrs McGhee CT 200517
Irvine, Andy Creggan white hare, The CT 200517
Kennedy, Eilis Saucy sailor, The CT 200517
McNeil, Brian Sell your labour, not your soul CT 200517
O'Brien, Paddy Kitty's rambles/Paddy Fahy's x 2 CT 200517
Teada Sarah's delight/Paddy Sean Nancy's/The Ireland we knew/The ewe reel CT 200517
Vallely, Niall & Cillian Humours of Derryloughlin, The/ Old Tipperary CT 200517
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200601
Carty, Paddy Paddy Kelly's/Mullingar Lea CT 200601
Clarke, Terry Sligo honeymoon 1946 CT 200601
de Burce, Niamh Ye lovers all CT 200601
Drunken Guagers, The Drunken gauger, The CT 200601
Gaughan, Dick Lads of the Fair,The/Leith Docks CT 200601
Irvine, Andy King Bore & the Sandman CT 200601
Keane, Caroline Leading role, The/Matt Peoples/The curlew CT 200601
Maguire, Sean Crib of Perches, The/Around The World CT 200601
McCarthy, Benny Quilty fisherman, The/Planxty Joe Burke CT 200601
McKenna, John Dever the dancer/Connie the soldier CT 200601
McPartlan, Mary Wild mountain side, The CT 200601
McTell,Ralph Care in the community CT 200601
Moziak My little carpenter CT 200601
O'Shaughnessy, Paul & Bradley, Harry Further, the deeper, The/Born for sport CT 200601
Rafferty, Gerry Shipyard town, The CT 200601
Sproule, Dailthi Maid of Ballydoo, The CT 200601
Trian Poor man's fortune, The/The fiddler's key/The blessings of silver CT 200601
Walsh, Michael Quarehawk CT 200601
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200607
Burke, Kevin Humours of Castlefinn, The/The ewe reel/McFadden's CT 200607
Casey, Bobby Pol ha'penny/Murphy's HP CT 200607
Collins, Kathleen Dowd's/The star of Munster CT 200607
Cotter, Eamonn Bruach na Carraige Baine CT 200607
Crawford/Farrell/Doocey Kilmurry's flags CT 200607
Friel Sisters, The Young Tom Ennis/The King of the Pipers/Hunt the cat/Moorlough Shores CT 200607
Irvine, Andy Sweet Lisbweemore CT 200607
Kiloran, Paddy McGovern's/Tom Ward's downfall CT 200607
Loughnane, Kathleen Battle of Aughrim, The CT 200607
Murphy/Canny/O'Loughlin/Cotter Queen of the Fair, The/The high part of the road CT 200607
Murphy, Paddy Music in the Glen CT 200607
O'Brien, Paddy Groves, The CT 200607
O'Conghaile, Padraic Bruach na Carraige Baine CT 200607
O'Fearghaill, Caoimhin & Tutty, Paddy Clancy's single jig/One of Johnny's own CT 200607
Open the Door for 3 Boyne Water CT 200607
Parsons, Niamh Sweet Iniscarra CT 200607
Rendell, Norah Pretty Susan CT 200607
Sands, Mick Up the Raw CT 200607
Stockton's Wing Ceili swing CT 200607
Voice Squad, The Parting glass, The CT 200607
Bothy Band, The Green groves of Erin, The/The flowers of Red Hill CT 200618
Byrnes, Mairtin St Ruth's bush/Paddy Kelly's CT 200618
Canny, Paddy Morning dew, The CT 200618
Conlon, PJ Colonel McBain's reel CT 200618
Connolly, Johnny Og Sligo maid, The/The silver spear CT 200618
Costello, Nancy Green Mountain, The/Nweansai's reel CT 200618
Doyle, John Her long hair flowing down/ Knock na Chroi/Beltra Fair/Aughris Head CT 200618
Henry, Kevin Kiss the maid in bed/Lady on the Island/Peg Kelley's black cat/Tom Ward's/The new policeman CT 200618
Irvine, Andy & Patrick Street Rainbow ‘mid the willows, The CT 200618
Kane Sisters, The 3 deer & a hare/Pangur Ban CT 200618
Kennedy, Eilis Parting song, The CT 200618
McGarrigle, Kate & Anna Talk to me of Mendocino CT 200618
Moore, Christy Does this train stop at Merseyside? CT 200618
O'Fearghaill, Caoimhin La le Padraig CT 200618
Patrick Street Bring back the child/Paidin O'Raferty CT 200618
Regan, John & Glackin, Paddy Maid at the spinning wheel, The/A visit to Ireland CT 200618
Solas All that you ask me CT 200618
Tannenbaum, Chaim Time on my hands CT 200618
Walton, Jake We are the music makers CT 200618
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Anderson, Tom, Bain, Aly & Hunter, Trevor Day dawn, Da/Da cross reel FH 200105
Cunningham, Julia Butterfly, The FH 200105
Déanta Ready for the storm FH 200105
Dillon, Cara Parting glass, The FH 200105
English Ayres, The Ivy is good FH 200105
Fairport Convention Rose hip, The FH 200105
Fernhill Hela'r Dryw FH 200105
Fraser, Galen Flying squirrel, The FH 200105
Hannigan, Lisa Snow FH 200105
Hannigan, Lisa & Stargaze Swan, The FH 200105
Iona Gloucestershire wassail, The/Can wassel FH 200105
Jewel Raven, The FH 200105
Kammen, Shira Dunmore lasses, The FH 200105
Krimmel, Margot & Leachman, Beth (Gadbaw & Krimmel) O'Carolan's dream FH 200105
Ma, Yo-Yo Wassail song, The/All through the night FH 200105
MacLean, Dougie Auld lang syne FH 200105
Manwaring, Kevan Ogham Englyn: Birch FH 200105
Moller, Ale & Bain, Aly Full rigged ship, The/The new rigged ship FH 200105
New Queen's Ha'penny Consort, The Heart's ease FH 200105
Ní Chonaola, Lasairfhíona Inis Oírr/In Inis Oírr FH 200105
Oates, Jackie Nay, Ivy, nay FH 200105
Phillips, Barry & Friends New Year's Eve FH 200105
Roos, Anne Virgin forest, The FH 200105
Rusby, Kate Cornish wassailing FH 200105
Sìleas Se Gillean mo rùin FH 200105
Spookytree Lochaber no more FH 200105
Tergis, Athena Will you come down to Limerick?/The Arragh Mountains FH 200105
Valencia, Jane Birch secrets, The FH 200105
Valencia, Jane Nature mystery, The FH 200105
Valencia, Jane New Year's Day FH 200105
Valencia, Jane Ogham tree alphabet, The FH 200105
Wailin' Jennys, The Arlington FH 200105
Basker's Delight Cast, The Mrs McGhee/The black hoe FH 200119
Baughman, Steve Morgan Megan FH 200119
Beginish Beginish FH 200119
Burke, Kevin Cottage groves, The/Maudabawn Chapel/The Beare Island reel FH 200119
Byrne, Seamus Secluded beach, The FH 200119
Casey Sisters, The Bandonbridge suite, The FH 200119
Casey Sisters, The Miss Fahey's fancy/I have no money/Jerry Hayes FH 200119
Courteous Thief, The Mountains & sea FH 200119
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Miss Laura Risk FH 200119
Goodman, Eve & Sera Gaeafgwsg FH 200119
Kris & Lark Sandpiper's dream, The FH 200119
Machlis, Paul Early morn, The FH 200119
Madigan, Molly Pinto Swansong, The FH 200119
Manwaring, Kevan Song of Taliesin, The FH 200119
Ni Chathasaigh, Maire & Newman, Chris Pheasant feathers, The FH 200119
OMNIA Grone Lunden FH 200119
Parsons, Niamh Blackbirds & thrushes FH 200119
Risk, Laura Sunday River FH 200119
Rose, Valerie Bonny boy, The FH 200119
Spookytree Binwag's lullaby FH 200119
Stork, Diana & Diwa, Portia Arran boat song, The FH 200119
Tannahill Weavers, The Jamie Raeburn's farewell FH 200119
Valencia, Jane Bear King's lullaby, The FH 200119
Valencia, Jane Bear lore FH 200119
Wrigley Sisters, The Trowie dart, The/The Hen-Pen-Dirlo FH 200119
Beck, Jeff Women of Ireland, The FH 200205
Cunningham, Phil House in Rose Valley, The FH 200205
Fowlis, Julie Hug Air A' Bhonaid Mhoir FH 200205
Hastings, Claire Come spend a while wi'me FH 200205
James, Sian Lloer Dirion FH 200205
Joy, Greg Road to Lisdoonvarna, The FH 200205
Kammen, Shira Lullaby set, The FH 200205
Leslie, Jeana & Miller, Siobhan Time wears awa' FH 200205
Lugh, La Brighid's kiss FH 200205
Lugh, La Oiche fa Fheil Bride FH 200205
Malia, Tina Heal this land FH 200205
Minogue, Aine Brigit's feast FH 200205
Moving Cloud Orchestra, The Hut on Staffin Island, The/The haggis/Paddy Ryan's dream FH 200205
Moynihan, Jenna Eagle's whistle, The/Major Campbell Graham FH 200205
Ní Uallacháin, Pádraigín Gabhaim Molta Bride FH 200205
Parsons, Naimh Flower of Magherally FH 200205
Riley, Laurie O'Carolan's ramble to Cashel FH 200205
Riley, Laurie & McNally, Bob Jewel, The FH 200205
Skipinnish Walking on the waves FH 200205
Solasta Hornpipe set, The FH 200205
Spookytree Lochaber no more FH 200205
Stapleton, Robyn Ae fond kiss FH 200205
Thiel, Lisa Song to Brighid FH 200205
Thompson, Carol Women of Ireland, The FH 200205
Thormahlen, Dave & Sharon Gander in the pratie hole, The FH 200205
Unthanks, The Mount the air FH 200205
Valencia, Jane Saint Brigit's hymn/Lore about St Brighid FH 200205
Altan Inis Dhu_n Ramba FH 200216
Anuna Kells FH 200216
Breatnach, Maire Inis Sui FH 200216
Cast , The Eventide FH 200216
Cuig Carry on FH 200216
Fraser, Alasdair & Machlis, Paul Road North, The FH 200216
Hannigan, Lisa Song of the seal, The FH 200216
Knodel & Valencia Lonesome road to Dingle, The FH 200216
Lasairfhiona Tonnta Chonamara FH 200216
MacKillop, Taylor & Randall Lux et Gloria FH 200216
McLaughlin, Mary Deep peace, The FH 200216
McLaughlin, Mary Sealwoman, The FH 200216
McLaughlin, Mary Song to Bridget, The FH 200216
Moynihan, Jenna Haven , The FH 200216
Newton, Rachel Gura mise tha fo mhulad FH 200216
Ni Dhomhnaill, Maighread Colm Cille Na Feile FH 200216
Poozies , The Company of women, The FH 200216
Porter, Beth Charm on, goldfinch FH 200216
Roos, Anne Steering by Aldebaran FH 200216
Shelhart, Cynthia Walnut welcome, The FH 200216
Skippinish Wishing well, The FH 200216
Skyedance Way out to Hope Street, The FH 200216
Solasta Stout's trip FH 200216
Tasche, Harper Winter stars, The FH 200216
Tourin, Christina Well of Eternal Youth , The FH 200216
Casi & the Blind Harpist Aderyn FH 200310
Cox, Allison Interview and Storytelling FH 200310
Crawford, Kizzy Y Ddrudwy FH 200310
Flook Crystal year, The FH 200310
Fraser, Alasdair & Machlis, Paul Niel Gow's lament of the death of his second wife FH 200310
Glyn, Gwyneth Wyneb Dros Dro FH 200310
Gwilym, Meinir Pa Loches FH 200310
Helzer, Alison Gradh Geal Mo Chridhe FH 200310
Jackson, William & Hambley, Gráinne Celia Connellan/The rectory reel FH 200310
Kila Am FH 200310
Malia, Tina Shores of Avalon, The FH 200310
Matheson, Karen Dark Alan FH 200310
Newton, Rachel S Toil Leam Chruinneag Dhonn Nam Bo FH 200310
Osna Morning dew, The FH 200310
Robertson, Kim Clergy's lamentation, The/The separation of soul and body FH 200310
Robertson, Kim Separation of soul and body, The FH 200310
Ruff, James King of the blind, The FH 200310
Silly Wizard Broom o' the Cowdenknowes, The FH 200310
Solas Vital mental medicine/The pullet FH 200310
Songs of Separation, The It was a' for our rightfu' king FH 200310
Spookytree Lochaber no more FH 200310
Stewart, Andy M Land o the Leal, The FH 200310
Angelis, Kim Frogsong , The FH 200405
Anuna Home and the heartland FH 200405
Ball, Patrick Lady Dillon FH 200405
Baughman, Steve Dans Keff Avec FH 200405
Bennett, Elinor & Heulyn, Meinir Cader Idris FH 200405
Bowen, Robin Huw Jig Y Doethion FH 200405
Brennan, Moya & de Barra, Cormac Taim Breoite go Leor FH 200405
Brown, Cheyenne Cold frosty morning, The FH 200405
Cíana An Dro in Em/ Breton march/The bus stop FH 200405
Clan Alba Canan Nan Gaidheal FH 200405
Conway, Chris Airmid's herbal cloak FH 200405
Gibbard, Gwenan Nei Di Ganu ‘Nghan? FH 200405
Goodman, Eve Dacw ‘Nghariad FH 200405
Heymann , Ann Hawk of Ballyshannon, The FH 200405
HighTime Village of Cloch Bhuí FH 200405
Irish 9th Century poem, An Sunshine through my window FH 200405
James, Siân Mae Nghariad I'n Fenws FH 200405
Machlis, Paul Magic horse, The FH 200405
Macleod, Màiri Crossing the Minch/Tail Toddle FH 200405
MacMaster, Natalie Paddy Le Blanc's set FH 200405
O'Farrell, Anne-Marie Caitlín Ní Haodha & the sport of the chase FH 200405
Orison Butterfly, The FH 200405
Rachel Hair Trio, The Duke of Fife's welcome to Deeside FH 200405
Rideout, Bonnie Hen's march, The FH 200405
Schermer, Verlene Jig in your pocket, A FH 200405
Valencia, Jane Airmid's herbal cloak FH 200405
Wallace, Sharlene & Robertson, Kim Last night's joy/The moving cloud FH 200405
Anuna Wild song, The FH 200419
Ball, Patrick Butterfly, The FH 200419
Bowen, Robin Huw Clychau Aberdyfi (The bells of Aberdyfi) FH 200419
Brennan, Moya & de Barra, Cormac Crann Ull FH 200419
Culann's Hounds Maids of Mitchelstown, The FH 200419
Cunningham, Phil Ciara McCarthy's lullaby FH 200419
Dover, Connie Ubi Caritas FH 200419
Ember Storm, The FH 200419
HighTime An Maoilín FH 200419
Johnson, Sara & Maynard with the Rogues' Consor Rowing from Isla to Uist FH 200419
Moynihan, Jenna Eagle's whistle, The/Major Campbell Graham FH 200419
Neill, Lily Bedford Row FH 200419
Owen, Siobhan A Ei Di'r Deryn Du FH 200419
Rajaton Butterfly, The FH 200419
Richards, Sue Nyth y Gwcw FH 200419
Rusby, Kate Who knows where the time goes ? FH 200419
Schermer, Verlene Flying FH 200419
Scots Gaelic Boat blessing and prayer FH 200419
Sea Stallions, The Eagle's whistle, The FH 200419
Sibéal An Cailin Alainn FH 200419
Solasta Cecil Sharp set, The FH 200419
Sound Healing Center, The Healing harp by the Sea FH 200419
Spooky Redtail Moon Tam Lin/The Glasgow reel FH 200419
Valencia, Jane Rose hip and snowberry FH 200419
Causley, Charles Stanley Green Man in the garden, The FH 200503
Damh the Bard Oak, broom, and meadowsweet FH 200503
Goitse Transformed FH 200503
Honey of the Heart, The Reaping, A FH 200503
Jaiya Beltane Night FH 200503
Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra Green Man, The FH 200503
Kammen, Shira & Swan, Pam Lord May's set FH 200503
Knodel & Valencia Masque, The FH 200503
Machlis, Paul Greenwood FH 200503
MacKenzie, Eilidh Thig am bàta (The boat will come) FH 200503
Madigan, Molly Pinto Wildwood bride, The FH 200503
Madigan, Molly Pinto Willowwood FH 200503
Manwaring, Kevan Poem– Heartwood FH 200503
Mes Aïeux J'entends le loup/Le Renard Et La Belette (La Jument de Michao) FH 200503
Oates, Jackie Hail! Hail! The First of May FH 200503
Phillips, Shelley & Friends Faerie Queene, The FH 200503
Quin, Halo Poem– Headless at Beltane FH 200503
Roos, Anne Virgin Forest FH 200503
Skyedance Iron rig, The/The boxwood reel FH 200503
Stivell, Alan King of the Fairies, The FH 200503
Telynor John Peekstok and Anna Clemenger/The sprig of thyme FH 200503
Tourin, Christina Annwvyn FH 200503
Tourin, Christina Oak, The FH 200503
Valencia, Jane Story– I hear the wolf and the fox and the weasel FH 200503
Valencia, Jane What it means to be a Green Woman, a Green Man FH 200503
Bauer, Jerry I see the mountains FH 200517
Baughman, Steve Bonnie Prince Charlie FH 200517
Bothy Band, The Casadh An tSúgáin (Twisting the Rope) FH 200517
Byrne, Seamus Forest and streams, The FH 200517
Byrne, Seamus Track 1 from Forest and Streams FH 200517
Casey Sisters, The Bandonbridge hornpipe, The FH 200517
Casey Sisters, The Earl of Cork's allemand, The FH 200517
Casey Sisters, The March from Irishtown, The FH 200517
Cast, The Duke of Gordon's birthday, The/The London lasses/Da Eye Wifie/The Fyrish reel FH 200517
Eitre Fairy reel, The FH 200517
Freeman, Mara Tree lore–the Hawthorn FH 200517
Gloaming, The Samhradh Samhradh FH 200517
Kate in the Kettle Push and spark FH 200517
Leeming. Jamie Heartsong FH 200517
Madigan, Molly Pinto Bloom FH 200517
Moving Cloud Orchestra, The Moon & seven stars, The/Scatter the mud/Three peas in a pod FH 200517
Newton, Abby Sister Jean FH 200517
Ní Uallacháin, Padraigín Suantraí Sí/A fairy lullaby FH 200517
Omnia Eleanor Plunkett FH 200517
Polwart, Karine King of birds, The FH 200517
Quadriga Consort, The Cliffs of Dooneen, The FH 200517
Roos, Anne Fairie child & the fairie queen, The FH 200517
Rose, Valerie For your love FH 200517
Solasta Cowslip set, The FH 200517
Spookytree Lochaber no more FH 200517
Stadler, Gary & Rule, Wendy Dance of the wild faeries, The FH 200517
Steeleye Span & Pratchett, Sir Terry Band of Teachers, The FH 200517
Valencia, Jane Dawn redwoods, The FH 200517
Valencia, Jane Story–The tree gift FH 200517
Wrigley, Jennifer & Hazel Fairy ring, The/Strollin' Doon da Strynd/Glaitness House FH 200517
Yeats. W B Wandering Aengus FH 200517
Altan Jimmy Lyon's/The Teelin/The red crow/The broken bridge FH 200607
Baughman, Steve Lady Athenry FH 200607
Byrne, Seamus Track 2 FH 200607
Cathcart, Cynthia Mist covered mountains, The FH 200607
Cather, Willa Hawthorn tree, The – poem FH 200607
Chieftains, The & the Corrs I know my love FH 200607
Corr, Sharon Cooley's reel FH 200607
Cox, Allison Story– Goblin gloves FH 200607
Distant Oaks Against the tide FH 200607
Distant Oaks Tobar gach Grais/An Drochaid Chliuiteach FH 200607
Fowlis, Julie Danns' a Luideagan Odhar FH 200607
Fowlis, Julie, Doorley, Éamon, Conway, Zoe & McIntyre, John Port Dannsaidh Hiortach/Deóra Dé FH 200607
Freeman, Mara Faery lore of fox gloves, The FH 200607
French, Darcey Blue Hawthorn, The–Faerie Guardian of the Heart – tree medicine FH 200607
Irish Consort, The & Armstrong, Siobhán Sir John Packington's pavin FH 200607
Krimmel, Margot Carolan's ramble to Cashel FH 200607
Krimmel, Margot Elf of Wit, The FH 200607
MacMaster, Natalie David's jig FH 200607
Mannheim Steamroller Fourth Door, The FH 200607
McManus, Kevin Poem: We are born from the Earth FH 200607
Phyfe, Owain Ja Nus Hons Pris FH 200607
Raw Bar Collective, The & Ní Chróinín, Nell Baile Mhúirne FH 200607
Risk, Laura Fiddle/Lord Moira FH 200607
Sheridan, J J Patrick Kelly FH 200607
Standing Stones, The & Knodel, Debra Oran Sniomh FH 200607
Stivell, Alan Brian Boru FH 200607
Victor, Jeff 7th child of the 7th child, The FH 200607
Victor, Jeff Widow of Loch Lemond, The FH 200607
von Ziegler, Adrian Celtic lore, A FH 200607
von Ziegler, Adrian Fairy Forest FH 200607
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Breabach Oban Ball, The FS 200106
Fyfe, Iona If I go, I'm going FS 200106
Henwood, Megan & Napier, Findlay Wild wild country, The FS 200106
Holmes, Adam & Talbot, Heidi Face the fall FS 200106
Kinnaris Quintet, The Toria's 50th FS 200106
MacLeod, Angus G S I a' Ghàidhlig mo roghainn FS 200106
McLaughlin, Clare & Campbell, Marianne Tambo's FS 200106
Morris, Benedict Belvedere FS 200106
Polwart, Karine I'm gonna do it all FS 200106
Session A9 Miller of Dron, The FS 200106
Balter Erica's FS 200213
Douglas, Blair Flyer, The FS 200213
Duncan, Josie Darling please FS 200213
Graham, James Air An Tràigh FS 200213
Herkja Paper Böns FS 200213
MacInnes, Maggie Iain Ghlinn Cuaich FS 200213
MacNeil, Sarah & Reid, Patsy Northbay FS 200213
Napier, Hamish Forest Folk, The FS 200213
Peatbog Faeries, The Is this your son? FS 200213
Project Smok Arisaig FS 200213
Rura Decade FS 200213
Foley, David & Smedley, Jack Litteljohn FS 200326
Fyfe, Iona Bonnie lass of Fyvie, The FS 200326
Hall, Mhairi St Kilda FS 200326
Henderson, Ewen Jigs FS 200326
Hill, Rebecca Sleep quietly FS 200326
Hunter, Fiona Aye Waukin O FS 200326
Joy & Andrew A Mhairead Òg/Young Margaret FS 200326
Macfarlane, Katie Mairead Nan Cuiread FS 200326
Miller, Siobhan Cholesterol FS 200326
Reid, Jenna Da sealkie wife's sang FS 200326
Sian A-nochd a' Chiad Oidhche ‘n Fhoghair FS 200326
Ainslie, Ross Tune for a better day FS 200501
Ceòl an Aire Heaval hike, The FS 200501
Concerto Caledonia Marquis of Huntly's Highland fling, The/Steer the Gill FS 200501
Cronshaw, Andrew Year that's awa', The FS 200501
Frame, Gillian, Napier, Findlay & Vass, Mike Burnie bushe, The l FS 200501
Gollan, Ruaridh Rinn M'Eudail mo Mhealladh FS 200501
Llan De Cubel Alboraes de Víctor Sáenz FS 200501
Macphee, Cathy Ann O Hi Ri Lean FS 200501
Malinky Bonnie Hoose o Airlie, The FS 200501
Man of the Minch, The Circles, The FS 200501
McNally, Luc Private beach, The FS 200501
Ross, Fiona Davy Faa FS 200501
String Sisters, The Open to the elements FS 200501
Callaghan, Paddy Schildes FS 200609
Campbell, Mairi & Francis, David Auld lang syne FS 200609
Capercaillie Sidewaulk reels, The FS 200609
Clype (Simon Gall and Jonnie Hardie) Brush to paint us all, The FS 200609
Cruinn Mala Chaol is Beul Tana FS 200609
Heron Valley Adore FS 200609
McKerrell, Simon Air & reels– Dhomnall nan Dhomnall/The bird's nest etc FS 200609
Papiransky, Amy Winter winds FS 200609
Rarity, Hannah Snows they melt FS 200609
Reid, Jenna Neil Gow's lament for the death of his second wife FS 200609
Robertson, Ewan Vincent Black Lightning FS 200609
Thorpe, Daniel Erse for Alba FS 200609
Treacherous Orchestra, The Superfly FS 200609
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Clover's Revenge Merry misadventures of Sister Mary Margaret, The ICM 200109
Gleasons, The Ireland in your eyes ICM 200109
Gryphon, Kyle Silver thaw, The ICM 200109
Heaton, Matt & Shannon New married couple, The ICM 200109
Here & Now, The Peacock's head, The ICM 200109
Hurricane Kevin Irish kisses (Kiss me, I'm Irish) ICM 200109
Koehler, Catherine Oft in the stilly night ICM 200109
Morrison, Hugh Old Scotland ICM 200109
Old Man Flanagan's Ghost Hart of ten, The ICM 200109
Poitin Last beautiful loneliness, The ICM 200109
SeaStar, The Giant, The ICM 200109
Serious Kitchen, The Blacksmith, The ICM 200109
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny 2 red roses, The ICM 200109
Warbelow Range, The Cottage in the grove, The/The curlew/Farewell to Ireland ICM 200109
Adams, Alexander James He of the Sidhe ICM 200116
An Lar No land's man ICM 200116
Ballinloch Intervention set, The ICM 200116
Battlelegs Greenland whale fisheries, The ICM 200116
Crepuscule Lilting music/The tree set ICM 200116
Dale, Heather Hawthorn tree, The ICM 200116
Gatehouse Well, The Tree gap set, The ICM 200116
Gunn, Marc Loch Tay boat song, The ICM 200116
Kennedy's Kitchen Umbrella reel, The/Two days to go/Down The Broom ICM 200116
McKasson & McDonald Mark the hard earth ICM 200116
Ockham's Razor Lark in the morning, The ICM 200116
Onde After the storm ICM 200116
Rebels & Sinners, The Mother Tree ICM 200116
Seldom Sober Jigs– The geese in the bog/The wandering minstrel/The Coleraine ICM 200116
We Banjo 3 Crann Na Beatha ICM 200116
Ballinloch Rise up ICM 200123
Changing Room, The Gwrello Glaw ICM 200123
ChildsPlay Noodle vendor, The/The sweetest blooms/Avery's mazurka ICM 200123
Dale, Heather 1 of us ICM 200123
Ennis Sisters, The Sunken garden, The ICM 200123
Gatehouse Well, The Michael goes flatpickin'/The foad to Errogie ICM 200123
Griffith, Terry They wounded old Ireland ICM 200123
Lothlorien Paddy's green shamrock shore ICM 200123
Rideout, Bonnie Jaunting car hornpipe set, The ICM 200123
Roberts, Ella North Wind, The ICM 200123
Rogues, The Reels again ICM 200123
Selkie Girls, The Mo Nighean Donn As Boidhche ICM 200123
Syncopaths, The Bronwyn Leigh ICM 200123
Syr Chan Eil Eagal ICM 200123
Bordoni, Franco Saddle the pony/When sick is the tea you want ICM 200130
Connemara Stone Company, The Boys from the Ruhr, The ICM 200130
Deep Green Light, The Destitution ICM 200130
Fabris, Francesca Romana Everlasting dream, The ICM 200130
FIMM November reel, The/The wedding reel/Joe Tam's reel ICM 200130
Folkins, Doug Streets of Rome, The ICM 200130
Grieve, Don Ye Jacobites by name ICM 200130
Hexperos Aine's ballad ICM 200130
Kennedy, Seamus Farewell to Sicily ICM 200130
Kyn Sang Til Jomfru Maria ICM 200130
MaterDea Lady of Inverness, The ICM 200130
McAuley, Oisin Souvenir of Venice, A/The belle of the stage ICM 200130
Mishaped Pearls, The Wind of the air, The ICM 200130
Poitin Jolly beggarman, The ICM 200130
Willos' Factory girl, The ICM 200130
Celtica Pipes Rock Last voyage of the Great Michael, The ICM 200206
Daimh Oran An Tombaca ICM 200206
Dickerson, Matthew Off to California/Tom Morrison's hornpipe ICM 200206
Farsan Pronn An Caoran ICM 200206
Forkroot Unk's last stand ICM 200206
Fourth Moon, The Olympus ICM 200206
Kellswater Bridge, The 4 loom weaver, The ICM 200206
Law, Andy & Friends Carolan's draught/The sweetness of Mary ICM 200206
Ockham's Razor Oro, Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile ICM 200206
Poitin Tuesday from 6 PM ICM 200206
Poor Man's Gambit, The Land of Sunshine, The ICM 200206
Raglan Smugglin' men, The ICM 200206
Runa Again for Greenland ICM 200206
Teton Skye Come and be welcome ICM 200206
We Banjo 3 Haven ICM 200206
Avourneen Silver spear, The/The Earl's chair/The Star of Munster ICM 200213
Brave the Sea Ocean between us, The ICM 200213
Caliceltic Paddy on the railway ICM 200213
Davis, Ashley & De Barra, Cormac I follow you (Leanaim Thú) ICM 200213
Flailing Shilaleighs, The Julia Delaney ICM 200213
Gartloney Rats, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 200213
Geri, Janette A Stor Mo Chroi ICM 200213
Girvan, Allison Garten mother, The ICM 200213
Gryphon, Kyle Brown down sport ICM 200213
Irish Rovers, The Orange and the green, The ICM 200213
Jiggy Back to Belfast ICM 200213
Kalos (McKasson & McDonald) Cheese closet set, The ICM 200213
Rowan Tree, The Miner Jolly ICM 200213
Stringer's Ridge Drill, ye tarriers, drill ICM 200213
Tullamore 1 of Ireland's children ICM 200213
We Banjo 3 Dawn breaks, The ICM 200213
An Lar Wreckers, The ICM 200220
Anderson, Neil Flastone reels, The ICM 200220
Avourneen Banks of the Liffey, The ICM 200220
Brave the Sea Lost at Sea ICM 200220
Flailing Shilaleighs, The I only drink upon the days that end in d-a-y ICM 200220
Flynn, Eamonn Bruach na Carraige Báine/Falling off the edge of the world ICM 200220
Gartloney Rats, The Landlord's Walk, The ICM 200220
Gillogly, Samantha & Maurice, Tim Beauties of Autumn, The/The road to Lisdoonvarna/Morrison's jig ICM 200220
Gryphon, Kyle Trout lure, The ICM 200220
Irish Rovers, The Brady of Strabane ICM 200220
Jiggy Road to Errogie, The ICM 200220
Rowan Tree, The Am I born to die? ICM 200220
Sharkey, Jim My home in Roscommon ICM 200220
Stringer's Ridge Bus stop reel, The/The greasy coat ICM 200220
Bellow Bridge, The & Emett, Sarah Kiss in the morning early, A ICM 200227
Copus, Sarah Buttercup spree/Garret Barry's/The Clare jig ICM 200227
Dublin Harpers, The Stuck in Mayberry ICM 200227
Ennis Sisters, The Wasted on the way ICM 200227
Geri, Janette This love ICM 200227
Gothard Sisters, The Mazama mornings, The ICM 200227
Gruben, Melanie Summer Queen, The ICM 200227
Heaton, Shannon Red Molly ICM 200227
Hibernia, Toman, Susan & MacIsaac, Ellen Scot set, The ICM 200227
Jiggy & Kelly, Aoife Paddy's lamentation ICM 200227
Licko, Jennifer Ruidhlidh ICM 200227
Mullin, Shauna April morning, The ICM 200227
Patterson, Beth Cat fight, The ICM 200227
Rideout, Bonnie Highland laddie, The ICM 200227
Screaming Orphans, The Ireland's hour of need (Gallant heroes) ICM 200227
Wolf & Clover, Bennett, Jessica & Vaughan, Caroline Tam Lin/The bucks of Oranmore ICM 200227
3 Pints Gone Steel bonnets, The ICM 200305
Adams, Alexander James Wandering Willie/The wiley old bachelor/Within a mile of Clonbur ICM 200305
Blarney Rebel Band, The Devil's Ditch, The ICM 200305
ChildsPlay Lovely Annie ICM 200305
Farsan A' Mhisg A Chuir An Nollaig ICM 200305
Flowers of Edinburgh, The High road to Linton, The/Spootiskerry/Willafjord ICM 200305
Jig Is Up, The Major Moran's #1/ Big Pat's/The gargoyle ICM 200305
King's Busketeers, The Whiskey in the jar ICM 200305
Law, Andy & Friends Falmouth gig, The/The Bishop's jig/Porthlystry ICM 200305
Metcalf, Nick Skyline of Skye, The ICM 200305
Miller, Ed London Town ICM 200305
Rambling Sailors, The Coasts of High Barbary, The ICM 200305
Sliotar Kilmaley ICM 200305
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Grandpa Joe ICM 200305
Triskells, The Humours of Ballyhloglin, The / The queen of the rushes ICM 200305
We Banjo 3 Dawn breaks, The ICM 200305
Whiskey Bay Rovers, The Rolling down to old Maui ICM 200305
Avourneen Sparrow, The ICM 200312
Battlelegs Ability scores, The ICM 200312
Beyond the Field 3 hugs for Luca ICM 200312
Boderiou, Xavier Wedding reels, The ICM 200312
Boucher, Gillian & McNeill, Bob Race for the Sun, The ICM 200312
Celtic Conundrum, The Chance, A ICM 200312
Claussen, Stephanie Ae fond kiss/Rory Dall's port ICM 200312
Curtis, Tami Hills of Connemara, The ICM 200312
Ferguson, Jesse Salley Gardens, The ICM 200312
Fir Arda O'Carolan's welcome ICM 200312
Flailing Shilaleighs, The Old Man Colm ICM 200312
Harris, W Ed Crowley's/Johnny D's ICM 200312
Ivers, Eileen Shine ICM 200312
Jiggy Man of Aran, The ICM 200312
Kalos (McKasson & McDonald) Geordie ICM 200312
Kennedy's Kitchen Tootsie's flowers/Money in both pockets/The whiskey of truth ICM 200312
Kilmaine Saints, The Off the wagon ICM 200312
Kinnfolk, The New rigged ship, The/The lady's cup of tea/ Drag her round the road ICM 200312
Kissers, The & Martin, Monica Foggy dew, The ICM 200312
Koehler, Catherine May morning dew, The ICM 200312
Loescher, Wolf Legacy, The ICM 200312
Morrison, Hugh Ballad of Thomas Higgins, The ICM 200312
Ockham's Razor Moving on song, The ICM 200312
Onde Metamorphose, Le ICM 200312
Rowan Tree, The 1 and all ICM 200312
Scanlon, Pauline 18th of June, The ICM 200312
Schneckenburger, Lissa Fair maid by the sea shore, The ICM 200312
Selkie Girls, The Smeorach Chlann Domhnaill ICM 200312
Skeleton McKee Streams of whiskey, The ICM 200312
Stringer's Ridge Pikeman's march, The/Who'll be king but Charlie?/The Cliffs of Moher ICM 200312
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Jiggle the old bones ICM 200312
Wild Irish Roses, The Adventures of a young rose, The ICM 200312
An Lar Return of the Dead, The ICM 200319
Blarney Rebel Band, The MacAroni ICM 200319
Brave the Sea Siren's song, The ICM 200319
Caliceltic Foxes, The ICM 200319
Emerald Accent, The Oats field, The ICM 200319
Gryphon, Kyle Cold iron stare, The ICM 200319
Harmundi Morning chicken, The ICM 200319
Highland Reign, The Alba Gu Brath ICM 200319
Kilmaine Saints, The Off the wagon ICM 200319
Kissers, The Swallow's Tail (The lilting banshee/The mug of brown ale/The swallow's tail/The morning dew) ICM 200319
Leahy, Sean & Spencer, Jeremy Reels– Darley's/Brogan Nua ICM 200319
Leclerc, Francis & Demers, Marise Remembrance ICM 200319
Marcas Mac Buille/Brag ICM 200319
Seasons, The Heart's downfall, The ICM 200319
SeaStar, The Dublin Three, The ICM 200319
Whiskeydicks, The Johnny Brown ICM 200319
Willos' Yellow wattle, The/Kilkenny/Christy Barrys jigs ICM 200319
Ackley, Ginger Manannan Mac Lir ICM 200326
Araki, Hanz Kiss in the morning early, A ICM 200326
Barleyjuice High on Highland life ICM 200326
Battlelegs Shoot 'em up, shoot 'em down ICM 200326
Boderiou, Xavier Gavotte Pourlet ICM 200326
Innisfall Song of Innisfall, The ICM 200326
Ivers, Eileen 0 G (and I feel fine) ICM 200326
Loescher, Wolf Tramps & hawkers, The ICM 200326
McKenna, Jim Bright lady, The ICM 200326
Ockham's Razor Foggy dew, The/The Seven Nation Army ICM 200326
Olta Old maid in a garrett, A/Glen Cottage/The New Market polka 3 ICM 200326
Rendell, Norah 40 fishermen, The ICM 200326
Schneckenburger, Lissa Lamplighter's hornpipe, The/Suffer the child ICM 200326
Stringer's Ridge Cat rambles, The/The star above the garter/The pipe on the hob ICM 200326
Whalebone, The Chalk heart, The ICM 200326
Albannach & Rathkeltair Rath 'N' the Nach ICM 200402
Barleyjuice Merry queen of scotch, The ICM 200402
Brynmor Leaving of Liverpool, The ICM 200402
Claussen, Stephanie Ca' the yowes to the knowes/The Morpeth lasses ICM 200402
Highland Reign, The Unbroken ICM 200402
Kilmaine Saints, The Painting Paradise Square ICM 200402
Kilt Lifters, The Bonnie lass of Anglesey, The ICM 200402
Kilted Kings, The Marionette jig, The/Spinner's reel ICM 200402
Kinnfolk, The Otter's holt, The/The merry blacksmith/Rakish Paddy ICM 200402
Rogues, The Bonny Portmore ICM 200402
Screeched Inn, The Night Pat Murphy died, The ICM 200402
Syr These final hours ICM 200402
Whiskeydicks, The Celts of the North, The ICM 200402
Barleyjuice Maggie May ICM 200409
Boucher, Gillian & McNeill, Bob Fury ICM 200409
Celtic Woman Dulamon ICM 200409
Claussen, Stephanie Loch Ruthven/The feet washing ICM 200409
Clover's Revenge Maid behind the bar, The ICM 200409
Curtis, Tami Friskey whisky ICM 200409
Emerald Accent, The Rolling waves, The/Tobin's favorite/My darling asleep ICM 200409
Ferguson, Jesse Wearing of the green, The ICM 200409
Harmundi Spancil breeze, The ICM 200409
Harris, W Ed Morrison's ICM 200409
Highland Reign, The Streets of Edinburgh, The ICM 200409
Ivers, Eileen Road trip, The ICM 200409
Jiggy Tal ICM 200409
Kilmaine Saints, The With regrets ICM 200409
Loescher, Wolf Lads among the heather, The ICM 200409
Scanlon, Pauline Joan of Arc ICM 200409
Schneckenburger, Lissa Old beggar man, The ICM 200409
Seasons, The Lighthouse keeper's daughter, The ICM 200409
SeaStar, The Whiskey rover down ICM 200409
Selkie Girls, The Bleecker Street ICM 200409
Skeleton McKee Black leg miner, The ICM 200409
Victoria, Jessica Prophecy, The ICM 200409
West of Mabou First pint, The ICM 200409
Whiskeydicks, The Boom bam jig, The ICM 200409
Wooden Legs, The Paw on the pan, The ICM 200409
Barleyjuice Rose of Garden City, The ICM 200416
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Heart of Fangorn, The ICM 200416
Culann's Hounds Eire ICM 200416
Dale, Heather Hawthorn tree, The ICM 200416
Flook Turquoise girl, The/ The tree climber/Twelve weeks and a day/Rounding Malin Head ICM 200416
Gatehouse Well, The Tree gap set, The ICM 200416
Hearthfire Duo, The Irish barn dance, The ICM 200416
Heidi, Stef & the Bow Triplets 1 spot on Earth, The ICM 200416
Koehler, Catherine Briar and the rose, The ICM 200416
Rebels & Sinners, The Mother Tree, The ICM 200416
Scanlon, Pauline & Dempsey, Damien Pretty bird tree, The ICM 200416
Screaming Orphans, The Og in Eireann ICM 200416
Syr Legacy, The ICM 200416
Victoria, Jessica Song of the Summer Realm, The ICM 200416
We Banjo 3 Crann Na Beatha (Tree of Life) ICM 200416
Wooden Legs, The Dancing the mud ICM 200416
Alizbar & Ann'Sannat Butterfly, The ICM 200423
AM String Band, The Gravel walk, The/Elzic's farewell ICM 200423
Atlys Stonemilker, The ICM 200423
Beggarman, The Across the fields ICM 200423
Bow Triplets, The Dunrobin Castle & the King of Meenasillagh ICM 200423
Bridgid's Cross Road to Lisdoonvarna, The ICM 200423
Curtis, Tami Ryan's tunes– Broken compass/Workin' at the winery/Humours of Kilmanin/The moose in the meadow ICM 200423
Dark Patrick Mna Na H-eireann/The King of the Faries/Polka Karelofinochka ICM 200423
Fraser, Alasdair & McManus, Tony Donald Willie and his dog/Alex MacDonald/Chloe's passion ICM 200423
Gatehouse Well, The Michael goes flatpickin'/The road to Errogie ICM 200423
Haggis Rampant & Petrie, Ken Cullen Anderson ICM 200423
Hennessey, Nick Garden of daisies, The/Harvest home ICM 200423
Kissers, The Wedding, The (The Mingulay boat song/Three sails/Connaghtman's rambles/Haste to the wedding) ICM 200423
Moch Pryderi Torth O Fara/Mochyn Du/The spinning wheel ICM 200423
Molly's Revenge & Smiley, Moira Air tune, The ICM 200423
Mullen, Sarah Marie Amoroso ICM 200423
Rogues, The Winnipeg forger, The ICM 200423
Schneckenburger, Lissa Petronella ICM 200423
Scotland Rising LaBoum ICM 200423
Seivane, Susana Fox-Trot, The ICM 200423
Shannon, Sharon Merry widow, The ICM 200423
St James's Gate Wise maid, The/Down the Broom/The jolly tinker ICM 200423
String Theory, The Banish misfortune/The castle jig/My darling asleep ICM 200423
Teton Skye Snow on the hills/Xexus and Felicia ICM 200423
We Banjo 3 Sugar House, The ICM 200423
Wicked Tinkers, The Duncan Johnston ICM 200423
Wildman, Cara March of the Min an Toitean bull, The/Tuttle's/Brenda Stubbert's ICM 200423
Williams, John & Magraw, Dean Youenn ICM 200423
Woodson, Finley, Stevens Up Sligo ICM 200423
Albannach Bare arsed bandits, The ICM 200430
Barleyjuice Fine lass, A ICM 200430
Burning Bridget Cleary Nead Na Lachan Sa Mhuta ICM 200430
Dale, Heather Tristan and Isolt ICM 200430
Ferguson, Jesse So long, Cape Breton ICM 200430
Gothard Sisters, The Rose, Marie and Heather ICM 200430
High Kings, The Rising of the Moon, The ICM 200430
Kennedy, Seamus Mary Mac ICM 200430
Killdares, The Farewell to decorum ICM 200430
Miller, Ed Silver darlins, The/I hae laid a herrin' in saut ICM 200430
Queen's Gambit, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 200430
Socks in the Frying Pan, The Shane's newest ICM 200430
Syr Unto the gallows ICM 200430
Tullamore 1 of Ireland's children ICM 200430
We Banjo 3 War of love, The ICM 200430
Battlelegs Tecmo Super Bowl, The ICM 200507
Boucher, Gillian & McNeill, Bob Steel & silver ICM 200507
Claussen, Stephanie Brose & butter/Jacky Tar/Far from home ICM 200507
Ferugson, Jesse Golden Jubilee, The ICM 200507
Fir Arda What the piano knows/The Dunmore lasses ICM 200507
Harris, W Ed Star of Munster, The ICM 200507
Iron Roux Glass drum, The ICM 200507
Leahy, Sean & Spencer, Jeremy High walls of Derry, The ICM 200507
Leclerc, Francis & Demers, Marise Brouillard d'hiver ICM 200507
Scanlon, Pauline Old churchyard, The ICM 200507
Seasons, The Ferry to Holyhead, The ICM 200507
Selkie Girls, The Paddy's lamentation ICM 200507
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Marvelous Meg ICM 200507
An Lar Bells, The ICM 200514
Brave the Sea Long road, The ICM 200514
Celtic Conundrum, The Wherever you may roam ICM 200514
Curtis, Tami Butcher boy, The ICM 200514
Harris, W Ed Star of the County Down, The ICM 200514
Kalos Brooke Leigh ICM 200514
Kennedy's Kitchen Colonel Fraser's ICM 200514
Kilmaine Saints, The Painting Paradise Square (acoustic) ICM 200514
Leahy, Sean & Spencer, Jeremy Polkas– Dálaigh's/Dan O'Connell's/The hermit from Killarney ICM 200514
Loescher, Wolf Lads among the heather, The ICM 200514
SeaStar, The I will go ICM 200514
Skeleton McKee Road to Lisdoonvarna, The/The swallowtail jig/Off she goes ICM 200514
Stringer's Ridge Shady Grove/Julia Delaney ICM 200514
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfe Tones Mandela (The legend) ICM 200514
Whiskeydicks, The Clonakilty girl, The ICM 200514
An Lar Return of the dead, The ICM 200521
Barleyjuice Crackin' Jenny's teacup ICM 200521
Black 47 Funky ceili, The ICM 200521
Boucher, Gillian & McNeill, Bob Mountain road #2 ICM 200521
Emerald Accent, The Scholar, The/The merry blacksmith/Father Kelly ICM 200521
Ferguson, Jesse Me darlin' Laura-Ann ICM 200521
Harris, W Ed Tiarna Mhuigheo ICM 200521
Iron Roux My Molly ICM 200521
Kennedy, Mary Ann Grioglachan ICM 200521
Kennedy's Kitchen Red is the rose ICM 200521
Kinnfolk, The Siuil a run ICM 200521
Schneckenburger, Lissa Jam on Gerry's Rock/Willie's ICM 200521
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Lightening the load ICM 200521
Altan Níon a' Bhaoigheallaigh ICM 200528
Celtic Woman Moorlough shore, The ICM 200528
Ciunas Madam I'm a darling ICM 200528
Curits, Tami Frisky whisky ICM 200528
Jiggy Who put the blood? ICM 200528
Kellswater Bridge, The Keys to the castle, The ICM 200528
Nic Amhlaoibh, Muireann I courted a soldier ICM 200528
Roche, Claire Planter's daughter, The ICM 200528
Schneckenburger, Lissa Young Charlotte ICM 200528
Seasons, The Lighthouse keeper's daughter, The ICM 200528
SeaStar, The Quiet joys of brotherhood, The ICM 200528
Selkie Girls, The Bleecker Street ICM 200528
Victoria, Jessica Mouth music medley--Far am bi mi fhìn/Chuirinn air a' Phìob e ICM 200528
Adams, Alexander James Brannigan's Special Ale ICM 200604
Adams, Alexander James Path to Alexandria, The/Mushtaq's jig/The sleepy camel ICM 200604
Bua My parents reared me tenderly ICM 200604
Bua & Ó hAirt, Brian Eddie Moloney's/Micho Ressell's (The mason's apron) ICM 200604
Callanish Douglas jig, The ICM 200604
Callanish Lagan love, The ICM 200604
Gagne, Seumas Is Truagh Leam Ar Sgaradh ICM 200604
Gillogly ,Samantha & Maurice, Tim Young Catherine/James Bethag ICM 200604
Gruben, Melanie Faery song, The ICM 200604
Homespun Ceilidh Band, The Tripping up the stairs/The tenpenny bit/The blackthorn stick ICM 200604
Ockham's Razor Butcher boy, The ICM 200604
Ockham's Razor Cemetery song, The ICM 200604
Ockham's Razor Handsome cabin boy, The ICM 200604
Ockham's Razor Moorlough shore, The ICM 200604
Tuairneir, Marcas Mac an Dumbbells, The ICM 200604
Blame Not the Bard Johnny jump up ICM 200611
Brave the Sea Put me on a boat ICM 200611
Bua Killashandra lasses, The/Down the green fields ICM 200611
Corriveau, IIsabeau & Les tisseurs de rêves Are you sleeping? ICM 200611
Emerald Accent, The Toss the feathers/The oak tree/The foxhunters ICM 200611
Highland Reign, The Bonnie Eilidh ICM 200611
Homespun Ceilidh Band, The 9 points of roguery/The gravel walk/The high reel ICM 200611
Licko, Jennifer Fill Iu O ICM 200611
Morrison, Hugh Dance hall girl, The ICM 200611
Plaid Menagerie, The Captain horne/In and out the harbor/Dinky Dorian's ICM 200611
Primose, Christine An Gille Donn ICM 200611
Seasons, The I care not for these ladies ICM 200611
Skeleton McKee This is the life ICM 200611
Stringer's Ridge Mouth of the Tobique, The/Old French/De Saint Paul a Terrebonne ICM 200611
Bauckham, Molly Wiser maid, The ICM 200618
Beyond the Pale Sailing to Philadelphia ICM 200618
Ceili Moss Leis a Lurrighan ICM 200618
Chambless, Jil, Miller, Ed & Muse, Scooter Bonnie ship the Diamond, The ICM 200618
Erin's Guild Distant shore, The ICM 200618
Fire Inside, The Paddy's green shamrock shore ICM 200618
Flook Bunting fund, The/The ocean child ICM 200618
Hibernia Dark eyed sailor, The ICM 200618
Kellswater Bridge, The Kellswater ICM 200618
Lane, Julia Lament for the Wild Shore, The ICM 200618
MacNeil, Ryan Cearcall A' Chuin (The Ocean's Circle) ICM 200618
Paisley Close Green Island ICM 200618
Ramsay, Celia & Black, Shay Fisherman's wife, The ICM 200618
Roos, Anne Get the rigger ICM 200618
Runa Jewels on the Ocean/Michael Connell's ICM 200618
Stonecircle, The Maid on the shore, The ICM 200618
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Assembly, The Phoenix, The IMS 200114
Heaton, Matt Celtic grooves, The IMS 200114
Heaton, Matt D chimes, The IMS 200114
Heaton, Matt & Shannon Ennis encounter, The IMS 200114
Kisiel, Helen & Heaton, Shannon Ennis encounter, The [impressions] IMS 200114
New Hot 5, The When the saints go marching in IMS 200114
Tonra, Brendan & Kisiel, Helen Boston Sligo reel, The IMS 200114
Bohola Moving on song, The IMS 200211
Bohola Redican's jig/The merry old woman jig/The chapel bell IMS 200211
Heaton, Matt G chimes, The IMS 200211
Keane, Jimmy & Cahill, Denis Horse Keane's hornpipe IMS 200211
Heaton, Matt After hours theme, The IMS 200310
Heaton, Matt G chimes, The IMS 200310
Heaton, Matt Harmonics fails IMS 200310
Ivers, Eileen Apples in Winter IMS 200310
Ivers, Eileen Canbrack girls, The IMS 200310
Allstaff, Kirstan Oran Na Maighdean Mhara IMS 200414
Assembly, The Haapvesi IMS 200414
Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival, The Lord McDonald's IMS 200414
Cherish the Ladies Cat's meow, The IMS 200414
Clohessy,Seán, Mccomiskey, Sean & Jordan, Kieran Blackbird, The IMS 200414
Cohen, Flynn & Heaton, Matt Johnny going to ceilidh IMS 200414
Cortese, Laura Mångatskrinna IMS 200414
Folk All-In Band, The Griffenfelt IMS 200414
Heaton, Matt Dark low jig, The IMS 200414
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings theme, The IMS 200414
Heaton, Matt Hometown lullaby, The IMS 200414
Heaton, Matt Little bird lullaby, The IMS 200414
Heaton, Matt Pound the floor IMS 200414
Heaton, Matt Travel theme, The IMS 200414
Heaton, Matt & Shannon Bb shuffle, The IMS 200414
Italian Neighbors, The Ciuri Ciuri IMS 200414
Ivers, Eileen & Egan, Seamus Noisy curlew, The IMS 200414
Madden, Joanie Cats meow IMS 200414
Madden, Joanie & Holland, Michael Hunt set dance, The IMS 200414
Music Box Mania Foggy dew, The IMS 200414
Noctambule Paddy Canny's toast IMS 200414
Strickler, Pete, Mewes, Dirk & Rumery, Kevin Humours of Ballyconnell, The IMS 200414
Trian Ratholdran Castle IMS 200414
Warbelow, Caitlin & Ranney, Chris Father Kelly's reel IMS 200414
Battlefield Band, The Blue bonnets over the border/Khazi IMS 200512
Beaton, Andrea B Minor cut, The IMS 200512
Beaton, Andrea Out on the Ocean IMS 200512
Brock McGuire Band, The Tom Ward's downfall/Lucy Campbell IMS 200512
Cape Breton University Pipe Band, The Barren rocks of Aden, The/Mairi's wedding IMS 200512
Cremo, Lee Constitution breakdown, The IMS 200512
Denny, Michael R Wapikatji'j IMS 200512
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Silver & stuff IMS 200512
Heaton, Matt Celtic grooves, The IMS 200512
Heaton, Matt Grupai Ceol memories, The IMS 200512
Heaton, Matt Little bird lullaby, The IMS 200512
Heaton, Matt Meaning of Life,, The IMS 200512
Heaton, Matt Pound the floor IMS 200512
Heaton, Matt Rockabye by firelight IMS 200512
Heaton, Matt Triumph theme, The IMS 200512
Lamond, Mary Jane A Mhorag ‘s Na Horo Gheallaidh IMS 200512
Lamond, Mary Jane An Nochd Is Trom Tha Mo Cheum IMS 200512
Lamond, Mary Jane Rinn Mi Corr is Naoi Mile IMS 200512
Lamond, Mary Jane Seinn O IMS 200512
MacGillivray, Troy Robert Cormack of Aberdeen IMS 200512
MacIsaac, Ashley Blue bonnets over the border IMS 200512
MacIsaac, Wendy Holy Strathspeys, Pat IMS 200512
MacKenzie, Kenneth & Angus Donald & Gordon's IMS 200512
MacMaster, Buddy Second star hornpipe set, The IMS 200512
MacPhee, Mary A flaisgaich oig a S'cheanalteadh IMS 200512
McNally, Katie Down the burn, Davie lad IMS 200512
Mhóir, Mìcheal Eòin Chaluim Sheumais (Mickey John H. MacNeil of Jamesville) Fail il o agus ho ro eile IMS 200512
Pearlman, Neil & Rabata, Nicole Farewell IMS 200512
Rankin, Mairi & Wright, Eric Taste of Gaelic, The IMS 200512
Cara Masters of consequence, The IMS 200609
Chastain, Blayne Larry Lavin's choice IMS 200609
Corrs, The Runaway IMS 200609
Droichead Pretty girl milking her cow, The IMS 200609
Duo Gudrun Walther & Jürgen Treyz Ich weiß ein fein brauns Mägdelein IMS 200609
Fang, Liu & Michael O'Toole Planxty Fitzgerald IMS 200609
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Foliada IMS 200609
Hatao & Nami Looking for the Moon IMS 200609
Hayes, Martin & Cahill, Dennis Out on the Ocean IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt Bb intro, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt Celtic grooves, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt D mutey big build, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt G meditation, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt Grupai Ceol theme, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt Heartstrings theme, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt Little bird lullaby, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Matt Triumph theme, The IMS 200609
Heaton, Shannon, Gilchrist, Maeve & League, Paddy 44 Mill Street IMS 200609
King, Cillian Desvairada IMS 200609
Merrill, Eric Golden ticket, The IMS 200609
Molina, Santiago & Pérez, Félix Para Ani IMS 200609
Nuñez, Carlos Flight of the Earls, The (El Vuelo De Los Condes) IMS 200609
Rodriguez, Guillermo Del Val Kiss the maid behind the barrel IMS 200609
Secret Garden Nocturne IMS 200609
Seul-Ki and Ceoltoiri Korea Polkas IMS 200609
Spillane, Davy Midnight walker, The IMS 200609
This Is How We Fly Woo Dr Hythm IMS 200609
Tricolor Belle of the South Shore, The IMS 200609
Ttricolor Migratory IMS 200609
Williams, John & Magraw, Dean Twins' dance party, The/Sylvia's & Mikey's reels IMS 200609
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Chaisson, JJ New fiddle, The/Malcolm's new fiddle/The trip to Sligo/Owny's favourite KPC 200105
Fahy, Florence New copperplate, The/The old copperplate KPC 200105
Faulkner, John Newry Town KPC 200105
Keegan, Niall Tom McElvogue's/The new Irish barndance/Tom McElvogue's other KPC 200105
NicNeil Respect for New York KPC 200105
Ourceau, Patrick et al New road, The/The lady's pantalettes KPC 200105
Queally, Aoibheann & Pamela 9th of July, The/Paddy Fahey's/The new house KPC 200105
Roach, Jason New prairie spurs, The KPC 200105
Runa Banks of Newfoundland, The KPC 200105
Swarbrick, Dave My heart's in New South Wales KPC 200105
Tempest, The New squire, The KPC 200105
Battlefield Band, The Donnie MacGregor's/The clumsy lover KPC 200112
Burke, Joe, Cooney, Michael & Corcoran, Terry Brian Boru's March/Sporting Paddy/The Traveler KPC 200112
Curfa Process man, The KPC 200112
Dallahan When the day is on the turn KPC 200112
Gael Sli An Speirbhean KPC 200112
Kennedy, Nuala 5 Mile Town KPC 200112
Laughing Jack King of Rome, The KPC 200112
MacMaster, Natalie Judy's dance KPC 200112
MacNeil, Tracey Dares & MacNeil, Paul Crest of a wave, The KPC 200112
O'Connor, Gerry, McArdle, Gabriel & Quinn, Martin Bonnie wee Charlie KPC 200112
Vallely, Cillian & Crawford, Kevin Leading role, The KPC 200112
Barrule King of the Sea, The KPC 200119
Braz, Dan Ar Broken prayer, The KPC 200119
Dalla 9 brave boys, The KPC 200119
Frigg Maanitus KPC 200119
Jamie Smith's Mabon Gordano ranter, The KPC 200119
Kilbride Tom Edwards/Angharad Sian/Y Derwydd KPC 200119
Llan de Cubel A La Mar Fui Pos Naranxes KPC 200119
MAZ Falaise rouge, La KPC 200119
Mec Lir Ram, The KPC 200119
Milladoiro Alalas Da Ulla KPC 200119
Rapalje Moran's return KPC 200119
Hanlon, Jim Annie's promise KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim From the heart KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim Home down by the sea KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim Margaret Ann's waltz KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim Matthew Mark & Jessie's KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim & John Guitar widow, The KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim & John Hometown Bay KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim & John Lady Franklin's lament/The Northwest Passage KPC 200126
Hanlon, Jim & John Sam Hall KPC 200126
Starb'ard Side, The Over the starb'ard side/Kilmoulis jig/Belle Dune reel KPC 200126
April Verch Band, The Spider bit the baby, The/Durang's hornpipe KPC 200202
Backwest Pintos Abu KPC 200202
Beolach & Breabach Annie's new heart jigs KPC 200202
Chieftains, The & McCormack, Alyth Red is the rose KPC 200202
Dardanelles, The Boyd's Cove singles, The KPC 200202
Dillon, Cara She's like a swallow KPC 200202
Fowlis, Julie Camarinas KPC 200202
Kinnaris Quintet, The Gortavale Rock/The road to Poynton KPC 200202
MacKenzie, Kennet, MacDonnell, Kolten & MacNeil, Orianna Scotch four set, The KPC 200202
MacMaster, Natalie & Edey, Tim Professor Blackie KPC 200202
McGoldrick, Michael & McSherry, John John Nee's reel/Lucy Campbell KPC 200202
Old Blind Dogs, The Bedlam boys, The KPC 200202
Barra MacNeils, The Caledonia KPC 200209
Blackthorn Air of Carlisle, The KPC 200209
Breabach Knees up KPC 200209
Chartrand & Babineau Benoit/Boudreault KPC 200209
Cormier, J P & Edey, Tim Mighty medley, A KPC 200209
Frigg Juoko-Taiga KPC 200209
Outside Track, The Peter's dream KPC 200209
Scott, Aoife Hills of South Armagh, The KPC 200209
Ur the Future of Our Past Highway North, The KPC 200209
Usher, Angela My Maryann/Johnny Harling KPC 200209
Basker, Tommy Johnny Pringle's/Archie Menzie's/Mrs. Charles Stewart/Dan Galbey's KPC 200216
Begley, Cormac Rocking the cradle KPC 200216
Beoga Boxy set, The KPC 200216
Castles, Brenda Fox on the prowl, The/The House of Hamill/Kilty Town KPC 200216
Cunningham, John & Phil Sleepy Maggie KPC 200216
Cunningham, Phil & Bain, Aly Cathkin Braes/The Féis Rois Reel/Bob McQuillen's reel/Sophie's dancing feet KPC 200216
Flanagan Brothers, The International echoes KPC 200216
Kelly, Alan Plane of the plank, The/Hanley's tweed KPC 200216
Mullaly , William J. Green groves of Erin, The/The ivy leafs KPC 200216
Murphy, Frank Rakes of Clonmel, The KPC 200216
Possumato, Dan Land of Sunshine, The/Miss Lyon's fancy KPC 200216
Shannon, Sharon Phil Cunningham set, The KPC 200216
Tourish, Martin & Ward, Luke Tripping up the stairs/Ballymagan sfairies KPC 200216
4 Men & a Dog, The Dan Murphy's/Tom Barrett's/Tarmon's Cross/The Upperchurch polka KPC 200223
Begley, Cormac John Dwyer's/McGettrick's KPC 200223
Conlon, Peter College grove, The/The Floggon reel KPC 200223
De Dannan Clumsy lover, The KPC 200223
Derrane, Joe Boys of Ballinafad, The/The white petticoat KPC 200223
Doyle, Dinny "Jimmy"& Griffin, Larry Let Mr McGuire sit down KPC 200223
Hill, Noel I buried my wife and danced on top of her KPC 200223
Keane, James Maud Miller/The sailor's return/Paddy Murphy's wife KPC 200223
Keane, Jimmy, Moloney, Mick & O'Connell, Robbie Maids of Selma, The KPC 200223
Maguires, The Tico Tico KPC 200223
McComiskey, Billy Wood's lamentation KPC 200223
Murphy, Frank Mason's apron, The KPC 200223
O'Rourke, Jason Fox on the town/The Roscommon/The Spike Island lasses KPC 200223
Patrick Street Sweeney's wheel KPC 200223
Whelan, John & Ivers, Eileen Desaunay/The petticoat I bought in Mullingar KPC 200223
Breatnach, Maire Swans at Coole, The KPC 200301
Capercaillie Turnpike, The KPC 200301
Carney, Michael Jolly tinker, The KPC 200301
Carroll, Liz & Charron, Jake Save the ham/Who has the conn? KPC 200301
Coig Deep down in the river KPC 200301
Cormier, J P Leavin' Charlottetown KPC 200301
Crawford, Kevin George White's Favourite/The Sligo Maid KPC 200301
Cuig Pilsner polkas, The KPC 200301
Deanta Gravelly groove, The KPC 200301
Fasta Glentaun reel, The/Callaghan's KPC 200301
Francey, David Green fields, The KPC 200301
Molloy, Matt & Keane, Sean Mayor Harrison's fedora/The golden keyboard KPC 200301
Starb'ard Side, The Will you be waiting? KPC 200301
Back, Mary Men of worth, The KPC 200308
Cunningham, John Hector the hero KPC 200308
Laughing Jack Barndance & reel KPC 200308
Laughing Jack Dutchman, The KPC 200308
Laughing Jack Flat nose Joe KPC 200308
Laughing Jack Humours of whiskey, The KPC 200308
Laughing Jack I'm not Irish KPC 200308
Laughing Jack Jigs KPC 200308
Laughing Jack Twa recruiting sergeants, The KPC 200308
Siucra High reel/Paddy Fahy's/The cottage in the grove KPC 200308
Black Family, The Lass of Killiecrankie, The KPC 200315
Brophy Brothers, The Rambling pitchfork, The/Saddle the pony/The black rogue KPC 200315
Brown, Florie Merrily kiss the Quaker/The morning dew/The Loch Earn reel KPC 200315
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Johnson's motor car KPC 200315
Cruiskeen Pinch of snuff, The KPC 200315
Dubliners, The Black velvet band, The KPC 200315
Furey, Finbar & Eddie Come by the hills KPC 200315
Hanlon, Jim & John Farewell to Carlingford KPC 200315
Johnstons, The Barleycorn KPC 200315
McCann, Jim Rare ould times, The KPC 200315
McEvoy, Johnny Wild colonial boy, The KPC 200315
McKeown, Susan A Phluirin Mhilis KPC 200315
Pogues, The Dingle Regatta, The KPC 200315
Sweeney's Men Handsome cabin boy, The KPC 200315
Wolfe Tones, The Erin Go Bragh KPC 200315
Battlefield Band, The Tramps & hawkers, The KPC 200322
Curfa Molloy's favorite/McFadden's/Tae's a beggin KPC 200322
Doyle, John Wheels of the world, The KPC 200322
Fables, The As I roved out KPC 200322
Farsan Oran An Roin KPC 200322
Fibish, Marla First rain, The/An Choisir/Tommy Peoples' KPC 200322
Gunning, Dave Loyal fisherman, The KPC 200322
McInerney, Therese Tune for Tom, The/Therese's tune/Ahern's egg KPC 200322
O'Connor, Gerry, McArdle, Gabriel & Quinn, Martin Maid that dare not tell it, The/Jimmy Duffy's/Some say the Devil is dead KPC 200322
Ourceau, Patrick et al Black haired lass, The/Maggie White's chattering magpie/Crowley's KPC 200322
Queally, Aobheann & Pamela Honeymoon, The/Martin Rockford's/The leading roll KPC 200322
Slide, The Watchmaker, The KPC 200322
At First Light Pipers of Roguery, The KPC 200329
Athas Frogg, The/Mopac's Crawl/Tom Mhic's KPC 200329
Beaton, Andrea Number Nine KPC 200329
Fibish, Marla Are you digging on my grave? KPC 200329
Fibish, Marla Ashes of Paradise, The KPC 200329
Fibish, Marla Ca Bhfuil An Solas/Winnie Hayes/Cait the Great KPC 200329
Fibish, Marla Humours of Derrycrossane, The/Maud Millar/Eddie Duffy's favourite KPC 200329
Irish Tradition, The Paddy's lamentation KPC 200329
Kilbride, Pat Wearing of the breeches, The KPC 200329
MacInnes, Iain Dr MacInnes's fancy KPC 200329
Seery, Enda Tom Steele's/Trip it up the stairs KPC 200329
Buille Mullacreevie KPC 200405
Cherish the Ladies Keg of brandy, The KPC 200405
Drever, Kris Navigator, The KPC 200405
Ennis, Seamus Salamanca/Duke Gordon KPC 200405
Mac Gabhann, Antoin Last train to Loughrea, The KPC 200405
MacDonald, Howie Highway and J.P KPC 200405
Miller, Siobhan Now you need me KPC 200405
O'Connor, Gerry O'Mahony's reel KPC 200405
Outside Track, The Safe home KPC 200405
Rare Air, The Onward, blindly onward KPC 200405
Teada Delia Keane's/The horse's leotard/Sean Bui/The dawn chorus KPC 200405
Triona Kitty from Ballinamore KPC 200405
Beolach Road to Loch Nam Bairneas, The KPC 200412
Breabach Oran Braigh Rusgaich KPC 200412
Breabach & Beolach Last march medley, The KPC 200412
MacDonald, Buddy & Ferguson, John Orangedale whistle, The KPC 200412
MacDonald, Howie J H A N KPC 200412
McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle Whalley Ridge KPC 200412
Miller MacDonald Cormier O'er the water to Charlie KPC 200412
NicNeil What could I do? KPC 200412
Smith-MacDonald, Dara, Young, Adam & Chaisson, Brent Chasin' the storm KPC 200412
Talisk Liddesdale KPC 200412
Barra MacNeils, The Maids of Arrochar, The KPC 200419
Cassie & Maggie Hangman, The KPC 200419
Chieftains, The & Knopfler, Mark Lily of the West, The KPC 200419
Elders, The Building a boat KPC 200419
Ennis Sisters, The Go safely into the night KPC 200419
Great Big Sea, The End of the World, The KPC 200419
Grendall, Katie Cordal, The/The rolling wave KPC 200419
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Out on the Ocean/The Banks of Lough Gowna/The handsome young maidens KPC 200419
Laughing Jack Donegal Danny KPC 200419
Ossian I will set my ship in order KPC 200419
Shapiro, Adam & Dave Queen of the rushes, The/The Whinny Hills of Leitrim/The clumsy lover KPC 200419
Ainslie, Ross Happy place, The KPC 200426
Cottars, The Bodhran fiddle medley, The KPC 200426
Doyle, John Coolaney reel, The/The winding stair/Rossagh's rambles KPC 200426
Doyle, John Rambler from Clare, The KPC 200426
Fahy, Florence Jacqueline waltz, The KPC 200426
Foley, Dylan De Dannan's/O'Malley's/Brian Conway's KPC 200426
Gigspanner Big Band, The Haul on the bowlin KPC 200426
Hardie, Jonny & Marwick, Gavin Quiet man, The/The Solstice/The blacksmith KPC 200426
Horgan, Teresa & Griffin, Matt Sandy Grey KPC 200426
New Road, The I'd rather be married than left alone/Willie Reidy's favourite/Padraig O'Keefe's slide KPC 200426
Oysterband, The Coal not dole KPC 200426
Teada Poitin's march/Devlin's/The basket of oysters/Crotty's glory KPC 200426
ALT, The Letter song, The KPC 200503
Carroll, Liz & Doyle, John Hare's lament, The/Pat Mahon's jig KPC 200503
Casey, Karan & Doyle, John Little drummer girl, The KPC 200503
Doyle, John Elevenses KPC 200503
Doyle, John Path of stones, The KPC 200503
Doyle, John Teelin Habour KPC 200503
Doyle, John, McCusker, John & McGodrick, Michael Wishing tree, The KPC 200503
Solas Primrose lass, The/Molly from Longford/The four kisses KPC 200503
Solas Timmy Cliffords KPC 200503
Castles, Brenda Drunken mason, The KPC 200524
Connla Moon & stars, The KPC 200524
Doyle, John Sing merrily to me KPC 200524
Drunken Gaugers Broken windscreen, The KPC 200524
Dulahan Irish Moon, The KPC 200524
Edey, Tim Donegal set, The KPC 200524
Hanlon, Jim & John Victory in effort KPC 200524
Hyde, Joanna & O Meachair, Tadhg Tune for T, The KPC 200524
Moving Cloud, The Mooney's mazurka/Kinloch/The humours of Toomagh KPC 200524
Shannon, Sharon Whitestrand Sling KPC 200524
Stewart, Calum Am Monadh Ruadh KPC 200524
Stewart, Calum Music O'Spey KPC 200524
At First Light Rolling in Rosemount KPC 200531
Buttons & Bows Templeglantine slides, The KPC 200531
Coleman, Michael Apples in Winter KPC 200531
Cormier, Joseph & Cormier, J P Mrs Beatty Wallace/The red shoes/The wedding reel/MacDonald's reel KPC 200531
Harper, Brid Knotted chord/The Coast of Austria/First Century reel KPC 200531
Hauler Wind that shakes the barley, The KPC 200531
Kelleher, Dessie, O'Loughlin, Brian & Delany, Tom Blackbird, The KPC 200531
McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle Bedlam boys, The KPC 200531
Moller, Katherine Garrison waltz, The KPC 200531
Nic Gabhann, Caitlin I was born for sport/Anthony Frawley's/The repeal of the Union KPC 200531
Orealis Highland ways, The KPC 200531
Patrick Street Barna Hill KPC 200531
Backwest Amhran Na Leabhair KPC 200607
Backwest Making tracks KPC 200607
Boiled in Lead Dilley Delaney's/Cherish the ladies KPC 200607
Burke, Joe, Cooney, Michael & Corcoran, Terry Boyne Hunt,The/Come West along the road KPC 200607
Capercaillie Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda KPC 200607
Cronin, Paddy & Moloney, Mick In memory of Coleman KPC 200607
House Band, The October song, The KPC 200607
Keane, Caroline Strawberry blossom, The/The flood on the Holm KPC 200607
Kilfenora Ceili Band, The Coming back to Miltown KPC 200607
NicNeil Bring 10 couples KPC 200607
Runa Drums/Gan Ainm/The star of Munster KPC 200607
Strickler, Pete & Branch, Charlie Connie the soldier/Aaron's key/The Kinnegad slashers KPC 200607
Ye Vagabonds Lowlands of Holland, The KPC 200607
dBize Dwayne Cote/Shenacadie/The storm party KPC 200614
Frigg Kekripolska/Varipunen KPC 200614
Glackin, Paddy & Hannon, Robby Father O'Flynn/The Munster jig KPC 200614
Keane, Caroline Gatehouse maid, The/Arkle Mountain/The strawberry mountain KPC 200614
MacDonald, Anita Bee flat in the hills KPC 200614
Miller, Siobhan All is not forgotten KPC 200614
O'Brien, Mick Farewell to Miltown Malbay/The West Clare Railway/Sporting Molly KPC 200614
Pogey Fogerty's Cove KPC 200614
Tir Na Nog Mariner blues, The KPC 200614
Williamson, Robin Scholar, The KPC 200614
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Agent Orange Bloodstains, The PRR 200213
Alestorm, The Fucked with an anchor PRR 200213
Bishops Green Tumbling down PRR 200213
Black Water Country Runaway, The PRR 200213
Booze & Glory London skinhead crew, The PRR 200213
Born Again Heathens, The Selling salvation PRR 200213
Business , The Loud proud punk, The PRR 200213
Business, The Spirit of the streets, The PRR 200213
Cock Sparrer , The 1 by one PRR 200213
Cock Sparrer, The Take ‘em all PRR 200213
Deadlys , The Work to be done PRR 200213
Dropkick Murphys, The Smash shit up PRR 200213
Evil Conduct Working class heroes, The PRR 200213
Ferocious Dog, The Fake news, The PRR 200213
Fisticuffs , The We are the workers PRR 200213
Flogging Molly Float PRR 200213
Germs, The Media blitz, The PRR 200213
Gobshites, The Arsehole, The PRR 200213
Greenland Whalefishers, The Together PRR 200213
Killigans , The Liquor store, The PRR 200213
Kilmaine Saints, The Off the wagon PRR 200213
Lion's Law, The City streets, The PRR 200213
McDermott's 2 Hours, the Levellers & the Oysterband All in your name PRR 200213
Mickey Rickshaw Rope, The PRR 200213
Mighty Regis , The Celtic storm (2010) PRR 200213
Narrowbacks, The Bitter end, The PRR 200213
Neck Loud ‘n' proud ‘n' bold PRR 200213
Paddy & the Rats Captain's dead, The PRR 200213
Pop, Iggy Lust for life, The (Rare Version) PRR 200213
Roughneck Riot, The This is our day PRR 200213
Rumjacks, The Uncle Tommy PRR 200213
Seaside Rebels, The Changing times, The PRR 200213
Sisters of Murphy, The You had me at goodbye PRR 200213
Skels , The I'll see you in Hell PRR 200213
Stiff Little Fingers , The Barbed wire love, The PRR 200213
Wakes, The Venceremos PRR 200213
Workin' Stiffs , The Bugs, bigots and bastards PRR 200213
X-Ray Spex, The Oh bondage! Up yours! PRR 200213
1916 Show me the way to go home PRR 200315
7Nations, The Waiting for Midnight PRR 200315
Alternative Ulster, An Drunk as fuck PRR 200315
Alternative Ulster, An Lie, cheat, steal PRR 200315
Amadan Anchor tattoo, The PRR 200315
Amadan Devil in the kitchen, The PRR 200315
Barleyjuice Pour that whiskey PRR 200315
Bastard Bearded Irishmen, The Land of the free, The PRR 200315
Bastard Suns, The Irish drinking song, The PRR 200315
BibleCode Sundays, The Walk like kings PRR 200315
Black 47 Rockin' The Bronx PRR 200315
Black Tartan Clan, The Standing strong PRR 200315
Black Water County Runaway, The PRR 200315
Bloody Irish Boys, The Going back to Ireland PRR 200315
Bollox, The Tura Lu PRR 200315
Ceann Almost Irish PRR 200315
Ceann Pretty on the inside PRR 200315
Celkilt Next one down, The PRR 200315
Cheers Hey Devil PRR 200315
Chieftains, The & O'Connor, Sinaead Foggy dew, The PRR 200315
Clan, The Another fake Irish pub song PRR 200315
Clancy Brothers, The & Makem, Tommy Whiskey, you're the Devil PRR 200315
Clover's Revenge Merry misadventures of Sister Mary Margaret PRR 200315
Coleman, Raymond Mandela PRR 200315
Coming Up Threes American land, The PRR 200315
Corktown Popes, The I'm not lucky PRR 200315
Craic, The It's dangerous out there PRR 200315
Dead Rabbits, The Follow me to Carlow PRR 200315
Deadlys, The St Patrick's Day PRR 200315
Destructors, The Boys from County Hell, The PRR 200315
Dreadnoughts, The Cruel wars, The PRR 200315
Drew, Ronnie Irish Rover, The PRR 200315
Drink Hunters, The Celtic punks, The PRR 200315
Dropkick Murphys, The Going out in style PRR 200315
Drunken Lazy Bastards, The How to start a barfight PRR 200315
Dublin City Ramblers, The 19 men, The PRR 200315
Dubliners, The Town I loved so well, The PRR 200315
Dust Rhinos, The I should behave PRR 200315
Elders, The Men of Erin, The PRR 200315
Enter the Haggis 1 last drink PRR 200315
Fiddler's Green Night Pat Murphy died, The PRR 200315
Fiddler's Green Victor & his demons PRR 200315
Finnegan's Hell Work is the curse of the drinking class PRR 200315
Flatfoot 56 Hourglass, The PRR 200315
Flatfoot 56 Knuckles up PRR 200315
Flogging Molly No more/Paddy's lament PRR 200315
Gallowgate Murders, The Laoghaire PRR 200315
Gallowgate Murders, The Wreck Head wedding PRR 200315
Grass Mud Horse, The No prey no pay PRR 200315
Great Big Sea, The End of the World, The PRR 200315
Happy Ol'McWeasel See you tomorrow PRR 200315
Hoist the Colors Tonight we drink, tomorrow we die PRR 200315
Humble Hooligans, The Sick to death PRR 200315
Irish Moutarde Eat, drink and be merry PRR 200315
Irish Stew of Sindidun, The Drink and sing PRR 200315
Jolly Jackers, The Sobriety PRR 200315
Kelly, Luke Song for Ireland, A PRR 200315
Kennedy, Seamus Old Dun Cow, The PRR 200315
Kilkenny Knights, The 13 brave PRR 200315
Kilmaine Saints, The McGowan's wake (Acoustic) PRR 200315
Kreellers, The Johnny jump up PRR 200315
Lagan, The Same shite, different night PRR 200315
Logues, The Better man, A PRR 200315
Macc Lads, The All day drinking PRR 200315
Mahones, The Drunken lazy bastard, A PRR 200315
Mahones, The Rise again PRR 200315
Malasaners, The Rise & fall PRR 200315
Medusa's Wake Irish sky, The PRR 200315
Men They Couldn't Hang, The Ironmasters, The PRR 200315
Mighty Regis, The Slugger O'Toole PRR 200315
Mighty Stef, The & Drew, Ronnie, King, Dave & Regan, Bridget Mero PRR 200315
Moore, Christy Raggle taggle gypsy, The PRR 200315
Mr Irish Bastard We're all Irish on St Patrick's Day PRR 200315
Narrowbacks , The Bastards of the boroughs, The PRR 200315
Ogras Me and a bottle of Jack PRR 200315
Ogras No love in the city PRR 200315
Peelers, The Farewell to clean and sober PRR 200315
Pogues, The Dirty old town, The PRR 200315
Potatoe Famine , The Drink the pub dry PRR 200315
Pourmen, The What did I drink last night? PRR 200315
Punkabillys, The Montco Penn PRR 200315
Ramshackle Army, The Drink it dry PRR 200315
Rathkeltair Pretty too PRR 200315
Real McKenzies, The Pour decisions PRR 200315
Roughneck Riot, The This is our day PRR 200315
Rumjacks, The My time again PRR 200315
Saw Doctors, The Sing a powerful song PRR 200315
Scarlet Scallywags, The Another round PRR 200315
Shilelagh Law, The Celtic symphony, The PRR 200315
Silly Wizard Ramblin' rover, The PRR 200315
Smokey Bastard, The My son, John PRR 200315
Solas Tell God and the Devil PRR 200315
Stiff Little Fingers, The Drinking again PRR 200315
Street Dogs, The Not without a purpose PRR 200315
Tosspints, The Your name PRR 200315
Town Pants, The Weight of words, The PRR 200315
Vandon Arms, The 1 Hell of a night PRR 200315
Walshe w, Dylan & Fearnley, James Where Dublin meets Wicklow PRR 200315
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfe Tones Parting glass, The PRR 200315
Welch Boys, The I feel like drinkin' PRR 200315
Welch Boys, The Whiskey & beer PRR 200315
Whistlin' Donkeys, The Craic was ninety in the Isle of Man PRR 200315
Wolfe Tones, The Come out, ye Black and Tans PRR 200315
Wolfe Tones, The Sean South of Garryowen PRR 200315
1916 Ordinary man, The PRR 200611
6'10 Burning ships PRR 200611
Bennett, Jason & the Resistance Hope dies last PRR 200611
Bishops Green We got nothing PRR 200611
Black Rawk Dog Brand new day, The PRR 200611
Bonecrusher Tomorrow isn't yours PRR 200611
Bottlers, The Hades' Way PRR 200611
Bunchajerks, The Total catastrophe, The PRR 200611
Caponez Rockaway Beach PRR 200611
Circle J Road, the stage, the bottle, The PRR 200611
Dangerous Folk, The Brigade, The PRR 200611
Dreadnoughts, The Rosibella PRR 200611
Ferocious Dog , The Enemy within, The PRR 200611
Handsome Young Strangers, The Thunderbolt, The PRR 200611
Harrington Saints, The Working class Friday night, A PRR 200611
Headsticks, The This dog will have its day PRR 200611
Irish Descendants, The Rollin' home PRR 200611
Jack Flash Where ya gonna run? PRR 200611
Levellers, The No change PRR 200611
Lexington Field Poor troubled life, A PRR 200611
Lucky Pistols, The Regrets are a waste of time PRR 200611
Mahones, The Great night on the lash, A PRR 200611
Mahones, The Is this bar open 'til tomorrow? PRR 200611
McDermott's 2 Hours All in your name PRR 200611
Mickey Rickshaw Rope PRR 200611
Muckers, The Let's all go to the bar PRR 200611
O'Toole, Mick Boundaries PRR 200611
OC45 Trainwreck, The PRR 200611
Ramshackle Army, The Back up again PRR 200611
Rolling Kings, The Bastard in our soil, The PRR 200611
Slapshot Moment of truth, The PRR 200611
Solas Tell God and the Devil PRR 200611
Spiringsteen, Bruce American land, The PRR 200611
Vansaders, The Dancing in the dark PRR 200611
Vansaders, The Everything we're not PRR 200611
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Gunn, Marc Breathing PS 200203
Gunn, Marc Tough times, The PS 200203
Gunn, Marc Wherever I may roam PS 200203
Gunn, Marc Mingulay cat song, The PS 200211
Gunn, Marc Why do you torture me? PS 200211
Gunn, Marc Flower of Scotland, The PS 200218
Gunn, Marc Loch Lomond PS 200218
Gunn, Marc Slainte Mhaith PS 200218
Gunn, Marc I'll drink from dusk til dawn PS 200225
Gunn, Marc Johnny jump up PS 200225
Gunn, Marc Kilty pleasure, The PS 200225
Gunn, Marc Nancy Whiskey PS 200225
Gunn, Marc Genetic counseling song, The PS 200303
Gunn, Marc I'll tell my ma PS 200303
Gunn, Marc Leprechaun, The PS 200303
Gunn, Marc Serenity Valley waltz, The PS 200303
Gunn, Marc Wild kitty, The PS 200303
Gunn, Marc Monahan's Mudder's Milk PS 200310
Gunn, Marc Old Dun Cow, The PS 200310
Gunn, Marc She's shiny PS 200310
Gunn, Marc Whiskey in the jar PS 200310
Gunn, Marc Furagone's wake PS 200317
Gunn, Marc Isn't it grand, boys?/Isn't it grand to be walking? PS 200317
Gunn, Marc Leprechaun, The PS 200317
Gunn, Marc Red, red, & black PS 200317
Gunn, Marc Tough times, The PS 200317
Gunn, Marc Catnipped kitty, The PS 200407
Gunn, Marc Danny Boy for cat lovers PS 200407
Gunn, Marc Kitty Martin PS 200407
Gunn, Marc Lord of the pounce, The PS 200407
Gunn, Marc When kitty eyes are smiling PS 200407
Gunn, Marc Johnny jump up PS 200421
Gunn, Marc Kilted for her pleasure PS 200421
Gunn, Marc Rattlin' bog, The PS 200421
Gunn, Marc Wild mountain thyme, The PS 200421
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Drop of Jedi blood, A PS 200504
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Jedi drinking song, The PS 200504
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Last Jedi drinking song, The PS 200504
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Lusty young Sith, The PS 200504
Borrowed Angels, The I will stand on this land PS 200528
Gunn, Marc Don't go drinking with Hobbits PS 200528
Gunn, Marc Heart of Fangorn, The PS 200528
Gunn, Marc Liquid sunshine, The PS 200528
Gunn, Marc Purple flower, The PS 200528
Gunn, Marc Black velvet band, The PS 200609
Gunn, Marc Galway shawl, The PS 200609
Gunn, Marc Irish Rover, The PS 200609
Gunn, Marc Star of the County Down, The PS 200609
Gunn, Marc Whiskey in the jar PS 200609
O'Beirne, Gerry Last king of Feothanach, The PS 200609
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
BibleCode Sundays, The Drinking all day SNO 200317
Big Bad Bollocks, The Guinness SNO 200317
Bill Grogan's Goat Galway Races, The SNO 200317
Black 47 Green suede shoes, The SNO 200317
Blood Or Whiskey Follow me up to Carlow/Holt's Way SNO 200317
Bodh'aktan & Moloney, Paddy Black velvet band, The SNO 200317
Bucks, The Psycho ceiled in Claremorris SNO 200317
Charm City Saints, The Dicey Riley SNO 200317
Chessell, Pat Mother-in-Law, The SNO 200317
Electrics, The 17 bottles of porter SNO 200317
Gobshites, The Alcohol SNO 200317
Greenland Whalefishers, The Joe's town SNO 200317
Horslips Dearg Doom SNO 200317
Horslips High reel, The SNO 200317
Irish Whispa , The Bold O'Donohue SNO 200317
Jackdaw Come out, you Black And Tans SNO 200317
Kilkenny Knights, The Dance SNO 200317
Kilmaine Saints, The Foggy dew, The SNO 200317
Mahones, The Shakespeare Road SNO 200317
Muckers, The Let's all go to the bar SNO 200317
Mursheen Durkin Pogues & whiskey, The SNO 200317
Neck Every day's St Patrick's Day SNO 200317
Peelers, The A1A FLA SNO 200317
Pourmen, The Too old to die young SNO 200317
Rumjacks, The Irish Pub song, An SNO 200317
Sharky Doyles, The Everybody's Irish SNO 200317
Sir Reg Stereotypical drunken feckin' Irish sSong SNO 200317
Skels, The Have a drink ya bastards SNO 200317
Sons of O'Flaherty, The Dead & gone SNO 200317
Templars of Doom, The Mamma weer all crazee now SNO 200317
Tossers, The St Patrick's Day SNO 200317
Woods Band, The Finnegan's wake SNO 200317
Black 47 James Connolly SNO 200329
Finn's Fury Auld triangle, The SNO 200329
Greenland Whalefishers, The Darkness SNO 200329
Greenland Whalefishers, The Friend-Enemy SNO 200329
Greenland Whalefishers, The K says SNO 200329
Limejuice Tub, The Handsome young strangers, The SNO 200329
Mahones, The It's gonna be alright SNO 200329
Morrison, Hugh Dance hall girl, The SNO 200329
Morrison, Hugh Passing place, The SNO 200329
Rumjacks, The I'll tell me ma SNO 200329
Skels, The When rhe Devil's whore arrives SNO 200329
1916 For whiskey SNO 200505
Brick Top Blaggers, The Witness to my own wake, A SNO 200505
Dangerous Folk, The Shipping up to Brisbane SNO 200505
Daw, Jack Pigtail man, The SNO 200505
Greenland Whalefishers, The Darkness SNO 200505
Horslips High reel, The SNO 200505
Irish Whispa, The Hot asphalt, The SNO 200505
Mahones, The Girl with Galway eyes, The SNO 200505
McDermott's 2 Hours Dirty Davey SNO 200505
McGrath, James Race to the bottom, The SNO 200505
Mickey Finns, The Ballad of Duffy's Cut, The SNO 200505
Morrison, Hugh Old Scotland SNO 200505
Smith, Gerard Maid of Cabra West, The SNO 200505
Tossers, The Johnny McGuire's wake SNO 200505