2018 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by podcast, date, band/performer, tune

3/8/2018 There are new episodes of Celt in a Twist 3/4; Copperplate 3/1; Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic music 3/1 & 3/8; Kitchen Party Ceilidh 2/25; and Marc Gunn's Pub songs 3/4

All performances of each tune by each band/performer have been included.

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67 67 Music
CIAT Celt in a Twist
XMAS Celtic Christmas with Marc Gunn (only all original shows are listed, and not rebroadcasts from other podcasts)
CDT Celtic Dreamtime Podscape
CF Celtic Folk
CI Celtic Indy
CMP Celtic Myth Podshow
CRR Celtic Roots Radio
CC Cleveland Celtic
CP Copperplate
FS Foot Stompin' Scottish music & culture
GB Grinning Beggar Note--after 3/2014, Grinning Beggar merged with Paddy Rock Radio
HD Heather Dale
ICM Irish & Celtic music with Marc Gunn
IFSB Irish Folk Snack Bar
IMS Irish Music Stories
KPC Kitchen Party Ceilidh
PNW Pacific NW Celtic music
PRR Paddy Rock Radio Celtic rock & punk--Note--after 3/2014, this includes Grinning Beggar's Celtic, Seven Seas, Irish Hooligan, and MacSlon's Irish
PS Pub songs with Marc Gunn
PB Pure Brilliant
SPD Saint Patrick's Day with Marc Gunn
SWS Scallywag Show with Barnacle Brian
SNO Shite 'n' Onions
SCS Society of Celtic Shamans
TC Twin Cities Irish music

Folk music podcasts I listen to but don't keep track of

Mostly Folk
Under the Mason's apron

2018 Celtic Music Podcasts Playlists--by podcast, date, band/performer, tune
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
10 Strings & a Goatskin Maluron Lurette CIAT 180107
Bachand, Qristina & Quinn What you do with what you got CIAT 180107
Coast, The Windmills in the sky CIAT 180107
Comas Paige boys, The/The Whistling Cat CIAT 180107
Copeland, Iain Shedmau5 Cook (Remix) CIAT 180107
Epsylon Exil, L' CIAT 180107
Go Set, The Change the world CIAT 180107
Kytami Silk Road CIAT 180107
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Sabine turnaround, The CIAT 180107
Mahones, The Whiskey under the bridge CIAT 180107
Matheson, Karen An Fhideag Airgid CIAT 180107
Pete's Posse Bunny tree, The CIAT 180107
String Sisters, The Luseblus CIAT 180107
All-Star Collective, The (The John Mann Tribute) Home for a rest CIAT 180114
Altan Road home, The CIAT 180114
Armstrong, Chris Barachios, The CIAT 180114
Flogging Molly Reptiles (We woke up) CIAT 180114
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Si j'aurais des Aliles CIAT 180114
Manx, Harry Further shore, The CIAT 180114
Melisande Ivrogne Degrise, L' CIAT 180114
Mile Twelve Wickwire CIAT 180114
Moray, Jim William of Barbary CIAT 180114
Pete's Posse Echo, The CIAT 180114
Proclaimers, The You build me up CIAT 180114
Salsa Celtica Cuando me vaya CIAT 180114
Sammut, Simon Frontier, The CIAT 180114
Shannon, Sharon Rusheen Bay CIAT 180114
10 Strings & a Goatskin Duhk, Duhk, Goat CIAT 180121
9Bach Llyn Du CIAT 180121
Dropkick Murphys, The Blood CIAT 180121
Fleck, Bela & Washburn, Abigail Don't let it bring you down CIAT 180121
Kennedy, Mary Ann Mise Fhuair CIAT 180121
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Yellow coat CIAT 180121
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Si j'aurais des Aliles CIAT 180121
Oysterband, The Early days of a better nation CIAT 180121
Peatbog Fairies, The Naughty step, The CIAT 180121
Siochain Billy Sullivan's CIAT 180121
Snuff Box, The Lucy's 25 CIAT 180121
Town Pants, The Dark Annie CIAT 180121
Cassie & Maggie Seileach CIAT 180128
Clan of Celts, The Dream catcher, The CIAT 180128
Copeland, Iain Chase is on, The CIAT 180128
Fergus Clankey jig, The CIAT 180128
Hackensaw Boys, The Oval Room, The CIAT 180128
Kytami Sirens, The CIAT 180128
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Valse de Balfa, La/The Bathtub CIAT 180128
MAZ Valse du Souvenir CIAT 180128
Merry Hell Summer is a-comin' CIAT 180128
Offa Rex Blackleg miner, The CIAT 180128
Readman, Tim & Bice, Jennie Winter song, The CIAT 180128
Young Dubliners, The We, the mighty CIAT 180128
Young Folk, The England CIAT 180128
Boiled in Lead Wedding dress, The CIAT 180204
Coughlan, Bruce Minstrel in Moray, A CIAT 180204
Coyne, Eamonn & Drever, Kris Farewell to Stormness, A CIAT 180204
Dropkick Murphys, The Sandlot, The CIAT 180204
Full Set, The Oak tree, The CIAT 180204
Go Set, The Drums of Chelsea, The CIAT 180204
Irish Moutarde Glasses to the sky CIAT 180204
Jerry Cans, The Iqqanauarumanngittunga CIAT 180204
Moray, Jim Valentine, The CIAT 180204
Plantec Linelis CIAT 180204
Salsa Celtica Luna Llena CIAT 180204
Sheeran, Ed Galway girl, The CIAT 180204
Sketch, The MacPhail CIAT 180204
Carey, Kyle Art of forgetting, The CIAT 180211
Copeland, Iain Halcyon daze, The CIAT 180211
Enter the Haggis Balto CIAT 180211
Iona Wildwood flower, The CIAT 180211
Jansberg Jagren CIAT 180211
Mahones, The Brian Boru's march CIAT 180211
McCabes, The Spanish lady, The CIAT 180211
Merry Hell Sweet oblivion, The CIAT 180211
Moray, Jim I'll go list for a sailor CIAT 180211
Saor Patrol, The Artur Ard Righ CIAT 180211
Spiro Lyly, The/The grouse was dead when it hit the queen CIAT 180211
Thompson, Richard Stony ground CIAT 180211
Vent du Nord, Le Cardeuse/Riopel CIAT 180211
Altan Tin key, The CIAT 180218
Barleyjuice Get your Irish on CIAT 180218
Blackthorn, The Queen of Argyle, The CIAT 180218
Flogging Molly Hand of John L Sullivan, The CIAT 180218
Fretless, The Bird's nest, The CIAT 180218
Gaelic Storm Green eyes, red hair CIAT 180218
Hermitage Green Aisling CIAT 180218
Kalsi, Johnny & the Dhol Foundation After the rain CIAT 180218
MacIsaac, Ashley Cello song, The CIAT 180218
Merry Hell All the bright blossoms CIAT 180218
Pete's Posse Sap ain't runnin', The CIAT 180218
Sheeran, Ed Galway girl, The CIAT 180218
Sprag Session, The Good ship Tommy Fun, The CIAT 180218
Altan Ullaghan lasses, The/The Cameroonian/Pigeon On The Gate CIAT 180225
Black 47 Celtic rocker, The CIAT 180225
Delhi 2 Dublin She moved CIAT 180225
Great Big Sea, The Oh yeah CIAT 180225
Kennedy, Mary Ann Mise Fhuair CIAT 180225
Lost Bayou Ramblers, The Sabine turnaround, The CIAT 180225
O'Lionaird, Iarla Heart of the world, The CIAT 180225
Pete's Posse Brocca set, The CIAT 180225
Riobo Mallador CIAT 180225
Rusby, Kate Bold Riley CIAT 180225
Salsa Celtica Fonn CIAT 180225
Searson Rough cuts, The CIAT 180225
Snuff Box, The Reels, The CIAT 180225
Vishten Coq du Sud CIAT 180225
Altan Month of January, The CIAT 180304
Emmerson, Simon Pilsden Pen CIAT 180304
Kasir By a while CIAT 180304
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy If you were mine CIAT 180304
Langer's Ball, The Whiskey chaser, A CIAT 180304
Matheson, Karen Puirt A Beul CIAT 180304
Moray, Jim Foggy dew, The CIAT 180304
Mouth Music Manitoba CIAT 180304
Real McKenzies, The Catch me CIAT 180304
Sidh, The Danse du Phare, La CIAT 180304
Sketch, The Shed life, The CIAT 180304
Stone, Jayme & Sissoko, Mansa Chinqapin hunting CIAT 180304
Stone Row, The Chicken water, The CIAT 180304
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Brouder, Dan Eddie Kelly's/The Sailor's Cravat/Miss Johnson CP 180101
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Curlews in the Bog, The/Tommy Peoples/Monsignor's Blessing Convent Reel CP 180101
Donnelly, Des Flogging reel, The/Maud Miller/Sean Maguire's CP 180101
Drunken Gaugers, The Boys of Carrickroe, The CP 180101
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180101
Guihen, Tommy Navvy on the shore, The/Peg McGrath's/McFadden's CP 180101
Hendry, Brendan & Toman, Jonny Crosses of Annagh, The/Cousin Sally Brown CP 180101
Hughes, Brian Fly by night,The/The tailor's twist CP 180101
Hydes, The Green & Blue CP 180101
Kennedy, Eilis Highway Mack CP 180101
McPartlan, Mary Holland handkerchief, The CP 180101
Mulcahy Family, The Galway rambler, The/The morning dew/The Boston Sligo reel CP 180101
Open the Door for Three Church Hill CP 180101
Teada Lady Montgomery/Follow Me Down/Give The Girl Her 4Pence CP 180101
Vallely, Cillian Cottage in the grove CP 180101
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 180101
Brouder, Dan & Carberry, Angelina Kerry reel, The/McFadden's Own/ The Convent Reel CP 180201
Byrne, Dermot Mulhaire's/The Yellow Tinker/Daly's Reel CP 180201
Byrne, Dermot Paddy's rambles through the park CP 180201
Crawford, Kevin Repeal of the Union, The/The Ivy Leaf/The Hut In The Bog CP 180201
Gallagher, Rita On the banks of a river CP 180201
Gatehouse, The Jimmy Giblin's/The Gneegullia Reel/The Casagh Reel CP 180201
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180201
Glackin, Paddy Top it off/The sunny banks CP 180201
Guihen, Tommy Killeigh, The/A builder of bridges CP 180201
Harper, Brid Jig for Johnny, A/Finn from Fairymount CP 180201
Hughes, Brian Roscommon reel, The/Ah, Surely CP 180201
McCarthy, Tommy & Costello, Louise Richie Dwyer's/McFadden's Handsome Daughter CP 180201
Open the Door forThree Pat Broaders: Carrig Water CP 180201
Sands, Colum Piper in the North Country, The CP 180201
Vallely, Cillian Bull's march, The CP 180201
We Banjo 3 Bunch of green rushes, The/Salt Creek CP 180201
Barry, Leonard Kitty got a clinking/Sarah's Reel/The Bogcarrot CP 180301
Broaders, Pat & Open the Door for Three Creeping Jane CP 180301
Brouder, Dan Round the house/The Carrigkerry Slide/Con Cassidy's CP 180301
Byrne, Dermot Master Seamus CP 180301
Casey, Bobby Jenny's welcome to Charlie/My Love is in America CP 180301
Casey, Bobby Pol Half'penny, The/Scully Casey's HP CP 180301
Donnelly, Des Colonel Fraser's CP 180301
Drunken Gaugers, The Doherty's/Munster Reel/The Hare's Paw CP 180301
Glackin, Paddy Top it off/The sunny banks CP 180301
Glackin, Paddy Top it off CP 180301
Guihen, Tommy Kilavil/Andy McGann's/The Lark in The Morning CP 180301
Kane Sisters, The Farewell to Eyrecourt/Stone In The Field/Paddy Fahy's CP 180301
McPartlan, Mary Kiss the Moon CP 180301
Open the Door for Three Heavy is my fate CP 180301
Raw Bar Collective, The Showman's fancy, The/Charlie Mulvilill's CP 180301
Teada Jamsie Gannon's March/McDermott's/Over The Moor to Peggy CP 180301
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Ainslie, Ross Let the wild ones roam FS 180110
Blazin' Fiddles, The Break the light FS 180110
Holmes, Adam & the Embers Don't worry FS 180110
Mackinnon, Maeve Lomaraibh Eutrom FS 180110
McCance, Dougie Kingston Road FS 180110
Peatbog Faeries, The Naughty step, The FS 180110
Rees, Tina Sparkle horse, The/The Ubiquitous Tunes/The Vault FS 180110
Reid, Patsy Beauty of the North, The FS 180110
Salthouse, The Old shoes, The FS 180110
Shaw, Eilidh & Martin, Ross Westcoaster, The FS 180110
Stewart, Calum Am Monadh Ruadh FS 180110
Vass, Mike & Green, Mairearad Dhomhnuil FS 180110
Dosca Oblique FS 180204
Duncan, Josie & Lafuente, Pablo He fades away FS 180204
Fyfe, Iona Banks of Inverurie, The FS 180204
Heron Valley Adore FS 180204
Inyal Abu Chuibhl FS 180204
Polwart, Karine All on a Summer's evening FS 180204
Rarity, Hannah Erin Go Bragh FS 180204
Read, Hannah She took a gamble FS 180204
Smok Empty pod, The FS 180204
Sutherland, Adam Sushi 7/8 FS 180204
Thorpe, Daniel Venus in tweeds/The Earl of Crawford FS 180204
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Bill Grogan's Goat Devil's trumpet, The ICM 180104
Crawley, Hopper & Reilly Whiskey in the jar ICM 180104
Gatehouse Well, The Cape St Mary/The good ship Hope ICM 180104
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Brad's Honeybees ICM 180104
Hibernia Scot set, The ICM 180104
Jackdaws, The For the love of Kelly O'Brien ICM 180104
James, Jodee Titrwm Tatrwm/Hiraeth ICM 180104
MacNeil, Ryan Pipes are calling, The ICM 180104
Na Skylark Lark on the strand, The/The yellow wattle/John Mchugh's jig ICM 180104
O'Brien, Patsy Prologue from the Boy Patrick, The ICM 180104
Purcell's Polyphonic Party Jacob Hall's jig ICM 180104
Shannon, Sharon Sacred Earth ICM 180104
Spoil the Dance Broken Brook ICM 180104
Sturbaum, Alex Pulling broom ICM 180104
Bill Grogan's Goat Newre highwayman, The ICM 180111
Brynmor Musical priest, The ICM 180111
Chambless, Taylor & Muse Boreraig Osprey, The ICM 180111
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Brosna slide, The ICM 180111
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Coach road to Sligo, The ICM 180111
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Cockles & mussels ICM 180111
Corpus Christi Irish Session, The Old maid in the garrett, The ICM 180111
Founding, The Hawthorn tree, The ICM 180111
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Lily of the West, The ICM 180111
Jackdaws, The Another Murphy goes to war ICM 180111
Jiggy An Capall Dubh ICM 180111
LeVine, Avery Patsy Hanley's/The Boys of Ballisodare/The Crosses of Annagh ICM 180111
Templars of Doom, The Templars erupt, The ICM 180111
Wildman, Cara O'Carolan's welcome/Ms. Cara Wildman of Dorchester/Spootiskerry ICM 180111
Wolf & Clover Wild goose, The ICM 180111
Bellow Bridge, The Knocknaboul set, The ICM 180118
Ciana Huish the Cat/P.M. Donald MacLean of Lewis/Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow ICM 180118
Duff, Dom Klask Ar Wagenn ICM 180118
Forkroot, The Opus in the breeze ICM 180118
Founding, The Piper's folly, The ICM 180118
Gatehouse Well, The Maggie ICM 180118
Hibernia Bo na Leath-adhairce ICM 180118
James, Jodee All the way to Avalon ICM 180118
Jeremiahs, The Derry Gaol, The ICM 180118
MacMaster, Natalie & Leahy, Donnell Chase, The ICM 180118
MacNeil, Ryan Cearcall A' Chuin (The Ocean's Circle) ICM 180118
Na Skylark Little red lark, The/The Kilfenora Jig ICM 180118
Screaming Orphans, The Handsome Johnny Flynn ICM 180118
Bill Grogan's Goat Mary Mac ICM 180125
Cope, Jim South Australia ICM 180125
Crikwater 3 drunken maidens, The ICM 180125
Ferguson, Jesse Molly Malone ICM 180125
Gannon, Cormac Tipping it up to Nancy ICM 180125
Hearthfire Duo, The Lannigan's ball ICM 180125
Heaton, Matt & Heaton, Shannon Mrs McGrath ICM 180125
High Kings, The Irish pub song, An ICM 180125
Jackdaws, The Raggle taggle gypsy, The ICM 180125
Kennedy, Seamus Parting glass, The ICM 180125
Kindred Kilts, The Wild colonial boy, The (Live) ICM 180125
McKee, Andrew Satisfied ICM 180125
Muckers, The Paddy on the railway ICM 180125
Peat in the Creel, The Real old mountain dew, The ICM 180125
Plastic Paddy Dicey Riley ICM 180125
Saucy Rovers, The Rolling down to Maui ICM 180125
Screeched Inn, The Whisky in the jar ICM 180125
Chambless, Jil, Miller, Ed & Muse, Scooter Jolly ploughboys, The ICM 180201
Charmas He back she back ICM 180201
Ciana Up in the rafters/The Heart-shaped wood/The Kinnegad slashers ICM 180201
Crean, Eilis Cloonlish hornpipe, The ICM 180201
Drones-n-drums, The Sterling disaster, The ICM 180201
Forkroot, The Soil and seeds, The ICM 180201
Gruben, Melanie Hosting of the Sidhe, The ICM 180201
Keeley, Tim Albert McGinnis ICM 180201
Nava 7 swans, The ICM 180201
Prodigals, The Song of repentance, The ICM 180201
Shannon, Sharon Sea Shepherd, The ICM 180201
Spoil the Dance Silver dagger, The ICM 180201
Telenn Tri Elliott Finn MacDonald/Chris Finnen's Reel ICM 180201
Tuatha Dea Granny's bedtime tonic ICM 180201
Weir, Christine Dowie dens of Yarrow, The ICM 180201
Gothard Sisters, The Water is wide, The ICM 180208
Harpnotic Fanny Power ICM 180208
Hawson, Steve O'Carolan's Concerto ICM 180208
MacNeil, Ryan My love is like a red, red rose ICM 180208
Marum, Jed, Morrison, Hugh & Brown, Mason Annie Laurie ICM 180208
Poitin Newcomer's reels: My Maryanne/Tommy Peoples'/McGlinchey's/Kitty Gone a Milking ICM 180208
Raney, Colleen Fhear a Bhata ICM 180208
Rendell, Norah Here's a health unto all true lovers ICM 180208
Seagulls Are Drunk, The Deep inside out the sea ICM 180208
Shanties, The Salley Gardens, The ICM 180208
Sligo Rags, The Black is the color ICM 180208
Swan, Vicki & Dyer, Jonny Proposal, The ICM 180208
We Banjo 3 Bill Cheatum/The kitchen girl/The Donegal lass ICM 180208
Blackstone Cuil Dark Inishowen ICM 180215
Founding, The Beast of the waves, The ICM 180215
Gillogly, Samantha & Maurice, Tim Young Catherine/James Bethag ICM 180215
Hughes, Matt Mick McGuire ICM 180215
Jolly Rogues, The Maggie May ICM 180215
Lamond, Mary Jane & MacIsaac, Wendy Boise monsters, The ICM 180215
Licko, Jennifer Light the way ICM 180215
Magill, Andrew Finn Green fields of Glentown, The/The Old Dudeen/McFadden's Handsome Daughter ICM 180215
Murray, Spencer & Pipeslinger California clan, The ICM 180215
O'Craven Pint glass, The ICM 180215
O'Grady, Tara In Belfast tonight ICM 180215
Screaming Orphans, The Humour is on me now, The ICM 180215
Selkie Girls, The Jack B ICM 180215
Sturbaum, Alex O'er the water in France ICM 180215
Warfield, Derek & the Young Wolfetones Dusty Dublin streets set, The ICM 180215
Wolf & Clover Top of Cork Road , The/First Avenue/The Merry Maiden ICM 180215
Across the Pond Scotland the brave/The flowers of Edinburgh ICM 180222
Adamh Tara ICM 180222
Alizbar & Ann' Sannat Mountain set, The ICM 180222
Baal Tinne Aislinn Gheal ICM 180222
Bridgid's Cross Swallowtail jig, The ICM 180222
Brynmor Farewell to Erin ICM 180222
Here & Now, The 3 ICM 180222
Lamy, Andy Hornpipes–The fiddling barrister/Galway Bay'The Banks ICM 180222
Led Farmers, The White set, The ICM 180222
McFlooseys, The Reels, The ICM 180222
Murphy, Chris Artful Dodger, The ICM 180222
Peat in the Creel, The McMahon's (The Banshee) ICM 180222
Roos, Anne Bears– The bear dance/The dancing bear ICM 180222
Solasta Cowslip set, The ICM 180222
Wolf & Clover Eleanor Plunkett ICM 180222
Arise & Go Kitty lies over/My Former Wife/Winnie Hayes ICM 180301
Changing Room, The It's all downhill from here ICM 180301
Ciana Mill House, The/The Mason's apron ICM 180301
Curley, David & Broderick, Mick Could you be the one? ICM 180301
Emish Make it through ICM 180301
Gannon, Cormac Up Mayo ICM 180301
Jacobites By Name, The Highland Munster Rol, The l ICM 180301
Kellswater Bridge, The Kellswater, The ICM 180301
O Meara, Garry Princess Brenda ICM 180301
Old Blind Dogs, The Died and Gone ICM 180301
Primrose, Christine An Gille Dubh Cha Treig Mi (The Black-Haired Lad I'll Not Forsake) ICM 180301
Runa Mae Colven ICM 180301
Sons of Malarkey, The Killarney boys of pleasure, The ICM 180301
String Theory, The Casadh An Tsugain ICM 180301
Ugly Mugs, The Rocky road to Dublin, The ICM 180301
Wild Colonial Bhoys, The Erin Go Bragh ICM 180301
Acoustic Butterfly, The Irish eyes ICM 180308
Black 47 James Connolly ICM 180308
Bridgid's Cross Tam Lin/The Mason's apron ICM 180308
Changing Room, The River runs between, A ICM 180308
Coast, The Let it rain ICM 180308
Connemara Stone Company, The Drowsy Maggie ICM 180308
Cormorant's Fancy, The Mummer's jig, The/Munster buttermilk ICM 180308
Duff, Dom Kael K'kwll ICM 180308
Ella Skye boat song, The ICM 180308
Kilted Kings, The Name on my soul, The ICM 180308
Lady Moon Loch Lomond ICM 180308
Ne'er Duwels, The You're the one ICM 180308
NUA Wide open ICM 180308
Patterson, Beth Jigs: Mary Patterson's/All In The Family/The Rathfarnham Lilters ICM 180308
Raney, Colleen Lovely green banks of the Moy, The ICM 180308
Secret Sky, The Dim-moon city of delight, The ICM 180308
Selkie Girls, The Norlan wind, The ICM 180308
Sharkey, Jim Bar on the Square, The ICM 180308
Tuatha Dea Kilts and Corsets ICM 180308
Whalebone, The Anglicana ICM 180308
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Amidon, Sam Saro IMS 180109
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Free the heel IMS 180109
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Oil for the Chain IMS 180109
Beveridge, Ryan Many Splendored Celtic Music Fantasia IMS 180213
Celtic Thunder Place in the Choir, A IMS 180213
Celtic Woman Call, The IMS 180213
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie Jig Runrig/The Ramnee Ceilidh IMS 180213
Gaelic Storm Johnny Tarr IMS 180213
Gaelic Storm Kiss me, I'm Irish IMS 180213
Gunn, Marc Jedi drinking song prequel IMS 180213
Heaton, Matt Fingerstyle Fantasia IMS 180213
Heaton, Matt Many Splendored Acoustic Reprise IMS 180213
Heaton, Shannon & Heaton, Matt Free the heel IMS 180213
Inveraray District Pipe Band, The Hector the Hero medley IMS 180213
Klein, Ellery Marie's Cabin/Rachel on her feet IMS 180213
McLaughlin, Sarah Weep not for the memories IMS 180213
Solas Hugo's big reel IMS 180213
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Cranford, Paul New Harbour, The/Maire's Return/Liam Lewis KPC 180107
dBize Newcastle hornpipe, The/Primrose Polka/President Garfield's Reel KPC 180107
Guihen, Tommy View across the valley, The/Father Newman's KPC 180107
Irvine, Andy Banks of Newfoundland, The KPC 180107
Living Stream, The Newlin KPC 180107
Madden , Kevin Tim O'Leary's/The New Years Waltz KPC 180107
Meyler, Marina New York/The Cook in the Kitchen KPC 180107
O'Grady,Noel, Benagh, Henry, Carty, John & Hernon, Marcus Cedars of Lebanon, The/New Year's Eve KPC 180107
Pig's Eye Landing, The Newark Bay/Marcel Martin KPC 180107
Poor Man's Gambit, The New policeman, The/McFadden's Handsome Daughter/McGettrick's KPC 180107
Poor Man's Gambit, The Newry highwayman, The KPC 180107
Ryan's Fancy Newport Town KPC 180107
Scythian New reel, The KPC 180107
Barra MacNeils, The Michael Anthony's Birthday KPC 180114
Blazin' Fiddles, The Crofting Counties: Kenny MacDonald's Jig/Garster's Dream/The Grey Buck/The Favourite Dram KPC 180114
Burke, Kevin & Brennan, John Lonesome moonlight waltz, The KPC 180114
Castles, Brenda Garrykennedy Castle/Burma Banks/Wheels of the World KPC 180114
Coyne, Eamonn Tommy & Jerry KPC 180114
Dervish Molly & Johnny KPC 180114
Hyde, Joanna & O Meachair, Tadhg 3 fishers, The KPC 180114
Hyde, Joanna & O Meachair, Tadhg Larry's Favorite/The Union Street Session/Joe Cassidy's KPC 180114
O'Donnell, Kevin Illinois and Michigan Canal, The KPC 180114
Ushers Island Bean Phaidin KPC 180114
Ushers Island Johnny Doherty's KPC 180114
Barachois Pot Pourri: La Grandeuse/Maie A Pierre KPC 180121
Barrule Illiam Boght (Poor William) KPC 180121
Bowen, Robin Huw Cadar Idris (The Fairy Reel) KPC 180121
Calan Madame Fromage KPC 180121
Dalla Descent, The KPC 180121
Droichead Seamus Cussen's/Gortnatubrid/The Newmarket Polka KPC 180121
Frank, Geza & Demai, Jean Photon wave, The KPC 180121
Genticorum Loups, Le KPC 180121
Llan de Cubel Pasucais Medley, The KPC 180121
Mec Lir Silver spear, The/Fair Wind/The Humours of Tulla KPC 180121
Nunez, Carlos Jigs & bulls KPC 180121
Siberil, Soig Chambre de la Karabasenn, La KPC 180121
Barleyjuice Catholic guilt KPC 180128
Danu Follow on KPC 180128
Gay, Conor & McKeon, Sean Blackthorn stick, The/Tansey's Favorite/Barr na Cuille KPC 180128
Gill, Jim Piper to the end, A KPC 180128
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The Jim Donoghue's/Baltimore Salute/Jackie Coleman's KPC 180128
Keane, Tommy Boys of the 25, The/The Hare's Paw/The Pinch of Snuff KPC 180128
MacInnes, Iain, Ross, Billy & Morison, Stuart Over the sea to Nova Scotia KPC 180128
Molloy, Matt, Brady, Paul & Peoples, Tommy John Brennan's (The Silver Spire)/Drag Her Around the Road KPC 180128
Shannon, Joe & Williams, John Derry hornpipe, The KPC 180128
Sharkey, Jim Misty morning rain, The KPC 180128
Stewart, Calum Angel's share, The/Copper Stills/Gladstone KPC 180128
Tweed, Karen & McElvogue, Tom Luckpenny/Wheels of the World/The Bicycle Jig/Bank of Ireland KPC 180128
Vasen Carrowkeel KPC 180128
Battlefield Band, The Out in Australia at last KPC 180204
Begley, Cormac An Soig/Bonnie Scotland/Bill Malley's KPC 180204
Burke, Joe Connaughtman's rambles, The/The cat in the corner KPC 180204
Indianapolis Ceili Band, The My Irish Molly-O KPC 180204
Indianapolis Ceili Band. The Tempest, The/The maids of castlebar/Maudabawn Chapel KPC 180204
Irvine, Andy & Spillane, Davy Hard on the heels KPC 180204
Ivers, Eileen St Elizabeth's/Fisherman's Lilt/The Top of the Stairs KPC 180204
Kavana, Ron Reconciliation, The KPC 180204
MacKenzie, Kenneth & Angus Slow drive, The KPC 180204
Mairtin de Cogain Project, The Holding an eye KPC 180204
Ni Dhomhnaill, Triona Brid KPC 180204
O'Connor, Donal, McSherry, John & Graham, Sean Og Ramblers, The KPC 180204
Alan Kelly Gang, The Music makers, The KPC 180211
Baal Tinne Cook in the kitchen, The/The Frost Is All Over KPC 180211
Chisholm, Sarah Ann Bloom, The KPC 180211
East Pointers, The Tanglewood KPC 180211
Hayden, Cathal Floating crowbar, The KPC 180211
Irish Descendants, The King of the pipers, The/Up the Southern Shore KPC 180211
McQueen, Maybelle Chisholm Good times in New Waterford KPC 180211
Molloy, Matt, Carty, John & McGlynn, Arty Bill Black's/The Kildare Fancy/The Sligo Fancy KPC 180211
Paul McKenna Band, The Tipping point, The KPC 180211
Poor Man's Gambit, The Second goodnight, The KPC 180211
Talisk Charlie/Waterfall KPC 180211
Chieftains, The Blind Pew KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Boil the breakfast early KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Bonaparte's retreat KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Chasing the fox KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Closing theme music from the Tailor of Gloucester, The KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Galway Races, The KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Iron Man, The KPC 180218
Chieftains, The March of the King of Laois, The/Paddy's Jig/O'Keefes/Chattering Magpie KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Round the house and mind the dresser KPC 180218
Chieftains, The Tom Billy's/The Road to Lisdoonvarna/The Merry Sisters KPC 180218
Chieftains, The When a man's in love KPC 180218
Bauhan, Sarah Brafferton Village/A-Z Waltz KPC 180225
Blas Call and the answer, The KPC 180225
Dulahan Cabin boy, The KPC 180225
Fahy, Florence Darby the Driver/Jim Droney's KPC 180225
Great Big Sea, The River driver, The KPC 180225
Lunasa Autumn child, The/Heaton Chapel KPC 180225
Lunasa Chestnut tree, The/Willie's Fling No. 2/Within A Mile of Dublin/Cnocan An Teampaill KPC 180225
MacDonald, Howie Clear the track KPC 180225
McGoldrick, Michael Jenny Picking Cockles/The Earl's Chair KPC 180225
McVarish, Gabe M S R KPC 180225
Perkins, Alison & Brown, Nicolas Dusty miller, The/Love and Whiskey/Won't You Come In? KPC 180225
Tempest, The Johnny Cope KPC 180225
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Alestorm, The Rage of the Pentahook PRR 180204
Black Anemone , The Banks of the roses, The PRR 180204
Black Irish Texas, The Join the British Army PRR 180204
Black Rock Dawg, The Work proud PRR 180204
Black TarPoon, The Cultist, The PRR 180204
Black Tartan Clan, The Friend until the end, The PRR 180204
Brick Top Blaggers, The On the mend PRR 180204
Clan of Celts, The Dream catcher, The PRR 180204
Craic, The Gettin' up & gettin' out PRR 180204
Dreadnoughts, The Gavrilo PRR 180204
Drunken Dolly, The Stop PRR 180204
Firkin, The Into the night PRR 180204
Flatfoot 56 Forward PRR 180204
Jolly Jackers , The Blood, sweat and beer PRR 180204
Kilmaine Saints, The Tiocfaidh Ar La PRR 180204
Langer's Ball, The Sword of light, The PRR 180204
Lucky Pistols, The Songs of Ireland, The PRR 180204
Mary's Lane Dead man walking PRR 180204
Peelers, The Stand down, Cleary PRR 180204
Real McKenzies, The Northwest Passage, The PRR 180204
Stump Tail Dolly, The Twang diddle PRR 180204
Tortilla Flat 45 rpm PRR 180204
Tossers, The Erin Go Bragh PRR 180204
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Brobdingnagian Bards, The Wild rover, The PS 180123
Dun Aengus Star of the County Down, The PS 180123
Gothard Sisters, The Danny boy PS 180123
High Kings, The Rocky road to Dublin, The PS 180123
Kilted Kings, The Slainte Mhaith PS 180123
Kilted Kings, The Wild mountain thyme, The PS 180123
Screeched Inn, The Whisky in the jar PS 180123
Skully Molly Malone PS 180123
Sligo Rags, The Irish Rover, The PS 180123
Blibbering Humdingers, The Elegy for a Nerf Herder, An PS 180213
Dan the Bard Owlbear song, The PS 180213
Elders, The This is true PS 180213
Founding, The Piper's folly, The PS 180213
Gatehouse Well, The Good ship Hope, The PS 180213
Gunn, Marc Long arm, The PS 180213
Gunn, Marc She's shiny PS 180213
Gunn, Marc Wear the brown with pride PS 180213
Jackdaws, The Molly PS 180213
Jiggy Bean Phaidin PS 180213
Melanie Gruben Faery song, A PS 180213
Serious Kitchen, The Open PS 180213
Bedlam Bards, The Ballad of Joss, The PS 180304
Bedlam Bards, The & Gunn, Marc Freedom costs PS 180304
Gunn, Marc As long as I'm flyin' PS 180304
Gunn, Marc Hero of Canton, The PS 180304
Gunn, Marc Monahan's Mudders' Milk PS 180304
Gunn, Marc Sail the Sky PS 180304
Gunn, Marc She's shiny PS 180304
Gunn, Marc & the Dubliners' Tabby Cats Kaylee PS 180304
Kilted Kings, The Blue Sun, The PS 180304
Mason, Mikey She don't like Firefly PS 180304
Band/Performer Tune Podcast Date
Bill Grogan's Goat Paddy's dead SNO 180103
Bill Grogan's Goat Ye Jacobites by name SNO 180103
Black Anemone, The Freedom and for all SNO 180103
Craic, The Cleveland SNO 180103
Flogging Molly Guns of Jericho, The SNO 180103
Flogging Molly Hand of John L Sullivan, The SNO 180103
Jamie Clarke's Perfect Back from Hell SNO 180103
Kilmaine Saints, The Long shot nag, The SNO 180103
Langer's Ball, The Sword of light, The SNO 180103
Peelers, The & McConnell, Finny Going down swingin' SNO 180103
Templars of Doom, The Oliver Cromwell twist, The SNO 180103
Tossers, The Erin Go Bragh SNO 180103
Tossers, The Foggy dew, The SNO 180103
Trouble Pilgrims, The Queen of heartache, The SNO 180103
Trouble Pilgrims, The Velvet tongue, The SNO 180103