Wednesday July 19th, 2017

Actually talking by phone with an attorney; returning a book to my local library; stopping by my house to get something out of the sealed fridge and finding the package delivered yesterday as well; both my cameras now seem to be working; over to the gym to use the treadmill; the property manager for the unit behind mine finally contacting me and asking if he could come check their moldy drywall this evening; down to Trader Joe's for some groceries; finding somewhere else to stay after this week


The plan for today was to do a small load of laundry later in the day, either in the nice laundry room here at the ESA or at my usual laundromat around the corner, after going by the house and having one of the workers who were supposed to be there get some things out of the fridge for me (they had wrapped it in plastic to keep out the dust as I noticed when I went by yesterday). I was also going to sweep up all the leaves that had fallen on the patio while I was gone and hang out there for a while depending on the weather. I then planned on taking my non-working Nikon camera I'd bought last summer up to Best Buy to see if I could send it in for repairs or by a new camera body if the one I had couldn't be fixed. I also planned on going down to Trader Joe's to pick up some small or single serving frozen entrees since I have a bit of a kitchen and a separate place to eat instead of just the same desk where my laptop is. I was also going to go to the gym and then stop by the Publix across the street on the way back here to pick up some stuff like a drain stopper for the sink, some dish liquid and a scrubber, some sandwich bags, and some things to make sandwiches.

Before I left I received another email that said the package from London would arrive today. I went online and thought I had redirected it to be delivered here instead since I can't guarantee when I or any of the workers will be at my house.

I had just gotten to my car when my cell phone rang. I usually don't answer either my cell phone or landline if I don't recognize the number and didn't then but I thought it might be one of the contractors who were going to be working in my house so I answered it. It wasn't one of the workers but an attorney from the office I had called yesterday. We talked about what's been going on and how difficult it had been to contact the owners of the unit behind mine and my hope that a letter from an attorney to them might get them to work better with my insurance and contractors. He agreed and said he had to talk it over with the main attorney and they'd get back to me.

I swung by my local library to return a book and to my nearest branch of the bank to see if I could convert the GB pounds I had left back to US currency. That part of their computer system was down so I'll have to see if I can do so later at the branch next door to here.

A couple of the workers I knew were at my house by the time I got there. I had one of them get some of my diabetes shots out of the wrapped fridge for me. The weather was still decent then so I swept up all the leaves (well, most of them, since to get all of them I'd have to move the grill and the ladder chained to the fence and move all the patio furniture) and put out food for the squirrels and birds. I then sat out on my patio and read for an hour or so until I decided that the thunder I had been hearing in the distance was a warning.

Before I left I told the guys who were working that a bunch of mail might show up at my front door and so might a package even though I thought I had redirected it here.

I had the Nikon with me to take it into Best Buy and I wanted to go to the Sweet Tomatoes up the street for lunch on the way but somehow I forgot to turn in and went past it. When I got to the Best Buy I checked to make sure that the camera was indeed not working as it hadn't been for about a week and discovered that I'd taken the battery out back in London and not replaced it so I'd have to go back with it later.

I had a very nice bento box lunch at a small Asian place I like and was going to go down to the Trader Joe's but was feeling just a bit unwell and decided I'd go to there and the gym and Publix later and just came back here for a while instead.

After I got back to my room I put a charged camera battery into the Nikon, turned it on, and although the view from the viewfinder had not been working for the last few days back in London it seems to be working fine now. That means that once again I have two formerly not working cameras that seem to be working OK now.

I hung out here until 5 PM or so when I headed on over to the gym. I was on the treadmill when I got another phone call from a number I didn't recognize. I thought it might be one of the workers so I answered it and it was actually the property manager for the unit behind mine. Apparently he had in fact been in contact with David, my project manager with the mold and water damage contractor, who had given him my cell phone number and suggested I let him in to see the work being done in my unit. We arranged to meet back at my house in about 45 minutes after I'd finished using the treadmill.

I kept the contact brief and to the point. I let him in, turned on the lights, and showed him the kitchen and guest bedroom where the contractor had been working. I kept all conversation polite and friendly but to a minimum.

After he left I headed all the way down to Trader Joe's and did indeed stock up on a few frozen items for dinner all of which I can microwave since I don't have an oven here. I then had a nice dinner at another Asian place, this one in the area near the TJ's.

I decided that I'll wait and do the laundry and go to the Publix tomorrow, probably in the morning. I'll also stop by the Bank of America next door to here before I leave and see if I can change the pounds back to dollars.

And that's it for this travel journal. I'm not going to keep writing about the progress or lack of it up until I get to move back home again. I have decided to move somewhere else next Tuesday and probably stay there until I can go home. I was going to go back to the La Quinta around the corner, where I stayed from May 8th until I left for London on June 30th, but I kind of like having a kitchenette as minimal as it is. The other direction from my house and not quite as close as this place is but only a short distance from where my gym is is a place called In Town Suites which looks nice when I've passed it so I've made a reservation there instead.

I'm not looking forward to packing up just to move somewhere else but I hope the showers there are better than the one here. Besides with two cars to move stuff from here to there I don't have to be too thorough about how little room I make things take but can just put things in my two suitcases, laundry basket, and the various reusable grocery bags I have with me.

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