Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Getting settled in at my new temporary home and deciding to not stay past the week I already paid for; bringing both my cars from home to where I'm staying; hanging around the house all day waiting for a package; trying to find an attorney for legal action against the owners of the unit behind my home


I slept pretty well and learned the primary reason why I won't be extending my stay here even if I won't be able to move back home next Tuesday, as I'm almost certain I won't be able to.

The place on the whole is a bit of a dump and a bit old looking. My room itself is quite nice and comfortable, with a refrigerator that's not a lot smaller than the one I have at home. The small kitchen area has a sink, lots of cabinets, a small stove with two burners, and an island with two bar stools which is where I've set up my laptop. It's not the most comfortable place to use it so I also brought my lap desk when I went over to the house.

The bathroom is pretty nice as well except for the shower which is ridiculous and a bit absurd. It's a step in shower and is a decent size but there are some problems with it. Except for a soap rack thing there is no place to put anything except on the floor. Although the shower enclosure is a rectangle the shower curtain rack is one of the bowed ones to give more room–but it's too high or the shower curtain is too short so water gets on the floor all the time. And most importantly the water pressure is barely adequate to rinse off after shampooing or lathering up.

The toilet seat was broken when I got here and still is. I reported it Tuesday morning and was told that they don't have a full time maintenance guy here but have to wait until he comes from another property but he'd fix it on Wednesday. (He didn't and when I went into the office to complain again I was told that he'll do it Thursday.)

Before I left here Tuesday morning I had received an email saying that the package I'd shipped from London on Monday would be delivered "by the end of the day".

I caught a cab over to my house and picked up the Mazda and brought it back here. I was a little worried when I got to my house because I could only find one of the two sets of keys I have for each car. I then took another cab back to my house about 10 or 11 AM. No one was working yesterday but I did arrange to meet with the project manager for the reconstruction before lunch.

Because the package was supposed to be delivered I spent the entire day at my house. I tried to spend as little time inside as possible because of the remaining mold but got stuck inside for 45 minutes or so when it had started raining so hard I couldn't make it back out to my Dodge Grand Caravan. I did sneak up the street to grab something to eat which I had in the van because it was still raining.

The package with the two new walking sticks I'd bought in London had indeed arrived while I was gone and had been brought inside by the workers.

While I was hanging around my house I called the office of the attorney Elvis, the public insurance adjuster who's a friend of my insurance agent neighbor Michael and who had come by several weeks ago, had recommended.

I was at my house until well past 8 PM with no sign of the package and no chance of taking a walk for exercise or going over to the gym. I stopped for dinner and brought a bunch of stuff I had left at the house when I left the La Quinta the day I left for London but wanted here, like other short sleeve shirts and the rest of my small electronics stuff including chargers and cables as well as all my drinks to put in the fridge here.

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