Monday, July 17th, 2017

London to a temporary home


I didn't sleep very well Sunday night and had no trouble being packed and getting my luggage downstairs to check out before 8:15 AM Monday morning. I grabbed my hat box and the bag with my top hat and new bowler and was around the corner and up the street to the Mailboxes Etc right when they opened. It was a lovely day Monday, almost warm even so early in the morning.

It's not cheap to send things from London back home but it is convenient and costs a lot less than the airlines charge for a third checked bag. I was extremely glad I wasn't carrying my hat box around with me after I got to Heathrow Terminal 3. For some reason they don't announce from which gate flights are leaving until about an hour before departure, so I was there for a couple of hours before I knew where I needed to go. Terminal 3 does have lots of seats in a huge common area by all the shops and restaurants so I did have somewhere to sit while waiting.

We were flying out of a gate at the end of the concourse where you had to go back towards the center to find any shops or even restrooms.

The flight back took nine hours and was pleasant and uneventful. It wasn't full even in premium economy where I was flying which was quite nice. My seat was in the center section with four seats across the middle. The row one in front of mine along the side was empty so the guy seated on the aisle next to me moved over, so I could move into his now vacant seat and have no one seated next to me which made the flight even more comfortable.

I as usual couldn't even doze off so I read and listened to a couple of my podcasts and watched a couple of shows I'd downloaded to my Kindle Fire HD. There was nothing on the in flight entertainment I wanted to watch this trip.

I wasn't very thrilled when we landed at Miami. We landed at the end of the concourse and had to walk for a while before we got to where we needed to catch the sky tram over to the main baggage claim, customs and immigration area. We wound up walking through an area that looked as if it was going through some renovation because most of the tile had been stripped from the floors.

Going through immigration and customs took so long that by the time I got to the baggage claim area and the carousel where our bags were supposed to be they had all been unloaded next to the carousel already. I wasn't sure where to meet my driver for the ride back home but as I was heading out of the baggage claim area towards the shuttle and taxi parking I saw a guy with a luggage cart and a sign with my name on it.

I had decided I didn't want to even go by my house to pick up one of my cars. I just wanted to leave all the problems and stress the work going on for so long has been causing me aside one more night so I just had the driver drop me off here at the Extended Stay America where I'd booked a reservation until Tuesday the 25th instead. I checked in, dragged my bags from the lobby by the entrance over here to my room, and then walked up the street to one of the nearby restaurants for dinner.

I unpacked and put everything away after dinner, copied all the rest of the pictures I'd taken in London from the camera's memory card to the laptop and backed them up before watching something streaming via wifi and read until I went to bed.

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