Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Still not feeling well and kind of depressed about the lack of progress at home; another day off; trying to get hold of contractors and insurance again; lunch at Richoux followed by an iced drink at Starbucks; around the corner for a nice dinner at the Gloucester Arms

Best Western the Cromwell (Cromwell Road)



Once again I didn't feel like doing much of anything and didn't.

I think part of the reason is because I've been under a lot of stress & strain regarding what should have been happening but probably not been with my townhouse and the mold & water damage claim for a hell of a long time. Even though I was staying in a hotel not far from my house from when I filed the claim on May 8th until I left for London on June 30th, at least I could call my insurance adjuster and contractors on a daily basis to find out what the hell was going on and keep things rolling.

Since I've been here I've pretty much been unable to call Florida easily due to the five hour time difference, and as I said earlier I had very little response to the emails I sent. When I turned airplane mode off on my home iPhone this morning just long enough to send a quick text message to my neighbors letting them know that although I'll be back in town Monday evening I still won't be able to move back in and will be staying at the Extended Stay America where I made a reservation from next Monday the 17th until Tuesday the 25th, there were several voice mail messages including one from my insurance adjuster.

That rather annoys me since I told him several times, over the phone before I left and via email since I've been here, that I've been in London with a five hour time difference. Anyone I want to talk with already knows where I am and about the time change, and anyone who doesn't know is probably no one I actually want to talk with. I can't do a damn thing in response to anyone's messages until Tuesday morning after I get home anyway so I'm not even going to bother listening to them until then anyway.

For the last couple of days I haven't felt unwell so much as basically not very well, full of drive and energy and feeling rested and eager. I slept OK last night but woke up to a grey and cloudy day with highs predicted in the low 60s which was good weather for just hanging out and reading which is what I did.

I had decided I wouldn't try going to all of the churches I mentioned last night, and that I might only go to the British Museum and the Museum of London after lunch. I went across the street again to Richoux and had some very good eggs benedict and excellent sauteed mushrooms. I then want across the other street to Starbucks for an iced tea lemonade and a cookie.

I still didn't feel very much like doing much of anything so I came back here and crashed. I read for most of the afternoon and probably even fell asleep for a little bit.

I realized that this time I hadn't gone around the corner and up Gloucester Road away from the Tube station and remembered that there are several nice looking restaurants along the road as well as the Gloucester Arms which is an older and a bit run down but still nice place and which I hadn't been to on this trip. I was actually able to find a small table for two and had a good bowl of creamed tomato soup and a lovely bowl of sausages, mashed potatoes, excellent peas, and wonderful gravy.

I then walked a bit further up Gloucester Road, almost up to Kensington High Street, before turning around to come back and make my usual evening snack run to the Tesco Express and then come back here.

So what am I going to do tomorrow, my last day here in London? I'm in two minds about that.

The main reason I'm staying until Monday is that the BBC Proms only started yesterday, and the only concert this weekend is the one tomorrow afternoon, so I can go to one of the museums, have lunch somewhere, and still make it to the concert at 3:30 PM.

I know I'll love the music but I also remember the Royal Albert Hall quite well, with its usually crappy leg room and odd sight lines due to the ovoid shape of the hall neither of which I like at all. So I could just skip going to the concert and go to a museum before and another museum after lunch.

We'll see what the weather is like and how I feel in the morning.

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