Friday, July 14th, 2017

Not sleeping well again; laundry again; not feeling very well so deciding to not meet my podcaster friend; lunch at Garfunkel's; still not feeling well so deciding to skip that evening's concert and taking the day and evening off; dinner at the neighborhood Pizza Express; an iced drink at Starbuck's followed by a Tesco snack run

Best Western the Cromwell (Cromwell Road)



It's only 9:30 PM and it's not going to take me long to write up today's notes because I didn't do a whole hell of a lot.

I slept very poorly last night. Worrying about the most recent email message from my insurance adjuster might have been part of the cause but sometimes even when I'm not under stress I just don't sleep well or rarely at all.

I was awake well before I had to take my last load of laundry downstairs to the reception desk before 9 AM.

I didn't feel very well all day–not terrible, just a bit unwell, a bit tired in general and lacking in energy and very slightly but noticeably dizzy. When I came back to my room I decided not to go meet my podcaster friend for coffee after all. Part of the reason was how complicated getting there and back would be. I had a ticket for a 7:30 PM concert at St Martin in the Fields this evening. I wanted to give myself most of the afternoon to go places other than meeting my friend briefly for coffee if I wanted. So about 10 AM I sent my podcaster friend a text message letting him know I wasn't going to make it, stretched out to read for a bit before going out for the day, and soon after fell asleep again.

About noon I decided I'd go have lunch and see if that made me feel more like going places, so I went across the street to Garfunkel's for a very nice bowl of potato & leek soup and a ham & cheese toastie. I still didn't feel very much like doing a whole heck of a lot, so I came back here to hang out before heading into town about 5 PM when I'd need to leave to have dinner somewhere before the 7:30 concert.

I dozed off again for part of the afternoon and around 5 I decided I didn't really feel like going into town again for the concert after all, even though I'd already paid for it. I didn't feel like having dinner then. I could have taken a cab in for the concert and eaten somewhere afterwards but chose not to. Instead I just hung out here, reading and working on updating my playlists for the Irish & Celtic music podcasts I listen to.

I finally felt like having dinner after 7 PM. I mentioned earlier that there are several Italian restaurants in the immediate area, not counting the Ask Italian right across the street which I've been to several times and like quite a bit. Right on the corner of Gloucester and Cromwell roads is a largish branch of Pizza Express. I'd never been to that branch but did eat at the one right next to the Globe Theatre when I went to my plays there the first weekend I was here, so I went to the one here in the neighborhood and had a very nice dinner as well.

I wasn't ready to come back to my room right away so I went past the Starbucks and was rather amazed to see several small tables empty so I had one of their iced tea lemonades and a cookie before stopping in at the Tesco Express for my usual evening fruit bowl snack.

I got back here about 8:30 PM and was a bit surprised to not see my clean laundry anywhere since usually it gets dropped off in the rooms well before then. I called the reception desk and was told they'd check and find out where it was; they called back a few minutes later and said they'd been told it was on its way but there was a lot of laundry to deliver at other places as well and they were stuck in traffic somewhere. It's now almost 10 PM and when I called reception to check again they said they'd find out because other people have been asking as well. I hope it shows up because although I have plenty of other clean clothes I've run out of clean underwear.

So what am I going to do during my last two days here in London? I've been thinking about that a lot today, especially since I didn't do anything or go anywhere today.

I have no plans tomorrow, and nowhere I need to be. I did buy a ticket for the BBC Proms concert Sunday at 3:30 PM but that would only give me Sunday morning to go anywhere else and there are quite a few places I'd still like to go–the British Museum, the Museum of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, St Margaret's Church by the Abbey, and Westminster Cathedral.

I just checked visiting hours and locations in relation to each other and the directions either walking or via the Tube from place to place. Sunday isn't of course the best place to visit working houses of worship unless they're open between services and you know when those are. Westminster Cathedral is the furthest of the bunch and is open for visiting from 9:30 AM-6 PM so I'll take the Tube over and start there; St Margaret's is open tomorrow from 9:30 AM-1:30 PM and is a 20 minute walk from the Cathedral; the Abbey is open from 9:30-3:30 and is right next to St Margaret's so that's my logical next stop; St Paul's Cathedral is open from 9:30-4 and I'll take the Tube over to save some time; and the British Museum is open from 10 to 5:30 and is a half an hour walk from St Paul's so that's the logical last stop before taking the Tube back here to the Gloucester Road neighborhood for dinner and a snack run and maybe a pint.

The Museum of London is open from 10 AM on Sunday so if I'm there before 11 that would give me plenty of time to have lunch and take the Tube over to the South Kensington station to make the concert by 3 PM.

As usual, there will be many places I'd love to see here in the London area that I won't make it to. Although I never felt terrible and was never very ill, there were several days including today when I just didn't feel very well, low on energy, a bit dizzy almost all day, and just not up to doing much or going anywhere. And that of course also happens at home as well.

My laundry showed up about half an hour ago. Time to sort it out and actually start packing what I'm not going to need or wear tomorrow, Sunday or Monday morning. I also want to leave clean clothes out for Tuesday as well since I'll be stopping at my house after I get back to Ft Lauderdale only long enough to switch my suitcases and some other stuff I unpacked at the house before I left for London to take over to the nearby Extended Stay America where I'll be staying for probably at least the next week until all of the work is finally done.

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