Monday, July 10th, 2017

Slept well but a bit dizzy during the day; a day off; trying to get hold of contractors and insurance back home by email again; lunch at Richoux followed by an iced coffee at Caffe Nero; not going to Regent's Park for the play; walking to the nearest movie theater for "Despicable me 3" followed by a chai tea latte at the Starbucks next door; walking back to the hotel with dinner at Richoux and a snack run along the way

Best Western the Cromwell (Cromwell Road)



It's not going to take me long to type up my notes today because I had a change of plans and really didn't do much of anything at all.

I slept pretty well last night but was feeling a bit more dizzy than usual most of today so I pretty much took most of the day off. I had a pleasant, quiet morning just hanging out here in my room reading.

I felt well enough to go out for some lunch about 1 PM if still slightly dizzy so I went across the street to Richoux to have their version of Welsh rarebit which was quite good even though they serve it as a sandwich with the sauce between the bread. I had it with their fresh fruit cup which was very nice as well.

I wasn't ready to come back to my room right after lunch and as usual there were no free tables at the small Starbucks on the corner so I walked down to the Caffe Nero I'd been to yesterday for another iced coffee and a slice of pastry to have later.

Sometimes eating makes me feel better and less dizzy but I still felt a bit worse than mediocre after lunch so I just came back here to my room.

I had pre-bought a ticket for a preview performance of "A tale of two cities" at the Open Air Theatre at Regent's Park for tonight but decided not to go. Part of the reason was the difficulty getting from here to there and back again but mostly because when I checked the weather forecast at 4:30 PM heavy rain & thunderstorms were still predicted. It was already slightly chillier today then it was yesterday especially if you were in the shade, and I decided I really didn't want to be at an outdoor event if the weather turned as bad as was predicted.

On my wandering around through Chelsea between here and the Thames I've several times gone past the nearest branch of the Cineworld movie chain over on Fulham Road, about a fifteen minute walk from here, so about 4:30 I checked what was playing today to possibly give myself something to do instead of going to the play at Regent's Park and saw that "Despicable me 3" was playing in 3D at 5:45 PM. I had watched "Minions" on the plane from Miami to London and rather enjoyed it so I booked a ticket online and left about 5 after changing to long slacks and putting on one of my vests over the long sleeve shirt I was already wearing (I only brought 5 short sleeve shirts and the rest long sleeve because I expected highs here in the low 70s F). I figured leaving then would give me plenty of time to enjoy the walk to the theater and take pictures along the way and it did.

I really do enjoy this area of London with its blocks and rows of what look like elegant town homes and regularly spot something worth taking pictures of whether it's architectural details or a tree or just the way the light was hitting a building at that time.

The theater is in a small multiplex on the corner of a larger building. I think there at least five small theaters on several floors of the building, and it certainly was in one of the smaller theaters I've been in anywhere in quite a while. It's still a decent place to watch a movie although the seats in the theater I was in recline a little too much for my comfort.

I enjoyed the movie although I wouldn't say it's great–well done, enjoyable and fun but not a block buster.

As I was on my way out of the theater I noticed that there is a small and very nice Starbucks right next to it with entrances/exits to and from the theater. I was able to find a free small table and had a chai tea latte. I mistakenly ordered a hot drink instead of my usual iced ones but I wasn't in a hurry to have dinner yet so I just hung out there reading on my iPhone until the drink was cool enough for me.

I took a slightly different route back to the hotel's neighborhood, the same route along which I'd come back from the Chelsea Physic Gardens yesterday. By now it was well past 7:30 PM and I really liked the way the sky was lit up and the way some of the trees and buildings were catching the evening light. It was a lovely time for a walk.

For some reason within a few blocks of the Gloucester Road Tube station there are at least four or five Italian restaurants, including two I passed along the way. They looked quite nice and one of them had more than one rissotto on their menu that sounded pretty appetizing but for some reason I really felt like having Richoux's version of beef stroganoff tonight. I guess it's my idea of comfort food. I had creamed mushrooms on toast for an appetizer and it was very nice. Their version of stroganoff uses small chunks of beef instead of ground as I use when I make it and they serve it with rice on the side but it was still quite good.

What am I going to do tomorrow?

Before I leave I'm going to check my email. This morning I sent another message to my insurance adjuster asking for an update since I'll be going home next Monday and haven't heard from anyone since I left. I didn't feel like checking my email at all today since I felt a bit unwell all day so I'll do that tomorrow.

I have another concert at St Martin in the Fields tomorrow and think I'll head in to the British Museum about 10 or 11 AM and have lunch somewhere along the walk over to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery which are at Trafalgar Square which is also where St M in the F is located. I think I'll try and have dinner at Prezzo, the Italian restaurant on the Square I've been to a couple of time before on my other trips here or perhaps at the Chandos, one of the older pubs in the vicinity of the Square which I've also been to a few times.

It's now 11:30 PM and that's it for today.

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