Monday, December 26th, Dublin

St Stephen's day; Boots & another walk around the neighborhood; over to the Tivoli Theatre by cab with a driver who remembered me from July; my second Christmas panto; back to the hotel by cab; dinner from McDonald's because they were still open

Jurys Inn Parnell Street



I've got very little to report for today as well. Today was another holiday here in Ireland. I think it might usually be one, unlike in the US where December 26th is only a holiday when Christmas itself falls on a Sunday.

I slept reasonably well and only woke up when my alarm clock went off at 8:30 AM. After I had breakfast downstairs I went out for a bit of a walk. Although a few more places were open today than had been yesterday, very many of them were still closed. The Boots pharmacies were open, both the one by itself on Henry Street as well as the one in the Ilac Shopping Centre down the street. Both branches of Carrolls Irish gifts were also open as well as the McDonald's and Burger King but the Dublin Bus Citysightseeing office where I need to go tomorrow morning to catch the tour out to Malahide & the castle there was closed.

That created a bit of a problem for me, since the emailed ticket I was sent for the tour says it must be presented in print. I remembered from my last stay here, however, that if you ask nicely at the hotel's reception desk they'll print stuff like the ticket for you if you email it to whoever's working then. To avoid my possibly mistyping the email address I just brought my message with the ticket up in the email app on my Samsung with the Irish SIM card and had the guy on the desk just type in his address himself. He was much faster with using his thumbs to type than I am.

Since the Dublin Bus office was closed, I thought I'd better recheck whether any of the places I wanted to go today were actually open and none of them were except things like statues which are outside and are therefore technically open 24/7.

The National Gallery and the National Museum of Archaeology are open again tomorrow as is the NMI Natural History which I enjoyed a great deal when I was here this past July although I wasn't originally planning on going there this trip.

The Little Museum of Dublin doesn't reopen until Wednesday the 28th, the day before I leave, so I'll try and go then. It's not supposed to take a lot of time to visit but is also supposed to be very well worth visiting.

House No 29, the Georgian house museum, closed for extensive renovations a week before I got here on this trip and won't reopen again until sometime in 2020.

I decided there really wasn't anywhere I was in a hurry to get to today so I took the day off again. I could have gone up the street to a movie at the nearest theater but decided that could wait. Instead I just hung out here reading and watching something streaming until it was time to catch a cab over to the Tivoli theatre for tonight's performance. My driver on the way over might have an even better memory than I have; as soon as I got in the cab he asked me where that nice camera of mine was? I think he was a cabby I'd caught a lift with when I was here in July.

The Tivoli looks like what it is, an older movie theater fairly nicely kept up.

As with the panto at the Olympia theater I went to last week I enjoyed tonight's performance a great deal. All the main performers were excellent, many of the female performers were quite lovely, the choreography and dancing were very well done and enjoyable including by the younger cast members, one of whom was a girl who seemed to be about ten, as was the interaction with the audience. I think the young girl who was sitting across the aisle from me had probably been to the show a couple of times already since she seemed to know many of the dance moves by heart. It was rather fun watching her as well.

It was about 9 PM when the cab dropped me off back here at the hotel. Although I think the bar in the hotel might still have been serving dinner I had noticed the McDonald's around the corner was still open so I went over there after the cab dropped me off and picked up a burger and fish sandwich to have back here in my room.

I need to be over at the Dublin Bus office by 9:15 AM tomorrow morning for the 9:30 departure for the trip. I'm not sure exactly how long it will be but I'm hoping we get back here between 1 and 2 PM at the latest. That will give me until 6 PM before I have to be at the Arlington Hotel down O'Connell Street by the Liffey for the Celtic Nights dinner and show.

And that's it for tonight, and it's only 11:15 PM.

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