Wednesday, September 21st–Paris

An off morning; around the corner to Saint Paul-Saint Louis's church; a busy, crowded Metro ride to the Rodin Museum & having my pocket picked; back home by taxi; hanging out in my room sending text messages & calling back home; back to Shinjuku Sushi for dinner; snack run to FranPrix

Grand Hotel Malher



The weather was quite nice today.

It's now just 9 PM and I'm having a quiet and early evening back here in my hotel room after a day where I really didn't do much of anything due to a combination of not feeling well and a minor disaster in the early afternoon.

I had my usual breakfast of orange juice, pain chocolat, and yogurt with jam this morning which for some reason really bothered my stomach so I hung out here until some time before noon. I wanted to go to the Rodin Museum, then on to the Hotel des Invalides as I mentioned last night, but when I went past Saint Paul-Saint Louis's church ( was open so I went in. It really is a lovely church.

For some reason the second train, from the Champs Elysees station to the one closest to the Rodin museum, was very unpleasantly crowded even when I waited for a second train. Someone let me sit down only after I stumbled into someone else when the train started, and I had to force my way through people to get off when I got to the station.

I found the Rodin Museum without too much trouble although I have to admit at first I went down the wrong street on the corner because I didn't at first notice that the sign that said "Administration" also said in smaller letters "Entree" under it with an arrow indicating which direction I should have gone. When I got to the museum and reached for my wallet in my back pocket to take out the Paris/Museum Pass I realized that my pocket had been picked, probably when I was trying to exit the train back at the station. That was the minor disaster–minor because all I lost was the wallet which I kind of liked, about 100 Euros, my Paris & Museum Passes, and the five day Metro ticket I had just bought but nothing more since my passport, Florida drivers license, my ATM card and my credit cards were in my neck wallet, and as Mom would have pointed out all I really lost was not that much money so a major bother and nuisance but only a minor disaster.

At first I wanted to go to the police but soon realized they'd not be able to do anything to really help me. All I wanted to do was go home–not home back in Florida but back here to my hotel room. I used Google Maps to look up the nearest branch of BNP Paribas where I could use my ATM card to get some more cash before catching a cab back here. It occurred to me later that what I thought was the nearest branch might not actually been the closest because when I asked a policeman I passed (and for several blocks there were quite a few) he said there was a branch down a different street.

When I got back here I asked for another couple of the key cards for my room. I actually had a spare wallet in one of my suitcases, one designed to go in a front pocket instead of a back one which I hadn't been using because I prefer putting other stuff in the front. I put some of my cash and one of my room key cards in that wallet and went out for lunch. I wasn't feeling too adventurous and went across the street to Breakfast in America. At first I thought I'd indeed have an American breakfast but had some OK coleslaw and a pretty good fish sandwich instead.

I was going to go out to the outlet for the Paris Pass and buy another one for the next four days to replace the one that was stolen so when I was back here I'd looked up their address and how to get there. I had walked almost all the way down to the Bastille Metro station when I started not feeling well again and decided I'd better just come back here for a bit. After I got back I checked their Web page again and learned that their office is only open from 10 AM to 3:30 PM and even if I had gone out there as I had planned they'd have closed before I arrived.

While I was hanging out here in my room I turned roaming back on for my Florida Verizon iPhone to send a text message to the neighbors and friends who have been looking after my house for me while I've been gone reminding them I'll be home next Monday, called and confirmed my pick up at the airport when I get there, called Merry Maids to schedule resuming my every two week house cleaning the week after I get back, and to try and renew all my various prescriptions. I ran out of at least a couple since I've been gone and don't have those bottles with the names of the medications or prescription numbers so the pharmacy clerk suggested I call again tomorrow when the pharmacists are there (although I called early afternoon Florida time). I just checked and I have more than enough of the prescriptions I still have to last well into next week so I'll take care of that after I get home.

I continued to have more mild stomach problems for the rest of the afternoon and didn't feel like going out for dinner until after 7:30 PM. I went back to Shunjuku Sushi and had one of their platters that came with soup and pickled cabbage that was actually better than the cole slaw I'd had for lunch. On the way back I wanted to go to Aux Desirs de Manon for a pastry but they were closed so instead I stopped at the Franprix for a berry fruit salad (they were out of the melon/watermelon one), some chips, and juice.

So that was today.

Tomorrow I plan on having breakfast here again then taking one last load of laundry over to be cleaned for me to pick up Saturday since I have my out of town trip on Friday, then buying a single day Metro ticket to go over and get another four day Paris/Museum pass to cover the rest of the time I'll be here in Paris.

After I take the Metro back here I'll walk over to the Ile de la Cite and go to the Conciergerie–which I've never been to–with its famous clock tower and then on to Saint-Chappelle. From there I'll move on to the Latin Quarter and go to the wonderful Cluny medieval museum, another of my very favorite museums, before going to the wonderful and beautiful Pantheon. Then I plan on stopping by at least a couple of churches along the way back here from the Pantheon to take pictures from the outside if they're not open when I get there, first Saint Etienne du Mont which is just a little uphill from Saint Ephrem's church where I went to a concert last week, then Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet and finally the 13th Century Cistercian monastic house turned religious educational facility the College des Bernardins before walking back on here to the hotel.

And then later tomorrow evening if the weather is decent and I feel like it, I'll take the Metro over to the office on the Champs Elysees where the two hour night bus tour leaves at 9 PM.

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