Saturday, September 17th–Paris

A morning off; the Musee Cognacq-Jay; Jardins des Rosiers; a surprise school band; back to the Auld Alliance for a pint & snack; picking up the laundry; dinner and a pint at the Frog Revolution brewpub

Grand Hotel Malher



I wasn't in a hurry to do much of anything this morning including having breakfast so I took the morning off.

Although it was grey and cloudy and cool all day at least it didn't rain.

I decided I'd stick to the local area and go to the last museum here in the Marais I hadn't been to yet but still wanted to, the Musee Cognacq-Jay, another of those delightful formerly private homes and collections which were donated to the city or state by their owners.

I left here around 11:30 and had a pleasant walk over to the museum which is only a few blocks away. The Musee is a smaller collection, although quite large for a former private home and collection, and is very well worth the visit with lots of lovely items intelligently and attractively displayed in beautiful rooms. On the way to the museum I went to the small Jardins des Rosiers with its remnant of an old city wall and a community vegetable garden.

I had also gone past an open courtyard where a small band was setting up. I heard music when I left the museum and went back to the courtyard to hear some music by the small band and orchestra of a small French-German school. The kids weren't bad but what was kind of odd is that neither ensemble actually played full pieces since their directors cut them off before the real ends.

I still wasn't that hungry after the museum and none of the places I passed on the way back here to the hotel appealed to me for a late lunch so I just went back to the Auld Alliance for a pint of cider and some more haggis on toast and a Scotch egg, which were all very good.

I then came back here to just hang out until it was time to go pick up my laundry after 5. I'm pretty sure that all they did was dump my laundry bag in a washing machine, then transfer everything into a drier, and then put everything back into another bag which is the sort of thing I've done when forced to use a laundromat I really didn't like too much and decided to do the sorting and folding at home. The service was certainly acceptable considering how much more it cost me in the hotels where their laundry service put all my shirts–including t-shirts–on hangers and then encased them in plastic. Besides, they put my clean clothes into an easier to carry shopping bag with nice handles which made it easier to carry back here.

That actually took me longer than it should. It's a really short block between the corner on Rue de Rivoli and Rue Vielle du Temple where the laundry is and where I should have turned towards my hotel going up Rue du Roi du Sicile but there were so many people coming the other way I seem to have gone up another longer block onto the Rue des Rosiers instead which rather confused me for a bit. I had to keep switching the laundry bag from one hand to another after every couple of blocks.

I'm here in Paris for another eight full days beginning tomorrow. I think I'll do the same thing next week, taking my dirty clothes over to be cleaned on Friday the 23rd to be picked up the next day, Saturday the 24th. That will mean I'll only have to pack three days of dirty clothes when I leave.

After I came back here to my room I sorted my laundry out, hung up a week's worth of clean shirts, paired my clean socks, and put everything back onto the shelves in the closet.

I walked over to the Frog Revolution brewpub over near Place de la Bastille for dinner shortly afterwards. The place was quite busy but I had an enjoyable meal anyway, with a decent sandwich, some OK onion rings, an excellent pint of one of their beers, and a very good salted caramel cheesecake for dissert.

It's only 9:30 and I'm just about done for tonight.

I've already spent some time figuring out what I might want to do tomorrow. I have my English language guided tour of the Eiffel Tower with priority access tomorrow and have to be at the tour company's office a bit before 5 PM. I was looking at the map and think I'll probably start by taking the Metro down to the Tuilleries station and walking across the Seine to the Musee d'Orsay and from there going up the Seine to the equally wonderful anthropological Musee du Quai Branly which is only a half an hour's walk away.

From Quai Branly to the meeting place for the Eiffel Tower tour it's only a five minute walk away.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is once again cloudy with a chance of showers. If it's not raining after I leave the Eiffel Tower I might head on over to the starting point for the 9 PM two hour Big Bus night tour of Paris which is over near the Arc de Triomphe and a 30 minute walk from there. I of course also noted down how to get there using the Metro.

We'll see what tomorrow's like.

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