Tuesday, September 13th–Paris

The Metro to the Parc de la Villette but not feeling well; dinner at Aux bourgignons du Marais; an early exit from a concert at Notre Dame

Grand Hotel Malher



It's almost 11:30 PM and as is often the case I'm just getting around to typing up my notes from today. It won't take me long, though.

I slept in until about 9:30 this morning and didn't get out of here until after 11. My plan had been to take the subway over to theParc de la Villette to go to the science museum Cite des sciences et de l'industrie and the music museum at the Cite de la musique. I was feeling well when I left and on the Metro trip to the Porte de la Villette metro station, which is the closest to the end of the park where the Cite des sciences is. I decided I'd make my way on over to the music museum which is at the other end of the park first and then come back to the science museum but as I was getting further from where I started I began not feeling very well and knew I'd need to find a rest room fairly soon.

I found the Parc de la Villette rather confusing especially the Cite de la Musique end of things. I never even saw a sign for the music museum but did see a lot of performance halls and venues of different sizes from the relatively small to the very large. When I got almost to the end of the park I found the café there and went in to use their bathroom. That helped quite a bit but I still felt unwell and decided not to walk back up to the other end of the park to the Metro station where I had originally entered the park but had better catch a cab back as soon as possible. The guy behind the counter in the restaurant whom I asked where I could catch a taxi was Australian, which I found rather amusing.

There is a major street along that end and side of the park with a couple of large hotels nearby and it didn't take too long for me to catch a cab. The ride back here was quite pleasant and again took me through parts of Paris I hadn't seen before and saved me a lot of time I didn't have. At no point today did my stomach problems reach emergency status but they made me feel quite uncomfortable most of the day.

I just hung out here in my room after I got back, and actually read almost a whole book this afternoon.

I thought I was feeling better, which was good since I had my second concert here in Paris and my first at Notre Dame this evening. The concert was at 8:30 PM so I left a bit before 6:30 to have dinner at Aux bourgignons du Marais on the way. Dinner there was one of the most expensive meals I've had on this trip, about 50 euros total for appetizer (ham terrine which I would have liked better if they'd used smaller chunks of ham), their excellent and justly world famous boeuf bourgignon, a beer, and ice cream for dessert.

I was feeling fine when I left the restaurant but on the walk over to Notre Dame I began having stomach problems again. I lasted about an hour into the concert when I realized that I wasn't going to make it all the way to the end of the performance and left to catch a cab back here because I didn't want to take the time to walk back.

I'm quite sorry I had to leave the concert. First of all, Notre Dame was in "candlelight mode". By that I mean that the main, brighter lights in the interior were all off and it was lit mostly by the chandeliers so it was very atmospheric and lovely. I was also really enjoying the performance as well, which was readings and songs about and from the life and times of St Louis and included a mix of instrumental music using period instruments and vocal music for a small male chorus and a separate small female chorus. If I had been able to stay until the end of the concert I would have bought the CD on the way out.

I've just been hanging out since I got back, and watched another of my streaming programs on Netflix. I'm going to have a small glass of juice, one of the small pastries and one of the yogurts I bought at the store a couple of days ago and have been keeping in the minifridge and go to bed.

As I was leaving to go out this evening the younger manager showed me the three non-skid mats that he'd got for the shower area in my bathroom which will help a lot and will make showering a lot safer.

I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow, and will figure that out in the morning.

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