Sunday, September 11th–Paris

More criteria for a great shower; feeling a bit under the weather; lunch somewhere not memorable; feeling much better and going out for a pre-dinner wander in the neighborhood; finding somewhere to have laundry done for me; risotto for dinner at Caruso's

Grand Hotel Malher



It's going to be an early evening, and not take me too much time for me to type up my notes from today because I basically took the day off.

I have two minor complaints about my room and the Grand Hotel Malher. One is that like in a lot of other hotel bathrooms no one seems to have paid much attention where guests can hang their towels when they shower–the nearest towel rack is all the way across the room by the window, so I've been putting the clean folded towel on this shelf between the sink and shower area which works. The other complaint is the same I've had with many of the other inner-city hotels I've stayed in and is basically out of the control of anyone who has anything to do with the hotel, and that's the noise from outside or here at the G H M from the other buildings around the central courtyard, which probably have apartments some of which are probably short term rentals. The background outside noise from the other buildings hasn't been too bad this time, but on my very last night here on my last trip there was a small group of what sounded like Americans in one of the other buildings having a loud argument. Then I really felt like shouting out of the window myself to either shut up or at least close the window.

I did have breakfast this morning, but wasn't feeling very well most of today. I had a recurrence of my mild stomach problems until late this afternoon and am also congested and had a sinus headache which I still have. Consequently I just hung out here in my room reading, watching something streaming, napping a bit, and looking up the opening hours and times for many of the places I might want to go on this trip.

I did go out for lunch around 2:30 PM but wherever I went left so little impression on me I can't remember where I went.

I hung out here after that until around 6 PM when I really wanted to get out of my room for a while and take at least a short walk. This time I just went straight to the Seine down the Rue Saint Paul which not surprisingly is just past St Paul's church, then along the Quai des Celestins which becomes the Quai de l'Hotel de Ville. This time I walked along the city side of the street instead of alongside the Seine because I wanted to turn back to the Rue de Rivoli before I got to one of the bridges. A couple of blocks before I got to where I wanted to head away from the river I saw a huge, lovely old church and when I went to see what it was I was rather startled to find it was the Church of St Gervais-St Proteas which I've been to and past several times but not along that particular street.

Coming back along the Rue de Rivoli I passed a place that I had actually never really noticed or at least thought it was something else until I went past it yesterday. When I was planning my last trip here to Paris over two and a half years ago, I found out that there is a self-service laundry around the corner on the Rue de Rivoli across from St Paul. I did laundry there three times while I was last here, and that would have been OK but I hoped I could find a laundry service where I could drop my dirty clothes off and pick them up when they were cleaned. Yesterday I walked past one on the Quai des Celestins which is only a few blocks away from the Rue de Rivoli, and as I was coming back down the Rue from the Pont Neuf yesterday and after my walk today I went past another one only four blocks along Rivoli towards the Louvre. I had obviously walked past the one on Rivoli many times on my last trip without noticing it as a laundry service; maybe I thought it was another clothing store then but yesterday I saw shirts in plastic hanging by the window which made me take a closer look.

After my walk I stopped off here at my room to use my own bathroom before I went out to dinner. I really wasn't too certain about where I'd go, other than somewhere in the neighborhood, and took another look on Google Maps and saw Caruso, the family-run Italian restaurant a couple of streets away which Michael and I had been to and rather liked on my last trip so I went there and had a wonderful seafood risotto.

I went down a different way to get back here to the hotel instead of going back down to the Rue de Rivoli and around the corner to Rue Malher; instead I went down a small street I'd never been on before, probably because it's only two blocks long and doesn't connect with Rue Malher.

It was a very pretty street and I saw somewhere I definitely am interested in going back to, Double Fond, the Cafe-Theatre de la Magie. As far as I can tell from their web page they seem to be open only Thursday through Sunday, and I can probably get more information I can understand about their shows by going there when they're open next.

It's not even 10 PM. I'm going to take a bit of a break and get back to checking when places I might want to visit are open. Alphabetically I'm up to the Latin Quarter. I already know one place I won't be able to go on this trip because when I checked earlier I learned there are no tickets available for the Eiffel Tower until October.

A la prochaine.....

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