Monday, July 25–Dublin city, Co Dublin

Dropping off a suitcase to be fixed at Adamson Luggage; hop on, hop off bus tour of Dublin; bento lunch in the hotel's neighborhood; an afternoon off; dinner at the hotel restaurant

Jury's Inn Parnell Street



I didn't do a lot today. It's kind of if I ran out of energy, both personally and technically.

After breakfast here in the hotel, I came back up to my room and booked a ticket for dinner & the show, and the shuttle to it, at the pub owned by the local traditional Irish band the Merry Ploughboys for Saturday ("Riverdance" tomorrow, the Musical Pun Crawl on Wednesday, and the Merry Ploughboys on Saturday–I forgot to leave time for the free show at the Church tavern I mentioned last night. Oh well....).

Then I took a cab over to Adamson Luggage to have them fix the seam on the zipper on my other large suitcase so I can pick it up early enough this week to consolidate what I want to keep and send my smaller suitcase and my rolling book bag back home to Florida before I leave for Glasgow next Monday. It was kind of amusing because my first cabby wasn't sure where Adamson Luggage was, even though I gave him their address from their web page. He had to ask another cabby waiting in front of my hotel, and between the two of them they decided where the first cabby could let me off that would be close enough. When we got where he was going to let me off and I got out of the cab, we were actually only two doors down from the shop. (I should be able to pick it up Thursday.)

Adamson Luggage is very close to Stephen's Green, which is where I could catch the Dublin Bus sightseeing tour so I walked there from Adamson. I rode all the way around once, and got off at the stop for Dublinia and Christ Church Cathedral, and although it had been working fine moments before the battery in my camera was now dead, and the spare I had in my pocket was also dead even if I was pretty sure I had recharged it lately. I decided to take a cab back here to my hotel, and pick up my second spare battery which again I was pretty sure I had also recharged lately.

I accidentally found out where I need to go for "Riverdance" tomorrow night, because the Gaiety Theatre is right down the street/mall from Adamson Luggage.

When I got back here to my room I wasn't in much of a hurry to head back out again. I was looking at the local area on Google Maps to see what else is here in my local area–the only problem with bus tours like the one I was on this morning–is that since you sometimes go by the same places in different directions you often don't realize how they're related to each other geographically. For instance, the Dublin City/Hugh Lane Gallery, the Dublin Writers Museum, the James Joyce Centre, the former grand movie theater turned exhibition hall the Ambassador Theatre, the Dublin Spire, and St Mary's Pro-Cathedral are all right here in my area, perhaps a ten minute walking distance from each other.

I was looking up some of the attractions I want to visit this week and saw that many of them are included in the Dublin Pass, which I didn't know existed, and since I'm a fan of the London Pass and the Paris Pass, and the tourist office where I could buy a five day Dublin Pass is also around the corner and a few blocks away I went there while looking for somewhere to eat lunch. I really didn't feel like anything as heavy as the usual pub lunch so I had a very nice tempura bento box at a lovely little Asian place nearby.

After lunch I kind of took the rest of the day off. I took a bit of a nap, and think I actually fell deeply asleep for a while. I also have spent several hours updating the lists of what's been played on the podcasts I listen to with information about the most recent episodes from the last couple of weeks, with a break for a wander around while deciding where to have dinner–I wound up having a pretty good meal in the restaurant here in my hotel.

It's now 1:30 AM. I finished updating my podcasts playlists shortly before starting these notes for today. I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow. I'm so tired now that I'll figure that all out after breakfast. All I'm going to do right now before going to bed is back up my document and web page files first.

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