Friday, July 22–Wexford City, Co Wexford

Where to have lunch?; wandering around the castle grounds & farm; dinner at La Cote

Killiane Castle

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I left Tullamore sometime between 10:30 and 11 after a final breakfast at Tudor Lodge. I don't know whether Marie gave me a discount in exchange for the portable printer I gave them and didn't ask but that really wasn't the point so much as getting rid of it before I left Dublin or shipping it back home when I don't really need it there was. Besides Marie offered to do a load of laundry for me yesterday so that's good.

The drive between Tullamore and here was pretty good, mostly over wide, fairly well paved two lane roads with the occasional narrow bits as usual through town centers. I didn't stop anywhere to eat or to look at any of the interesting churches I passed, and can't remember any of the towns I drove through either. The scenery was mostly countryside and farms again.

I thought I might stop in Enniscorthy for lunch but it turned out to be not much further to here in Wexford from there so I kept going. I did pull over a couple of times because Google Maps kept losing the signals from the GPS satellites so I had to use the Garmin sat nav to get near Wexford and then switch to Google Maps, which had started working again, to get here.

I got here to Killiane Castle around 2 and really needed to find something to eat. The owners' son wasn't around to help bring my bags up to my room then so I went looking for a place to have lunch. My hostess had suggested the Farmer's Kitchen bar & restaurant which is supposed to be a 7 minute drive from here but I should have checked Google Maps instead of following what I thought she had told me because I didn't find it. I eventually doubled back to the road I had come up from town to the B&B on and had lunch at an pretty and interesting café in a large home goods store in a small shopping mall a few minutes down the road.

Killiane Castle is about a 15 minute drive from Wexford city center, which I drove through on the way up here. Wexford is another pretty seaside/river town, being located where the River Slane flows into the ocean. There's nothing near Killiane Castle but farm fields and buildings. Right across from the front entrance to the house is a large field that had sheep and cows the last time I was out there. When I came back from lunch I heard some of the weirdest noises I'd ever heard and had never heard before. I looked in the field and there was this bull and it was making all the noise. A few minutes later when we were bringing my stuff in from the car he had been joined by another bull closer to us and the strange noises was how they communicated with each other.

The B&B is in an old and very well maintained farm house which incorporates some of the remains of a 15th Century castle, hence the name, It's furnished in an older but not quite antique style and is very nicely decorated. My room is on the top floor (3rd floor to me, 2nd floor to everyone here).

There seemed to be only one place downtown where there was going to be some Irish traditional music but not until 9:30 PM so I didn't want to get downtown too much earlier than that. I unpacked and took a walk on part of the farm walk which is supposed to be a loop that takes about half an hour. I gave up and decided I'd better try and find my way back to the B&B when the track seemed to disappear in a large open field.

I sat around on a bench near the front entrance and read some on my iPhone (my Irish Android smart phone was inside charging) while listening to the bulls until around 6 PM when I asked my hosts to call for a cab to take me downtown. I had the cabby let me off at Bugler Doyles, which is where the music would be, so I'd know how to find it later, and then I walked on over to the waterfront a couple of blocks away. It was so pretty there, and the weather was so decent, that I just walked down one side and back up the other for about 30-40 minutes. I had passed a small seafood restaurant there on the waterfront, La Cote and although it seemed to be on the pretentious and more expensive nouvelle cuisine I'm not that fond of I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Service was a little slow, considering there seemed to be four women working in a fairly small restaurant space, but the food was actually quite good.

It was only around 8 PM when I finished, and while I was having my dessert I decided that since the music wouldn't start for another hour and a half I'd just ask the nice women at the restaurant to call a cab to take me back up here to Killiane Castle and call it an early night–and the same cabby who had picked me up here and dropped me off downtown picked me up at the restaurant to bring me back here.

I sat and read in the smallest of the lounges/living rooms on the ground floor level, which is actually partly under the stairs, and read some more on the Kindle app on my iPhone and had some homemade cookies and a cup of tea before actually heading all the way back up here to m room.

Breakfast here is between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. I need to pick up my ticket for tomorrow's 8 PM concert at the Opera House box office by 7:30. There's a 30-45 minute walking tour of the tpwn center daily at 5 PM so I think I'll do that before heading on over to the Opera House to have dinner somewhere and to get my ticket. After breakfast I think I'll head over to the Irish Agricultural Museum, which normally I wouldn't be that interested in but it's less than a 10 minute drive from here, and its on the grounds of a former castle and the gardens are supposed to be quite nice.

And it's now just after midnight, making this the earliest I've gone to bed in quite a while.

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