Sunday, June 17–Waterford City, Co Waterford

Laundry again; downtown and Viking Waterford; lunch at the Munster; Medieval Museum; the church of St Saviour; the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity; dinner in the hotel and live music from Tom Comerford in the hotel bar

Dooley's Hotel

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I'm typing up my notes for so far today before I head downstairs around 7:30 for dinner in the bar. Tonight's performer is actually scheduled to begin around 8:30 so I'll have a nice early evening. He's billed as doing traditional music from Ireland and from a more local region as well–more on that later.

I've had a very easy day today, and have loved it. The only two time constraints were I needed to get my laundry down to the reception desk before 8 AM, and this evening's performer if I want to hear him is at 8:30.

I woke up just in time to get mostly dressed (jeans, t-shirt, and shoes but no button shirt or any of my knee and ankle braces) and get my laundry downstairs. I only had one laundry bag and they didn't have one downstairs so my shirts were all in a separate group.

After breakfast I came back upstairs for the rest of the morning, and even fell asleep for a while before taking a shower and getting dressed to go out for the afternoon. It's been lightly cloudy but quite pleasant all day, almost warm when the sun was out.

Before leaving for the afternoon I went across the street to get my smaller spare suitcase out of the car to help in consolidating and repacking my newly cleaned clothes. When I stopped by the reception desk on the way back to my room my laundry had already come back from the cleaners–and part of it was in an older but still very serviceable reusable cloth shopping bag from Tesco. My larger paper shopping bag had got wet while I was in Cork and I had to throw it away and brought my all my snack items from the hotel there in one of their laundry bags so I had been wondering where I could buy a replacement cloth bag but now don't need to.

I was quite surprised at how many shops, cafes, churches and were closed today especially on the main street along the waterfront between the hotel and Reginald's Tower, the beginning of the Viking Triangle, at the other end of the street. Not surprisingly, most of the places that were open were bars & pubs and when I got to the main, mostly pedestrianized shopping area away from the river a lot more places of various kinds were open.

I didn't go into the Tower, not feeling like climbing all the stairs I'd need to in order to see all the exhibits about Viking Waterford which are supposed to be very good. I went around the corner and had a delicious beef & Guinness pie at another excellent old pub, the Munster, which is around the corner.

The Bishop's Palace nearby is supposed to be an excellent museum covering the Georgian period of Waterford's history and is a lovely building from the outside but I was more interested in medieval Waterford and went into the excellent and very well done Medieval Museum instead. I waited for the guided tour and am very glad I did; Rosemary, our guide, was very informative and pleasant and the museum itself is very well and beautifully done and organized.

I had really wanted to see Christchurch Cathedral but it seemed to be closed when I went past, so I just wandered around Waterford. It's a lovely town, with most of the historical sites within compact walking distance. There are lots of pubs, cafes, restaurants, and coffee houses as well as at least two shopping areas with a couple of large department stores.

One of the places that was open, and surprisingly I was one of the few people there, was the lovely and peaceful church of St Saviour. From St Saviour I made my way down to the also very lovely and exquisite Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, which is easily one of the loveliest churches I've visited this trip. I was the only one there except someone who may have been praying, or meditating, or passed out or sleeping peacefully.

I had hoped that there would be an outlet of Boots here in town, since I was down to my last Slimfast and I really like having some around in case I don't feel like a full breakfast in the morning or miscalculate the probable availability of somewhere to have lunch on one of my longer trips between cities and there is, in the Georges Court shopping area. I couldn't find it at first but that was OK; I really didn't want to carry around five or six Slimfasts in my pack while wandering around and although the place probably closed at 6 it was only a little after 4 PM when I left the cathedral. I looked at my map of Waterford and saw that I needed to walk a couple of blocks past my hotel, Dooley's, and turn right at the clock tower and there it was, almost right across the street from St Saviour where I had been earlier.

I came back to my room and read some, including about Kilkenny and Cashel and the Rock of Cashel, where I'll probably go on the way to Kilkenny, and seem to have fallen asleep for a bit again.

It's now 7:30 PM. Time to head downstairs to the hotel's bar for dinner and to hear tonight's performer. More later.

I had a pretty nice dinner from the somewhat limited menu in the bar downstairs. I probably would have had more choices but I wanted to snag somewhere to sit close to where tonight's performer would be and I managed to get the same stool on the high table where I was last night. I can handle tall bar stools OK if it has a back and I have room enough to flex my legs, and the stool I was on had a back and the table was mostly open below so I could stretch my legs when I needed to.

Tonight's performer was Tom Comerford. As he was setting up I rather startled him when I asked if it was his family who had the big luncheon here in the hotel this afternoon, if he was there, and if he enjoyed it. When he asked me how I knew about it I told him I'd walked past the door to the room where the luncheon was being held several times today and each time it had a sign saying "Comerford family luncheon" on it.

We chatted a bit and what was amazing and amusing is that Tom's been to two of the places I call home and likes them very much, Portland, OR and Ft Lauderdale. He even mentioned Skidmore Fountain in downtown Portland and has been to Ft Lauderdale several times when he's provided entertainment on cruises either stopping or leaving from Ft Everglades.

Tom is an excellent performer, a very skilled guitarist and has a great singing voice. He also hit if off very well with the crowd.

After he finished up at about 10:30 PM I bought the two of his CDs he had with him before going outside for a bit of fresh air and to see what the evening was like, and it was lovely (high 60s maybe) so I walked across the street and the parking lot to the riverside. The mostly full moon was shining above the city which made it even nicer.

I think I'll get a good night's sleep tonight. It's now only 11:20 PM and I'm almost finished typing my notes up from today. All I need to do is sort out and repack my clean clothes, and my snacks using my new, someone's old cloth Tesco shopping bag.

The weather forecast is for warm and sunny weather, almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so I think I'll actually wear my shorts for the first time since I've been in Ireland. After breakfast I think I will take the drive to the town of Cashel and the Rock of Cashel, find somewhere nearby for lunch, and then make the drive to Kilkenny where I spend tomorrow night. I already know that the most famous pub in Kilkenny town, Kyteler's Inn not only as traditional Irish music at 8:30 PM but has bodhran lessons Monday evenings at 6:30 so I know what I'll be doing and where I'll be tomorrow.

And so goodnight.....

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