Monday, July 4–Galway City

St Nicholas church; Galway Camera; Eyre Square; lunch at Rockin' Joe's; an afternoon off; dinner and a pint at the Huntsman

Connacht Hotel

Black VW Passat sedan



I had a nice, slow kind of day.

I had fully intended taking the bus into town, and going on the Corrib Princess cruise sometime this afternoon, but as soon as I got outside I noticed that it was chilly, grey and overcast, with a fine, light drizzle that persisted until late afternoon, so I took a cab in to St Nicholas church instead.

Today although there wasn't the American youth choir rehearsing, there were lots of tourists including myself. St Nicholas is really a lovely church. I was wandering around taking pictures and my camera indicated that the memory card in it was full. I remembered that Galway Camera is up near Eyre Square at the top of the pedestrian area that connects to where St Nicholas is so I went up there and bought another memory card and a spare battery for my camera as well. I then went on back to the church and finished wandering around some more.

I then went across the river and down a bit to the much larger and equally lovely Galway cathedral which was even more popular with tourists than St Nicholas had been, but was still well worth wandering around in.

One my way from the cathedral to the area where the cruise would leave, I went past another lovely, smaller church, this time the church of the local Franciscan friars.

By now it was only about 12:30, and the Corrib Princess cruise I was interested in didn't leave until 2:30 so I thought I'd find somewhere different in the neighborhood to eat lunch and see if the weather improved enough to go on the cruise. I came across this place called Rockin Joe's, the Galway outlet of an American diner themed chain. I had a good burger, OK deep fried mushrooms, and an excellent mint milk shake.

I finished lunch at 2:00 and the weather hadn't improved so I chose to not go on the cruise after all, since I hadn't paid for it or reserved a place with a credit card. I walked back to Eyre Square and took a cab back here to my hotel.

I took the afternoon off and took a nap which I must have needed because I think I actually fell asleep for a while.

The weather had improved quite a bit before this evening, so I walked down to another hotel whose bar/restaurant had been recommended when I asked at reception for somewhere to eat within walking distance, but first I walked up the hill and around the corner to a small cemetery I had seen on Google Maps. Most of the grave markers were quite old, some only being unadorned rocks. There was also a memorial to the hundreds of unidentified victims of the potato famine who were buried in the cemetery.

When I got to the Huntsman, almost all the tables in the bar/lounge/restaurant had "reserved" signs on them but I found the only vacant table that didn't. I had their plate of seafood of mixed types and preparations and a dessert with strawberries and it was quite good, and then took a cab back up the hill to my hotel.

I've spent most of my time since then updating my lists of what's been played on the podcasts I listen to since the last time I did so several weeks ago.

My plans are unchanged for tomorrow–leave around 11, earlier if I wake up sooner, and go to the Yeats sites I mentioned last night on the way to Doolin. I also want to call a tour company to book a cruise at the Cliffs of Moher although I've been told a couple of times that it's not uncommon for the cruises to be cancelled if the wind's too strong or the weather's too bad.

And now to bed.

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