Sunday, June 19–Trim, Ireland

St Patrick's cathedral; Trim Castle; dinner at Jules restaurant at the Trim Castle Hotel

Boyne View B&B

Black VW Passat sedan



I slept to about 7:30 this morning.

After using the adequate but slightly odd shower in my room, I went downstairs for a very nice full Irish breakfast cooked to order. I had gone directly into the glass breakfast room and hadn't noticed that in the adjacent room there were juices, cereals, yogurts and fresh berries and fruits until someone else came in with a bowl of strawberries.

Although I've met several of the other guests here at Boyne View while I've been using my computer out here in the lobby the only other guests I met while having breakfast were a German woman in her 20s or early 30s and her parents. The girl has been working as a nanny here in Ireland, and her English has a delightful Irish accent. Deirdre, the owner, was chatting with them while I was there and she mentioned that a lot of German people she knows who have worked in Ireland seem to pick up the local accent for their English.

The program for the festival looks so good, and there are several different musical acts which I think I'd enjoy and there are a couple of places in town itself I had planned on seeing that I think I'll spend the day just in Trim itself if the weather is decent enough. The forecast had been for rain off and on the last time I checked, so I'll take one of my rain jackets with me.

It's now getting on for 11 AM. I think I'll walk for 25 minutes along the road here, turn around and come back for my daily exercise, then head into town to explore and hang out at the Haymaking Festival. I'd also like to check out the Meath Heritage Centre, St Patrick's Cathedral, Talbot Castle, and Trim Castle if I can find them while walking around and they're open today.

The weather Sunday wasn't miserable, just a light but solid cloud cover and a persistent drizzle all day. I took my walk along the side road by the farm, to the slightly larger road alongside the farm, over the small bridge across the River Boyne, to the intersection, and back. Once I got to the intersection I decided not to try walking along any further from there–there is absolutely no room on the side of the road, and people had already been passing me on the side streets at what seemed to me at very high speeds. And it was grey and drizzly.

I decided I'd give the Haymaking Festival, and probably wandering around Trim, a pass if the weather didn't improve later. Instead I went into town and paid a visit to the ruins of the old castle and the very beautiful St Patrick's Church. Finding the Castle was easy, although I had been wrong–the Garmin GPS didn't list the Stockhouse restaurant in Trim where I'd had dinner the night before, but it was Google Maps on my Irish smartphone I'd used. Where I'd parked to go to the restaurant was right around different corners from both Trim Castle & St Patrick's, so that's where I headed on Sunday.

When I got there, I realized that Monday-Friday during the day, you have to pay to park in the lot but the gate was open and no one was paying on Sunday. I wandered around the corners and found the entrance to the Castle. The castle's main recent claim to fame is as an exterior location used for filming parts of "Braveheart". I paid to take the tour, which was supposed to start in half an hour, but it didn't take me that long to wander around the relatively small grounds on my own, and I was getting so wet I decided I didn't really need the detailed information about the place a guided tour would provide (the Castle's website is quite good anyway).

I had a pretty good lunch at the Trim Castle Restaurant, a really small place across the street that seemed to mostly do a very busy takeaway business. I then walked back around the corner and up the street to St Patrick's, which has very lovely grounds and is a beautiful church as well.

While I was wandering around the Castle and St Patrick's grounds I could hear the amplified music coming from the Haymaking Festival somewhere nearby, but it was still drizzling and the forecast didn't indicate it letting up for at least a couple of hours so I just went back to the B&B where I said "Hi" to Deirdre before just taking the rest of the day of.

I had asked Deirdre where else I should go for dinner, and she pointed out that Sunday was Father's Day there in Ireland as well and I might have to wait to be seated anywhere but recommended going to the restaurant in the Jules restaurant in the Trim Castle Hotel which I did. I was able to get a seat at a small table that looked like one of their temporary spare tables for when it gets busy, and there was indeed quite a few groups having Father's Day dinner there. I had a very nice dinner, beer and dessert there and returned to the B&B, once again using the Google Maps on my Irish phone to get back.

Once again I really didn't do much afterwards, not even leaving my room once I got to it. I stretched out for a read and rest, and that was about it.

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