Tuesday, May 31st

Flew home


I had an early flight, scheduled to leave Seattle at 8:35, so I'd arranged for a cab to pick me up at the hotel at 5:30. I had planned on sleeping to 4:30 so I'd have time to take a shower, finish packing, and check out but I woke up even earlier. For some reason, however, I didn't feel quite as crappy as I usually do when I get that little sleep.

The weather again was lovely, and the mountains were visible again. Usually I would have been a little depressed at having to go back to flat South Florida after having been where there are hills and mountains, but I realized that in about two weeks I'd be leaving for Ireland, Scotland, London, and Paris, where there are also hills and mountains and more varied terrain than there is where I've lived for fifteen years.

The flight was quite smooth but with just enough turbulence that it would not have been a good idea for me to read. I did watch "The Martian" on the available entertainment tablet, but there really wasn't that much else on the tablet I was interested in. I didn't even listen to anything on my iPhone, just mostly sat there with my glasses off resting even if I couldn't sleep.

When we got to the airport I had to once again call the shuttle service and ask where I was supposed to meet my driver–I forgot they have a desk outside in the shuttle pick up area. It was pretty nice here in South Florida then, too. After I got home, I put out some feed for the ducks and squirrels, and as usual it was only a few minutes before the squirrels were back and not too much longer before some of the ducks came as well. I sent Michael & Tim text messages to let them know I'd arrived back home safely and went over to the gym to use the treadmill to do my daily walking before cosming home for dinner.

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