Monday, May 30th–Seattle (written Friday, June 3, back in S Florida)


Hyatt House



The weather today was the best during my entire trip back to the Pacific Northwest, which meant that Folklife was packed–uncomfortably so for me. After I used the treadmill in the hotel to do my exercise walking and then headed on across the street to Folklife, I decided to stop by the powwow that was also taking place in a corner of the Seattle Center right by the hotel. I stayed there long enough for the grand parade and some intertribal dancing before moving on into the rest of the grounds for Folklife itself.

That's when I saw how crowded it was that day. I really had trouble getting through the crowd which had lots more families and other groups than the other three days. With my bad knees and using my cane it was uncomfortably hard trying to get past people. There was only one large program I wanted to go to today, the Great Big Jewish Show, which is usually one of my most favorite programs. This year, for some reason, instead of having it in one of the indoor venues with places to sit, it was in an outside venue with the only seating either on the grass or in the beer garden some distance away.

After I found that out, I had little interest in hanging around trying to see any of the other shorter performances. I decided to just try and find somewhere I could get something to eat I could hold in my hand, and maybe somewhere to sit and eat if I was lucky. At first I went back to the Hawaiian place and had their tuna bowl, but the tuna was raw and I disliked the texture so much I couldn't eat much of it. I then went back to the Russian pierogie place where I had the one with salmon and cream cheese, which was as good as I remember it from the past, and back to the Shiskaberrys stand for some more dark chocolate-covered strawberries and banana pieces.

I gave up on Folklife then, and decided to do my other two Seattle experiences instead. I chose not to wait and go up in the Space Needle after dark but to do it on such a lovely afternoon. I had to stop back by my room in the hotel to pick something up which I'd left behind, but can't remember what it was now. Since I had a pre-paid ticket, the wait to get into the Space Needle was quite short but so was the general line then as well. I just walked around the top and took pictures and came back down.

My last Seattle experience was to take the hotel shuttle down to the waterfront to have dinner at Ivar's fish bar for some fish & chips and clam nectar, the left over juice from orders of steamed clams in their restaurant there. I then had a cold drink at the Starbucks there on the waterfront before calling the hotel to have the shuttle come get me.

It was a lovely day, up to 70 and so clear that not only could you see Mt Rainier but also the Olympics.

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