Saturday, May 28–Seattle


Hyatt House



I was lazy again and mostly took the morning off, having one of my meal replacement drinks for breakfast and deciding to wait and do my exercise walking on the treadmill here at the hotel when I left the last program I planned to attend around 8. That's not any later than many Tuesdays or Wednesdays when I waited to do my exercise walking when I got home after getting off work at 8 PM.

I had planned at being in the Bagley Wright Theater–one of the nicest indoor venues at Folklife–at 11 for the beginning of the "Incredible dances of South Asia" showcase but was waylaid on my way in by a damsel from the Seattle Renaissance Festival (which I cannot find a web page for), with whom I chatted for a few minutes before moving on. I was next diverted when I heard the distinctive sounds of a taiko ensemble, which turned out to be Kaze Daiko, a local group. I stayed to hear their set and most of the following one, which was by Seattle Kokon Taiko. The weather was grey, cloudy and pretty damn chilly all day, but as far as I know only drizzled once, which was during the taiko performance and which decided me to get inside to the program in Bagley Wright where I had been heading. I was there in time to enjoy the last six performances, which ended at 2 PM.

After that I wandered around for a bit, and had some lunch. I made the mistake of ordering a special combo at the Polish place–pierogies, kilebasa and potato pancakes with sour cream and sauerkraut. This was a mistake only in the sense that it's very difficult to cut things when you're standing holding on to the plate. I had to eat the sausage and potato pancakes as if they were finger food, but when I had lightened the plate by eating those I was able to cut the pierogies. It was all very tasty, including the sauerkraut. I had strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert, from the same place where I got strawberries & banana pieces dipped in chocolate yesterday.

I caught the last couple of acts in the maritime songs showcase at the outdoor Trad stage. After that I went over to the Exhibition Hall for tonight's showcase, only to find out that I'd incorrectly remembered the schedule–the house didn't open until 4:45 and it was only 4. When I went around to the other side of the building looking for the Folklife Café, an indoor venue, I discovered it's one of the smallest sites and was already crowded. I went back outside and saw a morris group finishing up–I missed two morris performances today.

Tonight's showcase was one of my usual favorites here at Folklife, featuring Eastern European music and dancing including several performers and ensembles I remembered from when I was here last two years ago if not from when I'd come while living here in Seattle with Michael when I was in the UW's Library School or still living in Portland–and not all of the performers I remembered were lovely women, in fact a couple of them were a male musician and a couple of the male dancers who I guess had memorable faces or something. One of the groups was Radost, who were celebrating their 40th anniversary as a performing ensemble.

I made it back to my hotel, and came up to my room to drop off my pack and camera before going downstairs to use the treadmill for my exercise walking. I had the room to myself for the first half of my workout, but then was joined by a younger man and his two sons, one of whom was actually using the treadmill but the youngest was more messing around. My legs and feet were really bothering me, so I had to go a bit slower than usual tonight–2.5 mph instead of my usual 2.7, so my two miles took 48 minutes instead.

Right around the corner from the hotel is the KOMO Plaza, the headquarters for the local station, which is a very nice modern-looking building I remembered from when I was here in Seattle last two years ago. There's a small but very nice Greek restaurant there, but they had already closed by the time I finished my workout, so I went across the street to McDonald's again to get something for a late dinner.

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