Friday, May 27–Seattle, WA


Hyatt House



I had a rather quiet morning today, and it was rather pleasant.

When I looked at the copy of the Folklife schedule I picked up on my way back to the hotel after the laser show last night, I noticed that things wouldn't get started on most of the performance venues & stages until between noon and 4 this afternoon.

When I checked REI's web page again, I decided I didn't really need to go there either. Some of my favorite hiking shorts, with hemlines a couple of inches above the knees, were ones made by REI when I bought them. However, when I checked again this morning they no longer carry them. In fact, I can buy similar shorts with the same inseam at a couple of stores near where I live in South Florida. The other reason I wanted to go to REI was that I need to replace my daypack/book bag, but I didn't see any of those I liked on their web page either, so I think I'll just check at Target when I get home.

I had the free breakfast buffet here in the hotel this morning and it was pretty good. I just hung out for a bit here in my room afterwards before doing my exercise walking on one of the four treadmills down in the hotel's exercise room. I then walked over to the Wallgreens and back to pick up a couple of things I forgot yesterday.

Before I left to go across the street to Folklife around 1:30, I went upstairs to the patio on the 8th floor, the highest in the hotel, to check it out and to take some pictures. There really are very good views of much of Seattle and the immediate area from up there.

I was, however, rather disappointed when I noticed that although the digital display on the back of my camera, which I bought new when I was in London only this past August, works fine the view through the eye piece is no longer in focus at any distance. I will definitely need to get a new camera before I leave for Nick's graduation and then Ireland in a couple of weeks, but for now using the digital display instead will work OK although for most shots I prefer the view finder.

I wandered around the Seattle Center for a bit, re-familiarizing myself with where the different performance venues and the food vendors are, and found some of them but not my favorites before I decided to just have lunch in what they now call the Armory but used to be called Center House. I had a very nice chicken pie and some mashed potatoes with excellent gravy. I then stayed there in the Armory to watch some people learning contra and square dances, and then to listen to a local high school's senior jazz band who were playing music for swing dancing. The kids were pretty good if a bit rough every now and then.

My two big events for the evening were down in the hall where most of the the international dance performances take place, the Exhibition Hall. The place didn't open until around 6 PM, and the first item was a mini-workshop on Brazilian dancing rather than a performance but all the people trying the steps and moves seemed to enjoy it quite a bit anyway.

I noticed a long time ago that very many women, of all kinds of ages and shapes and sizes (below a certain level of overweightness) look very attractive, sexy and seductive when dancing, and very many of the women I could see trying the moves and steps did so.

The two events after that were the first of the Bollywood dance shows, which had five different performing groups, and the first belly dance show, which had ten different performers and groups doing a very wide variety of tribal fusion belly dance. I know from when I had friends who did belly dancing that tribal fusion dance has a varied reputation, with purists disliking it because they basically steal music and moves from whatever tradition they like and put it together however the like, although even those critics will usually give credit where it's due and appreciate the technical skill level involved.

I thought that all of the dancers in both shows were technically proficient, although I will admit that watching guys or very overweight women dance does nothing for me. Many of the women in both shows, however, were quite lovely as well as being beautiful and excellent dancers.

I think I'll try and get up a bit earlier tomorrow morning to have time to do my exercise walking before I go across the street. There's an Asian dance showcase that looks interesting from 11 AM to 2 that looks interesting, as does a Turkish showcase from 3:15 to 6:15, and there are Croatian and Balkan dance performances in the Exhibition Hall from 5 to 8:15, including a celebration of the 40th anniversary of a group that's been performing at Folklife for as long as I can remember–which isn't all 40 years. If all else fails, I could always do my walking at 9 PM which isn't any later than I often did it after getting of work at 8 PM on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

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