Saturday, May 21, Victoria BC

Flew from Ft Lauderdale to Victoria via Seattle

Harbour Towers



I slept poorly Friday night, as I usually do the night before I travel anywhere, even if it's just driving up to St Augustine again or the shorter trip across the state to Naples. I didn't go to sleep until quite late, and then woke up earlier than I needed to. Consequently, I felt a bit too unwell to make my third visit of the week over to my gym before leaving but I did feel well enough to do my daily walking on the treadmill.

I had arranged for a private shuttle to and from the Ft Lauderdale airport again. Traffic was quite slight yesterday afternoon and I got to the airport about three, only to discover that Alaska only has one flight daily leaving Ft Lauderdale, the 6:30 flight I was on from there to Seattle, which is where I made my connection to Victoria, and they don't open their service desk until three hours before that flight. I had chosen Alaska because I wanted to use the air miles Mom had left me.

I was at the gate in the terminal well before 4. I had been there for a while, after stopping for a snack along the way, and I decided I'd read on my Kindle Fire for a bit but when I looked in my pack it wasn't there. Just at that moment I heard a page and all I could distinguish were "Stephen" and "Kindle". Nobody down in that area could tell me how to answer a page but one guy did tell me to go ask the security staff back down at the entrance which I did. Apparently my Kindle Fire had slipped out of my pack while I was rearranging things after sitting down to put my shoes back on.

The flight from Ft Lauderdale to Seattle was long and, thank God, uneventful. Flying in the first class cabin of the older 737 was nowhere as nice as first class when I flew to and from Paris for Christmas a year ago and to and from London last year. The only entertainment options provided are via a small hand-held tablet computer. Wifi is available on board but apparently you need to download the app in the airport before boarding the plane, so I watched the "Peanuts movie" (it was OK) on the tablet and listened to stuff on my iPhone the rest of the time. I did figure out how to plug my phone in to the socket at the seat to keep it charged this time.

We did have one meal which was very nice.

We landed in Seattle about 10 PM and I had around half an hour to use the restroom and make it over to the terminal for my connecting flight to Victoria. This part of the airport looks a lot more like a bus station rather than the rest of the Seattle airport and reminded me of flying from Portland down to San Jose once. The plane was a much smaller twin-prop commuter plane which was only about half full.

I caught a cab over to my hotel, the Habour Towers, and it's a good thing I did since the main Victoria airport is nowhere near downtown. I got here about midnight.

While checking in I learned that tomorrow is Victoria Day, and that there will be a huge parade with over 80 bands. Both the guys on the desk when I got here were convinced the parade was this morning but it's actually tomorrow morning.

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