Tuesday, April 18th–Killarney, Co Kerry

A quiet morning at home; looking for an Irish zip front sweatshirt or jacket; Mailboxes Etc; lunch at Cronin's restaurant; a pint at the Shire; back to the apartment; dinner at Sceal Eile

Park Place Apartments

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I had a very pleasant, quiet last day here in Killarney. I like Killarney very much, and especially love the scenery around it, but after a week here I've seen pretty much everything that's worth seeing in town, seen some excellent performances, and made one trip out of town. I'm ready to leave Killarney but not too thrilled about leaving Ireland altogether and returning home to South Florida.

I will be delighted to get back in my own home, with beds that are larger than the one here, showers that are larger than the one here and both have better water pressure and more convenient places to put things, and I kind of miss the scenery from my house which although not as lovely as that from Duinin House, my B & B in Dingle, is much prettier than what I can see from my mini apartment here which is just the wing across the courtyard although I can see the wall around Killarney National Park through a gap between buildings.

I decided I wasn't that interested in going back to Blarney, which is an hour and a half drive each way with not much to see along the trip. Instead I just hung out here until lunch time, about 1 PM, when I went out to see if I could find an Ireland zip front sweatshirt or jacket in a size large enough to fit me. I left my walking stick and camera here because I'd have to hang them up somewhere when trying anything on. I did find a nice, semi-water resistant jacket.

The next step was to bring it back here and pick up the bag with stuff I wanted to take over to the Mailboxes Etc to have shipped home for me. This time I also picked up one of my canes because I planned on wandering around looking for somewhere to have lunch and then go over to the Shire pub for a pint later but when I was most of the way over to the MBE, which is only a half a dozen or so blocks from here, I realized I had left my camera behind. I thought about coming all the way back here to get the camera but decided I'd just keep going to the MBE then come all the way back and get the camera before leaving again. I had found the MBE yesterday to make sure I knew where it was and to check their hours so I had no trouble finding it.

The short trip back here was quite nice since not surprisingly I felt like I had left a burden behind, which of course I had. I picked up the camera and left again.

I wasn't too enthusiastic about having lunch yet and just kind of wandered around until I recognized that I was back in the area a bit past the International Hotel and the statue of Christ the Redeemer in the center of town and wasn't too far from the Shire. I was right near the Cronin's restaurant which is where I had lunch when I made my first trip to the Shire this past July so that's where I had lunch today. I had a lovely cup of creamed vegetable soup and some very good bacon with cabbage and other vegs and then went on to the Shire for a pint of Gandalf's ale.

I came back here along the route past the International Hotel and St Mary's church before turning back up the road to here. There were no buskers out then but I stopped for a couple of scoops of locally made ice cream. For such a small place, Killarney has three places that serve their own hand made ice cream, two of which are actually made right here in town and the third, Murphy's, comes from Dingle which is not far away. As I was coming back up the street I passed a place I'd been past at least once a day but hadn't made the connection with the restaurant where I had lunch–Cronin's Family Butcher.

I just hung out here until it was time to go to dinner and did some work on updating my lists of what's been played recently on the podcasts I keep track of. I wanted to be back here in time to run one last load of laundry through the weird washer/dryer here in the unit and I'm still not sure how long the cycle takes and knew I'd probably have to run the load through at least one extra drying cycle before taking it out to finish on the strange metal folding drying rack overnight (it's now almost 11:15 PM and I think the main cycle just finished after close to an hour and a half).

I had thought of going to Danny Mann's to have dinner before hearing some live trad music there but I had dinner at a different restaurant instead, Sceal Eile (Gaelic, I think, and they don't seem to have their own web page, either), where I had a lovely cup of creamed vegetable soup, some very good lasagna, and a good cheesecake. I finished just a bit after 8:30 PM, which is when the music was supposed to start at Danny Mann's so I stopped by but the music hadn't started and I didn't see any empty tables anywhere near the musician so I left. I didn't feel much like stopping for a pint anywhere else on the way back so I just came home instead.

After I got back I finished updating my podcasts playlists and posted them online. I also started the last load of wash, which I've just started through another 24 minute drying cycle but I think I'll also have to transfer everything to the drying rack before I go to bed. They should be dry in the morning.

I'm probably only going to make one stop between here and my hotel near Shannon Airport, the Flying Boat Museum at Foynes, which is less than an hour and a half away from here and about 45 minutes from Shannon Airport. I think I'll skip going to Bunratty, although it's quite near Shannon Airport, unless there is anything going on tomorrow evening and I can get a ticket–their web site indicates nothing going on and I forgot to call the box office this afternoon but they open at 9:30 AM so I might call before I leave.

I plan on getting up between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning and being out of here and on the road to Foynes by 10 AM. I might have lunch in the small town after visiting the museum and should be at my hotel near Shannon, the Park Inn, by mid afternoon. I'll of course unpack at the hotel then go return my rental car.

I'm a little confused about how far the hotel actually is from the airport. The hotel's own web page says it's "only steps away" but Google Maps indicates it's a half an hour walk away although the map shows a very round about way to get there,

And that's it from Killarney. More from my hotel near the airport tomorrow. My flight from Shannon to JFK leaves at 12:45 PM on Thursday so I should have no trouble getting to the airport and checked in quite early.

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