Wednesday, April 12th–Killarney, Co Kerry

Driving from Dingle to Killarney; arriving too early for check in; wandering around downtown; a visit to the Tourist Office to see what's going on; St Mary's church; huge lunch at a Thai/pan-Asian place; checking in & unpacking; dinner at Robertino's

Park Place Apartments

Silver VW Jetta



It's just about 10 PM and it won't take me too long to type up my notes for today primarily because most of it had to do with travel and getting set up here.

This morning I did some packing before taking a shower and getting dressed and mostly finished up before going to have breakfast (porridge with Bailey's Irish cream again, and scrambled eggs & sauteed mushrooms). I then asked Pat if he'd sign and date two copies of his new, first book for me which he did. Afterwards I paid Pat and Anne for my stay there in their lovely B&B and left for Killarney.

I was delighted that the route Google Maps sent me on did not go up over and across Conor Pass although the weather was decent this morning. Instead it took me along the North side of Dingle Bay past Kilmurry which looks like an OK village and probably a nice place to visit even though I was unable to find much information about it online, then past the lovely beach with a hotel, small cafe/shop, and two surf schools at Inch Strand which sticks out and divides Dingle Bay from Castlemaine Harbor which is also very pretty. I stopped at Inch Strand for a few minutes to take some pictures and to use the restroom there.

From Castlemaine, which also looked like an OK village and is probably also a nice place to visit even though I was unable to find much information about it online, I drove along the N70 past Milltown (you guessed it–it also looks like an OK village and is probably a nice place to visit even though I was unable to find much information about it online) and down to Killorglin, home of the world famouse Puck Fair. From Killorglin the N72 cuts across country to Killarney.

The drive today was quite enjoyable through and past the usual lovely rolling countryside.

I got to Killarney about 12:30 and found the place with no trouble at all, although I drove past when Google Maps told me I'd arrived because I saw a pay parking lot on the next corner and figured could leave my car there and wander around to find somewhere to eat and get reacquainted with the neighborhood.

I also saw the sign pointing around the corner towards the nearest Tourist Information office and when I got there I really recognized where I was since I'd been there while I was here in Killarney last July. I picked up a map and lots of information about what's going on while I'm here including at least two shows and lots of music in different places. I'd also walked past a smaller convenience store and a larger Tesco right near the Tourist Information office as well as two ATMs at different banks. Before I went into the Tourist Info office I went into the very lovely St Mary's church which is across the street and on the corner.

I had lunch at what I'd describe as a very nice Thai/pan-Asian place and had what turned out to be a huge serving of pad thai and an appetizer, for half of which I had to get take away containers.

After I came back to my mini apartment I finished unpacking and putting things away and then stretched out for a little bit before heading out about 8 PM to find somewhere to have dinner. I had a very nice risotto at Robertino's, a very pleasant and pretty Italian restaurant down the street.

I'm staying in a very nice one bedroom apartment with a double bed, a huge closet, a very comfy arm chair, and even a small makeup table in the bedroom and a separate dining/kitchen/living area. The only complaint I have is that the two chairs next to the dining table, which also doubles as a desk, are too low. I'm having to use two of the smaller cushions from the bed to try and make it more comfortable.

The unit I'm in is self catering which means maid service only comes before I checked in and after I leave but that's fine with me. At home my cleaning service only comes every two weeks and I certainly can use the same towel more than one day in a row.

The apartment also has a large refrigerator and freezer, kitchen range, a microwave and dishwasher, and most importantly a combined washer/drier unit which I'm using right now. The first load, which is in at the moment, has my fleece vest and sweatshirt which both needed a wash and the shirt I was wearing today. Before I go to bed I'm going to run a second load with the rest of the clothes I've worn since I last had laundry done at my hotel back in Galway.

So what am I going to do tomorrow? That kind of depends on what time I get up. Before I go to bed tonight I want to at least look at the list of this week's entertainment to see what shows I migh want to book tickets for. Tomorrow I also want to go to the Tesco down by the Tourist Information office and pick up some decaf coffee, milk, yogurt and some other food and snack items. Sometime soon I probably should go to the only Boots in town to pick up a couple more Simfasts–the only one is a 25 minute walk from here or a 5 minute drive but it's also next to a Tesco and Aldi so I might drive instead. The underground parking lot here is only moderately terrifying but I should be OK if I'm careful.

Ross Castle, which I've been to twice–once on each previous trip here–but have never been in is only a 45 minute walk from here. One day while I'm here I might walk all the way over and take a jaunting car back to the center of town. I also picked up a brochure from one of the companies running tours of the Ring of Kerry when I walked past their office which is a couple of blocks down the street from here.

And that's it for today. Time to take a look at the information I picked up at the TI office.

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