Wednesday, January 11th, home

A familiar AC tech and needing a new thermostat


I slept pretty well last night and used the computers for a while until my AC tech came about 11 this morning. I recognized him as one of the techs who have been here on a service call over the last couple of years.

Although I've never been and will never be the people person Mom was, people sometimes do surprisingly tell me things when I chat with them. After I asked the tech how his holidays had been I learned over the course of the service call that: he had a fire that destroyed his apartment on Christmas Eve when he had left something on the stove when he had gone out to get something he needed to finish dinner for his wife; his birthday is December 26; he recently had two foot operations; and that he's leaving work later this month so he and his wife can move North to Ocala.

After a while he was able to determine that although my main AC/heating unit was working fine, the thermostat itself had apparently died. He had one in his truck, and since I had a coupon from his company all I had to pay for was the new thermostat which cost less than $200.00.

And that's it since I last updated these notes last Sunday night before I left London.


I could but don't need to say my usual things about being glad to be back in my own home but not necessarily back here in S Florida, Broward County and the Ft Lauderdale area so I won't.

There are actually two reasons I'm glad to be back here and both have to do with it being Winter. As I said earlier, I'm no longer used to it when temperatures drop below 50 degrees F and certainly not when they get down to the 30s. It's unseasonably warm here, back up into the lower to mid 70s F. I'm wearing shorts today, largely because I'll be inside most of the day and will probably go over to the gym to use the treadmill before having leftovers for dinner back here. The gym has notices posted that they don't approve when people wear jeans while working out so if I do go to the gym and were wearing long pants I'd have to switch to shorts of some kind anyway.

The other reason is literally the opposite of why I love being in places farther North during the summer. When I was in Ireland, Scotland, and London this past summer it didn't get dark until after 10 PM when it was getting dark by 8:30 here. During the Winter it was getting dark before 4:30 PM in Dublin and London when I was there but is getting dark here sometime after 6 PM.

And that's it, from warmer, currently raining South Florida.

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