Tuesday, January 10th, home

Finishing unpacking before my house cleaners came; cleaning the leaves off my patio & putting out feed for my animal & bird friends; sending presents; unpacking the rest of my pack and so that's where the portable hard drive went; using the computer and sleeping upstairs again


I had to wake up early yesterday morning because my cleaning service was scheduled to resume then and I still have them coming between 8 AM and 8:30 because that's when they came when I worked 12-8 PM at the Library on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. I had set my alarm for 7:30 so I could finish putting away all the smaller electronic stuff which was still out on the kitchen counter as well as the clean dishes in the dish drainer I hadn't put away before I left on my trip. I also brought my laundry basket with my clean clothes, my laptop with the power cord and trackball, the two folders I had taken with me on the trip and had in my pack for the flights back home, and some of my smaller travel books and maps and stuck it in the closet until later.

While this week's cleaning crew was here I was out on the patio. It was quite pleasant, quite warm in the sun when the wind wasn't too bad but I did have to put on and zip up my vest when the wind picked up. First I swept up and off the patio all the leaves that fallen since I had left, or at least the ones that hadn't already been blown off since there were surprisingly few of them for my having being gone for three weeks. I also put out feed for the squirrels whom I haven't seen a lot since I came back from my long trip at the end of September and the ducks whom I had seen a few times before I left for my Christmas & New Year's trip.

After the ladies had left I went up the street to the UPS Store to send off the small souvenir presents I'd picked up for Michael & Renee, and Tim, Nicholas, Jill and Chelsea–nothing expensive, just some small things I hope they like and know are very hard to find back here in the USA.

When I got back I called my AC service and arranged for a service tech to come by Wednesday, between 11 AM and 1 PM since nothing seemed to happen when I set the thermostat to cool Monday night.

After lunch I went upstairs to the loft, hung my clean clothes in the closet, and started unpacking the rest of the stuff from the laundry basket. Before using the computers I picked up one of the folders that had been in my book bag and noticed it felt a little fatter than I remembering it had been when I packed it Monday morning back before leaving London. When I opened it to see why, I noticed that the small external hard drive I thought I had lost had slipped into the folder–that's how small and thin it is. I decided to not return the newer one I had bought on Monday but to use it for backup when I take my laptop when I travel and when I need to transfer large quantities of files (such as backing up my iTunes library) from the laptop to my desktop, the wireless network hard drive, and my backup external hard drives attached to the desktop. Transferring the files directly to a external or flash drive, then transferring them to the desktop from there is a lot faster than doing so over my wifi network. Unfortunately while I thought I had lost that external drive I had thrown out its cable and that had gone out with the rest of the trash when my cleaners were here.

I worked on the computer and rested some more until I went out for a walk about 6:30 PM. By this time it had clouded over and was a bit chillier than it had been earlier. I wore one of my outerwear vests and am glad I did because it was windy and before I got back to my house it started lightly drizzling. I went out to Staples, which is the nearest place that sells computers and related equipment, to see if they had the cable I needed to replace because they sell that kind of external hard drive, but they didn't. When I got back to my car and before I headed off for dinner somewhere I checked Amazon via my home iPhone and they had the right cable which should be here on Thursday. I was still feeling rather tired so I came upstairs about 9:30 PM and was in bed before 10 and even asleep before midnight.

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