Monday, January 9th, home

Sleeping OK but not feeling rested yet; slowly unpacking; where's my small portable USB hard drive?; laundry at home including all the sweatshirts I'd worn on the trip; sleeping downstairs again


I slept reasonably well Sunday night, and woke up about 9 AM. I still didn't feel well rested, though, and felt a bit low on energy. I unpacked in stages, one suitcase and bag at a time. When I unpacked my carry on book bag, where I had put my laptop, the Kindle Fire, USB cables, and my small external hard drive I had bought to use as backup for this trip when I was packing in London, I was disappointed that I couldn't find it anywhere in the bag. It's a rather small device, and I thought I might have accidentally left it in the bin after taking it out of my bag at security at Newark. I had got it on sale for only $50 or so, and since I had only been using it to backup my laptop, which I was having no problems with, I hadn't lost any of my files. I checked online and found somewhere selling a larger capacity external hard drive on sale, and went and got it when I went out for lunch. When I got home I copied my word processing and html files as well as all the new pictures I took this trip from my laptop to the new external hard drive which I took upstairs to copy everything on it over to my desktop, then to my network hard drive, and then to my backup external hard drive attached to the desktop. This took quite a while all together.

I didn't do much else Monday, mostly catching up on my rest even if I don't think I fell asleep in the afternoon. I ran a couple of loads of wash. Because it was so cold in Dublin & London I had been wearing my sweatshirts and vests under my heavier winter coat, and because that coat isn't very breathable they were all rather sweaty and a bit smelly so that was my first load. Even though I only had a couple of days worth of dirty clothes, since I had done a load two days before I left here and the day before I left London, I decided to just do a smaller load than usual and not to wait until this weekend.

I went out for dinner instead of going to the grocery store which for some reason I didn't feel up to yet, came home with enough leftovers for another meal, and that was about it for Monday. I was still feeling a bit listless and low on energy and slept downstairs again.

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